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  1. OK, season is over, let's report to camp now...
  2. If you and I keep agreeing, people are gonna talk.
  3. It’s a stupid argument by a person who has no clue what they are talking about.
  4. That means we may be on the way up soon, but clearly we aren’t right now. They’re already moving, we’re getting ready to move.
  5. Agree, you can hate losing the player but still appreciate the trade. That’s what happened here for me. I don’t think he will be back (when we say “I’d take him back” the guy never comes back), but, I would definitely make that call.
  6. I suppose that’s something of an effort. I’m probably just annoyed that we are perpetually sitting under the cap on a huge stack of money we never spend.
  7. Yeah, I would not include Nico in any deal right now. While he’s not “untouchable” per se, you’re looking to move the needle and you aren’t going to do that by trading away Nico. Or high draft picks, for that matter. In a world where we were “one player away” (I’m not sure that actually exists), maybe you consider it.
  8. I don’t think Blackwood is touted anywhere nearly as highly as Sh!tstork, I mean yes, he’s played well, but he was also demoted to the ECHL just a couple years ago and didn’t have a great start. Part of that is our awful defense letting him get shelled, granted. They also made the fake playoffs while we sucked a d!ck again, that doesn’t help either. If I were looking at it from the outside instead of as a fan, one team looks like they are making an effort and one kind of never does.
  9. You should, if anyone ever actually said that, it’s idiotic.
  10. it's just common sense at this point, nobody would choose NJ over NYR right now. Why would you? One team is on the way up and the other isn't. One has a highly touted goalie, a near-MVP, great young prospects, etc. You can make fun of the "hustle and bustle" all you like, but if we're being honest, they are a WAY better situation than we are right now.
  11. Honestly, this might be the most apt description of it yet.
  12. If he does, I call dibs on constantly calling him "a bastard from the North".
  13. i don't see why we can't get back to pics which haven't been discussed ad nauseam, like whether Zacha is a bust, whether Hughes is an elite skater, and whether there is in fact a Central Jersey and if so, what cities are part of it?
  14. Given that you or I are probably next on the depth chart, I would have to agree with that.
  15. His captain is also gone. My question becomes, with all of those changes, does keeping Nas make THAT much of a difference, especially if as suspected the bulk of his responsibilities before becoming interim were defense/PK?
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