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  1. Yup, that’s the kind of series where you root for a power outage.
  2. And the “tolerant of gay for Hall” category, as well.
  3. Watching their videos in the 80’s, I thought Oates was the biggest fvcking weirdo in music. I still think that.
  4. Nope, all the players wives/girlfriends basically look exactly like that. Even for Taylor Hall who looks like a human pug.
  5. So, am I allowed to root for a baseball team? Or football or basketball? Or are you the only one who’s allowed to root for a “rival city”?
  6. I have three teams left at this point, none of which I picked to win in the second round. I pretty much picked the reverse.
  7. I don’t understand. You should root for a baseball, football or basketball team based on what hockey team you like?? So what teams can a Devils fan like when no other teams are from New Jersey? And what about the two football teams that play in New Jersey, but call themselves New York? Not sure I buy into this “rival city” concept.
  8. For sure. I suspect he’ll end up on a two way deal.
  9. Good question. I’m not sure he gets an NHL contract next season.
  10. I agree, I dislike thousands of obnoxious Rangers fans I don’t know!
  11. I didn't even have time to crack the joke before you cracked it yourself, well done. So I will just post this flashback, referencing your former screen name:
  12. mfitz804

    Hughes or Kakko

    Extra primo good reference my man. You would have gotten extra points if you photoshopped Blake Coleman's head onto Coleman's body. You did just design a goal-scoring meme for me for next season, though, so I appreciate the help.
  13. I was wondering if he wore someone else's jersey just to sneak out there.
  14. Observations about a few of them: #13: That’s why he’s captain. I knew there had to be some reason. #16: Comedy, I like it. #28: With Taylor being eligible for extension, I must have completely overlooked this fact. #71: Smart answer kid. #72: Excellent call-back, kid has comedic chops. #99: He May be funnier than Wayne. Thanks for posting this.
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