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  1. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Yup. Hired as president of hockey ops, promptly appointed himself GM.
  2. 2018 Offseason Thread

    A lot of people on this site just make things up and state them like they are facts. Tavares hasn’t signed with anyone and is meeting with 5 teams. There’s reports of Carlson signing, he hasn’t signed yet. I was curious if you had any real information that brought you to those conclusions, other than rumors being reported. Clearly you don’t, and that’s fine. Just wanted to know if you knew something I didn’t.
  3. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Isn’t that like our third Yegor?
  4. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Again, based on what? You’re coming to a lot of conclusions with nothing to support them.
  5. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I want him just because if he’s bad, I can post in the game day thread “Go Faulk Yourself”.
  6. 2018 Offseason Thread

    They shouldn’t be. The biggest free agent in years doesn’t want to be part of their rebuild. Hell, it might be a year too soon for us for the same reason.
  7. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Only time will tell if he can still hack it in the NHL. I would love to see him fail miserably, but I’m not prepared to say that will happen based on the handful of KHL highlights I’ve seen.
  8. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I’m glad Kovy is anywhere but NYC.
  9. Devils select D Ty Smith 17th overall

    It’s what we needed to do with the 17th pick. Let’s see how he develops.
  10. The team, the state, and the culture are contagious

    Based on what?
  11. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    And they’ll trade an MVP for it.
  12. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I’m sure they do, to a point.
  13. 2018 Offseason Thread

    We did ok with our previous Nieder....
  14. Devils home opener Thursday 10/11/2018 7:00 PM

    Right there with you. My daughter is retiring from soccer so I could reasonably be attending weekend matinees now, although it really only affected October, November, March, and god willing, April.. Not that my daughter can’t stay up, she can, but it’s just a lot easier. We also wear Hall jerseys.
  15. Devils home opener Thursday 10/11/2018 7:00 PM

    I don’t know. It makes complete sense though.