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  1. Agreed. Especially with multiple on Ottawa and at least one on the Avs already popping, no need to risk it. Hope your family is still symptom free!
  2. NOT A POLITICAL POST: President Trump is having a telecon with all commissioners of the major sports at noon Eastern. I honestly wonder if he’s going to ask the feasibility of playing in empty arenas/stadiums to give people something to do while at home.
  3. Any passage through a major travel hub drives an immediate 14 day quarantine for my squadron right now. Needless to say we are not authorized to travel far at all anymore.
  4. Was watching part of the Ayres game on NHL Network and they had in the scroll “KHL announces season cancelled” and whatnot. But, in their infinite wisdom, it has the NHL logo on the left side. 100% where you were confused cause I had to rewind to be sure too.
  5. Kiefer also had that interview during the first period of Game 7 when he was trying to be political and say “i hope they give us a good game”
  6. I haven’t the foggiest idea how she got picked, but did not care for it.
  7. 03 cup and DVD were on earlier on NHL Network. Not gonna lie, though, wasn’t a fan of the DVD, whoopie was bad choice to narrate.
  8. If he’s not 100% yet, he’s damn close to it, minus some crazy mood swings from the last bit of meds he’s on. awesome you guys are back to the healthy side. How about you, @MB3?
  9. I blame an unidentified symptom of COVID on that. Speaking of, hows the recovery going?
  10. Alright so since we’re all on lockdown, my brain got to wondering... if the league decides to axe the season, how the hell do conditional picks work? None of us have the answers but why not speculate? Idea: points percentage to decide final position. Pro: teams are ranked based solely on how they performed, pints taken out of the equation. Con: teams who should have made the playoffs but don’t actually get to compete for the cup will be upset their assets they acquired/gave up will not have been worth it. there will be no clean solution to this as teams/fans will absolutely be pissed off of a cup isn’t awarded
  11. And they boosted Zacha’s stats to be 99 overall. Clearly he is our most important player that we build around, according to the “sim”
  12. Oh they’re cute, most of the time, but when they throw their tantrums, even at a year and 7 months, it’s awful. Haha. I think my alcohol tolerance has increased in the past few months once they became mobile honestly, the hardest hardest part is when I get sent away for a few days/weeks at a time and the wife has to do this solo. Too few people understand what she has to do in order to just take them anywhere and forget that a lot of the time, it’s a hell of a lot easier to just come to our house than have them host.
  13. Still has his little smokers cough, but otherwise is back to his old self, thankfully. His brother was thrilled to have him home. So much so he was jumping in his crib that night yelling in twinspeak to him. how are you and the fam?
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