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  1. jagknife

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Chytil had a big collision with Rask in their game. Chytil best 3 Bruins to get the goal, but as he scored and jumped to avoid Rask, Charlie McAvoy collides with him and sends him high into Rask. Rask left the game hurt, but you could tell Chytil wasn’t pulling a Kreider and legit was concerned.
  2. jagknife

    GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM MSG+, MSG+2

  3. So I’m 0-4 with GDT this season... want me to keep going until we win...?
  4. jagknife

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Don’t forget about the bye week and all star break.... maybe we’ll get lucky and one of the backup starters we have will be traded for Big Mac... shut up I can dream can’t I?!
  5. jagknife

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Well sh!t, thanks for not telling me to google it haha
  6. jagknife

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Kings are down a touchdown in the second period to the Avs. Has a team ever fired two coaches during the season before?
  7. I love Chico cause he’s a realist and honest, I despise Dano cause he’s a puppet. And the ducks are gonna luck out like the Flyers last year, aren’t they?
  8. If you wanna try to silver line this one: 1) we didn’t score on our selves, let alone 3 times 2) The Ducks just took over the 1st wild card in the west
  9. I get putting a positive spin on everything cause you’re loyal to an organization, but Jesus Christ he’s just proving he’s a goddamn puppet at this point. Keep guzzling the kool aid, Dano.
  10. Good coaches adjust their system to meet the abilities of their players. No one on this staff has done that. Square pegs, round holes, blah blah fvcking blah
  11. From what I can tell, they got the penalty but didn’t lose the time out. Ducks broadcasters said the same
  12. What a shot by Bratt i thought for sure he’d pass
  13. Add Nasradine to that list too. I don’t care that he’s BFFs with Hynes, grow a goddam pair of balls, tell him his sh!t system is a failure and hand him a pink slip already. Oh please tell me what verbal diarrhea I’m missing from the excuse train
  14. Not like the game isn’t over, but if they don’t get one on this PP, hit the exits folks Oh I know, I just love to vent and pile on our sh!t defense when given the chance
  15. A coach that has a goddamn clue instead of picking his nose and resting on his laurels would be a good start. (Nasradine)

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