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  1. I feel ya. Nice! I don't like how they have the Cup on display in the second level of the arena. I kinda like when it's always hidden and out of sight, not visible until the very end when there's a potentially Cup-winning game at stake. Sort of builds the anticipation and mystique.
  2. Feel bad for Greene, but happy for the local team here to be back in the finals - they've had such a good team for the past 5-7 years, and after last year's choke job they really needed this. I get why some people don't like some players on the Bolts, I'll be the first to admit that Kucherov comes across as a pretty huge baby or diva sometimes, and I didn't like Hedman's spear a few years ago one bit either, but the organization as a whole is first class, so I'd be happy for them if they won. Also would be happy for Coleman for obvious reasons. Will be interesting to see if Stamkos pl
  3. I like the hire. Always liked Recchi as a player, though hated who he played for of course. He had a great career so I can only imagine he'll bring good things to the team.
  4. lol, yeah that's a tough one. There's no fvcking chance I could root for the Flyers or Rangers, even if I was gonna win money (or bragging rights) because of it, and I'd probably have a hard time rooting for the Islanders and Penguins too, because we've been in a division with them for so long. The Isles are a pretty likable team, especially with the additions of Lou and Greene. While it'll be cool to win the bracket, I won't be upset if the Bolts win - I know some guys here hate some of their players from when we played them two years ago in the playoffs, but they really do have a pretty
  5. I would love for the Isles to chase Hart in this game. fvck the Flyers.
  6. Yep, and kind of sad lol - you'd think out of 6 of us making predictions, and 16 teams to choose from - some more obvious than others - one of us would have predicted it correctly.
  7. I didn't see anyone acknowledge this post in the first page of the thread, and I was wondering the exact same thing. I really see a ton of potential in Blackwood, maybe I'm being too hopeful and optimistic, but to me he looked great as a young starter, and I was excited to see him continue it. I feel like his easiest comparison is the other young guy playing south on the evil team in orange, and I was pretty pissed and upset when thinking about the fact that Carter Hart is still playing and getting to further his development and get more experience under his belt during a somewhat-deep playo
  8. The Carolina/Boston series to me was a coin flip, so I opted for the Canes just to go against the grain and try to pick up some points, figuring that most would probably pick Boston - I wish I hadn't done that, because other wise I'd have a near-perfect bracket at the moment, other than Vancouver over St. Louis which I just didn't see coming. But that's probably gonna change soon if the Stars can finish things off in the next two games. If the Avs and Flyers don't make comebacks, then none of us will have predicted the Cup winner correct.
  9. Yeah, that's essentially how I feel - I try to keep my phone rather simple and not have too many apps installed either. If the site looked like crap or was difficult to use and navigate in a browser on a phone then I'd use the app, but I don't really see the need or added value, so I probably won't use it either.
  10. It's pretty cool that we have the option to use the site directly through InvisionBoard's app, but to be honest, I think the site is already mobile-optimized, isn't it? I don't browse it much on my phone, usually I'm on my laptop, but when I do, I feel like it's easy to navigate on my phone, despite the small screen. Some websites, even in 2020, you can tell aren't meant to be displayed on a phone and they look like crap, but this site seems to be great if you ask me.
  11. Almost the same for me. I had Isles and Bolts advancing to Conf finals, with Isles actually winning, then losing to Colorado. fvck the Avs.
  12. Good question, and with Coleman being gone now, his value on the PK just went up. For the right price, I'd keep him around as a 4th line/depth player. He finally showed the ability to find the scoresheet a little bit last year.
  13. The world appears to be getting more and more immature, materialistic, and losing things like values, morals, and just human decency. So many people need to feel validated and heard, they need to feel like they're right, they need to get the last word, etc etc. All the stuff that you're supposed to go through and grow out of, which most people do, from the time you're a child, into adolescence, and eventually when you reach adulthood. I really do think it all stems from parenting - obviously not every family is the same, and not every child starts out with two parents, or even one parent, i
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