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  1. I got to see my three step kids today, only for an hour or two, but we hung out in the pool and we had some cigars that my youngest brought back from his trip to Jamaica a few weeks ago. Can't ask for much more than that. Happy Father's Day to the dads of all forms.
  2. 1000% this. I have broadcasting teams I prefer, and others I don't care for at all, but you're absolutely right, overall I really couldn't give two sh!ts what network airs it.
  3. This game has been wild. Really entertaining. Colorado doesn't quit and has so much fire power. And both goalies suck.
  4. Uninspiring effort by Tampa. No real threat to Shesterkin, and no urgency on offense or defense.
  5. They're opportunistic. That's it. They literally cash in on the few chances they get. The rest of their game is sh!t.
  6. Yeah I was gonna say that. Pretty remarkable stat. Hope they can keep it going tonight.
  7. C'mon Bolts, light up these Rags!!!
  8. To be fair, I don't think they're showing fans "somewhere", I believe they're literally showing the fans outside the stadium, who went to be part of the action but weren't able to secure a spot inside with a seat. At least that's what they do with Tampa. I think it's kinda cool, shows how many people are supporting the team and want to be part of the atmopshere even if they aren't one of the lucky 20,000 to get to go inside.
  9. Carolina's ineffective Powerplay is going to cost them this game if they can't turn it around, or somehow find a way to score 5 on 5.
  10. I have no idea how they called that no interference, but I'll take it
  11. I just noticed Kreider doesn't have a C or an A on his jersey. He's one of the longest tenured Rangers.... Who the hell are their captains and assistants? Jesus that franchise is a joke.
  12. Mother fvcking Rangers are going to advance to the second round. Shesterkin has looked like complete garbage and they don't deserve to be moving on, but if he happens to get right and starts stopping pucks the way he was in the regular season the Rags could go even further and it'll be insufferable.
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