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  1. You'll never win with Schneider

    Am I crazy, or do you actually lean towards putting Schneider in on Friday? Almost to silently say: "I don't care that we gave up 6 goals last game, and you lost your 11th in a row. Go. fvcking. WIN"? Basically, throw him to the wolves and force him to win. At this point, I almost feel as if it's gotten so bad, and we're all done being amazed and feeling sorry based on the piss poor stats and performances, that you have to put the guy out there and either let him commit career suicide by losing, or give him the chance to bounce back and win a game when basically no one on the planet thinks he can. Sort of a forced confidence type of thing. Plus, we have a back to back coming up, and although at this point we all believe KK is the better goalie and you could justifiably start him in both since there's so few games left and we need as many wins as possible, you still feel, from both the coach's perspective and the fan's perspective, that it might be appropriate to give one game to your backup, err, other, goalie. Or....maybe I'm losing my mind and that's a stupid idea. I don't know.
  2. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    I didn't mean to lump Coleman with Boyle and Stafford in the sense of their skills and abilities being equal - moreso that Coleman just seemed like the next choice to sit after those two, assuming we had our other three guys back in the lineup (Mojo, Wood, and Zacha). Who else would you sit then if you kept Coleman in the lineup? I can't think of anyone else besides Bratt, which is why I also mentioned him in the list. Didn't really have anything to do with their contributions necessarily. Just the fact that we had some depth which pushes certain guys out of the lineup, fortunately or unfortunately.
  3. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    For sure. It's funny you mention that, because as I was writing it I was thinking "it would be nice if Boyle, Stafford, and one of either Coleman or Bratt were out of the lineup and replaced with Zacha, Mojo, and Wood." Not that it would automatically make the team a top 5 in the league, but it definitely deepens the roster and makes it a little more formidable on paper. Agreed that if they do happen to get in, they will have earned it and overcome some pretty serious odds.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    Zacha and Wood both day-to-day still, but I'm guessing neither plays in this game... What do/should the lines look like? Hall - Hischier - Palmieri Gibbons - Zajac - Grabner Bratt - Coleman - Maroon Noesen - Boyle - Stafford
  5. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    If crystal balls existed... PHI: vs NYR W, @ PIT OTL, @ DAL L, @ COL L, vs BOS L, @ NYI W, vs CAR W, vs NYR W - 95 pts CBJ: vs FLA OTL, vs STL W, @ EDM W, @ CGY L, @ VAN W, vs DET W, vs PIT OTL, @ NSH L - 97 pts FLA: @ CBJ W, vs ARI W, @ NYI W, @ TOR L, @ OTT W, @ BOS OTL, vs CAR W, @ NSH L, vs BOS W, vs BUF W, @ BOS L - 96 pts NJD: @ PIT W, vs TBL L, vs CAR W, vs PIT L, vs NYI W, @ MTL W, vs NYR W, vs TOR L, @ WSH OTL - 93 pts Depressing. Thursday we're definitely Blue Jackets fans, and the rest of the way we're pretty huge Bruins fans...
  6. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    That is incorrect. Technically speaking, we do not control our own destiny anymore. If we win out, we don't necessarily make the playoffs. Florida could still win out as well, and they'd finish ahead of us. Same can be said for Columbus and Philly. We lost the right to "control our own fate" a few games ago.
  7. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    Me too. Like Bonginator said, I'm usually an optimist as well, and I'm definitely starting to have doubts, but I'm not giving up hope until it's over. I mean, we knew this road trip was going to be tough, and we won three of them against some of the very best teams in the league. It's not a huge surprise that we lost to Anaheim and San Jose on the tail end of this trip. If we can win on Friday in regulation, Pittsburgh will only be 3 points ahead of us, putting them potentially in the mix of this giant Metro cluster. We're 3-2 on this 6 game hellacious road trip, and I think everyone would have signed up for that a few weeks ago leading up to it. So let's not throw in the towel just yet. Three games ago we scored 8 goals on a really good team. I think the frustrating thing is that you'd like to see more consistency out of this team. The potential is there, they're just not reaching it every night, and part of it is because a lot of the guys are still pretty young (Bratt, Nico, Coleman, etc) or too old (Greene, Boyle, Stafford, etc). We have to take it one game at a time. We know we can't count on lady luck, and we really never could, so let's just win on Friday.
  8. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    PP goal here please.
  9. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

  10. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    Yeah I saw that, but still....without a hockey stick...preeeeeeeetty creepy. Imagine some kid having that bobblehead in his bedroom lol.
  11. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    Holy sh!t. Shirtless Bobbleheads? I don't know if that's the worst thing I've ever seen, or the best. I'm inclined to say the worst, but I'm not sure...
  12. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    I said I would order a Taylor Hall jersey if he got to 25 consecutive games with a point. I did. It arrived yesterday. I will wear it tonight. We win.
  13. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    True, I'm just saying, I think a lot of the realize they're the laughing stock of the NHL, and are pissed about it Personally, I think it's a toss up between them and Edmonton. I actually think the Oilers are worse. I mean, I just can't see how a team like them, especially one that enjoyed many years of success and even dominance (granted 30 years ago), has basically been a bottom 5 team for the past two decades. Sure they've had some flashes here and there, like their Cup run in the mid 2000s, and a decent season last year, but given how many chances they've been given, how long it's been, and how many picks they've had because of their poor seasons, they really should have had so much more success and results to show from it, and the basically have nothing at all. Zero. I mean, I liken them to the Bolts to a degree - the Lightning were horrible in the late 90s, perhaps one of the worst teams in the league EVER, with like 4 or 5 50-loss seasons or something ridiculous like that - but they eventually turned it around, in a relatively short time period too, and it culminated in a few strong seasons and a Cup win. They also had a few pretty poor seasons at the end of the first decade in the 2000s, and they have turned it around for the past 8 years or so and have been a top team in the league for the last few seasons. They Oilers have had every opportunity to do something similar, and they actually haven't done a damn thing. I give their fans a ton of credit if they are somehow still going to games, and how they actually haven't killed themselves yet. We have all had our moments as Devils fans for the past 5 years and we can all agree it was pretty brutal, but they're seriously going on close to 20 years now. It's a pretty remarkable run of piss poor management and essentially nothing to cheer about.
  14. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Their fans aren't 100% clueless. A guy on another forum I frequent just came back a week or two ago, and posted this rant yesterday:
  15. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    This is a huge night for us tonight and all of the teams around us as well. Thursday is also huge, with CBJ/FLA playing each other. We really need that to not be a 3 point game. Tonight you have to imagine the Devils will be scoreboard watching - if we can get some luck and the teams around us lose earlier in the night, the Devils better come with a 60 minute effort. I mean, they need to do that regardless, but if we have the opportunity to pick up 2 points on any one of those teams, we need to strike and take advantage of it. Really wish those guys were playing some tougher opponents instead of the Rags, Sens, and Wings, but at least they're all on the road.