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  1. So is anyone else okay with offering Kadri 4x$5 or something to get a grit forward who isn’t afraid to actually go toe to toe if need be?
  2. Holy sh!t, that last save made this age like a gallon of milk left outside in a black car in an Iraqi sun
  3. Canes just need Tuesday. If they win that one, its over. Get the first goal and the trap will mean nothing * rag trap, obviously
  4. Trap working wonders for the sh!tbags excuse me “great defensive hockey that the Devils totally didn’t perfect”
  5. “Uhhh ya think…” - Sidney Crosby
  6. Its like she's trying to emulate Jack Edwards but cannot for the life of her figure out her own shtick: during PBP she would almost whisper to try and create drama during a power play, during interviews its like shes TRYING to be over the top and acting "edgy" with her questions. Its like she was never told to just let the game build its own drama, you don't need to manifest it out of nowhere
  7. That would be an insanely massive win for the Devils. I haven't listened to his podcast in a while but even that was pretty good
  8. On the second goal, yes. ESPN has been pretty bad all playoffs though. TNT has been crushing them across the board, IMO Also, TNT doesn’t have Leah Hextall.
  9. Holy sh!t, Smith… is there not a viable EBUG for Edmonton….?
  10. Sooooo Mike Smith is, at best, a good regular season goalie?
  11. Rangers look absolutely as shocked as Ray Ferraro sounds: how can a team get gifted this much consistently, be losing 2-0
  12. Somewhere, the Dying Chia Pet is watching this game, chowing on a bucket of KFC, swearing if the Devils power play were any good and listened to him, they’d be playing in this game cause of his Slingshot approach.
  13. Ha! Puck don’t lie! eat a bag of manure, sh!t STORK!
  14. Someone should check that clown for hemophilia for how easily his nose bled after that “high stick” fvck the rangers
  15. Is that the normal Utica announcer? I have absolutely no idea, sorry
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