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  1. Yeah, him and Byram are gonna dominate.
  2. Yeah, I would've liked to see him tonight
  3. Stempniak?! MICHEAL RYDER!!!
  4. Devs3cups

    Fire Hynes

    This group isn't extremely good, but they shouldn't be this bad. They've blown MULTIPLE multi-goal leads late, which is unacceptable regardless of the « talent level ». This team shouldn't be blowing 2-3-4 goal leads, and we'd be in a hell of a better position if they didn't do that to start the year. That's just one reason why people are upset with the team. As I said, this lineup is not perfect, and I'm not expecting incredible things from them, but they should definitely be in a better spot. The guys aren't playing their best hockey AT ALL since the start of the season.
  5. Zacha can maybe make up for the defensive mistakes made by Hughes and Gusev? That must be the logic behind it. Although this line might have some issues defensively, it has the potential to be nasty offensively. I'm intrigued.
  6. No offense taken at all! Actually, I live in Quebec and my parents are from Quebec, but I was born in British-Columbia and spent the first years of my life there before my family moved back to Quebec. I definitely feel more “Canadian” than “Quebecer” because of the fact I grew up in western Canada and am perfectly bilingual. I definitely associate with Canada more than Quebec. For example I always tell people that I’m a Canadian (or French Canadian) and not a Quebecer when I travel. So yeah, I understand the whole debate over Quebec culture vs Canadian culture and French vs. English debate in Quebec and the protection of the culture here and all, but I don’t know, I don’t feel like I’m a part of it as I feel the english language is necessary nowadays and that the whole “no english” narrative that some people spew here is silly.
  7. This is pretty much it. I'm from Quebec City and this is a great summary of the situation. In Quebec City the tension isn't AS bad (still is a huge issue that is discussed daily in the media), but in Montreal where lots of people speak only english or another language and because of all the immigration there, sometimes it can get real ugly and political in regards to the language and the culture.
  8. And Coleman with a stupid penalty. This feels like an ugly game again
  9. Couldn't watch the game last night as I'm on vacation. Apparently didn't miss much, although this thread is hella entertaining. I watched the highlights and I must say, the choke jobs don't surprise me anymore. Nice to see Bratt score a couple though. I sure hope they turn it around, and quick.
  10. It gets fun in here when we win
  11. You only seem to show up when they get scored on or when something negative happens... Come join the fun when they score!
  12. I don't think I've ever heard Sami talk lol
  13. VATS!! Sick pass by Hughes!!
  14. One of the best Devils players these last few games Coleman and Simmonds have the same smile lol
  15. Why is Bratt scratched. Weird decision. Happy to see Hughes stick with Hall though. Nico and Zacha could work well. LGD!
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