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  1. Man Edmonton really took control of this game.
  2. His skin doesn’t look real. It’s as smooth as McDavid’s skating lol.
  3. Not for nothing, Edmonton’s coach looks like an android.
  4. Wow Will McDavid get called for goalie interference?? I feel like that definitely was.
  5. Note to Fitz, if Mike Smith is made available, go fvck yourself.
  6. Oh sh!t I missed that non-goal live, they got fvcking robbed.
  7. The sound is way off, as said above. Worse than the MSG broadcast was all year.
  8. I like when the Stork plays bad and they lose, but somehow I like it better when he plays well and they lose. It would be, but for the extra excitement of Rangers losses.
  9. They would if they had any clue what it was, they probably think it’s the breath mints.
  10. I doubt they can resist the Canadian kid.
  11. I would like to draft this gentleman. What is Shane Wright up to?
  12. You'd know better than I, but it seems to me like there are a TON of 2021-22 jerseys (home, away and alt) that are still available. Doesn't it seem like more than usual?
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