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  1. Hughes just got ROBBED
  2. Made a great pass across to Keller who couldn't finish with a wide open net on the PP just now.
  3. Hughes is so agile with the puck.
  4. Nico with 2 assists today so far. Great tournament for him so far. 6 points in 3 games.
  5. Pat Maroon. Good for him. Good for St-Louis also, they deserve it.
  6. Devs3cups

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'd think about it, but I still think it falls short
  7. Devs3cups

    Hughes or Kakko

    Unfortunately for Canucks fans, Boeser and the 10th overall pick wouldn't cut it lol
  8. I'm actually pretty excited about Boqvist. He seems like a real solid prospect.
  9. Absolute CHOKE JOB by Vegas. Wow. Incredible for SJ. Must feel amazing
  10. Devs3cups

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes 1000000%
  11. I'd be down for it
  12. What a gutsy win by the Jackets. Down 3-0, win 4-3 in their building. Solid.
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