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  1. But he won't and Shero is not Chiarelli-level stupid to offer him such a lowball contract extension.
  2. You two know me so well....
  3. Well I know what award I'm winning. Go ahead, MB3. Say it.
  4. That no-look pass by Bratt to Zacha......jesus....
  5. And even more shocking : I'm not one of them.
  6. Maybe they're figuratively kicking the tires on him as possible insurance just in case?
  7. "That's not worth applause, dawg"
  8. Cam Talbot, huh? I guess that's understandable since there's still a question of how Cory does this season. Hopefully the finish to the NHL season he had was a sign he was getting his stuff back together. Anyway, it's good to have insurance which Cam will almost certainly be in case Cory shows he doesn't have it anymore.
  9. Yeah I do notice that when you get a notification, and you click on it, that poster's post does show up even though you have him on ignore. You would have to refresh the page again to ignore it. And yeah of course if someone is replying to someone you ignore, you're going to see the post but that doesn't bother me much. Now that I think about it, I think I'll turn off my notifications since that's the real issue. lol.
  10. Thank you for the respectful response. I get what you're saying. No one wants to be walking on egg-shells. But it's one thing to needle someone a bit in a joking, playful manner but it's totally different from what's occurring with me. And while HFboard mods can be a bit annoying-as-fvck with their "rules" and garbage like that, it still makes (for me anyway) for a place where you post something and you get nothing but either respectful disagreements (most times anyway...lol), agreements, or your post just gets ignored. I'm fine with either of the those three so it's all good. But all that said, I'll still be here posting regardless 'cause I like Alternative Devils messageboards.
  11. I show respect to other posters here. I don't mock them, insult them, or denigrate them. Why can't I be given the same courtesy? That's not "taking myself too seriously". That's me trying to enjoy my experience here at njdevs and not being able to because of those factors.
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