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  1. Yeah, I don't know how you miss that, or interpret it as anything else lol.
  2. Reading through the thread, I saw him say: "The story is really hard to believe." as well as: I'm hoping for sake of humanity she was making some of that stuff up. That to me sounds about as someone questioning something as I've ever seen.
  3. A few years ago I became an Aflac agent, trying to see if I liked something different and potentially more lucrative and with flexibility/freedom. I made two sales over the course of a month or two of trying, but ultimately stopped because I couldn't juggle prospecting and all the other work involved while still doing my regular job, and it was also just not for me, but I am glad I tried it. A 100% commission job just isn't for me, but I respect those who do it. You have to have immense drive and determination, and thick skin so that the rejection doesn't get to you.
  4. That looks great. Neutral but stylish. I dig it
  5. That's cool. When I was a kid, interestingly enough, I considered being either an architect, or a lawyer lol. Ended up in IT, and I'm a Director for a mental health company. Don't necessarily love what I do, but I make a good living and although it's stressful and busy and I think I'm underpaid, I could be doing something way worse, so I consider myself fortunate. Have you ever considered commercial design?
  6. This is a cool thread idea. How do you make your ribs? My father gave me his gas smoker a year or two ago because he moved to the mountains and can't have it (it attracts bears). I've used it a few times and gotten pretty good. I mix it up between applewood chips, hickory, and pecan - they're all tasty. The ribs themselves I usually baste with my own fairly simple dry rub - brown sugar, salt and pepper, paprika, garlic power, onion power, and anything else I'm feeling. A buddy of mine puts a tiny bit of mustard on it, which he says is what gives it that charcoal crisp/burnt texture on the outside, similar to what you'd see at a true BBQ joint, but I've never personally done it. For cooking times, I usually wrap them in foil for 2 hours, take them out and unwrap them, put them back in for another two, take them out again and baste them with BBQ sauce, then put them back in for another 2+. In totally I usually cook them for anywhere between 6-8 hours, and I just judge it by how they're looking. Temp is usually set between 200 and 225. Pics of the house? Or at least just the color you chose? My father bought this thinfg, I think it's called Blackstone, that was like $100 or maybe $200 at most, and he swears by it. It's a flat top grill that is really versatile - great for grilling, searing, even breakfast items, with very little mess. It's real similar to what you would see at a hibachi place, where when you're done you just push the grease or mess into a hole which goes into a tray, then re-oil the top so it doesn't rust or stick, and you're good to go the next time you wanna cook. It's also really lightweight and portable, and comes with some sweet compartments and hooks to store things. I just assumed that was the norm around most areas these days, but maybe I forget that I live in FL with a pretty nice climate most of the year. Down here there are tons of places with outdoor seating and people bring their dogs everywhere. The only thing that bothers me is when people bring their dogs into a store, like the supermarket (assuming of course it's not a guide or service dog, which that is totally different). I just don't want your smelly panting animal walking up and down the aisle with me unless you absolutely need him to live/function. Same here. If I happen to see a trailer for a movie that I don't know about it might make me interested in seeing the movie itself, but on the flip side if I hear about a movie and think I might want to see it, I'm definitely not going to seek out the trailer because I don't want it to ruin any of the movie for me. I like to be surprised and enjoy some suspense.
  7. Evidently Tyler Johnson traded to the Blackhawks along with a 2nd round pick in exchange for the Brent Seabrook contract. I have no idea how that helps the Lightning. They don't lose much salary at all, and they give up a pretty decent pick. Losing Gourde, Coleman, Goodrow and Johnson is really going to eat into their depth.
  8. $20 to this site if Stillman has fewer points than Bastian at the 48 game mark of his career. $10 if he eclipses it.
  9. Even more impressive. Honestly the interview he gave sounded like a 10-year veteran in the league, not a kid who isn't even technically an adult yet. Amazing, and I'm ecstatic to have him on the team. Haven't been this excited about a draft pick in a while.
  10. Oh. Well if that's the case, frankly I still feel the same way about it. If he's suggesting that we keep a guy like Bastian who isa "proven" 4th liner (lol, what?), in lieu of drafting a guy who may (or may not be) as good as a 4th liner...then I just don't know what to say. That's like, ultra conservative. How on Earth would you honestly expect to get any better as a team if that's your barometer/standard?
  11. How are you comparing drafting Hughes as a "role player", to losing Bastian in the expansion draft? They're literally two separate things that have nothing to do with each other. Not to mention the fact that... you're really that upset about losing Bastian? I liked him as a nice big body and grinder on the fourth line, but the fact is the dude is a fringe NHL player, at least for now. The only reason he saw so much ice time is because our team lacked depth and true starting talent. On any other team the guy will be struggling to make the lineup and could very well be finding himself back in the AHL before long.
  12. That 3:13 mark is funny. So happy for them and glad to see Jack is pumped. That's nothing but a good thing for them and the team. Also, Luke sounds smart as hell. For an 18yr old, the things he just described and how he painted himself as a hockey player....super aware and mature. All due respect to the great number 27, but this guy could very well be the next Scotty Nieds.
  13. I'm okay with this pick. I always liked Cory Stillman as a player - he was a great center and a good two-way forward. Insanely awesome at faceoff's and a pretty good penalty killer too. If his son is anything close to that, this should be a nice pick
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