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  1. Those are exactly the posts I loved. Or “We lost 8-2, but we actually played very well”.
  2. Yeah basically “black hockey player”. It’s funny they got the wrong one.
  3. Probably the name Georges Laraque would work.
  4. Did I slam him? I don’t think I did. I did call him a robot. Did I agree with everything he wrote? No, because some of it was insane. But he was fun.
  5. When he did this during Monday's warmup, my daughter and I were laughing hysterical. He basically took a shower on the ice, he had to use about half a bottle. Then he constantly danced back and forth through the national anthem. What a weirdo! Love it.
  6. mfitz804

    Fire Hynes

    And New Jersey, apparently.
  7. I decided to try it. Your search revealed that Laraque picture, several others, and PK Subban. No Brashear to be found. Not for nothing, but those guys look nothing alike. Now, if you want to say Laraque looks a bit like KRS One's younger brother, you might be right.
  8. mfitz804

    Fire Hynes

    And Arabian hobos, apparently.
  9. i miss him. As much as I am sure he is an android, he had a good sense of humor and put people in their place when necessary. i always enjoyed his recaps and finding out whether or not we had a good or bad game, because the score and outcome didn't factor into that.
  10. In other news, someone needs to hire the kid who drew his picture for the team's art department, because that sh!t looks exactly like him.
  11. mfitz804

    Fire Hynes

    Of course he was, or that’s just what he wants you to believe. That fvcking Arabian hobo.
  12. Yep, totally fine with that. I don’t mind my defense been being invisible. As long as they are not invisible to the opposition, who is skating right around them.
  13. mfitz804

    Fire Hynes

    They don’t teach about Arabian hobos in public school.
  14. mfitz804

    Fire Hynes

    And I don’t know what he said once he has said it. Arabian hobo might be my new favorite insult though.
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