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  1. Exactly, he could play here and they wouldn’t have to worry.
  2. They were definitely worse this year. Not that our season was anything to be happy about. If you stand atop a mountain of sh!t, you’re still standing in sh!t, but it’s better than being buried.
  3. Those players will have more playoff points than Pavel Zacha, who has played in playoff games.
  4. I had a call this morning from my ticket rep, Jake, asking how I was doing, etc., in light of the present circumstances. And that while he can't tell me when, its pretty much understood that there will be a full 2020-2021 regular season, most likely late November or early December for a start. Although he did ask what my thoughts were about attending games next season and he did mention there were plans available, there was zero pressure (there's always zero pressure; they have been calling me for years and I have never bought tickets that way). It was more 15 minutes of talking about this year's playoff structure, the draft, and the late start for next season. He was spot on with his knowledge of what had been discussed regarding all of the above so far. So yeah, I totally took a 15 minute break from working to talk to a complete stranger about hockey. I thought it was weird for a minute, but then realized that all I do on this board is talk to people I don't know about hockey.
  5. Agree totally, and I don’t know the science behind it but extreme physical activity has to have some effect on it, no? Do they monitor their sugar during games? Seems like a bad deal, but more power to them for getting it done.
  6. Yeah, I’d do it but at what cost? He’s locked up through 2026, it will take a lot. Assuming it’d have to be Nico plus more.
  7. Apparently there is some discussion that Kakko may not play when the play-ins start due to his diabetes. NY Post
  8. He certainly improved the team’s points percentage over his predecessor. Without Taylor Hall.
  9. Especially where you just lost money from an early end to the season.
  10. Probably not. But I also thought that last year.
  11. That's right. Leading scorer Kenny Agostino. 22G, 27A in 53 games.
  12. Last year's first rounders will enter a fishing tournament and the draft order will be determined in order of total weight. I think so, anyway.
  13. So the draft lottery will be 6/26, and the actual draft will be at some point in the future after all this crap has been ironed out on the ice?
  14. I’m beyond trying to understand this sh!t. Play some hockey, do the draft lottery, tell me which picks we get.
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