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  1. Just got my tickets to Albany's opening night. On the glass in 108. Super excited.
  2. Nice and simple. I like them. God I cant wait for hockey!
  3. You say that now that tickets are up for grabs.
  4. Quinn01


    Yeah I think I spent over 10 for a 4 pack. Such is life I guess when it comes to decent beer.
  5. Quinn01


    Had my first beer from Ommegang Brewery up in Cooperstown, NY. Fantastic beer and I plan on getting other beers from their brewery.
  6. Solid 3rd liner. I would love to see him paired up with JJ and Clarkson.
  7. When do they usually come out with who is carrying it letters?
  8. Just put in for my Sal jersey with them today ontop of having a $10 off purchase coupon. Says it will be shipped September....good enough for me as I wont be needing it until regular season anyway.
  9. I have a 56 away authentic that the front crest is signed by clarkson and sykora for sale for 200. Its a bit bigger then what you are looking for but I figured Id let you know. I bought it from the Devils Den but I dont wear it and wont since I am getting a Salvador jersey this season.
  10. I went to a playoff game last year before they won. The seating was horrible. These cheap ass plastic uncomfortable seats. The team however and the game were alot of fun. Im sad to see them go because I would have gone to see more games this season. As far as attendance goes, the game I went to there were probably like 50 of us for the outlaws and maybe 30 for Danbury. They should have looked at moving the team up to Skylands in Stockholm, NJ.
  11. Thanks for the nomination and the few that voted for me! Im actually honored to be up there with the others listed.
  12. Quinn01


    Yeah thats a good way to put it.
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