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  1. If anybody doesn't like this sport after watching Game 6 nobody can help you. Damn these teams are putting it all out on the line tonight.
  2. I realize I'm old but watching the Devils wear white at home just feels sooooo right.
  3. After the BS holding penalty on Bennett killed a probable TD drive I'd say that karma evened that out. Without Brady, Gronk, and a patchwork O-line on the road vs. a Super Bowl contender. Fitzgerald is just a pure beast.
  4. MDPucks

    Beer League

    I live 8 miles south of Baltimore near BWI. Mt. Pleasant rink is small dumpy municipal rink off of Northern & Perring Pkwys. There's also a rink setup in a bubble at Patterson Park during the winter. The best area rinks are in the burbs in Abington (Bel Air), Odenton (former Caps training rink), and the massive Gardens Ice House in Laurel which includes a curling center. As in Boston with the MDC rink boom post-Orr there's a similar smaller boom happening in Montgomery County and Northern Virginia with the steep rise in the Caps popularity now being the toughest/most expensive ticket in the area. It use to be that most rec hockey was ex-pats from New England, Upstate NY, the Great Lakes, and the Canadian Embassy. Now the DC area is starting to produce locally grown talent that s made it way to the college and junior ranks consistently.
  5. MDPucks

    Beer League

    Use to play beer league down here in Maryland in Columbia, Rockville, Laurel, and Baltimore 2000-2010. Just got too expensive and family came first.
  6. Devils are the Red Wings final regular season opponent at Joe Lewis Arena. Kind of interesting since the only history between the 2 franchises is 1995 and not exactly a huge highlight for the Red Wings franchise. I figured they'd go either Original 6 or Pittsburgh-Philadelphia for their final regular season home game.
  7. And here we go. Bellmar and Rocko going full tard on the Caps 3rd line. Perhaps the next step is putting in 3rd string goalie Emery to try to beat up Holtby again.
  8. 4-1 Washington Carlson with a screened bomb on the PP effectively ends this series. Big question is do the Flyers go Defcon 5 on goonery for Game 4.
  9. Congrats Marty. Just get use to the following phrase: "Yes dear you are right dear." Washington is really damned good. Mason sucks but the Caps are pretty much putting on a clinic of how to playoff hockey. Reminds me of the 2000 Devils.
  10. I expected the Flyers to come out a lot more physical against the Caps (a la their goat rodeo 2012 Pittsburgh series) than they have in games 1 & 2 in an attempt to rattle Washington's 3rd and 4th line. Perhaps they are fearful of giving Washington too many power plays (the Caps have killed them so far) and the Caps maturity level has elevated under Trotz's leadership. Difference in the series right now is Holtby. I expect the next 2 games to be split in South Philly before the Caps close it out on Friday night in DC.
  11. I remember watching the game after getting home from playing a high school baseball game and that Marty was called up from junior because the Devils lost 4 goalies due to injury in about 2 weeks including Terreri, Billington, and the immortal Chad Erickson. I also remember Gary Thorne previewing the game with Peter McNab on Sport Channel talking how this kid Brodeur was so nervous that he didn't stop a single shot during warm-ups.
  12. To be fair the Colts intentionally tanked on a 1984 Penguins level in order to be in position to draft Andrew Luck fully knowing in the previous Spring and Summer that the aging Manning's neck injury was much worse than was initially (mis)reported. Brady's injury (although in Week 1) still occurred during the season after all of the preseason planning, training camp, etc. The Pats were already committed and could still compete for the Super Bowl with a diminished team that still possessed weapons and an aging but decent defense. Plus even if the Pats did ponder tanking that season for the draft just look at how terrible the 2009 draft ended up becoming. Manning's biggest regular season issues are that he played in a dome where his biggest years were spent in a division of warm weather/dome expansion teams and that his GM was the head of the NFL's Competition Committee and specifically taylored the 2000's passing/anti-defense rules for Manning.
  13. corruption, greed, and unbelievable costs have sent the Olympics to basically only to be hosted by totalitarian and/or corrupt 3rd world regimes. The problem is Winter Olympics can only take place in certain areas and its heart is in ski villages in Europe or North America but those areas have loudly given the IOC the finger in the last year over the above issues. The next 2 Winter games are to be in Asia and will do the NHL nothing (old folks like myself remember 3 a.m. Games from Nagano in 98 whch was brutal). i don't like the set up of the World Cup but I understand what the NHL wants. Unfortunately unlike the soccer World Cup the stacked team in hockey could put a 20-spot on some lower division international team a la the ole CCCP would do on the Japan's, Holland's, and Romania's of the world. The last thing the NHL wants is Canada to put a 10-spot on Kazakstan and rip credibility from the tournament. i know the NHL has asked the IOC to move hockey to the Summer Olympics and were rejected due to hockey's status as the games' biggest cash cow. It sucks that the "winter sport" NBA gets the added advantage of playing their international tournaments in the summer offseason and that hockey is pigeon holed into the Wnter Games. This is why the World Cup route is the one the NHL is pushing.
  14. Can I get a vote by acclamation that the next NJDevs.comcon should take place in CR's basement.
  15. Only thing that can stop Carolina in 2 weeks is if they do something royally stupid off of the field during SB week like partying and/or reading their press clippings. A lot of SB teams, especially teams full of first timers like Carolina, has gone there ready to celebrate more than play the game.
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