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  1. Taylor Hall Nominated for Hart Trophy

    The best player has the best value.
  2. Taylor Hall Nominated for Hart Trophy

    Nominated and finalist are different things. Damnit am i the only one who cares about definitions
  3. Taylor Hall Nominated for Ted Lindsay Award

    Finalist not nominated. The votes are in and these are the top 3.
  4. In 44 playoff series the Devils have never been swept

    Oh I knew that and of the one pre Nj playoff appearance. I was just stating a fact otherwise
  5. In 44 playoff series the Devils have never been swept

    Also a 2 game sweep shouldn't count. 5 or more game series sweeps only
  6. Only the Preds and the Golden Knights are the only other teams to not ever been swept in their histories. Ahh the fringe benefits of being too terrible to make the playoffs when it was 16 of 21 in the early 80s
  7. GAME 3: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, CNBC, MSG+

    This is my problem with how Hynes has been this playoffs. Making changes just to make changes and sticks with lineups just because they won instead of putting out your best team or at least the team that best matches up with them. Severson should have been in since Game 1. I don't care if that was the lineup that won the last few times. Winning streaks end you need to be proactive and change out the player or players that aren't playing well regardless of a result or stick with someone if they have a bad game in a loss but are usually better.
  8. GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    ... Did the Lightning give their fans he Karate Kid 2 noise makers?
  9. Devils vs. Lightning Series Discussion

    So other then Hall and Kinkaid (because the best player needs to be the best player and any team can be submarined by a goaltender who sh!ts the bed.) who will have to play above their station for us to win the series? I think it has to be Grabner, Wood and Greene. The first two can get really hot and score a goal each a game and that would contribute alot towards the effort and if Greene can turn it up to somewhat his old defensive self with Vatanen , who should be playing like he was during the season, we can stop enough of Tampa Bay's goal scoring effort.
  10. NJDevs 2018 Bracket Challenge

    I refuse to do any cause it will only encourage the NHL with this dumbass playoff format
  11. The Ilya Kovalchuk Thread

    If I could throw a milkshake at a thread it would be this one
  12. Devils vs. Lightning Series Discussion

  13. Who do you want in the playoffs?

    If you could pick the match up in the 1st round who would you want? I want Pittsburgh followed by tampa. I think we match up well and I want the Devils to be the ones to stop a 3peat. Also I think Tampa is a team we can beat too. I'd like to avoid the capitals if need be.
  14. Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    Jinx jinx jinx. Oh wait you can't. Devils meaningful April hockey
  15. Devils sign RW Marian Studenic (Round 5 pick from 2017)

    I mean you still need AHLers to help out and if they hit a magic growth spurt at least you have them. How many contracts do the Devils have?