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  1. I actually didn't mind Cangy, it could have been much worse. I hope they don't have a competition ugh. Someone needs to put on a the CEO suit and pick best talent available.
  2. They had the same length and hes been reading all day
  3. Please pick some good Asst, Coaches Ruff with brains and can adapt mid game!
  4. Yes they do. It's common especially in flame wars or poor comments and wording
  5. Guess we'll see, it has been a quiet month of no reported posts in I think forever.
  6. I would have bought these as 3rds in a heart beat
  7. Let's go Devils. The East is so strong this year, I don't know how much better our chances will be next season. It took a HUNDRED points to get into the post season, the Devils are going to need a few teams to fall off next year and get almost 20 more wins in the process.
  8. I didn't even turn the game on yesterday, sounds like I saved myself some grief reading the recaps. last handful of games coming up then we wait 6 more months to hope all over again.
  9. Not to pile on Dan O but he needs to stop sugar coating this turd of a special teams unit.
  10. Everyone was waiting for @NJDfan1711to make it. Let's go devils!
  11. Is Bastian their first ex player to return to the arena?
  12. A shame, all the old greats are fading away now.
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