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  1. Someone who cares enough to be vocal and speaks their mind? Works for me.
  2. No idea how Cangi can refer to Hynes as an 'excellent' coach. The stats and data just don't back it up.
  3. No, it's like when the Coyotes have a better record than the Red Wings this season, but you'd still say that over the past 5-10 years, overall the Wings have been the better team. The Coyotes would get a higher grade this year, but looking at their entire body of work, I don't think anyone would say they've been better.
  4. If that's the case, then he's pretty stupid, or just doesn't want/value Hall very much, or both.
  5. I was one of the ones on record a month or two ago saying that I thought a deal would have been done by now, and since it hasn't it seems less and less likely that it will, but if it actually did it wouldn't nearly be the biggest shock of my life as a hockey fan, for the reasons some of us have been discussing.
  6. My grades took into account a lot of expectations at the start of the season. And I should clarify/edit my post - I meant to say that I don't think Zacha IS better than Nico, but that I do think he's been better than him....this season. Again, this is all in terms of expectations. Nico's numbers may be, and probably are better, but that's not relative to where I thought they would or should each be compared to last season and the trajectory I thought their careers would be taking this year. I see no reason why Nico can't receive a C grade while Zacha get's a B and Nico still be the better player overall.
  7. Yeah, this is essentially what I was getting at. It may not be likely, and some things have to happen for that to be the case, but it's certainly not impossible. Like you said, there's only a few logical suitors for Hall, so that right there really narrows down the possible destinations for him, and maybe the teams that can realistically bring him in look at his injury last year, and goal scoring this year, and say either "nah, thanks anyway", or "Ok, how's 5 years 50M?" and Taylor says that's not enough - that might be reason enough for him to consider staying here.
  8. Yeah, I can't really think of any, recent or not. Going a step further, say we all get a bit surprised and Hall does end up signing here, whether it's tomorrow, or even in the off-season (though that would be unlikely and not make much sense) - what is the reaction? Are people happy and glad he's back? This is assuming a lot, like he's given a term and amount that we're all OK with, but I'm just wondering if people here still would want him around. I for one do. Maybe I'm more of a businessman, but I still see him as a near point per game player on a team where almost nothing has gone right, and outside of one small issue a couple months ago that was quickly diffused, the guy has been a good teammate and player during his time here. He's given me little reason outside of being a bit snakebitten so far this season to not want a player like him on this team, and for a while.
  9. For the record, I think this is probably the case too - just playing Devil's advocate and pointing out that there's a somewhat reasonable chance that it may not be.
  10. Ah - I hadn't seen or paid attention to that. I guess that's because he must think he's a little too old and doesn't want him til he's 35? Like you mentioned, we don't really have many bargaining points other than that 8th year, so to not use/offer that seems pretty stupid.
  11. Yeah I understand that - but from Hall's perspective, if he intends on playing here, then there's really no reason not to do it now, if an agreement can be reached that he's happy with. We know he can get 8 years, and if Ray's willing to go full term, and it's at a price Hall wants, then might as well do it now. Obviously that's if he wants to stay here - if he doesn't then yeah it makes sense to wait until the off-season and entertain all offers, but if all he's said is that "my agent is handling negotiations", then that doesn't specifically mean he has no interest in playing here. I know it doesn't really sound promising, but as we all know and have said many times....we really don't know who these guys are and what they're thinking.
  12. Gotcha. I suppose that's a standard answer and by 'handling contract issues' that could essentially mean his agent isn't doing anything since he's under contract until this season and will resume negotiations at that point, and therefore he's effectively just waiting patiently to see if he gets traded.....but at the same time, it could be what I mentioned, and perhaps they (Shero and Hall) are just ignoring the rumors and working things out amongst themselves, behind the scenes....slowly.
  13. Yeah, I couldn't disagree with his post more. All players go through cold snaps and have ups and downs. If there's one thing Palmieri has been known for, it's being extremely consistent, at least within an 82 game season. He might have 10 games in a row where he's on fire, then 5 off, then 15 more solid, but who cares. The season starts in October and ends in April. It doesn't really matter if the guy scores 30 goals from October through January, and not much else in the latter part of the season, or vice versa.
  14. I guess, to add to my post...why wouldn't a reporter just come right out and ask him "Taylor, there've been a lot of rumors about your contract that's up after this season and whether or not you plan to re-sign here, or if you might be traded before then. Have you been in talks with your GM Ray Shero about signing a new contract and continuing to play in New Jersey?" I would.
  15. Does anyone think there's a chance he remains here until free agency, or even re-signs here before then? I know all things seem to point to the contrary, but aside from the fact that there's been plenty of rumors and now some circulations of talks being pretty far apart between Shero and other GMs, one thing that has also been apparent is that we really haven't heard much from Shero and/or Hall (or his agent) in terms of whether or not they're negotiating with one another, or whether or not they've officially given up and are not even trying anymore.
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