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  1. Hello, Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with a couple very old friends for a discussion and experimental podcast which focuses mostly on football and baseball. My friends are both Islander fans and while it hasn't been planned for, I have a feeling they will hit me up for a perspective on the Devils. I have been a fan since the late 80's, but over the last decade or so, I have not kept up with the team like I used to; unlike the majority of the people in this community. I am working on changing that. With that said, if anyone feels like illuminating me with their perspective of the team (strengths, weaknesses, long-term outlook) then I would appreciate it. Nothing major is needed, just some bullet points to guide my way would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your thoughts...
  2. STATE OF GRACE. Possibly a little long, but about Irish organized crime and undercover cops. Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright. If you haven't watched this and you like crime movies, then 1990 has a surprise for you.
  3. No. Let's all help to protect our own mental health by putting the mets down for awhile. No one needs this crap
  4. I was kidding...cmon. I just told you today that I want him off the team
  5. (I read all this sh*t. Made notes and a power point presentation too. Problem publishing that so I wouldn't look forward too it. Nice illustrations tho. Bridget Fonda at 25, yes) As to the "known" vs "unknown", I think it's fair to have to take into account the fact that at least the older fans here lived and rooted through the Brodeur era. BC of this, of course, real trust in a different goaltender will be difficult. Schmid had some great games, but he also looked stiff to me. IDK. We should all consider the context. The Devils definitely got outplayed, and did not put up a good front. These are not the guys tho... Yes, let's sign Taffoli and Meier and our forward group is sick. If our D matures, maybe we can do it without a goalie upgrade, but the goalie sitch would give me an upset stomach, and possibly the stress sh*ts.
  6. Okay, I've just looked at both CH's and VV's stats. CH better not cost too much.. I had no fact based perspective until about 9 minutes ago, so..
  7. I've been reading all of your comments since about 2013 or so....happy to join the debate.
  8. Yes, don't mortgage the future. Would really be nice to not rely on the same 2 though. And to think I used to get mad at Brodeur sometimes for flopping....lol
  9. F*ck VV's regular season. I've watched enough NJD success to have no patience for those that don't show up in the playoffs
  10. (I tried to quote 2ELIAS6, but to guess that didn't work) I'm learning. Scott Stevens is the best Devil of all time..
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