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  1. Its April? Damn, I thought it was the 45th on another dreary March day.
  2. I just got back from the store because I was running low on a lot of stuff. Its been two weeks since I went, they had a limit of 1 for almost everything so most stuff was in stock. I burned my clothes and set my car on fire once I got home of course.
  3. The accounts I have been reading all seem to have the same up and down pattern for the ones who get sicker. Hope you keep an eye on it, still no offer to test for COVID yet? In new Jersey trouble breathing is the main reason people are told to go to the ER.
  4. So glad to hear Jag! Whew. Hope your is feeling better soon too Fitz
  5. Wow Jag, praying for your family. I can't imagine that feeling. Keep us updated!
  6. Godspeed MB, hope you either beat the symptoms soon or get a test to validate continued self quarantine.
  7. some of the at risk staff were the first to get sent home where I work.
  8. How's everyone doing? Anyone know someone directly with Covid19? SO many cases in NJ I stopped paying attention to the new ones. Been working remote for 3 days and already seem some major downsides. Teleconference calls never work 100%, poor mikes, tech glitches etc. Nobody works 8-5 anymore, been fielding calls from 7 in the morning to 10PM now while people take care of kids etc. Gets tiring when you can't take a break!
  9. We got sent home to work remote for a minimum 3 weeks. Two weeks stopped being a choice when idiots kept going on like nothing was wrong.
  10. Good news that you are still working. I am hoping once we get these last few tele-medicine systems up our office goes remote also. It is wild driving into work with ~40% of the usual traffic volume.
  11. @mfitz804 Deleted, sorry for the delay, work is madness still.
  12. I don't know but I work in a medical facility, so it is probably allowed.
  13. CEO just sent an email that we are all going to be temperature checked for fever before being allowed into the facilities, in addition to questions of health.
  14. Someone mentioned on Twitter that the free agents are without contract as of 7/1. Unless they can figure out some way to bridge them to the end of playoffs.
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