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  1. Now that sucks, I’m sorry to hear about that.
  2. We’re having a conversation about your very poorly thought out statements on this issue. The fact that you bailed out on it doesn’t me man we can’t continue lol.
  3. I think the fact that Bratt is presently outscoring 18 of the 33 guys he pointed out are making more than $8m was pretty telling. How do you argue that a guy who is producing better than more than half of the guys making more than $8m doesn’t deserve more than $8m? I get the whole “it’s not just about scoring” argument, I guess, but still, the idea that high scoring forwards don’t get paid based on their production is a pretty flawed argument.
  4. Yeah that does seem like a concern.
  5. Or at least, don’t expect not to be called on it lol.
  6. He doesn’t know what he’s saying. He probably has Dengue Fever.
  7. He’s not a pending UFA, though. He’s still an RFA after this year.
  8. There’s no doubt about it, Meier fits the mold of what we need. If I were Fitz I would be focusing on a guy like that.
  9. For someone who is going to stop posting, you sure do keep posting. You might want to evaluate the whole “who needs to have the last word” thing. It’s as simple as saying you want to trade Bratt for a player you consider to be an upgrade, which again, is just common sense. But when I said that, you couldn’t just answer it. One of your reasons for wanting to trade him is that “he disappears”, which is a really poor argument given he is basically PPG for the last 2 seasons and has only gone on a streak or not scoring for more than one game on two occasions this season (2 and 4 games respectively), I brought up how your premise on that was flawed, and of course you never responded to that either. None of what I said could be construed at all as saying you want him cut, I’m not sure why you keep repeating that. Of course, as I pointed out (and SD referred to as a unicorn), what we’re left with is that you’re talking about an eventuality where one of the top 35 or so guys in the game suddenly becomes available. It’s possible, sure. Is it likely, though?
  10. I’m not, I’m just trying to figure out what the fvck you are saying because it wasn’t clear. Thanks for being such a peach and explaining in 12 posts what you could have done in 1 if you just answered a simple question every once in a while. Im not convinced a guy like Fiala is anything more than a lateral move, but that’s opinion. Also opinion is whether a PPG player in a league that only has about 35 of them is or is not a superstar. Just a regular star, I guess? Is that fair?
  11. I’m just trying to clarify you point. What you are saying is either that Bratt is a problem and he should be moved, or that on the off chance that some superstar becomes available, he should be trade bait for that, which is just common sense. So the whole premise is either nonsensical or completely obvious. You’ll stop replying because you know that it can’t be explained any other way.
  12. The point, which you are obviously missing, is that your concept that he “disappears” is a fallacy, at least based on his current play. There are maybe 35 guys in the entire league producing what he is producing right now. Another two of them are on our team. How many of the other 32 will be available? You know at least 90% of them will not be. If what you’d re saying is that on the off chance that some superstar player miraculously becomes available, Bratt could be included in that trade, ok, sure, why not. But out of those 32 guys many of them would only be a lateral move and wouldn’t even be worth it. So is your position “if someone better than Bratt is available, we should trade Bratt for him”? If so, I would suggest that is a garbage dump of a post.
  13. I had Draisaitl and some other guys in there as well. See my edit for more than me just cracking wise at your expense. And the point is, you are talking about an exceptionally small group of players that could become available that fall into that category, where Bratt already falls.
  14. Ok fine, we’ll just get McDavid and Draisaitl then. Done deal. Bratt and Johnsson and Smith for Leon and Connor. Of those 3 guys you mentioned, only Tkachuk is having a markedly better season than Bratt. Guys like Fiala or DeBrincat may be available, but you’d possibly be making a lateral move, unless another Tkachuk becomes available. And the odds don’t favor it. If you want to chase such a guy and dangle Bratt as the bait, that is fine.
  15. The problem is, the whole idea is based on a flawed premise that he disappears for games at a time. He had one streak of 4 games with no points (in December when the whole team was awful), and one streak of 2 games with no points, and zero other streaks of no points for the entire season. Last season, he had a few more. He was still just shy of PPG by 3 points. I ask again, what the fvck more do you need from him??
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