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  1. Brian takes: Chris Boswell: K-Pit Danny Amendola: WR-Mia and then there were seven......
  2. I see no PM, you get no eagles/Falcons tonight, enjoy Laflamme takes Kelvin Benjamin
  3. That's fine, hes my TE-2/flex option at best, and if he hits....awesome... if he dies.....he dies....
  4. He's healthy ....so screw it: I'll make the ei-ffert Tyler Eifert: TE-Cin Look I drafted before the season started after all
  5. F-O-L-L-O-W D-I-R-E-C-T-I-O-N-S I SPECIFCALLY asked for a PM since it's easier and more organized for ME to be able to find and all said people (yes Has I have yours, I also left them unread so it's easier to get to them when it matters) All "I'm starting this guy" in here requests will be IGNORED, I'm not going through five pages of pics because people can't follow basic instructions .....
  6. SAN DIEGO defense As long as they play in a "stadium" that gets out-drawn by the LA kings, they're San Diego to me!
  7. Laflamme takes M. Mariota (QB- Ten), J. Elliot (K-Phi) Brian takes: B. Bortles (QB-Jax), Vikings D
  8. I've never drafted this guy before....heh he hates his RBs...but loves his kickers.... I'll take Gostkowski K-NE
  9. If I don't have undisputed proof that the guy you wanted (aside of a kicker or D, when you only have one and obvious picks are obvious) .... I am in no way in the world believing that YOU KNEW the guy who gets 110 yards and 2 TD's was gonna be in your lineup unless you can show you did it before the deadline passed, the best and most reliable way is PM texts to my phone will get lost in all the normal sh!t I get on my phone and I can leave PM's sit till i hit the start league button
  10. Just re-reminding ALL PLAYERS THAT ARE PLAYING IN TONIGHT'S GAME THAT YOU WANT TO START MUST BE PM'ed TO ME BEFORE 8PM EST OR THEY WILL BE INELIGIBLE TO BE PUT INTO THE WEEK ONE LINEUP, you have 11 hours to figure this out, there will be NO exceptions to this rule .... geesh now I need another cup of tea to fix my throat 😛
  11. Oh good, no one took him Tyler Lockett WR-Sea ....this pick was made at about 70 MPH....
  12. Good thing i hit reload 😛 Laflamme wants J. Wikins (RB-Ind) Brian wants S. Ware (RB-KC), J. Crowder (WR-Was) and well.... crap.... laflamme's other choice was taken.... anyway.... on to work.... as long as he doesn't take who I want... I'm kinda good here
  13. I have two children at home, two laptops to rebuild and another live draft going on.... I don't have time to mother other grown adults that can click "NJDevs.com" on their own
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