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  1. It won't make him a better player but it wouldn't hurt to have him experience a Playoff-type atmosphere in facing off against players he will no doubt encounter in the NHL. I think that would be good for his development but I'm not the Coach. That said, your second point is valid since the game could turn nasty so I can see why it's better Jack sit this one out. But I doubt protecting Jack from injury was what Blashill had in mind. He just seems like he doesn't know what he is doing as a Head Coach. Maybe Hynes should take over.....or not. "The blind leading the Blind" comes to mind when I think that.
  2. glenwo2

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Does anyone here think the Devils can go after Panarin?
  3. This is surprising yet not surprising, if that makes any sense. Surprising in that in the biggest game thus far involving an opponent that consists of all NHL players (which would've been good for his development), Jack is sitting (albeit for Gaudreau but still...). Unsurprising 'cause it's Blashill. sigh....
  4. Well I liked it that Crisis responded in a mature manner, letting me know what the reason might have been. Even he wasn't sure but it made sense to me. And he didn't call me an "uneducated idiot" either so props to him. And I make emotional posts because they're Fun to make. If I end up being wrong, I'll take my lumps of course but I do appreciate when I get proper explanations instead of insults. I *can* learn, you know?
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Funny either way.
  6. glenwo2

    2019 Offseason Thread

    My fear that he was a flash in the pan...ENDED this past season despite the freak injuries he suffered. Even the Devils owner views Bratt is part of the Core alongside Hall and Nico. (and now we will soon add Hughes to that mix)
  7. 3 men walk into a bar..... ....oh wait. You probably meant resident comedians who are actually FUNNY. Well that leaves me out.
  8. LOL. "After all we know we're sh!t!" HIGHLIGHTS :
  9. Is that right? That WOULD explain such a befuddling decision.
  10. LOL!! What kind of IDIOT COACH would pull their Goaltender in a 4-4 tie game? Sweden got control of the puck and got an easy tie-breaking (and game-winning) EMPTY-NET goal.
  11. Wow. Sweden got hosed on a goal scored by Latvia that was an OBVIOUS OFFSIDES but the Refs and the video review was blown. They need glasses. Oh and Bratt once again relegated to 13th man. WHAT THE HELL?!?! IS HE *THAT* INJURED?
  12. glenwo2

    Hughes or Kakko

    In my stupid (I think) opinion, there is nothing that Kakko does that is better today than the best of the NHL whereas I would challenge you to find 10-20 NHL'ers who skate and pass better than Hughes. (notice I said 10-20 instead of just 1 or 2....I'm so sneaky )
  13. Ever have that feeling where you're the only one posting in this thread? Very good game by Cory, indeed. Jack almost had a goal there, too. What I didn't appreciate was the constant BINGO-Balling of the lines by Blashill. Aside from that, Good win by the USA team.
  14. glenwo2

    Hughes or Kakko

    There's something dirty about that comment but.....yeah, you're right.
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