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  1. Gotta push hard to erase the Shattenkirk failure and really plug the Trouba doing well.
  2. Benn looks scared to shoot, its unreal. That wide open look last night on that 2-on-1 and he forced an awful pass to Radulov that got picked off. And where the hell is Seguin? I've seen him out there a few times, but is so invisible.
  3. To me the message the higher ups sent was that aside from the players, the only person on the staff NOT responsible for sh!tty play is Nas. It’s short sighted but it’s not hard to think that considering, again, he was literally the only one to keep their job. If he replaces Ruff at some point and gets a second chance with this team, I’ll lose my mind. He doesn’t have the coaching clout of Lemaire or hell even Lou for that matter (which in the latter case wasn’t saying much, obviously.) But enough beating DBA 2.0, 9 days to the draft.
  4. I think I’m still in a state of disbelief that at some point during this offseason, someone literally sat down, looked at our past few years under the guidance of the clueless clown and said, “yeah, I definitely like where our defense is heading.”
  5. If we had a different coach running the defense, I'd cut him more slack, but since Ruff (or whomever) decided to keep French DBA, I'm pessimistic about how the defense will perform this season, barring upgrades. We know what we're getting with Nas so it's not entirely unrealistic to think if we don't add outside help, our defense will look very similar to last year, which is unfortunate considering we have almost an entire new staff, almost. I will say, though that there is a chance we see some growth out of those who stagnated under DBA as a whole, but with Nas leading that corps, I don'
  6. Apparently Elliotte Friedman is hearing from multiple teams they wouldn’t be shocked for us to pick Askarov at 7... can we just draft already...
  7. "Alex? Tom Fitzgerald. How'd you like to make an insane amount of money for three years and come to Jersey. Its better than St. Louis and if you suck, no one will care."
  8. Sooooo 1 year, show me deal, for good ole NJ native Bobby Ryan....? Could absolutely be no worse than Simmonds was...
  9. Well folks, just in time for the Final to kick off, I got power back! And if it wasn’t for there literally being no wind at all last night, it wouldn’t have been THAT bad
  10. I’ll hate this team if that Russian douche comes back to it. Yet another Tweet by Devils’ Insiders that make you wonder if they even know hockey. EDIT: reading the thread of that tweet, they’re trying to play it off as a joke. Highly doubt it, they loved Kovy.
  11. Off topic but update as promised. Eye-wall is supposed to be close, if not right over us. Ran is absolutely pouring with allegedly a foot today. Flooding by us isn’t bad and we’ve had at least one high tide but again, we’re inland a couple miles. Bug out bags packed and car ready to move but the whopping 27 feet of elevation should be enough for us to be able to stay put EDIT: compared to Sandy, this moving so damn slow is scary cause of the rain. Sandy was just such an evil bitch when she hit us all
  12. Thanks as always guys. Threw up the fabric shields at about 430, should be far enough inland to be fine but I’ll absolutely keep everyone posted. If it hits a CAT 3, we’ll be on the move north. Otherwise standing pat.
  13. Welp I’d be cooked, obviously. also, oh hello there Hurricane Sally... go bags are ready
  14. My thoughts on Nas are well documented here so lets just say I agree with you. White apparently was a huge part of keeping Gomez well out of trouble during that 2000 season. He told the story on Chiclets and again on Cam and Strick about getting tossed out of a bar by some bouncer and Whitey saving the day
  15. Yeah, Whit was also saying a few months ago Elias should be in, eventually. Echoing a lot of what we tend to say here, that he should be but if guys like Lowe and Wilson are in, there's no excuse for him and Mogilny not to be.
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