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  1. Honestly, I didn't say it, but I was absolutely thinking to myself "I wonder if Ruff can keep the boys in this game being down 2-0". Sure enough, the effort has remained high and the players were rewarded for it. Not sure if that's all Ruff's doing, but I'm sure he has a big part to play in it, and I love to see it. It's a refreshing change from year's past, that's for sure.
  2. I dunno man, I'm not one to believe that things should "even out", just because. If we continue to be morons, then we continue to be morons. It's not the refs or Flyers faults that we're stupid and keep taking penalties.
  3. Can we get a shorthanded goal please? We were really good at that last year.
  4. Two really nice passes already tonight....one by Zajac and another by Gusev.
  5. I just assumed that's what it was. What else would it be that they aren't saying?
  6. Completely agree. Palms has had a rough start to the season, and I think/hope he can turn it around, but like you said it still doesn't warrant him being on the PK, even with Nico out. There are still better options than him. Frankly, I'd rather see either Wood out there with Sharangovich, two hustlers to keep pressure on the opponent's blue liners, or maybe even a McLeod/Bastian tandem since they play so well together.
  7. Even though Zacha fanned on a shot, he and Zajac are excellent on the PK. Can't wait til Nico is back so the other line can be him and Sharangovich instead of Palmieri.
  8. Tuned in to this one pretty late, but pretty happy to see us posting a shutout so far. Is Blackwood still unfit to play or whatever because of Covid? Glad to see we got another PP goal too, and by Mr. Hughes of course, who's still on fire lately. Glad I'm not the only one.
  9. Whoa, wtf? Did NOT see that coming. I thought NBCSN was booming...? I thought between hockey, Nascar, and even horse racing (the Triple crown mainly) it had some strong anchors in programming and live sports, and then you add in everything else it showed. Personally, I'm a bit saddened to see the NHL relegated to the USA network. Sure it's a major channel on cable networks, but to me it is most well known for shows/movies/sitcoms and things like that - live sports is not at all what comes to mind when I first think of the USA cable channel, and I fear it's going to result in a prett
  10. Do we actually have the worst PK in the league (4 games into the season)? We were among the top last season...
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