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  1. Several teams tried to acquire Ullmark at the deadline, we all know he used his no-trade rights. I don’t blame him during the season, we had no chance of making it while Boston was cruising at the time
  2. Alright guys, who flushed the blue bleach? It was supposed to sit for a couple house… it didn’t even make it 60 minutes…
  4. The stork with another blocker punch to the back of a defenseless players head, but it’s okay cause there were 2 other rangers on top of him…
  5. jagknife

    It’s Keefe

    I will absolutely admit that those thoughts all crossed my mind at some point before today.
  6. Even their potvin sucks whistles are sleeping like McDonough
  7. “Bobrovsky didn’t even react to it” - 🗿 uhhh he had his leg in position and the shot went wide of it and his glove, which, magically, moved… weird
  8. Its been a competitive game at least, just feels really boring since Sean McDonough sucks at play by play. The dude hates hockey, couldn't be bothered to inject any type of suspense and hype into the game. If you weren't watching, you'd have no clue there were multiple end-to-end rushes. It sounded like he was filling time between news segments. fvcking pathetic announcing
  9. Oh good, Mcdonaugh is on the call for ESPN… and the video is 5-10 seconds ahead of the audio…
  10. jagknife

    It’s Keefe

    He won’t have Marner and Tavares to use as scapegoats for the Toronto media… wait… he just needs to know reporters favorite things and let two have friendly banter with one another. i like the hire. Hasn’t missed the playoffs as a coach, for us, that’s a huge start, then figure out winning. i think our core is overall better than the regular season phenom core 4
  11. I'll be fine with that, I wish Suter wouldn't since he was the reason behind the 2012 collusion during our run to the finals, but Oettinger getting one would be sweet cause #merica.
  12. The future coach better be watching this abysmal Vancouver power play: it’s a case study why the slingshot bullsh!t with two guys back is horrendously stupid and doesn’t work
  13. Also, don’t forget once the Leafs started to choke, Biz made fun of Chief on the TNT intermission and said he’d break him to Toronto if he’s not careful. I’m sure it was mostly joking but you know there was absolutely some truth to it especially with Berube’s reaction
  14. Yeah seriously, it was awful enough in 2014. Each ECF for them has been vomit inducing from stress.
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