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  1. Hockey Players of NJDevs -- Help!

    That's kinda become the thing now....since I play 3 days a week and I do 75 minutes a day on the treadclimber.....I kinda don't have much time for the NHL, and the "3 on 3 OT" gimmick was my "frak those guys" moment and I haven't seen a full NHL game in over 1 years, aside of Elias night....I'm more invested in my own games If your gym has yoga classes.....DO IT....seriously.....it will be the best thing you can do to negate the minor aches and "WTF moments" your body will have......
  2. Hockey Players of NJDevs -- Help!

    if you have a gym with the "wide treads" elliptical machines, those are awesome and simulate the best skating motion you can while not actually skating (I like the treadclimber too, but that's an uncommon one) ....also for when you get started....yoga.....seriously, nothing helps the aches, pains and strengthens the things that matter more effectively (or as I call it "my counter-balance to all the damage I do by playing all the time" not a big fan of the roller blade option, there a HUGE difference in cutting the ice with skates and trotting out on roller blades (I can't make a roller stop, but I can stop on ice just fine) ....public skates are good for just reps on skates but when you get too good, you'll piss off people at the public sessions too, but it's good to get back into it...but hell if I can start at 36 and be functional, you should have no issues
  3. 2018 JETS

    was mentioned on sirius this morning too but their reaction was "no way do the Browns get cute and mess around at the top like that"
  4. NFL 2017 Offseason

    PLEASE....the NFL has suspended people for a LOT less.....it would only be fair if the Gestapo-Hammer smacked on Princess Odell....but that might make him grow up too.......
  5. NFL 2017 Offseason

    Anything in writing would get the Rooney Rule shoved so far up their ass they'd have to call Zolac out of the booth to QB the team for three years If anything the Colts lied about Luck's recovery (again) and he said screw this and stayed in the safer place......
  6. NFL 2017 Offseason

    Tomlin won't get fired till Brown and Ben retire and Bell follows the money he delusionally thinks he's worth....those guys cover up over half the idiotic decisions that guy makes.......
  7. NFL 2017 Offseason

    screw Drew Brees and Peyton's challenge tantrums they deserved to get roasted....but HOLY sh!t THAT FINISH.... also Tomlin twice on 4th and 1 doesn't give the ball to his ogre QB and fall forward an inch..... I love the fact that three of the final four are Bortles, Foles, Keenum and the guy with the Diet Plan.....maybe this will cut into the lunacy of "I need a big name QB and will pay him half my cap to get him"
  8. NFL 2017 Offseason

    Is there a bigger dope of a coach who gets bailed out time and time and time again by the insane amount of talent on his team more than Mike Tomlin??? it's just amazing how much they compensate for his idiotic decisions.....
  9. NFL 2017 Offseason

    blackmail, bribery, naked pictures and a mass commitment to giving zero fraks about winning from management....this is "holding onto Jason Garret" levels of bad....oh wait.....
  10. NFL 2017 Offseason

    It's been almost 24 hours and there's ZERO victory dance from Sanborn about the Bills and the EPIC FLACCO-FAIL...... CMOOONNNN!!!!
  11. NY sports radio talk show hosts who are Devils fans

    THIS, with all the options I have on Sirius/XM local radio can burn to the ground and I'd not shed a single tear....
  12. you've been warned....you have some 24-ish hours to make your "oh sh!t just in case" changes.....you will know who is practicing and who is not and who you can count on and who you will not I have two nine year olds in my life, that's enough children to watch over .....and influence .......
  13. oh and FYI, I'll be locking the rosters again around Thursday for people wanting to make last minute keeper-grabs or final game changes.....
  14. NFL Week 15

    Better idea FIX THE GODDAMN CATCH RULE..... 2 feet + possession of the ball = a DAMNED CATCH This is what happens when idiots and lawyers need to justify their jobs and make things more difficult than they SHOULD BE
  15. NFL Week 15

    that game was so unappealing last night I pushed up my annual gift from my GF to see Star Wars from Saturday to Thursday night (plus I kinda need to see San Diego and KC on Sat night since both my money league teams have Hunt, Gordon and the SD defense.....as well as one with Rivers....there was no way I was paying attention to the movie with that much on the line ) .....glad to see I missed NOTHING last night!