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  1. That also literally during the national anthem.... people could easily still be walking in during then or even during the first period.
  2. I can't believe no one picked the defender yet, especially now that we have Hamilton.
  3. Bolts were losing 6-3 with 10 min left in the 3rd after Bertuzzi scored 4 goals....and they won 7-6 in OT lol.
  4. fvck. I knew I would misspell someone's name. I'm ashamed it was his.
  5. A thread to have a little fun. We can start now with some predictions - they don't have to be bold, but if they are that makes it interesting - and as the season evolves make more predictions along the way. It can be Devils-related or not, feel free to make predictions about other teams/players as well. I have a few: Hughes tallies 60+ pts Hamilton scores 20 goals Blackwood has 7 shutouts Our PK finishes above 82%
  6. Good points. I kinda of forgot that huge fact lol.
  7. Got around to playing a game of EA NHL this evening and after modifying the roster to reflect this year's as best I could, I got to thinking that we might be pretty damn good this year, provided we can actually stay healthy. I'm pretty damn excited for this season, so I'm gonna make a couple threads to have some fun. Let's start with this one. As the title says, pick who you think will score the first goal of the season for the Devils this year. Feel free to post an explanation of why you think so. I included everyone listed on the active roster according to the team's website. If I left anyone out or you want a write-in, vote other and name your choice. I'll go first. I'm going with the captain. He's got a lot of poise for his age, and amazingly will have some of the most experience compared to all of the young guys on our team, so I think he'll be ready to find the back of the net early.
  8. I get it, but that's not really a fair comparison for the reason I mentioned... #1 renovations usually come with an "estimated" timeframe to complete the job, whereas the season begins on a specific date, known WELL in advance. And #2, the $400M arena comes with a MASSIVE budget and hundreds of highly paid and trained contractors, compared to a couple local guys doing your home.
  9. I mean, I guess. I feel like that's pretty low expectations. I wish my boss would let me miss deadlines lol. I just feel like it's been in the process of being built for a long time, and it's not like they didn't know when the season starts lol.
  10. That sounds familiar actually...07, was that when the Pru opened? I'm gonna feel stupid if the same thing happened to us and I just forgot lol
  11. Glad the d-bags are already losing 2-0. Also, speaking of New York teams...not sure if this was mentioned already, but the Islanders are playing 13 straight games on the road this season, because Belmont still isn't finished.... WHAT?! Holy sh!t. That sucks ass for them. Whoever is building that stadium must be the same guys who built the Freedom tower.
  12. Yeah, I shouldn't have said staples - I meant just regulars in the lineup at least for a few guys (until whenever Sevs and Smith are available). Admittedly I didn't see much of Walsh. Disappointing to hear that he's regarded as a bust.
  13. Yeah, I mean, Geertsen and Jaros as staples in the lineup is scary sh!t. I would like to see Walsh and/or Zaitsev, if we're being forced to pick from our depth chart.
  14. That's awesome. Just curious, do these pucks that you're getting from people have COA's, or any kind of back story that might legitimize the signatures?
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