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  1. No GDT 30 minutes before a game... has to be a record lol. Our interest for the season summarized. LGD! Traduire le Tweet 11:37 AM · 27 janv. 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  2. Nice little goal by Nico there!
  3. At least Nico is a monster.
  4. Nice feed there by Hughes
  5. Devs3cups

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Don't know if this was posted or if anyone is interested, but just watched this video on YouTube (I follow this guy, he's pretty funny lol). A pretty good assessment of our team right now. We gotta be able to laugh about those things, right? P.S. If you liked this video, watch the one on the Lightning choking vs. Columbus in the 1st round last year, it's great lol.
  6. Are we really on the verge of breaking TB's 10 game winning streak? Wow.
  7. To be honest I'm comfortable with Fitz as GM right now and I ultimately wouldn't mind if the owners gave him the job moving forward.
  8. This exactly. Playing bottom-line minutes with bottom-line players in a checking role will do that for you. This shouldn't be his role and he should be given some kind of opportunity to play on a regular basis with efficient offensive guys to put his skills and tools to use.
  9. Travis and Green, lol. What a day!! LGD!!!
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