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  1. ESPN+ subscription and a VPN App, haven't missed a game this year except that one NBC one or whatever. $20 a month total. NO TV needed.
  2. DevilMinder

    Forum status.

    This last week has been a very disappointing situation for the overall health of NJDevs.com. I was dismayed to find out in the midst of moving that some members of the website decided to take crap posting to a new level. Some members revealed themselves to be quite racist and insensitive and some members egged these members on. As I said, I was directing movers, and packing frantically. I don't have time to babysit. Quite frankly, the New Jersey Devils as a product are at their best in years and look to hopefully make the playoffs...but some of you are still miserable and bringing the rest of us down. You will notice some popular people did not make the return with the website. I won't name names but suffice to say the three of them have either run off or controlled the topics on this site for too long. I tried to placate them, joked along with them to get them to settle down but they would just return and begin it all anew. The fourth member posted some unfortunate posts himself and will also not be back. If you are reading this and can't log in, you were probably banned, I don't owe you an explanation, you knew what you were doing. No, you won't be coming back, it's forever this time Its not us, it was you. To the rest of us, let's get back to enjoying the forum to talk about the Devils and Thank you to everyone that literally called or texted me to find out what happened. Thanks, DM
  3. Ahh okay guys, lets tone down the shit posting. Its getting to ridiculous levels again and I know posts will start getting reported and people crying soon.
  4. I don't really blame Hughes, the hockey talking heads always ask those dumb obvious questions, how many times can you say "Well, yes we want to play better the next period." before it gets old.
  5. Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah!
  6. Hah, how many Devils goalies have we said that for? Sucks that hes doing it against the near standing Rivals though. @%$^$@_)$(
  7. Mac's skillset is a veneer on a pile of shit, only takes one poke to see whats underneath.
  8. So many out of position players tonight. Holtz is not looking good, hes basically holding onto other players to catch up to them
  9. If all these guys work out and are NHL caliber it gives the Devils trade leverage too. Its amazing how things are lining up for us. (knocking on wood!)
  10. DevilMinder


    We hit the $20 mark this week, thanks to all who have been using it.
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