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  1. but do either of the other two have a GWG in the shootout lol
  2. So apparently even though I clicked record with the extension, DirecTv said eff you, Jag and stopped recording before regulation even ended. Never saw Palms winning it in OT for us, but we did. With a few nights off, it’s Mac’s net to lose. Hynes would be dumb otherwise. Just freaking win...
  3. And of course I leave the house and get the notification Goose scores. A big “fvck you Jag” right there from the Devils
  4. Yep... figures. All the chances, don’t pot one.
  5. Jesus Wood, I know we don’t like KK that much but you don’t have to try and kill that one...
  6. Same atrocious rebound control by Kinkaid, no one there to freaking pounce of course
  7. Flashes of good breaks, but I feel Montreal is controlling the play so far...
  8. Is it just me or are those Suuubs and not boos....?
  9. Mac gets the call again tonight White and Boqvist Hynes'ed, Hayden in. Why bother calling White up if you're not going to play him? He cannot be any worse than Tennyson...
  10. Yeah it definitely was Mac that said it. The second the distraction was over, they finally gelled as a team and moved forward together. Just outta curiosity, why not Caulfield to play with Jack again once he’s ready?
  11. Forgot to make it after we won, I’m so used to being a jinx! Expecting our old friend, the emoji d-bag versus the soulless wonder (cause Hynes will claim Mac needs rest after the effort last night) Begging to see White in for Tennyson but since we won, he’ll be Hynes’ed to the press box. Just freaking win.
  12. Give him the net in Montreal tomorrow.... please... That’s how you bounce back from your team screwing you last one
  13. Rust should have went to his left with the pass. And PK had no luck there, that should have been clear, easily
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