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  1. Dangit butcher, that was a nice faceoff win too.
  2. Ty hasn't looked too hot so far in either game. Seems over matched
  3. I am kind of the same way mostly. But breaking news type things I like to get a quick headline type recap on them.
  4. Been meaning to ask this too. I've listened to the ones you listed and found each episode too long. I get most won't be professionally produced but they all have quirks.
  5. This already looks more entertaining than the Giants season.
  6. Awww, you guys can be NJDevs Official first couple
  7. I am inclined to agree, I just read through their site for a bit and almost every rumor was wrong, like their Gardiner destination teams. Lets put a pause on links from there for now until they get something right.
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