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  1. Always wondered how those guys feel after signing a contract like that. Laying in bed at night looking at the ceiling thinking ''Jesus Christ, I'll earn 7mil a year for 7 years. Holy sh!t''.
  2. Maybe Shero chose to do that. If he wasn't committed he would've waited this summer and milk the most money possible and probably wait it out like the rest of those RFA's.
  3. Love this contract. Nico is such a useful player on this team. He'll get bigger and stronger, he's extremely useful defensively and on the PK and he puts up points and will continue to develop and rack up numbers. He has the potential to become one of the best 2-way centres in the league imo. He's still so young and showing so much promise.
  4. Yup exactly, could help with Gusev's defensive issues
  5. Serious question. Should Hughes be kept with Hall and Palms? I feel that would balance the lines a bit more. Move Hischier with Gusev and Bratt on the ''2nd''?
  6. Nothing lol, meant to say first point, brain cramp lol. I even watched the game. I'm too excited with the W
  7. Yeah lol, I watched the game so I knew, wanted to write point. Oh well lol
  8. Subban's first goal, Hughes' first point, great night
  9. Goose is bad defensively, he'll learn. But holy sh!t is he good in the o-zone. I hope Gusev knows that the fans are saying Goose and not booing him lol
  10. Rangers arguing every fvcking call lol Hughes scores here.
  11. LOL and we get fvcking screwed
  13. We're on a roll boys
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