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  1. He seems like a good, fun guy off the ice, and for me (sorry SD) was an easy guy to root for, my friend got my his jersey last year, too. But both of these options make too much sense for the team to not at least have a hard thought about at the end of the season. The only thing I could see stopping them from the buyout and leaning towards the trade is Fitz & Co's thoughts on our progress this season. If we keep up this rate of success, they might think we're closer to where we want to be and might consider $7.6m in dead space a waste of an asset (actually this could be the case regar
  2. I got home late from work, turned the game on for the Palms GI, JVR ppg, Subban penalty, turned it off to do work stuff (since it never ends). then I miss both goals... good luck boys, not messing with the good ju-ju. Be my eyes and tell me how it goes!
  3. Him and Sarge need to be in the Ring of Honor, as do Doc and Lou. I hate that it started and stopped with Dr Mac. Interesting slip-up by Weekes. Granted he wrote "Lindsay" for Ruff, I too thought he might have accidentally spilled the beans on something.
  4. It makes zero sense to me how this man got work so fast for such an abysmal track record. His coaching style is non-existent, his system is abysmal and easily exploitable. Take away Hall's Hart, and start players continuously flounder and under-perform under clueless guidance of DBA. Poile has to be on the hot seat, especially after that hiring, cause he is pissing away the prime of guys like Josi and Foresberg.
  5. I think this is it. He looks way worse than he should, I don't think he was ready for the season cause a career doesn't just nose dive off a cliff for no reason over the course of a weird as hell off season. Talk about a possible career blunder, in terms of pending UFA status
  6. The name you’re thinking of is more than likely Peter Harrold. How the fvck that man QB’ed the PP in 2012 is way the hell beyond me. Sure it worked, but what the hell.
  7. I’ll take being correct on 2 outta 4. Score was a potential tie breaker lol
  8. I personally don't remember it, but I feel like I've read that USA used to air hockey back in the early 90s. As for the commentators, I think it'll stay the same, just move host channels. Complete guess though.
  9. Bounce back game, Wedge-wall in net, Jack back on the score sheet, Palms will find it, Goose with a pair as well. Devils 4-3
  10. I wasnt a huge fan of the sand colored ones (too much like the old USMC unis, rivalry and all), but really liked last year's verisions for sure.
  11. Maybe it was ordered from the online shop? definitely a size 52, fighting strap and all
  12. Torts is on the phone with customs now asking them to confiscate it. He knows it'll just slow him down, but the message will be sent.
  13. PLD and a third to Jets for Laine and Roslovic. Roslovic signs a 2 year deal, too.
  14. It'd be fitting since I just got his Military Night jersey as a gift for Christmas This is why I cant have nice jerseys....
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