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  1. Who exactly are the vets that are unemployed? And I'm not sure what makes Nico unproven. He's been here 3 years, and by all accounts has shown that he is, and will continue to be a valuable two-way center. Yeah, I don't see how anyone can be upset with this deal. 7M a year is literally less than half of what a max contract would be, and locking him up for 7 years is even better. He's still incredibly young and aside from this little injury, should be pretty healthy I would assume, and also probably only continue to produce the same or better given the significant increase in talent around him.
  2. I don't know if I ever responded to a single one of his recaps, and it's probably because I think I reacted to them exactly as you described - if you don't like them or care to read them, just ignore them. For me, I never found them particularly useful, or insane - I appreciated that he put thought and time into them, and like you said, I imagine beyond doing it for his own sake, he did it for us too since this is a forum after all. Also, for a guy who did take a lot of flack, justified or unjustified, he seemed to take it all in stride and was a good sport about it while he was here regularly, and, now that he's not here regularly, he seems to have left without much of a scene or uproar. It may not even be intentional, but he has a certain level of diplomacy.
  3. Right, that's my point though - besides specifically typing in Georges Laraque, which wouldn't make sense because the article wasn't about him, how would you possibly come across that photo other than searching what I mentioned? It just seems so unnecessary and that the guy had to purposefully search for the word 'black' along with NHL player, when it would've been much easier, and logical, to search for the guy in question by name.
  4. Yeah exactly. That's what I mean, he had to go out of his way to find that picture of Laraque...what other search term would produce that picture besides specifically searching for a black NHL player on Montreal?
  5. The crazy thing is, to get that wrong, they literally had to Google "black NHL player Montreal", rather than simply "Donald Brashear" which would've yielded any number pictures that were actually of him.
  6. NJDfan1711

    Fire Hynes

    I doubt I could do it as well as the classic movie, but yeah that would be close
  7. NJDfan1711

    Fire Hynes

    Nasreddine was also born in Quebec. lol
  8. I just checked the boxscore to see if Severson was in the lineup last night because I don't recall seeing him at all - and not that there would be much reason to sit him but I was pretty sure Carrick didn't play and with Greene out I figured Severson HAD to be in, but I just didn't see him. Sure enough, he was in, but apparently was a ghost. I guess maybe that's a good thing, considering he has stood out early on this season for bad reasons.
  9. Mueller should be cut. He looks horrible.
  10. Fragile my ass. fvck you Pierre.
  11. Hynes should just give the ref the finger.
  12. 100% goal. fvck them!
  13. That's counting. Happened to is the other night.
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