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  1. I saw it on the bottom ticker while watching the Devils/Wings Game from 95. Checked it twice to make sure to wasn't about something else or another league. Looks like they changed it now and it says postponed...which is what we already knew. Weird.
  2. So the NHL season has been officially cancelled. That sucks. Can't believe they made the decision without figuring out what to do with the draft and other key deadlines. Kinda surprised the NHL is the first league to officially cancel things too, especially when the NBA postponed their games first.
  3. I came here just now just to see what's going on and how everyone is doing... saw your post and figured it was probably from late last night and was going to be disappointed that I missed it... then noticed that you posted this one minute ago, and now I'm thrilled. Turned it on and watching now - awesome to get a little hockey fix and relive some nostalgia. Thanks for sharing.
  4. sh!t, sorry to hear that. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Well done. Coronavirus can't kill a sense of humor! Damn, sorry to hear that. I didn't go a page back so I'm probably missing information, but do you have the virus, or just something similar?
  5. Gotcha, that's what I thought, just wasn't sure. That sucks.
  6. I'm jumping into this late, but what's the problem with signing guys from Harvard.... just the fact that most of them are more academically-inclined and they may delay their own entrance into the league because they want to get their degrees?
  7. That's not even really the nose though...isn't that like more of the forehead? To me the nose is more towards the point/tip of the head. I agree most logos and uniform designs nowadays usually leave a lot to be desired, but with this particular one I don't think I really would have noticed it or associated it that way unless someone else mentioned it.
  8. The best part about that hit is that it's 1,000% clean. Stevens doesn't leave his feet at all, and he just straight up shoulders the guy with force. No hit to the head, no elbow, none of that. Just pure body on body contact, leaning in with the shoulder, and the smaller Domi goes flying. Love it.
  9. That's pretty damn funny too, and cool to see people kind of having fun with this....but....with that said, an interview like that is funny one time, much like the simulated game itself above. To do it again, is just kinda boring and old news. Still, cool, and good for them for having fun.
  10. Yeah, there were quite a few people around here still going to beaches and doing regular congregating activities - they just closed the beaches here in Manatee and Sarasota county where I live, so that will probably stop soon. I went to Firehouse for lunch yesterday and all of their chairs were on top of their tables and pushed into a corner, and while they were still open and taking orders, there were only about 3 or 4 people including myself in there. All of the regular "common items" such as cups, straws, napkins, etc, were piled on a table and neatly arranged - you could tell they were making an effort to be cleanly, while still operating and serving customers. I went to Lowes after that to get a few things, and there were even more people casually shopping and browsing the store - not an overwhelming amount, and people weren't on top of each other, but it nice, and refreshing, to see people behaving civilly, living their lives, while still being 'smart', or rather, just practicing common sense. Thankfully I haven't run into too many idiots like you described who are ignoring everything and being pretty selfish. I think, if everyone is able to pretty much stay inside and/or significantly reduce their social interactions over the next 1-2 weeks, that we'll have helped reduce the spread, and thereby contain this thing, and that there's a chance life could start going back to normal in a month or so. It's going to suck, because it will be very boring, and lonely, and more importantly, many industries will suffer, but two weeks goes by fast, and in the end we'll look back months from now and hardly remember the time we had to find a way to occupy our time and keep ourselves busy for a short while.
  11. I thought about doing a "March Madness" style with 64, but not sure we have that many. Dunno if you meant to include your "What!? GIF, but it should be Devils-related GIFs only, if you ask me....
  12. I got the word today too that all non-essential personnel are to work from home too. No return date specified. Not sure if I'm considered essential being in IT, probably , but I can do basically everything remotely, so I'm not planning to go in as of now. I also just found a way to make our IP phones able to work from home without requiring a small vpn router, which is awesome. That was a huge challenge for us as the only real option was we had was forwarding office extensions to cell phones, but our doctors don't want to call patients and have their personal cell numbers visible, and also some patients don't take calls if the number is blocked, or shows as one from another area code. Oddly enough I haven't seen much of a reduction in traffic, which has been a pain. Some, but not a lot. Then again, I'm in Florida, and officials here haven't mandated many closings, not to mention there's still probably lots of tourist traffic around.
  13. Yeah, I honestly had to double and triple check that it hadn't been posted yet. I didn't wanna look like an idiot, but I couldn't believe that it hadn't.
  14. fvck I forgot about that one. Man I can't wait until we have 16 so we can start this thing. The choices are gonna be so tough.
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