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  1. Cangi or Dano, one of them, said it was 'miscommunication from a few of the players". NO. It is miscommunication from the fvcking COACHES! It's THEIR fvcking job to know who is going on the ice and who's supposed to be out there. Absolute fvcking garbage for those clowns to be behind the bench and not know what's going on right in front of them. Clueless fvcking idiots who should be disgraced, ashamed, and of course, immediately FIRED.
  2. Did anyone just see that quick 10 second Brandenton/Anna Maria Island/Longboat Key commercial on the MSG feed?! Random...that's where I live lol And also....fvck. That's what we get for letting them control almost the entire 3rd period.
  3. Haha, no worries - I've messed it up plenty of times myself, either by failing to make the next GDT at all after I made the previous one and we won, or inadvertently making the next GDT thread when someone else made the previous and we won. Also, I'm not really superstitious anyway, so it's all good. Let's keep your streak from earlier going!
  4. Hey, we won last game and for the first time in seemingly forever, I remembered and came here to make the next GDT thread You're all witnesses, if we lose today it's not my fault lol. Anyway, would love to see the boys carry the momentum from last night into today. Let's Go Devils.
  5. Jack Hughes is a star. I could really see him and Nico being the next Marchand/Pastrnak duo.
  6. Dude has really disappointed me this season. I thought maybe he was another Bratt-like player, but that's not the case at all.
  7. Part of me kinda wants to see that happen. Like is allow a record or something. What's the most goals allowed in a game, 12 or 13, right? If we lost 14-2 I wonder if that would do it.
  8. Yep. I mean beating Jack LaFontaine who has 1 NHl game played and, quite literally, a .333 save percentage (.333!!!!!!!!!!!!!), is a lot to be proud of. Anyone who can do that should clearly have their jobs and careers extended.
  9. 4 goals on 18 shots. 778 sv %. We're taking things to new heights tonight.
  10. This fvcking team. Game isn't over yet but they're currently beating the best team in the league right now. If they didn't constantly fvck themselves and lose to lesser competition they'd actually be in contention.
  11. As per usual, one Hurricane scored his second goal of the year against us tonight, and another scored his very first goal of the year.
  12. Literally exactly this. You or I could get put in the net and the results would likely be very similar.
  13. I can't believe it's 2-2. Kudos to this team with a moronic coaching staff for just never giving up, no matter how bad they are or how quickly they dig themselves a hole.
  14. He's the "problem" on this team. Don't you forget it.
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