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  1. Side note, I’ve been happy with Foote so far.
  2. This team NEVER gives up. They're unimpressive and impressive at the same time lol. Hats off to the young guys. Goaltending killed them. The future is exciting, no one can convince me otherwise.
  3. I mean, we know they’ll make it 4-3 , right? RIGHT?!
  4. Oh I’m not sure it changes anything to this game, but I do think that if all those guys are in there we’re better than Anaheim or Buffalo. That’s what you said so I was responding to that.
  5. Before the deadline they were definitely worse than us. Even after trading away Palms and Trav we were a better team. Without Pav, Bratt, Smith, Subban and not having our #1 goalie in net? They’re no doubt better than us. No doubt about it.
  6. Here's a compilation of his highlights from this season, if it hasn't been posted yet. Even the posts are impressive haha!
  7. Pumped to have him in the mix. Will try to catch games in the AHL.
  8. I’m not one to blame the refs. But this game isn’t called fairly so far.
  9. There it is. This team simply doesn’t quit. LGD!!
  10. People saying Hughes isn't money can't be serious. 2 great plays, and just like that we're back
  11. SHARANGOVICH!! Hughes great play again!!!
  12. Zajac and Palms were goners. They tried to re-sign Palms to no avail and Zajac waived to leave. By the way, Zajac isn't moving the needle either at this point in his career. Keeping them and losing them for nothing would've been a mistake Also, I know we're all frustrated, but saying that Smith "kind of sticks out", is such a bad take. He's the most promising d-man we've had in years, plays like a future 1st pairing defenseman, and has had an outstanding season as a rookie. Young teams don't necessarily win. But young teams growing together and developping together end up doing so,
  13. Side note, the Ranger's top 6 has an average age of 27.6 years old. Not exactly comparable with our situation right now. I agree we are not alone in this situation. Doesn't mean that it should make it any easier for us. No other team has an offense as young as us. Most of our players are literally rookies. I don't get how that isn't significant. Blackhawks also have a top 5 player in the league in Kane who is basically carrying them, and Debrincat who is shooting 17.6% and is at an over PPG pace. We don't have those kinds of players yet. Dallas have Klinberg, Heiskanen, Benn and Pav
  14. For one, regardless of age, having 2 top-10 NHL players in Panarin and Zibanejad and a Norris trophy candidate in Fox might have something to do with why they're more successful than us right now don't you think? We clearly don't have that yet. Also, side note, the Ranger's top 6 has an average age of 27.6 years old. Not exactly comparable with our situation right now. This year, I've seen progress from Zacha, Bratt, Hughes and the emergence of Ty Smith. Blackwood has had some good stretches, even though he's been affected by COVID hard it seems, and even though young goalies tend to be i
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