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  1. In fairness, his assist on the Flyers’ 4th goal was flawless.
  2. Same here. But I let it happen naturally. By the time she went to school (which, as a parent, you know is where everything goes wrong), she was already a rabid Devils fan and Rangers hater. She’s not as into it as she was a couple years ago (the virus and not going to games hasn’t helped), but she’s still all Devils. And yes, she has had at least one jersey at all times since before she was actually born.
  3. This conjured up images that somewhere in the United States, we’re housing a newborn baby army and giving them guns and uniforms.
  4. I’d rather my kid be a serial killer than a Flyers fan.
  5. And then he needs to test negative on days 3, 5, and 7 thereafter, correct? Meaning he'll be out a minimum of 7 days from whenever he tests negative. I wouldn't expect to see him until the second week of February, if in fact he did test positive which I think at this point we can assume he did.
  6. My daughter used to walk around the concourse and look at people wearing the opposing team’s jersey and say to them, in a little mini 1920’s gangster voice, “Ya team stinks. Hey you, ya team stinks”. I know where the sentiment came from, but why that was a 1920’s gangster accent moment, you’d have to ask the theater kid.
  7. I do agree regarding Daneyko, I know some people think it should be reserved for legendary type players, and he wasn’t that. But I have no problem with it at all. If the Ring of Honor is still a thing, Zajac is perfect for that.
  8. Nah, he’s not a number retirement candidate. He didn’t have that kind of career, nor was he there from the beginning like Daneyko was. I know some people say Daneyko’s number shouldn’t have been either, and that argument can be made.
  9. RECAP: He was actually kind of cool.
  10. I certainly was not, I appreciate your pointing that out. I guess he hasn’t been a liability yet, he’s just threatening to be a liability.
  11. I’m not 100% sure anyone ever said that.
  12. It’s a shame to, given their location favor perfect excuse to make some really cool patriotic looking jerseys. This one is a fail.
  13. Did not notice that live, excellent play by Travis. Going to be sad when he’s gone.
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