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  1. I saw a thread for the GM connected league for xbox I figured I'd see if there are any other ps3 users on NHL 14. I play versus play and I have a pretty decent hockey ultimate team feel free to add me on psn, my name is SKULL_SMASHER89. If anyone wants to play and maybe even start a GM league let me know on this thread!
  2. skull_smasher89 on ps3 if anyone has the "other" system lol I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't like monthly dues
  3. finally..now we don't have to hear about Clarkson leaving anymore. Thanks for the years, David, good luck back home.
  4. http://covervote.nhl.com/#/ballot LAST DAY DON'T FORGET TO VOTE TODAY! last day for voting let's make sure we make sure we get him on the cover it's his last chance http://covervote.nhl.com/#/ballot
  5. yeah good point guys, vote for Marty and Bob..that's what I've been doing too. do it for 10 minutes at a time then come back and do as many 10 minute shifts as you care to do. I've been at work since 630 and have been using my laptop to vote instead of get anything done at work. Probably up to 100 for the day so far
  6. 2 more days of voting for this round!!! last time datysuk was behind and came out of no where to beat lupul. WE HAVE TO PRESS ON (pun intended) c'mon people every vote counts and you have unlimited votes! ok now back to voting http://covervote.nhl.com/#/ballot
  7. pretty sure votes count double today. keep voting guys, we're almost there http://covervote.nhl.com/#/ballot
  8. If you vote less than 552 times an hour, you're slacking
  9. Vote here http://covervote.nhl.com/#/ballot
  10. 6 DAYS AGAINST DATYSUK!!!! this will be by far the hardest round. If we can get marty past datysuk I think he'll be able to take out Tavares or Bob, whoever wins that round. DEVILS FANS UNITE AND GET THIS MAN ON THE COVER
  11. Just voted several hundred times. If we get him through this round we all need to step it up next round against Datysuk! That'll be harder than the final imo
  12. Rangers are gonna end up getting the sens in the conference finals....great
  13. BUMP!!! people, you all have a job to do. I have been voting 50+ times a day. If everyone on this forum votes for Marty 10 times a day he can probably beat Kopitar and hopefully end up on the cover. Whether or not you play video games please give me something to cheer about! LGD
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