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  1. NJDfan1711

    GDT: Penguins @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    I gotta be honest, I watched the video of the puck drop on my phone and I kept watching til the end and I'm glad I did because I was shocked to see him fall and it looked real to me at the time. Seeing the video above I suppose it's possible he tried to re-create the same fall, and it'd be a pretty huge coincidence if he actually fell on accident AGAIN, but....I think that's actually what happened. I think you're right - you don't typically fall on purpose face down like that. Who knows though.
  2. NJDfan1711

    GDT: Penguins @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    $500 if we win this game and Schneider gets credit for the victory.
  3. NJDfan1711

    GDT: Penguins @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    That is awesome.
  4. NJDfan1711

    GDT: Penguins @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    If anyone is able to snag any bobbleheads, I will gladly pay a small price for them, and the cost to ship them. I'd love one myself, but I have a friend (who's actually an Islanders fan), that really wants one more than I do. As for the game, how come Schneider isn't in net? Really thought they'd put him back out there and give him the chance to try to find a groove and keep up his good play. Is it because we're 3-0 (I think) against the Pens this year and Kink was in net for most/all of them? If so, I guess that makes sense. Would be sweet if Mr. Puddy does indeed come. Let's Go Devils.
  5. NJDfan1711

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Taylor Hall had a miracle individual run. I don't think our team did.
  6. NJDfan1711

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    When you point it out like that, it really is amazing we're able to win any games with what's missing from our lineup right now. I guess we'll see if Schneider can steal some games and get on some type of hot streak, but it might speak to the chemistry and teamwork that the guys have which is responsible for the mild success they've had lately and the ability to come away with a few wins in spite of their best talent missing from the roster.
  7. NJDfan1711

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Ah gotcha. Knew it was somewhat later on. For sure. I was just telling someone here that if they don't win this year I wouldn't be surprised if some people get turned off and stop going to games or paying as much attention. Their attendance has been phenomenal the past 5-10 years, and they're done a great job attracting and grooming die-hards, but they've been so good the past couple years and if they don't win it all this year I can see some people saying "what's the point?" and why watch a long 82-game season only to see them fizzle when it matters most. Indeed. I keep forgetting he's going back to Detroit after this year too - allegedly. Wonder if he's going to turn them around the same way he did for the Bolts.
  8. NJDfan1711

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Agreed - it's hard to find weaknesses in their team right now. I dunno if they'll do it, but I think you're right, Domingue should play quite a few. I meant to mention Kucherov too - he had such a good season last year and it's nuts to see him duplicating and exceeding that performance this year. Crazy to think that he was what, like a 3rd or 4th round pick?
  9. You still get the money via Paypal, right? That's how I've been paying all of my bets, it's just easiest for me. I can't pay all of that 500 right now, but I sent the first installment yesterday, and as I wrote in the note, more is on the way eventually lol.
  10. NJDfan1711

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    The Lightning and Vasilevsky almost had 3 shutouts in a row last night, but Columbus scored in the final minute of the game. Before that, their last 3 games were 6-0, 3-0, and 5-0 before eventually winning 5-1. Their team looks unstoppable. I guess there's the possibility that they may tire and fizzle out early, but it almost seems like the remaining 20 games are just a formality before they go through the playoffs and steamroll everyone. The best thing going for them is that their team is incredibly healthy at the moment, but even if they do suffer an injury or two, they're so deep it seems like it would hardly matter. Their core of Stamkos, Kucherov, Point, Palat, Killorn, Headman, etc remains me of the 80s Oilers with Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Tikanen, Lowe, Coffey, etc.
  11. NJDfan1711

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    I dunno, I guess I don't think that was necessarily epic. And, Florida being more epic absolutely is relevant - if someone accomplishes something so extraordinary, it can make another feat or accomplishment seem less impressive. That's essentially how accomplishments work, and how records are created lol. Gretzky scoring 50 goals in 39 games was epic - if someone does it next year in 29 games, it'll seem much less epic, because the bar has been raised. It's kinda hard to sit here and be in awe at what the Devils did down the stretch last year when there was a team in parallel basically doing the same thing, but better.
  12. NJDfan1711

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Exactly. I'm not saying that this is the best possible scenario, but indeed if I had to pick between making the playoffs, albeit barely, and sitting through one or more dreadful seasons in hopes of maybe obtaining a high/world-class pick, I think I'd choose playoffs, and probably every time. It's essentially for the exact reason you mentioned, that once you're in, you never know. It's basically true with the reverse, once you finish last, you never know - you probably, but not necessarily, will get the best/highest draft pick, and then down the road, hopefully he turns into the player he's projected to be and transforms your team. But in that scenario, you're basically having to choose between two opposing circumstances, neither of which is guaranteed - the first, a positive circumstance where your team is a fringe team and gets a shot at competing for the ultimate prize, regardless of how much of a longshot or dark horse they may be, the other, a negative circumstance where your team is a bottom feeder and pinning their hopes on obtaining a difference maker or, in extremely rare cases, a generational talent. With neither situation being an absolute certainty, I guess it more or less comes down to whether you're a glass half full or half empty kind of person. I consider myself an optimist and a glass half full type of person, so I think that's why I'd choose playoffs. To each his own.
  13. NJDfan1711

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    The Panthers won their final 6 games in a row, but didn't Philly win a couple? I know we were jockeying with them as well for that final spot, and I think by them winning a game or two is what essentially helped us get in, since Florida was really the ones playing out of their minds (we played well too as you mentioned, but they actually took it up a notch). I think both us and the Flyers winning is what kept Florida out.
  14. NJDfan1711

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    What was all that crazy about it? Between the month of March and the little bit of April that the season extends into, we went 11-7-1. Not really earth-shattering, or even eye-popping at all, really. I guess you could say April was impressive, because we won 3 games in a row, but we actually lost our very last game of the season, and we needed help to get in. So it's not like we rattled off 7 or 10 wins in a row on some heater. We played average to above-average hockey down the stretch.

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