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  1. Bratt coming back tomorrow if he passes a positive test? That's fvcking good news. Him, Vats and Nico will give us a huge boost. EDIT: Team is taking the day off tomorrow, but he'll be cleared to join the team if he passes the test.
  2. Zacha has also had a few good chances tonight. I'm noticing him in a good way more and more. Good on him for getting the goal.
  3. Tu has been real solid since the start of the year. He can be counted on imo. Young defensemen make mistakes all the time, he's an intelligent player, he'll learn. As for Palms, I 100% agree with you. He looked slightly more involved tonight. I doubt it. As long as he's involved and creating offense, I'm sure the coaching staff are letting him know he's doing good. He knows.
  4. Jack has also looked day and night from last year, even if he didn't get on the scoresheet tonight, he was a threat in the offensive zone, which is nice to see for sure, and what we all knew he could be.
  5. If I'm being honest, currently 6 games in, I'm thrilled with how this team is playing and how it seems to have progressed. We're playing well against full lineups with 3-4 of our 5-6 top pieces out of the lineup. I've really been impressed with the young guys (Mac, Jack, Smith, Bastian, McLoed, etc.) and how they've played so far. The future is bright fellas.
  6. 3 posts total, incredible. The young guys are playing well, which is what we're here for.
  7. Overall? Good game by the guys. Lots of chances. Hughes created some offense, the 4th line was buzzing once again. Smith's toughest game so far, but that's to be expected by young d-men once in a while and it wasn't even THAT bad. He's still been solid and I've been impressed by his poise and overall play. The young guys are progressing, that's good to see. Keep in mind we're missing Nico, Bratt, Vats and Mac right now, and we're playing pretty damn well, can't wait till they get back, should be fun, and guys should also play a more fitting role with 3-4 huge pieces like that coming in.
  8. Again, not one to blame the refs. But when it's obvious, it's obvious.
  9. And they bounced back real nice from that one.
  10. I'm not one to blame the refs, but they've been noticeably bad tonight.
  11. 100% this. We're at least playing mostly well and giving teams a hard time most nights. We knew we weren't winning them all. Seeing the young guys doing well and pregressing is enough for me this year.
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