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  1. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I’d sign up for that.
  2. Right..,we could have drafted him, that would have been even less costly.
  3. February 24th Elias night

    “The first time I saw Ken Daneyko and Scott Stevens at training camp, I thought, These guys look like … actual vikings? They were freaking enormous.”
  4. February 24th Elias night

    Glad we went the way we did. Not that Charawouldnt have been a good addition, but choosing between the two, I’m good with Elias.
  5. It’s a better deal if he re-signs. If he doesn’t, we threw assets away.
  6. Bratt hasn’t played well in a long time, I wouldn’t want him getting first line minutes.
  7. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Sounds about right.
  8. This is kind of the exact type of move I didn’t want to see, unless Shero has a pretty good idea he can be re-signed. Not having to uproot himself and his family (if applicable) helps toward that I suppose. Of course, he could re-sign with them too, then the joke is on us. I’m not otherwise concerned about trading Rykov, you have to give something to get a 25 goal scorer. I don’t mind Grabner at all, but I’m not a fan of this move.
  9. February 24th Elias night

    And people bagged on Marty for playing 8 games with the Blues. Which is worse?
  10. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    I leave for 6 days on vacation and this is what you guys let them do in my absence??
  11. February 24th Elias night

    I didn’t say he couldn’t. I said who gives s sh!t if he comes or not? Aside from Patty himself, nobody has standing to be offended.
  12. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Of course. But the guy is having a great season, they aren’t very likely to trade him away for low value. At that point, he’s not a ”rental” anymore and I totally agree.
  13. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    Why would that be stupid? It’d actually be nice if Zach wanted to do that.
  14. February 24th Elias night

    Honestly, who gives a sh!t. We moved on from him, he moved on from us, and he has a job to do. Makes zero difference to me.