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  1. Seems I can not find a high resoltuion shot anywere. I was looking at print size of 16x20 but I can not find it anywere. Anyone seen one at all? Thank get back!
  2. Here are some pictures from doc night simple as that. Follow me on flickr if you guys want. I think they are my photos are used for a devils blog from the generals! DSC00852 by NJtree, on Flickr DSC00848 by NJtree, on Flickr DSC00838 by NJtree, on Flickr DSC00837 by NJtree, on Flickr maybe more to come due to time and minor editing details -Dan
  3. anyone have 1 ticket at all???? if so PM me
  4. I was wondering about the that signing. Also Marty is on the same day. Is there any update on marty signing at all and who it coming with him? it is only 2 days away. Is there tickets still forsale?
  5. moose def killed the flyers this year when he faced them right? When I was at the flyers game at there arena it was the best I have seen moose play. age this and age that. who cares they can still do it then let them play! I will get a moose jersey this year if he says ok!
  6. tree

    Vault sale?

    Anyone have better idea of what the vault sale is? Just a other season ticket trap? I wish the devils would be detail on this if they want the fans to come out. Even a teaser pic of what will be there. Looks like it goes from fri/sat from 5:45 to end of the 1st period right? Is this just equipment sale? Well anyone has more info that would be nice. I think something the generals could help on a bit.
  7. I was wondering does any have or seen a picture of his first goal? I know it was a big mess on the side of the net but anything? Please help me find a good picture.
  8. I play goalie and well 3 things one its was hard finding leg pads that I was comfortable with all seems to small. Same thing with stick all seem to short for me. shoulder pads as you can see i have wide shoulders and the pads would be to short longways so they would bunch up. I used sony a33 d-slr. I still have to play with the settings and try a new lense. Over all it is a awesome camera.
  9. just got back from mikes. it was first time and there and I had a great time. I wish there more sports bar like that in general. I talked to mike right when I wAs leaving and he gave me a shout out from drving from exit 77 if anyone heard that. it was me, I really wnted that clarkson jersey.
  10. took me a bit to get my pictures up. Over all it was a great time. Fun talking to everyone. I got 6 autograpahs 4 pucks and 2 cards. I hope to do this again or something in that measurement. When do they do the devils bbq? I'm really pissed my picture with me and rolston didn't come out good. I really wanted a picture with him the most. I have always like him as a devil. I took that shot of the empty arena I think it looks awesome! I just wish it was the ice and not the court.
  11. CLUB 9 ROW 18 SEATS 3-4 I me and my girl got on stubhub last night for 68.00 bucks. Good deal and can't be it! anyone wants to stop by and say hi please do. I'll be wearing 80's green and red jersey and devils hat black hat. My girls first club seat game. -tree GO DEVILS!
  12. please get back were are your tickets.
  13. anyone got free tickets? just wondering were the seats were as college nights seats are up at top but last give away was at lower levels. I wish someone knows. get back!
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