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  1. That’s unfortunate but does make sense.
  2. Is it now in a display case next to other collectibles?
  3. I agree that it’s not the same as competing in the NHL, obviously, but it’s not like he’s got an alternative where he can play at the NHL level right now. The choice is between playing at the WJC or not playing. I don’t think he’s really going to pick up (or continue) with bad habits because he played a few games against lesser competition. He’ll be fine in that regard. I’d rather he be playing. Risk of injury isn’t something I worry about in a guy so young without significant injury history. Any time you play hockey, you could get hurt. You can’t live in a bubble. You know, except
  4. Assuming he’s kept in game shape, that’s what I would think he should do.
  5. Odds are the RR will be more expensive. I only collect goalie jerseys now, so my options will be both limited and very expensive. The MeiGray prices on GI jerseys are sometimes quite high, and they don’t seem to care. No-name players on the Adidas styles are a minimum of $300, and usually more. But, they are also the only source if you want the real thing. I have bought quite a few over the years, you kind of just have to suck it up and do it.
  6. Holy sh!t, he is worth more than that. Very sweet deal for the Lightning.
  7. This is going to be my official way of summing up arguments going forward.
  8. You know I love me some zone entries.
  9. Is it bad to want most of these guys on the NHL squad this year?
  10. Exactly, what's next, the lid is too tight on your Grey Poupon?
  11. I think that was the point, rich people who are still rich arguing with other rich people about money is a bad look when there are people out there who lost jobs, can't find work, and can't afford rent, food, or child care in the event they did have a job. I don't know about you, league minimum is $750,000, anyone with a $750,000 is "rich" in my opinion. Or they should be, I guess its real easy for anyone to spend beyond their means, but still. Not that any of that is the players' fault, but "only" getting $3 million out of your $4 million isn't exactly a struggle. Sure, contracts should
  12. In fairness, they do leave the light on for you.
  13. I guess that's true of both sides of the debate. I wonder, though, exactly how much the owners made/lost this past season.
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