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  1. Building on this. If we were to do this and take his $6m for 2 i’d Rather just suffer with the hit for the two years than suffer with half for 4. Granted we have at least a few raises to pay out, the $6m wouldn’t kill us
  2. He told them he didn't want to stay in plenty of time to be traded and recoup some of their losses. He didn't pull a Tavares, Parise, etc.
  3. Agreed, he took significantly less than what experts were expecting. He's a fan favorite and didn't pull the disgruntled, "I hate it here" card and stop playing even for the trash Senators.
  4. Someone with eagle eyes caught that Shero has a Taylor Hall file on his desk... interesting. Oh and awesome for Jack to be fully on board now
  5. Exactly. I saw earn the B and thought Binghamton and it made zero sense why you would try to motivate them by saying earn Binghamton
  6. Rookies were wearing them this week. It ended up meaning “Earn the Brotherhood” EDIT: Them being shirts.
  7. I’m not gonna lie though, I think this “Earn the B” campaign for rookie camp is atrocious, though
  8. We have a saying at my job, “Manchester”, where if someone calls it on you, no matter how outlandish the statement is, you have to do the action you said you would, otherwise you get kicked in the junk. You both are so close to qualifying... haha
  9. $1 million, that’s it.
  10. Steve Simmons was the one who said Rogers sports was cutting ties with Cherry in an apparently baseless article.
  11. Steve Simmons being a complete douche bag and wrong? Weird!
  12. But by you guys posting here, I don’t have to click his sh!tty article and get him traffic, so victories!
  13. One more solid move will make me feel a lot better about playoff aspirations.
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