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  1. I know it's the evil we know but the soccer hooligans in UK and the brawls at 49ers games say it could be much worse.
  2. Well I hope the WIFI really is better, VZ has always sucked there!
  3. Bumping this to see if anyone has gone the MSG route yet? Impressions?
  4. After the Giants destruction on sunday I am tempering my expectations a little bit, ooof. Looking forward to a season where the goal is to make the playoffs.
  5. Is anyone actually using the service yet? I was curious how good the quality is. There doesn't seem to be a free trial. https://www.msgplus.tv/home
  6. I had the same feeling about the MSG price then I realized I was paying for ESPN plus and a VPN to watch the games. It comes out to around $20 for me anyway. Hopefully MSG has low latency, a pain watching and talking with people watching cable and they can be a minute ahead sometimes.
  7. @redruM Hey Red, did you reach out to these guys?
  8. Well their ticket reps are working the phones, been getting calls and emails to sign up for season packages for about 3 weeks now.
  9. Yea no kidding, well into Swiss chocolate drinks at this point.
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