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  1. Triumph

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Not great results here with some other teams falling into the Devils' face, but there's still a wide gap at the bottom. 25. CHI -2 26: ANA -4 27: NJD -5 28: EDM -5 29: DET -6 30: LAK -6 31: OTT -9
  2. Triumph

    GDT: Devils at St. Louis at 8pm 2/12 - MSG+

    I mean, we both know this team right now with the players they have is just going to get outplayed most nights. There's not enough talent on the ice. I feel like a lot of fans I see blame effort on a lot of nights when that's not the problem. But last night, Severson's just not doing enough. The way the team in general to me doesn't look like a team playing without 'effort' - if anything, there's too much effort, too many guys trying to do it themselves, or guys forcing plays. It's unfocused effort.
  3. Triumph

    GDT: Devils at St. Louis at 8pm 2/12 - MSG+

    I can handle losing and I can handle the team being bad, but there's got to be a higher level than this. They can be getting beat all over the ice, that's expected of a team this bad, but the breakaways and 2 on 1s against are unacceptable.
  4. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Montreal would claim Agostino right back. The claim of Agostino to me serves two purposes - 1: the Devils need bodies to finish out the season and 2: The Devils could re-sign Agostino to a big two-way deal next season. Binghamton could really use a player like him.
  5. Triumph

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Not a great weekend for the tank but at least Ottawa won. 27: LAK -4 28: ANA -5 29: NJD -5 30: DET: -6 31: OTT -8
  6. Triumph

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Ottawa buying would be profoundly stupid - I know Toronto tried this in 1991 as well, but they just have to live with whatever happens. Ottawa's win last night still means they are 3 points behind New Jersey with NJ having a game in hand.
  7. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    If they were fully giving up on Yakovlev they would've just sent him back to Russia - he has a European Assignment Clause in his contract, so he can choose to play in Russia under this contract.
  8. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Zajac is not worth 5.75M going forward, but his performance this year looks to be worth something around $5M on the open market. It isn't easy to find players who can do what Zajac does. The issue with his tenure here has often been that he's been put in spots where he's bound to fail. He's not a dynamic player. He doesn't make great plays in space, he's not a great skater, he's not particularly creative. He is, however, great on a hard forechecking line - great along the boards. With Jagr and Parise he shined, with Kovalchuk and Cammalleri he wilted.
  9. Triumph

    GDT: Lou vs Devils 7:00 @ The Rock

    The difference is that those Devils teams dominated the run of play and these Islanders do not. Their garbage offense will be exposed - I mean it was tonight, putting 1 goal up against the Hall-less Devils isn't very good, even though Schneider played well. I actually didn't think the Devils played poorly, the Islanders try to reduce chances against but the Devils didn't go long stretches without a shot or chance, and they weren't hemmed in lots of the game despite the lineup they iced. Bratt had another solid game, I thought Zacha did some nice things, they just didn't get the bounce they needed for the win.
  10. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I'm not pretending Zajac is some unique player, but the trouble is that free agency seldom offers good players - it is difficult to replace players of Zajac's ability in free agency. A lot of centers don't make it to UFA. A player who does everything Zajac does for the Devils, even less often. Plus teams want guys who can do what Zajac does, so they tend to be expensive. Zajac plays 5 on 5, PK, and PP for NJ. He's had a real comeback season. This team needs more good players, not fewer. If they could've gotten a 1st round pick for him in 2015-16, great, go ahead. This team has to be good next year and it's going to be harder to do that without Zajac.
  11. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    You're not going to replace Zajac in free agency and if you do you'll just go through the same issue with the free agent. His play absolutely will decline but the Devils can live with that - they need to put someone in front of Zajac on the depth chart, not get rid of him and then have 2 holes to fill.
  12. Triumph

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    But what does he insure? Teams rarely want a 3rd goaltender unless their backup can be sent through waivers. He has to be demonstrably better than the backup and that's just not true on a lot of these teams.
  13. Triumph

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Kinkaid's name keeps coming up from respected journalists. I don't really know where he'd go but it seems like there's a chance he will be moved. I really didn't think there would be much of a market for him.
  14. Triumph

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Last night was a huge win for the tank, although we've certainly seen those backfire before. CHI: -3 ANA: -3 DET: -4 LAK: -5 NJD: -5 OTT: -9 I don't think the Devils are catching up to Ottawa. But they've got a real good shot at 30th.
  15. Triumph

    GDT: Kings @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+ Boo Kovy Editon

    I really didn't think the Devils played that poorly tonight. They didn't get many big stops - the Kings hit their shots and NJ didn't. I didn't really see people saying how bad NJ played when they did this last Monday to Pittsburgh. But so it goes.

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