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  1. @Satans HockeyI've complained to the developer about this in the past, they don't seem to be too interested in developing that feature. I miss the old Super ignore we had that did do that.
  2. Are we really going to have to watch Schneider die in front of us again?
  3. Don't need to, bottom three has helped us already.
  4. Even if we don't get the tree lover, there is a couple good guys on the draft this year.
  5. What is our record versus these bastards anyway? Lets go...Pickles...!
  6. horrible defense, butcher looked like a pylon
  7. I feel like its a slaughter tonight, so preemptive
  8. what a weekend for Domingue! nice win Devs!
  9. Salvador just said Shero was fired right before the game.
  10. I agree, off balance. Guess we will see...
  11. Fitzgerald saying he's shocked and it's been a whirlwind few hours.
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