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  1. Absolute CHOKE JOB by Vegas. Wow. Incredible for SJ. Must feel amazing
  2. What a gutsy win by the Jackets. Down 3-0, win 4-3 in their building. Solid.
  3. Props to Gabriel there. Nice fight against Lucic.
  4. Not a huge soccer fan, especially on TV, but a few summers ago I went to see the Montreal Impact twice in one summer (I'm from Quebec) and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was great and it was so much more interesting live than on TV. I went to the game when Drogba scored a hat trick for Montreal, think it was his second or third game. The crowd was nuts. I was pleasantly surprised and I'm planning to go back real soon.
  5. From what I saw they were (obviously) happy to pick up Stone, but most were pissed about losing Brannstrom since he's a grwat prospect lol. I'd probably have the same feeling if we traded let's say Smith for Stone. I'd be ecastatic about getting Stone, but I'd be pissed about losing Smith as I really like him as a prospect
  6. Man... Vegas fans on HF are pissed to lose Brannstrom. He looks legit.
  7. Devs3cups

    Habs @ NJD

    ahahah K GABRIEL!!
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