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  1. So happy to know this kid is going to be around for years to come. With him and Nico centering, I’m real confident in this team going forward.
  2. Thanks man! Started putting memes in my GDT last season. Gives a little flavour lol!
  3. Game 3 for the boys tonight. After great performances vs. the bruins, WE WANT MORE!!! NHL.com Preview: https://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/njd-vs-nyr/2021/01/19/2020020046 LGD!!!
  4. Konecny's first reaction kills me lol!
  5. This is so great! So happy for Rango, the future looks bright for him.
  6. Haha, it's a pretty big point! I know that those guys aren't on Pasta's level, but I'd argue that those 3 guys combined are as, if not more, important to our team than Pasta is to Boston, in the sense that they have other guys that are big time NHL stars like Bergeron and Marchand, and Debrusk, Coyle on a lower scale. Nico, Bratt and Vats represent 2 of our best forwards and our best d-man.
  7. Pretty much. We're also missing 3 of our top players (if not top 5) in Nico, Bratt and Vatanen. That's not a small loss for us.
  8. Zacha has also been a silent contributor these last 2 games. He's had a few good chances and created a few good ones also.
  9. So far, I also like what I'm hearing from Ruff. He seems to be well respected by the guys and he seems like a players' coach. He's also not afraid to play the young guys and make them learn from their mistakes, unlike other coaches we've had that glued you to the bench/press box if you made any mistakes. Way less stressful and intimidating for young guys.
  10. Absolutely lol. I tend to stay away from RDS or TVA Sports, can't stand them tbh. Sportsnet/CBC/TSN, even though they're canadian broadcasts, are WAY more objective in the way they call the games.
  11. 100%. I tend to do the same with the canadian teams sometimes and good crews like Detroit. But I have real hard time watching the Bruins and Pens broadcasts lol.
  12. Did you watch the whole game on Bruins feed? You're a warrior man.
  13. I'm so fvcking pumped. The young kids are all fvcking contributing. Smith, Hughes (who had a GREAT game), Rango, Boqvist, The whole fourth line. I feel fvcking good right now. Haven't been excited for an OT goal like that since Hughes' goal in Ottawa last year. Wow, feels nice.
  14. Hell of a game by Hughes. He looks 1000 times more confident on the ice. Could've had 2 G 2 A tonight with more luck. What a play by Seves on the ending goal. What can I say... fvckING SHARANGOVICH
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