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  1. Hockey should be 4 on 4 the whole game

    why not just make hockey a shootout for a full 60mins... If it is a tie after 60 minutes then it goes to goalie fight... so much better than 4 on 4 see... lol
  2. GDT: Bruins vs Devils 7pm MSG+

    go umm yeah ok!
  3. Lineup as follows: And last but not least :koolaid: Score some goals Elias 1000points, 400 goals, and 600 assists pregame recognition tonight!
  4. GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm

    Cory vs the pengs? interesting in of itself
  5. GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm

    Lets Go Devils! i was just coming here to start a GDT if ine wasnt here.... lol huge excitement for this game gdt at nearly 6pm...
  6. Dowd accused of assault while coaching

    from the limited intetaction i had with dowd he doesnt seem like the type to do something like this. he seems to really care about kids and goes out of his way for them when possible
  7. Wild @ Devils

    I gave my tickets away also, but then got free tickets... I may go after all. but wanting this: New Backup tonight??
  8. Predict Marty's future role with the Devils

    stick boy? ;0p. if anything working with thr front office....
  9. Let's start a pool of where Brodeur will end up

    Islanders.... if not NJ....
  10. GDT-April Fools Edition- Devils vs Sabres-7pm

    Did we really get 2 goals in shootout? and lost...
  11. The Thread Formerly Known as The Reasons for Optimism Thread

    Win tuesday and I will be happy
  12. GDT: 1/21/14 Blues @ Devils

    game in philly is cancelled... hmmm http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=701651 NEW YORK / TORONTO -- Tonight's game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Carolina Hurricanes at Wells Fargo Center, NHL Game No. 749, has been postponed due to the snow emergency declared in the city of Philadelphia. A makeup date will be announced as soon as it can be confirmed.
  13. Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

    tickets available here for 1/26 game http://click.email1.msg.com/?qs=5a33d72e653a00dc30c52647c63b67c9e08d5e7699a5a41e93bff74eec75157c6aab0ff4d4d689f6 code: NYRFAN Delta Suite row 2 @ 349 each
  14. GDT: 1/21/14 Blues @ Devils

    I came to post something like that. Parkway ans 280 are complete sh!t right now. Parkway south not moving, 280 the same. 15 min drive home from newark today is over 2 hours now and still not done (and that is going north which is kinda moving)