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  1. Well, see you all in January. *logs off*
  2. DevilMinder


    The liquor store near me said he sold the last batch yesterday, damnit! Thanks for the new update
  3. DevilMinder


    Heady topper is one of my favorites. my cousins and friends always buy it for me when they see it in Vermont. I'll have to look and see where it's being distributed
  4. Yea, there is no way any sports or events are open to public until september at the earliest, I just saw Disney is closed until 2021.
  5. They would have to rework the whole schedule to remove non playoff teams from the competition too. Part of me would like to see the Devils on the ice if the league resumes, but part of me also says screw the injury chances after a layoff like that.
  6. Its been so long since I was in hockey world mode, was there any players who had season ending injuries but were on playoff bound teams that could be healthy by june?
  7. I guess the Devils won't be the only one with a * next to their cup win. Sounds like the NHL is really going to do the summer playoffs.
  8. Its April? Damn, I thought it was the 45th on another dreary March day.
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