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  1. Crown the man. Coleman for Pres.
  2. The ref definitely put his hand up WAY after Butcher actually did anything to the guy there. Wtf.
  3. LOL. The curse of cory. Not that it was his fault, but holy fvcking sh!t....can't make this up. I can't watch anymore.
  4. They mentioned it the last time we played them and said it's how they're pronouncing it.
  5. I dunno if I can fault him for that last one... laser shot with what looked like a bit of a screen. We just have to win some faceoffs. Two goals off of two draws. Needs to be addressed bad in practice.
  6. Me too. I mean you have to think that they probably look at him and feel that he's not on their level. Not in a snobby or entitled way, it's just reality. He's a 3rd or 4th line grinder type who plays hard. His finesse, and perhaps his hockey IQ too, isn't really there. Nothing against him, he has a role on the team, I just don't think his speed alone should justify him playing on the top line.
  7. Now this is just sad. I can't think of another team in the league that would have Wood on their 1st line.
  8. Yeah, completely agree, and I think that's kind of natural. It's probably normal for most players to want to impress and take on a lot initially, but especially him - he seems to have that personality, and I think it made him nervous, anxious, and prone to mistakes. Now that he's slowed down a bit, I think he's seeing the ice better and reacting to (and dare I say, predicting) plays better.
  9. I think that's pretty spot on - with the departure of Hall I feel like they started to play with a little chip on their shoulder, almost like showing that they're not just a bunch of misfits. Obviously there's still a lot of talent on this team, but when your biggest star leaves, it kind of makes you have to go out and prove that you won't just crumble, and that you are in fact still a group of talented hockey players.
  10. A couple teams already do that I believe. I know in Tampa the Lightning had a generic song for most of their goals, but when Stamkos scores they play MC Hammer's "Hammer Time" (i.e. "Stammer" Time). Actually come to think of it, they did it before him too, when St. Louis scored they would play "Louie Louie". It's kinda neat, but I don't mind one song for all either. If you have 20 different goal songs it sort of defeats the tradition of the team, not to mention it creates a bunch of individuals rather than brining the team together.
  11. Definitely. The offense has clearly ramped up a bit, and I've noticed a lot less turnovers/risky moves like he was pulling earlier on. Not sure if that has to do with the coaching change, probably more of him just finally settling in a bit and getting used to his new teammates and the style of play, but whatever it is, it's improved his play quite a bit since the start of the season.
  12. I don't either, but mine don't look like his.
  13. I get that you probably think he's making too much money, but in what sense is he hurting our team beyond performing a bit below expectations in the first half of his first season with us? We have plenty of cap space, so money isn't really an issue at the moment.
  14. I'd give it a little more time before making that judgment - it's too early for me to make a determination and label a guy like "he doesn't care enough, and he's making 9M so why should he". Guy's only been here half a year.
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