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  1. Or they were just wrong.
  2. Pin him down and inject him. Unless it is Miles Wood, then just strap it to the opposing goalie for when he inevitably makes contact.
  3. Or…while wearing your new New Jersey jersey…
  4. Have to say, no idea what Jack should be paid on this extension. Obviously, if it’s not done now, this season could reveal a lot toward that end. Here, we call it a new New Jersey jersey.
  5. It’s not a Dunkin Donuts ad, so I am pretty happy with that.
  6. I wish he actually did that.
  7. Is he talking about Quinn or himself?? For the record he agrees with me about his first season. “Yeah, I mean my first year, uh, I struggled…I wasn’t very good”.
  8. Damn, mein mann knows him some Germany.
  9. Again, you are associating non-vaccination status with one’s ticket status. I am quite sure there are plenty of unvaccinated season ticket holders who spend plenty of money and are still worried about “mah freedums”.
  10. I don’t disagree, but this isn’t about season ticket holders. The people they should be listening to are scientists, the CDC, people like that…
  11. 1) I read that in the official “hurr de durr” voice and I know you know exactly what I mean. 2) Hold aside the alcohol and cigarettes, how about the medications and numerous other vaccines they have taken which they have NO IDEA of the contents. Like they’re some kind of pharmaceutical engineers that know what even OTC medications contain. Bottom line, if you want to get rid of this thing, people need to be protected from it, and the vaccine is the way to go. The whole “but you can still get it” argument is ridiculous, because while technically true, your chances are also reduced drastically. My theory is, piss people off to the point they have to get it in order to do the things they want to do. I can give two sh!ts whether people who are choosing not to be vaccinated are allowed to eat in restaurants. Or go to hockey games.
  12. Speaking of, Shulmistra is a goalie development coach for a junior club in NC. I emailed their general contact info and got an immediate reply from the Executive Director. He said Rich is his personal friend and he believes he will be intrigued by the project and will be happy to help. He was forwarding my email to him. This will either get me a puck or confirm that the guy just doesn’t want to do it. Which is fine, I guess, but it would probably make completing my project impossible.
  13. Fair enough, I was just clarifying. I get criticized all the time for having that opinion. Like how my GDT posts go from “it’s only one loss, we can bounce back” in October to “fvck hockey” in December? lol.
  14. Speaking for myself, “let the guy play an NHL game before you compare him to an All Star” is not necessarily doom and gloom. If I said “he’s a bum and he’ll never amount to anything”, that’s one thing, but literally all I said was wait and see, and I hope you are right. I find it hard to believe after all the sh!tty hockey we have sat through that any of you guys are too sensitive to hear THAT.
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