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  1. This. We’re at the point where none of our fans under the age of 18 were alive/old enough to know when we last won a Stanley Cup. That’s long enough. And to be honest, I still see 2012 as kind of a fluke that we even made it that far. I don’t really think back and say “this team was great in 2012”. That’s why that year was sandwiched by missing the playoffs twice, and getting bounced in the first round three years prior to that. Not that we wouldn’t settle for making the playoffs at all at this point.
  2. I do, it’ll be something like “why the fvck are they back?”.
  3. My daughter decided that it’s pronounced No-LAHN Foo-Tay because it sounds more like a hockey player than Nolan Foote.
  4. I totally missed the first 48 minutes, but we should have been doing what we’re doing now for the past week. That’s right.
  5. That was crazy, if he ever starts finishing things like that he might be a good hockey player.
  6. Jack trying to make a pass from the D-Zone instead of dumping it out on the power play was almost costly.
  7. Well, I guess technically the ownership and management put all of that stuff together, so...
  8. The fact is, they are currently nowhere near Panarin’s level. Their age could be the reason why. Or, they may never be. Will either of them be at Panarin’s level at his age? Nobody has any idea.
  9. Likely they will still be sold without advertising at retail? I don’t know if they’ll be sold all decked out or not. Which then puts the jersey purists to the task of finding the correct patches, which is a whole other thing. There is also a huge, HUGE difference between Euro stuff and a small sponsor patch, like they wear on the practice jerseys. Still not great, but it wouldn’t make me swear off jerseys.
  10. I think it would be more than you expected. You Anticipated chart references are off the chart. #Irony.
  11. Right but if there was a chart, it would most definitely match.
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