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  1. The way they set that poll up is so horrendously stupid
  2. I really liked him when he played here. He was the big body in front we all prayed Boyle would suddenly become. Additionally, I think the fact he came around the same time as Grabs and was pretty much polar opposite success story as Grabs magnifies a lot of emotions.
  3. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Lord knows she could use a better D
  4. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    So when we draft Hughes, we have to force Greene to retire so he can wear 6, right?
  5. Based on the last year plus from him, I’d gladly take Eberle. Still would love another top 6 guy to go with, with the number of picks Shero has, it’s hard to imagine we won’t use them to get better now.
  6. jagknife


    Shows how tired I was that night lol See above lol
  7. jagknife


    I had taken my last final the morning of the game, I was 15. I missed hearing Game 5's Hull OT winner cause I got out of bed to take a leak as I was already sneaking to stay up for that one.
  8. jagknife


    Keep in mind, I cant get the videos to play on the computer I am currently on, here's a follow up question... Who was the Devil who went hard into the boards right before Even Flow began playing?
  9. Hearing the story from the guy who organized the party for them to go to on Spittin Chiclets was very entertaining. I'm watching the game tomorrow with fans of the following teams: Caps, Blues (x2), Stars, Jets, Wings, Bruins and the future Seattle franchise. Its nice to have hockey fans out here!
  10. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    People remember me! I swear I read a tweet that Hynes said the language barrier between him and Yak was a problem, and I stick by that today haha
  11. Pasta puts the Bs up in the 2nd!
  12. ::raises hand:: i’ll admit I thought he was going to be something great for us...
  13. And the refs could literally do the thing they’re paid to do and watch the play. Yes, the Blues should have gotten a 5th but for the Sharks to just happen to be blessed with another miracle is absolutely pathetic at this point 18, but close
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