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  1. Tanev is really bad. He was out of position a lot during the game and failed to clear the puck and zone on so many occasions.
  2. Really good and close game. I still like Dallas' chances.
  3. NJDfan1711

    It’s Keefe

    fvck. YES! Dude came off so genuine and sincere in that video after he was axed from the Leafs, I wanted him after that. I have no doubt that he'll have high standards, and I think this is a coach that the players can get behind. October can't come soon enough.
  4. I don't really know if that's the best endorsement. Getting everybody to buy into their roles is nice, but it almost sounds like Parayko is downplaying exactly how much of an impact Berube really had on the team.
  5. Rivals 13 seconds? No way lol. That KC/Buf game was one of that all time dramatic finishes. This Rags Canes series was in no way on that level. It was competitive, but it doesn't match a game in which Mahomes basically put together a miracle and ran down field in the blink of an eye to rob the Bills of a win. That will probably never happen again in our lifetime. I'll agree that the Canes failed their objective at the beginning of the year and that they should have made it to the conference finals, but to me that's moreso an indictment on this stupid playoff system where there's no reseeding after each round. The Rags should be playing Boston this round and the Panthers vs the Canes. Not saying the canes would have beat Florida either, but they shouldn't have had to play the best team in the conference/league until the third round.
  6. It's not even really an epic choke. Bad loss, yes. But they were down 3-0 in the series to the best team in the league in the regular season. Coming back to win two games I think saves some face.
  7. Can't imagine what a busy site like HF has to deal with. They better be getting the same complaint, and I'm sure they have tens of thousands of users sharing links.
  8. They don't get relief for the guy being unable to play? All the teams including us who had guys involved in the sexual abuse scandal this year got relief because the players are in legal trouble and unable to perform. I would think this situation being related to the health and well-being of a player would afford the same type of relief. Both scenarios, the sexual abuse and the substance abuse, are self-inflicted, so I don't see much of a difference. Edit: Nevermind, I didn't read the Capfriendly post. So it doesn't count against the cap, but they still need the money to pay him.....?
  9. Twilight years? Guy just turned 29 lol. He's only played 500 games in the league. Dude has basically been a point per game player the last three years. If he got his sh!t together, no reason to think he couldn't still be a top 6 player.
  10. Did anyone see Keefe's farewell speech to the Leafs on a boat? I thought it was sincere and very respectful. Guy owned everything and handled it with utmost class. I didn't really have him on my radar at all, but now I would not mind him whatsoever. In fact, I'd almost prefer him over any of the other names mentioned so far.
  11. I was going to say the same thing... Feel like it could have been charging or elbowing, or both. Maybe even intent to injure, given the optics and that dirtbag's track record.
  12. I thought their puck movement on the power plays was really good, but yeah they didn't get enough shots on net. One thing I noticed about their power play is that they move the puck with a lot of force, particularly behind the net from corner to corner. Something that I could see our team doing because we have similar speed and skill that they do. When their forwards were pressured or got into trouble with the puck with defenders and penalty killers collapsing on them, they threw the puck around the boards behind the net to a guy in the other corner or on the other wall. It's a little bit of a risk because you have to hope or trust that someone is there, but they were pretty good about it and it relieved pressure quickly and allowed them to continue cycling. If they can actually get some pucks through and on net, I really think they're PowerPlay is going to help them the next few games (assuming the Rags take some penalties and the Canes get some calls their way)
  13. 70 is a far cry from 50 lol. I fully recognize that Brodeur was simply a different animal. Even with many goalies playing a lot more games back in the day than they do now, Marty was simply on another level. Not many guys played 70+ games back then, or at least not nearly as often as he did. But yeah, 50 isn't 70. Really, it's not even close lol. It's a 20 game difference, so in an 82 game season that's 25% less. You're gonna tell me an average goalie these days can't play 25% less than what Marty did for most of his career? Someone has to take the lion's share of games, meaning someone has to play at least half.... Aka 41 games. So what's so ridiculous about bumping that up 9 games to 50? Unless we're talking about teams splitting up an 82 game season across three goalies rather than two, and if that's the case then I would suggest that that's ridiculous.
  14. It's the offseason for us, we didn't make the playoffs, and the stupid Rags just won again, so I'm irritated and perhaps not on my game lol. But, I stand by the notion that goalies are coddled nowadays and it isn't unreasonable to expect a 33yr old Allen with less than 500 games played to play 50 next year. 😬
  15. Good question. Does our 10th pick and Holtz do it? That's basically two first round picks. I'd be ok with that. I don't love that Ullmark is going to be 31 this summer, but we could realistically get a good 5 years out of him while continuing to look for another younger guy.
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