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  1. The latest story I read on Eichel is saying that including Kaapo Kakko is the key. I don’t know how accurate that is but I will derive some joy if he is included and they move on from him so quickly. I figure they will wind up with Eichel no matter what, so having to include Kakko makes it a little better. https://nypost.com/2021/07/31/kaapo-kakko-may-be-rangers-key-to-jack-eichel-sweepstakes/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=pasteboard_app
  2. Larry Brooks in the Post: ”Finally, it appears the Islanders are about to announce the Parise deal … the one in which J.P. Parise came to the team from the North Stars in exchange for Ernie Hicke and Doug Rombough, that is.”
  3. Agree totally. Made it a million times easier for the addicted to get themselves into trouble.
  4. It’s fine, he got it in and that’s all the poor kid wanted lol.
  5. True or not, his wife sold him out HARD.
  6. Also, I can say with certainty I have never been happier for a fictional character getting laid then I was for Sam.
  7. You totally get the feeling that he had to take a “shake break” after writing certain parts lol.
  8. I m getting a lot of enjoyment out of the quest, more than I expected actually. I’m not aware of anyone else doing exactly this. But I did run into (online) a guy looking to collect an autograph of every NHL player in history. And his collection is way closer to complete than you may think. http://hockeyinkinthemail.blogspot.com/?m=1
  9. I bet that person doesn’t have the Checkmark of Truth.
  10. It definitely wasn’t real until that point. I wrote the builder a $30,000 deposit check, and that wasn’t real enough. Seeing the house destroyed was like, “OK, we’re really doing this”.. another interesting fact, we had a roof leak that we simply could not locate, and the whole roof needed to be replaced. We had put it off multiple times, trying to patch things, because we knew we wanted to do a roof raise anyway. The night before we moved out, there was a huge thunderstorm end it leaked so bad that the wood floor upstairs just outside of our bedroom, where there was no air-conditioning because we had window units, actually got warped from the water and the heat. That would have been horrific and costly, but instead we just walked out the door and said fvck it, we don’t need that floor anymore anyway. I will post another fun picture. We were at the house the night before renovations were about to start, taking down fixtures, and doing some last minute stuff. We didn’t really know what to do with my daughter at that time, because there was no TV, and all her stuff had been moved out. So we gave her a box of crayons that my wife used to carry in her bag and brought her to her bedroom. We gave her the biggest blank wall there was and told her that one time, and one time only she can absolutely go fvcking nuts on the wall. All these years later, she still talks about how fun that was.
  11. Depends what you are talking about.
  12. I think that makes sense. The days of a guy starting 90% of games are mostly over. And obviously Blackwood isn’t durable enough to do that. I would be in favor of a 60-40 split in favor of Blackwood, maybe 55-45.
  13. We need to have a suitable backup, especially because Blackwood does have a tendency to get injured where he misses a few games. I am happy that we aren’t just surrendering those games by having Bernier.
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