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  1. Well that insight kills any rumors about conditioning stints
  2. I think at this point it's The only option. Hopefully he bounces back but at this point I don't think an entire team needs to suffer for his struggles.
  3. Crazy ending and what a laser from Palms!
  4. If the Devils get #1 overall again the league will melt down. Thanks for kickign this off Dreads
  5. Nah, I don't boo unless it's a ref. Haha.
  6. Man, another few hundred dollars to see a blown loss in person,so exciting. /S
  7. Hopefully blackwood tonight. Lgd
  8. Wait, you are allowed to keep leads!?
  9. Playing semi-devils advocate here, it must be a real wallop on Hall's pride/ego to go from our thunderous MVP chants in the arena to booing when the game play turns ugly. Hall is one of the most skilled players the Devils have ever had and for the fanbase to turn rabid on him during a contract year isn't the brightest idea as he is proving to have stubborn ideas. I also don't think he is handling this well and egging on the fans who paid good money to watch yet another lost lead won't sit well with even indifferent fans. The fans I thought did boo pretty quick on that original powerplay he complained about but good luck getting any sense of logic from the mob. Hall needs to put on his big boy pants and lead the Devils like the "A" on his shoulder suggests he is capable of doing and not acting out his frustration on the fan base. Demonizing Hall like he skated out to center ice and spat on the NJD logo is absurd at this point.
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