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  1. Well yeah, that too. To be fair, my dad coached me for a dozen years, so he probably was the first one to teach me that too lol.
  2. Think I learned that when I was 7. Maybe even 4 or 5 during tee-ball...
  3. I literally stopped paying attention around midway through the 2nd period and every time I kept bringing up the feed it seemed like we had just scored a goal. So bizzare.
  4. When you said that, part of me wanted to post "No way in fvck it's gonna be one of those games tonight". I can't believe it actually was.
  5. Wedgewood is gonna feel like sh!t for allowing that bouncer.
  6. If Johnsson gets the tying or game winning goal... tack on another $100..
  7. Yeah but the problem is they played like absolute dogsh!t for two periods, and ballers for one. That's two steps backwards, one step forwards...
  8. What in the fvck. This team is from bizzaroland.
  9. I forgot he was still on the team and in the lineup, he's been that insignificant. I was furious that he was getting so much playing time about a month ago, now it's just comical and pathetic.
  10. And as I hit "Send", they make it 6-3 LOL
  11. This got me to chuckle. I mean... it's an insult to the Devils to only offer $100 again, as this, amazingly, would take an even more enormous comeback compared to the holes they dug themselves over the weekend, so..... $200 it is.
  12. Holy crap...15 Penguins have a point in tonight's game. Wonder what the record is... has any team ever had every player in the game get a point?
  13. Nico is good. Nice pass by Merkley. Sometimes Hughes is too fast for himself. If he would slow things down a bit, he could be very good.
  14. 30 seconds into the 3rd and we haven't given up a goal yet. Progress!
  15. I can't even take solace in that. I mean, honestly, the Rags and their fans probably look at our game and go "Well, in other news, the Devils are getting blasted 6-0! At least we're not them!".
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