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  1. That's one of the things that bug me with the "fire coaches" speak. These guys are professional hockey players for fvck's sake. They're not amateurs. Putting eveything on the coaches, especially the assistants, is lousy af. Most of these guys could coach themselves if they had to. I feel Ruff has done well with what he has. The vets are playing like sh!t right now and it shows.
  2. Holy fvck Seves and Gusev. The vets are fvcking KILLING us.
  3. Way moore concerning than ANY of our young guys.
  4. Lots of high profile defensemen this year, which we absolutely need.
  5. Sorry for saying this, but I like how much pressure the Rangers put on the PK. We should try it.
  6. Honestly, after the deadline, there probably won't be many of them left.
  7. Honestly, I'm happy with our young players. They won't win games all by themselves though.
  8. The fact that our best line today is Rango-Bastian-Maltsev is a huge hit on the Vets who are still invisible so far this season.
  9. But people want to blame Blackwood lol. fvcking pathetic defence at best.
  10. God fvcking damn it. Butcher beat, 2 rangers just fvcking chillin' in the crease.
  11. I mean, the 2 goals we scored we pretty sick lol let us at least have that 🤣 Honestly, you guys should, that would be funny lol.
  12. THIS x100000000. Vats needs to come out. Butcher even maybe. I'd take Tennyson/Murray before these two right now to be honest.
  13. They shouldn't even have to teach this stuff. That's basic fvcking hockey.
  14. Oh yeah if we could stop giving up breakaways that'd be nice
  15. Another couple of big saves lol. Blackwood is left alone out there.
  16. Blackwood hung up to dry once more. Familiar sight. For fvck's sake
  17. What a fvcking feed Bastian. Wow. That's 100% on the kids. Rango, Bastian, Maltsev. fvcking right.
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