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  1. As for the team: I’m glad they won this one. The Devils under the end of DBA would have folded and lost that game especially after the two shortys. They battled, even with post after damn post, tied it, then won it in the gimmick. the young guys need to learn how to win games like that and last night thankfully they did. Bring on DBA’s Preds.
  2. I can tell you that the plane I fly on has a GCAS (Ground collision avoidance system) that is literally only good for rapid terrain changes or will ping when the ground is closer than what you set it to; and a low power color radar that doesn’t actually show color and we rely on the flashlight effect to know if we’re going to clear terrain.
  3. just gonna go ahead and leave this here. As if I didn’t foresee this bald headed idiot doing this the day Nashville made the season-killing mistake of thinking he was an upgrade.
  4. Severson misses the net, badly. Dano, “Oh boy, the goalie saved the day there, Cangi!” he is so damn dumb.
  5. Not a pilot, but I stop them from making stupid decisions and I get to do cooler things while they drive the bus
  6. I know... the 217/202v3 is pretty much half of my job. But I get what you’re saying. Shouldn’t speculate until something is founded.
  7. Thankfully, if you can call it that, only one of his daughters were on the flight. Not all 4 as was originally reported.
  8. In non-hockey news: Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash photos from outside scene Look like it was bad weather. Sadly I think it was pilot error, along the vein of “probably shouldn’t have taken off.”
  9. No hat trick for Nico and Metro is out. Well now he can rest up for the second half of the season
  10. Nico with a pair now. Konecny with the nice feed on the back end of the give and go. also, doc just said Nico will enter into the military this summer to complete his Mandatory basic training. Said he didn’t want to wait until he’s older.
  11. Nico with the equalizer midway in the first half. Helped the metro overcome the usual Holtby 2 gift goals
  12. I got tossed from a game at Rye Playland cause at the last second when I went to hit a kid behind the net, he showed his numbers. So as I tried to ride with him into the hit, instead of arms extended, he flopped And folded like a plastic duck doll. I thought I was getting two for charging, sat in the box, then the Westchester (NY) ref came over, gave me a rash of sh!t, I said “you’re joking right?” And tossed me, then my coach, then my captain. It was a wild night
  13. Zajac under a new deal more befitting his age and bottom 6 role will not be an issue for this team. Love the guy and I hope he takes Dano’s record down with ease. He’s earned it.
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