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  1. If they pick a goalie 7th in a talented forward first round that would be the final nail in 2020 for me.
  2. I hated him as a player. Anyone have a coaching history accounting ofe him?
  3. From the developers:: Apologies for the inconvenience; this is a known issue in the beta app that will be resolved with 4.5.2, due out early next week. New betas of the mobile app have also been submitted to the app stores and users will need to upgrade to those to sign in too.
  4. I opened a ticket with the forum people, lets see what they say.
  5. The forums software makers have released apps for Android and Apple, see the links below and then search for NJDevs once you install it. Let me know how it goes! Congratulations! Your community has been accepted into our mobile app directory. You and your members can now use the app to browse, post and receive notifications.
  6. Anyone have current information on Blackwood? Is he training or playing right now. I feel like our season is going to hinge on him starting well.
  7. I am in again, need all the distractions I can get!
  8. Hey Dew, They are still there, the font is greyed out though. I will have to restyle the colors
  9. I agree it was overbearing, i switched it to a blurb under the first post. We will see if that's more useful...
  10. It was a major update, I think it broke some things. There's an app now too. Looking into it later
  11. He is going to be lucky to get a 2 year prove it deal at this rate.
  12. Let's not bring the current politics into one of the more entertaining threads this month.
  13. Are you fucking kidding me? fuck off 2020
  14. @CrisisNot sure of the personal legality of it, but I know half this forum gambles. lol
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