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  1. Jack has so much fvcking fun playing hockey. It helps that he scores and we win, but he just genuinely has fun. Dude's personality is infectious. Awesome win boys!
  2. Hey, Wood's not completely useless. I feel like he does this a lot, it takes stupid penalties and makes us want to get rid of him, then he barely saves himself by contributing at the last minute
  3. Beyond being undisciplined, the Stars seem to have an answer for our style of play right now. Very aggressive, meeting us at our own blue line, putting pressure on our d-men and not really letting us control the neutral zone and move the puck up ice. Lindy needs to show he's not a useless pile of crap and that he can make 2nd and 3rd period adjustments to get us back in this game. Really expect guys like Palat and Dougie and Tatar to be the veteran voice in the lockerroom and not tolerate this sh!t.
  4. fvck. Penalties will kill you. Take note, Wood/Haula!
  5. Man, if we lost both Haula and Wood that would be like addition by subtraction at this point.
  6. I was going to say they're terrible. Reminds me of outer space. Definitely 90s-ish, but reminds me of some arcade claw game. Or like tripping on acid and sitting in your apartment with black lights around you.
  7. I'm at a conference for a couple days and didn't get to catch much of yesterday's game. Looks like it was a good one to miss. Hoping to catch more of tonight's especially since I noticed we have a long break coming up. It's the customary one week off that every team gets (I think?), coupled with the All Star break. It'll be really nice to go into the break with a win against a good team. If it doesn't happen, no reason to panic. Let's Go Devils.
  8. Was literally thinking the exact same thing. Mercer deserves a shot at playing on Jack's wing, especially over Zetterlund.
  9. We're still in this thing. Time is obviously against us, but a little sustained pressure and we can tie this up. C'mon Jack, this is your time.
  10. Nico with his hands up in the air after that goal in disgust, but he was watching just like everyone else. That's what you boys get, standing around while a player skates through you and no one things to pick him up.
  11. For sure. I hate long-winded messages and responses as much as anyone. I got carried away and lost in thought
  12. Man....that's an excellent question. I think you have to. Mercer makes a million bucks for one more year, at which point he's probably going to be due a raise, even if it's a small one. Meier is making 6 mil and I bet he'll fetch somewhere in the 9-10 range, if not higher. I really think Mercer has a lot of potential and he's 5 years younger than Meier, but Meier is still on the good side of 30 by a couple years and he's a proven forward, so I think you make that deal against the unknown potential of Mercer.
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