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  1. Pretty sure that if he thought it was more serious he would've just said he'd know more tomorrow.
  2. Masisak just reported that Ruff said he doesn't expect him to miss any time. Good news.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if he does this season tbh, not saying it's a given, but I wouldn't be surprised at all. He just has that scoring factor.
  4. Holtz will succeed if he's put with players that compliment his game. He's got a hell of a shot.
  5. Holtz is having a great game. He's been good all camp imo. He'll play in Utica with a pretty bad lineup though. I'm encouraged by his play. Maybe he starts with Mercer and Foote in the A.
  6. Holtz with 1 goal and 1 assist today and in the last game of the prospects challenge. I think he’ll start in Utica, but his play in camp has been good.
  7. 9 mil AAV for pretty much half a full NHL season. I understand the need to sign him, but must be nice.
  8. I personally think KK could succeed in Carolina. I think MTL wins this situation in the short term, but in the long term I’m not so sure.
  9. Apparently, Jimmy Hayes has passed away. Wow. I'm actually shocked. I know he wasn't with the Devils for that long, but I really liked him as a player and he seemed like a great person. Prayers and thoughts to his family.
  10. That might be the case. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to a 6 year deal (he’d be 34 at the end of it) at 5.5-6 per, tops. 7-8 years I’d be wary of. But as I said, I do trust Fitz, as he seems to spend intelligently and in the right places, and have a plan on who he wants to keep around long term. We’ll see what he has in mind.
  11. I actually think P.K will get 3rd pairing minutes… Hamilton-Graves Smith-Severson Siegs-PK If that’s the case, he might be one of the best 3rd pairing guys in the league. As for Severson’s next contact, I feel it’s real early to discuss it, but I feel that if he signs with us it’ll be for 5-6 AAV. He doesn’t deserve more imo, and I like him. With that being said, I trust Fitz 100%. I like the direction he’s going in and he seems to not wanna spend foolishly.
  12. 50 point guy, top 6 player for us. Just what the doctor ordered imo. Market value, and for 2 years? Sign me up.
  13. Getting a young, elite 1st pairing d-man for market value:
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