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  1. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I don't know that weird is the right word. Uncomfortable (for the GM), maybe. I know I wouldn't necessarily want to take a job as a GM and my first act of duty before my ass is even in the seat is the try to find a way to keep the most important player in last 40 years of the franchise to keep from jumping ship. But in terms of it being weird? I think it makes total sense. The guy is a respected hockey figure and has been for a long, long time. He just took a high ranking job, in a pretty high profile place. Why wouldn't he get interviewed? And of course when he does get interviewed, you think they're just not going to mention the elephant in the room?
  2. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Sweet. If nothing else, you'll definitely be good at taking faceoffs by the end
  3. Revisiting the new Uniforms

    Yeah, I meant the Devils concept one. Sorry, should've specified. I thought that's what most people were referring to and the one they said they liked and would buy.
  4. Lou out at Toronto Named Dir Hockey for Isles

    Kinda figured as much. I can't see him keeping Snow, nor can I see Snow wanting to stay.
  5. Revisiting the new Uniforms

    Am I the only one doesn't like those black jerseys? They just look too cartoony and gimmicky. Seems like something from the video game NHL Hitz. It's too...electric-y, if that's a word lol. The black/red combo is so vibrant, it seems almost neon-ish. Kinda reminds me what they've been doing for the All Star game the past few years.
  6. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Obviously I'm missing some key parts here, but in what way was last year's expansion draft with Vegas different than 98-01 with the Preds, Thrashers, Wild, and Blue Jackets? Pretty sure they got to pluck a player from every team just like most expansion drafts, right? Were the rules wider for the existing teams in terms of who/how many they could protect?
  7. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Washington definitely didn't have a great game, but Tampa also played much better too. I expect tomorrow's game to be closer. Tampa's PP has been deadly, but they need to continue to score 5 on 5 or else they'll be in trouble. Washington looked better for most of that game, at least early on - they seemed quicker and were forcing Tampa into a lot of turnovers. Really it was the PP goals that turned the tides a bit and put the Caps on edge. If they can stay out of the box and play their game, they might be able to take Game 4.
  8. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Yeah I mean, I guess from where we're at as a team, and hopefully being close to "getting there" in terms of a shot at the Cup finals in the next couple years, then maybe you try to bring him in on a two year deal for 5.5 or 6, seeing if he can be the piece, of one of the pieces, that get you over the hump. But I just can't see him taking a short deal like that. I figure he'll be lookin for 3-5 years, putting him towards the end of his career, and at that point, if he hasn't won a cup still, probably sticking around for another year or two on single year deals with a club that would be looking to add a veteran at the deadline.
  9. 2018 Offseason Thread

    For some reason I thought Stastny was like 27 or 28, maybe 29 tops. Had no idea he was already 32, turning 33 in December. That's insane. Feel like he just entered the league. I wouldn't sign him for anything more than $5M/yr. The guy's still really durable, having played in all 82 games this year, and still putting up good numbers, but the age is a huge concern. I figure he's probably going to get 10-15 goals and maybe 20-30 assists from here on out, and I just can't see giving a 40 point guy more than 5 mil a year, even with the increased salary cap.
  10. New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Akbar Gbaja-Biamila might get 50 Cent off the hook for the worst first pitch ever. I still think 50 Cent's was worse, but it's close.
  11. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I feel like that's a shot at me.
  12. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Yeah, and they were all at home too. Pretty baffling, let alone inexcusable.
  13. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

  14. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Hole I dug myself in? Wow. Lighten up man lol. All I'm saying is that, statistically, yes, they do in fact have a 1/6 chance of winning. Of course when you factor in that several of those teams have been pretty bad in the last 25 years, then yes, obviously it's not AS much of a surprise that one of them hasn't won, but it's still pretty surprising. At least to me. Eek.
  15. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Yeah lol. Technically speaking, that's accurate, but in the same sense that that's a ridiculous way of looking at it, I was pretty sure everyone would understand that obviously a Canadian team wouldn't win the Cup every 5 years. The point is that, with them representing 16% of the league, it's still very funny that they haven't won a Cup in 25 years. That's a quarter of a century.