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  1. Please say sike… like if two of you are saying it’s him, I guess I now hate him. I swear the guy was too tall to be him….
  2. The person looked awfully tall to be the toothless kid…
  3. Thank god, I put on the third period but worried if I admitted I did, they woulda blown it. Weak slash on Almost, Sevs deserved his call though. Also, if any of you are the glass banging idiot in the shoots twice end that was wearing the retro jersey, grey hat, stupid hair, looking exactly like what Hollywood would guess a hockey fan looks like from the metro area, we are now sworn enemies and I hate you.
  4. Thank you YankeeNets for introducing variable pricing to try and snag more money out of the public for higher demand games, dicks
  5. Only took another 4 freaking days. LFGD! (also, if anyone goes tonight and they have a commemorative or sticker or something to that nature, and is willing to snag one for me, I’ll pay for the cost, plus shipping, plus one beer/beverage of choice for your troubles)
  6. Nah you’re thinking of everyone’s first goal. We’re the Make a Wish for first timers.
  7. In the globe article, his dad is very open about his personal addictions and how he only started seeing changes in Jimmy recently (within the last year or so), which is the only reason I’m saying what I did. But you’re right, we’ll never really know his habits
  8. What hurts is that he was hooked on pain killers, was getting help, and then dabbled into coke, which of course some fvckhead cut with fentanyl and killed him. he was getting the freaking help, experimented and ultimately the experiment killed him. I know it was his choice, if course, but the fact it’s so common nowadays that people are pacing so many drugs with fentanyl to keep people hooked makes me so freaking angry.
  9. Didn’t see a second of the game, TheScore updates didn’t even tell me Johnsson scored, I have so many mixed emotions about missing it. Fcking work… … I’m kidding, I’m so damn happy we won.
  10. That’s it, that’s the GDT starting post. JUST. WIN. LFGD!!!
  11. It was a 6 man team, called Red Stripe HC, we were a joke
  12. I don’t think it’s the same system as 2012 but holy sh!t those pregame playoff hype videos were so damn sick He got hit by a car, couldn’t play cause of a torn ACL/MCL so he wore a suit
  13. My college roller hockey team did that…. But we knew we were a joke and had all but one person get an A, even the goalie
  14. I'd buy this jersey, I really think we need the red to be prominent
  15. Kings bringing back the Chevy logo. Concept looks great... if it wasnt for those weird hula-hoop things at the bottom. /s
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