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  1. Is Brylin with us? I thought I saw somewhere just a month or two ago that he was with some other organization, and I remember being pretty surprised. But I could be thinking of someone else...
  2. Pretty crazy how the NBA and NHL both had a sweep in one Conference Finals series and in the other Conference Finals series one team was up 3-0 and now one of them has won three straight to force a game 7, and the other one could very well be on the same path.
  3. I don't doubt it happens in the NBA, buncha primadonnas that can wave their want and command their GMs act on their demands. But the NHL/Panthers?
  4. Yeah, either that, or is the implication that someone on the Panthers wanted to play with Tkachuk and their GM made that happen? If that's the case, it doesn't seem like the best or wisest business decision to acquire players just because someone on the team wants you to. Even if he is your star player.
  5. That'll be cool to see the three Hughes Brothers play on the same team in the near future. Did the 3 (or 4) Staall brothers ever play in the same Olympic team?
  6. Wow, Rick Flair looks like he's lost it.
  7. I don't want the Panthers to win because they just made the Canes look terrible, and the Canes made is look pretty bad, so what would the Panthers do to us? Funny thing is, when we played them this year, they best us 4-2 at home, then we beat them 4-2 on the road 5 days later, then in March they beat us 4-2 at home again lol. Against Vegas, we beat them 3-2 in OT, then they beat us 4-3 in a shootout. I'd rather see a West team win because who knows how we would've faired against them. I think we could've beaten the Panthers.
  8. Sometimes I think I'm old school and have a short fuse or little patience for certain things, and maybe I do, but I also respect and hold sacred the captaincy. I don't take the responsibility lightly and I expect the guy entrusted with that honor to hold up to it. He didn't. Adios.
  9. I saw that earlier today and couldn't believe it. I don't know who they played in their last two Eastern Conference Finals, but it's pretty amazing that it could be three straight where they're completely swept.
  10. I was thinking and am surprised that cameras don't catch more stuff. You'd think it'd be pretty easy to pinpoint who chucks stuff on the ice. Three strike policy. Give em a warning the first time, next time is a year ban from the arena (all events including concerts, not just hockey). Third time is lifetime ban.
  11. Apple doesn't fall far from that piece of sh!t tree.
  12. You never want to see that from anyone, but your Captain? Wow. Absolute brain-dead moment. Grounds for ripping the C, if you ask me.
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much my point too. He won the Vezina 4 years ago and went 31-21-0-5 with 2.57 gaa and .922 sv%. That's nice I suppose, but I wouldn't have figured it was Vezina-worthy. I had to look it up to see what year he won. I have to think it had more to do with the 6 shutouts he had that season, and you have to wonder how much did his fellow D men contribute to that.
  14. Hellebuyck has never interested me. Guy is the definition of an average goaltender. He doesn't steal games or carry his team on his back, and with him on the bad side of 30, now is absolutely NOT the time to throw money and/or a long contract at him. His best season was a .924 sv percentage that came 6 years ago. Ride Vanecek and Schmid who, together as a tandem this past year, were very capable and led us to the 3rd best record in the league. Schmid is on the up and up, not headed downward. It's worth exploring his potential and using our money elsewhere, like on a replacement for Bratt and one more solid D man.
  15. Right - I never got into all the details because I just don't care to give my time to it frankly, but when it comes to things like this that's usually my opinion on them too.
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