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  1. We're deep on potential. Yeah, it isn't guaranteed to translate into victories or even results, but its a hell of a lot better than trotting out the trash we did last decade. There is hope. Dare I say even potential to move that hope for proven assets?
  2. Drinking and thinking of ways to “weaponize our cap space” for the 3rd year running. Stop me if I’m wrong, but don’t the GMs make those calls? Not that your point isn’t valid or anything.
  3. Over half a game left and the Rangers are -8000 favorites. Holy freaking sh!t.
  4. If you want to give young guys a shot, fine, I’ll take their mistakes. But not from Matt “I suck, I’m 30, and I got cut from Buffalo” Tennyson. I loathe him as much as the man who loves him, nASS
  5. Seriously, send Tennyson back to the ECHL then to Siberia, cannot stand that less-than-plug.
  6. I’d take either one of us in the lineup over Tennyson. That nASS 2.0 clown needs to go
  7. Wait, the defender tied up the guy in front? Based on the way our guys play I figured that was illegal or something...
  8. Holy sh!t, a defender actually played the one timer... I might wet myself from excitement there...
  9. I was okay with a trip over Niagara Falls in a poorly made barrel back in February. Lindy ignored me.
  10. At this point, we need to bring players in who have experience winning. @Colorado Rockies 1976said it in another thread, at least I think it was him, that we have to overpay, even if it seems dumb, we need guys that know what winning is. also a player with a pair of balls and willing to fight that isn’t McLeod. Not that there’s anything wrong with him or Bastian, just need another.
  11. I could probably get them a spot on the special needs team I help out with as players, well nASS at least.
  12. He’s missed do many chances to remove either one and make it look like an accident, you almost have to wonder if he enjoys the pain. masochistic sick son of a ....
  13. Didn’t he get hurt to start the year against us? That game in the garden where we looked like a changed team. When us fans still had hopes and dreams
  14. Not gonna lie, so freaking glad I’m using NHL.tV now. Sure I miss some of the old MSG commercials for nostalgia, and sure some are also atrociously repetitive, but the bad ones are avoidable.
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