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  1. Anyone have a stream for the game? I know @NJDevils1214 had one last game
  2. Did we have any other building before the Rock I’m forgetting about ? But yeah, it was going on at CAA, but towards the ass end of our residency there.
  3. Flip the names but yeah. but the worst, THE ABSOLUTE WORST, was when they tried to use the that Bon Jovi song. Cause, if I’m not mistaken, we tried to use the same one as the Patriots, only the wrong part so it had zero flow and was just dropped like a atom bomb on the fan base.
  4. Now that I think of it, you’re 100% right. This summer I was in Cleveland and Atlanta for baseball games and their food was significantly better. Hell, even the goddamn Montgomery Biscuits had better food choices than we do, and they’re a AA baseball team
  5. I remember the Redskins’ fans doing it against the Eagles and then a few games later it was happening at the Rock.
  6. Carlo also signs with the B’s, 2 years, aav $2.85 8 RFAs remain
  7. I think you suck didn’t become a “real thing” until the year before we moved. It absolutely, 100% was not a thing during the ‘03 cup run. I used to not mind it, but now I think it’s really dumb, mainly cause it’s almost the only thing our fans will chant. I’m hoping they’ll chant more now that we should be significantly better (how about “let’s go devils” for more than three times in a chant?). Like if fans would be into the game the entire way, I honestly don’t think it’d bother me as much, but when it’s the only thing that gets you involved, then I feel it’s a problem. But for fvcks sake, let go of R&Rpt2 already but I digress... if Gusev-Hughes can do that into the regular season, I’m going to look like Randy Marsh after he got on the internet for the first time in weeks.
  8. New bag policy does not include essential bags such as diaper bags, they recommend you contact them the day prior but if not they’ll search it day of. Huge for me if I can make it to a game this year
  9. And I find the fact it’s the scoreboard repeated to our broadcast is kinda fun
  10. Wait is Matt right, the NHL now only counts regulation wins in the tie breaker scenario? Then why have overtime at all, cause now it’s is worth the same as shootouts in tiebreakers?
  11. Travis Zajac: 48 (+) Mackenzie Blackwood: 44 Nico Hischier : 45 Jack Hughes: 45 Taylor Hall : 34 Kyle Palmieri : 10 (-1) P. K. Subban : 8 ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick Wayne Simmonds Andy Greene Sami Vatanen Cory Schneider Will Butcher Pavel Zacha Nikita Gusev Damon Severson Jesper Boqvist Blake Coleman Ty Smith Jesper Bratt
  12. Just like with the Hall situation, I'm ready for this crap to be over, too. Too many people using Marner as the RFA drain plug and all the "he's the first domino" is just annoying at this point. As will all the "will he/won't he?" questions that will follow the team/Hall, from a fan perspective.
  13. White’s was a windshield, too back in the day
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