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  1. Not just you, but a lot of people are insinuating him betting on his team implied throwing games. Dude coulda just bet on himself during a point streak, still illegal/sketch nonetheless
  2. These back and forth salvos in the Kane v Kane saga are something… Regardless of the individual, what she is saying seems to line up almost perfectly with what his history has essentially become public knowledge. We know he’s a gambler, an addict and “bankrupt” so the addition of the getaways makes sense.
  3. I mean if he wants to play in a urinal, I can piss in a jar and request the equipment guy dump it on a rug by his stall at the Rock to give him the same odor
  4. Whining by me aside, I believe in you Fitz… get it done
  5. oh my god, come the hell on…
  6. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Katie Strang's article that blew the lid off the Chicago scandal? And the NHL refused to comment?
  7. There is also the small loud circles screaming about how the NHL is stepping in over gambling but didn't do anything about the Blackhawks, and then of course the racial ties are being thrown onto it as well. As if being a piece of sh!t is exclusive the color of one's skin. For that crowd, I'd like to point out the IMMEDIATE backlash of the Habs' pick at the draft.
  8. A little feel-good story emerging from what could have been an incredible tragedy: So late Thursday, we got word that a contract pilot we fly with had an accident when his personal plane crashed near a school not too far from where I live, but we didn't get much of anything information wise other than his wife and kid were on board and all were hospitalized with non-fatal injuries. Friday we found out whom and the extent of the injures, mainly from his sister-in-law posting updates, and it was looking dire. Then this report came out about the accident: https://www.pnj.com/story/news/crime/2021/07/30/pensacola-plane-crash-pilot-tried-land-school-track-blue-angels-elementary/5428871001/ Then this morning, there was another update that the son is home from the hospital, the wife's recovering well from her surgeries and that Phil's going to have surgery later this week but is in good spirits. Dude's a freaking even hero on top of being a multiple deployment combat vet.
  9. Kane has released his own statements regarding his ex wife’s comments. I have a very hard time believing a guy who can’t stay out of his own way is so pious and moral and his ex is the only problem. Sorry, Evander, but you haven’t proven you can’t step on your own d-ck less than once a year. Benefit of the doubt is gone. EDIT: proven, not progeny, what the hell iPhone...
  10. I feel like we were all just talking about Kane’s gambling problem when he declared bankruptcy. This dude needs to be forced into a program, enough pussyfooting around about it or he will become a statistic. I feel like when people shrugged off the money phone image as “oh he’s just a kid” they were ignoring glaring warning signs. Then again when he was doing push-ups with stacks in his back, again in Vegas.
  11. I'm not gonna delete my comment, but I'm not gonna open Pandora's box and simultaneously kick the fire ant nest...
  12. Yeah... I definitely risked it there All I'm getting at is the FDA isn't the make-or-break, regardless of what side you stand on, if you even pick sides. I'm with Jack on this one, mainly cause its the Sabres. The surgery worked for whatever MMA fighter to return to the octagon. I'd argue the punishment they endure in one match/training is comparable.
  13. Re bolded: the FDA hasn’t approved a lot of things going on right now, just saying
  14. I know Richards had a bad hit on Savard, but wasn't it Cooke who effectively ended his career, too?
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