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  1. I’m just relieved someone has a worse take on Jack than me. Suddenly “He had a bad rookie year, I hope he improves” ain’t so bad.
  2. I was gonna say Alec Baldwin, a mountain goat and @Colorado Rockies 1976. Guaranteed improvement.
  3. Looks like I picked a couple good games to miss.
  4. The last couple of weeks really. Yeah, didn’t we figure out that Jack as a wing was dumb previously?
  5. Lack of competent defensemen and defensive coaching.
  6. I’ll be in Orlando missing this one and the next. With you in spirit, boys. LGD
  7. Moving fans because of a 9 year old roof leak is obviously ridiculous. The obvious answer is that they should hand out out buckets and those fans should be responsible for catching the water.
  8. I read that as he isn’t just a regular 4th line scrub because of his relationship to McLeod, which is exactly what I’m talking about, it’s not hockey skill related. I could be wrong.
  9. What he and others are saying, I believe, is that the excitement in his return was not related to his play, but rather due to other factors. I don’t believe anyone thinks Bastian is the answer to our prayers, but nobody was too excited to lose him so it was a feel good story that he became available.
  10. I understand, that doesn’t mean it’s right lol.
  11. Mine always wanted the ones that come in the helmet bowl, but we never got it because it looks like it could feed a family of four. She is probably past that age now.
  12. That’s the thing people without kids can never understand. My wife and I were never anxious to have a child. Her best friend wanted one from the second she got married and they tried for years, before she was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told it was next to impossible. In light of that, we just reached a day where we decided if we were ever going to do it, it was the right time. We decided to just end the birth control and let whatever happens happen. What happened happened within a week. I’ve never looked back and couldn’t imagine not being a parent now. Postscript: my wife’s friend scheduled a complicated and painful surgery to try to permit her to get pregnant. During the pre-op work up she has to take a pregnancy test, and wouldn’t you know it, it was positive. She cancelled the surgery and decided one child was enough. Our kids were born a month apart and are still best friends.
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