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  1. I thought he was a decent guy so far. Let's see how he does with a full camp
  2. This thread needs more pics of Pork roll sandwiches.
  3. Jeez, talk about bush league!
  4. I hope Bastian can build on the end of year flashes he had.
  5. Enjoy the week off Devsman, catch up on some work.
  6. All right guys stay on topic and let's get over the 5th grade antics. I moderated the posts, let's not progress to moderating users.
  7. I am sure between the two of them it wasn't worth getting assault charges over a large bar tab jeez. And the next article recommendation has Brooks breathlessly extolling his belief that Taylor halls contract negotiations begin at 13 million per year. Jeez.
  8. Makes you wonder if this new NHL TV deal really will be that lucrative for the teams.
  9. Same here, assumed we would get a 4 day weekend until monday, doh. Sigh.
  10. Well, we need a Rw and it is only one year. Expensive though.
  11. What is this TV deal that keeps popping up in comments? Something recent?
  12. P EFFIN K Subban! Holy crap!@!!!!! I had a long day at work and couldn't even celebrate. What a move by Shero, It is still taking me a bit to digest this news.
  13. The Devs just got a star, this draft is already amazing. Looking forward to seeing Hughes on the ice
  14. Oh boy, it must be entering dead air time with everyone jumping on each other. Like Sundstrom already said, Daniel is excitable, if you saw him during that draft day Schneider trade you would understand more. Daniel has taken over the thread but I don't see him personally threatening anyone or not debating overall. This isn't new people, it happens every year. Step back and take a deep breath until Friday/saturday.
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