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  1. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Greene's cap hit doesn't not count in the minors - $1M of it would be exempt, but the rest counts. I can't see Shero buying both guys out because it puts dead money on to 20-21 which he absolutely should not be doing. But I also don't think Greene is no longer an NHL defenseman, he just needs a reduced role. He's starting to get somewhat of a reduced role with Butcher playing more.
  2. Triumph

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    I can't really talk about the hex on Cory - no idea how goal #1 went in even after seeing it 4 times, I don't know how the puck goes in or whether it hits anything, and then the obvious ones. He's got to do better on goal #3, but the rest, I don't know how he's at fault. He still looks bad out there, don't get me wrong, but I think given that he stopped so many shots off Ducks sticks, he's at least earned one more start. Will Butcher got 25 minutes of ice time tonight. The Devils are liking what he's doing and are giving him more responsibility. I like it - he seems to have recovered from the injury early in the season and is playing good hockey again. The Devils need to see if this guy is any good at handling a larger role.
  3. Triumph

    Devils Goaltending

    Maybe all it takes is one game for Cory to get back to normal, but as he is now, he is virtually unplayable. I'd like to see him get Anaheim tomorrow night, but I understand why the coaching staff would be hesitant. As he's playing now, the Devils cannot give Cory 'an extended period' - he's just playing too awful.
  4. Triumph

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    I don't think LA got that many high quality chances, and I don't think the Devils made poor decisions in their D zone very often. One was Nico's decision to poke a faceoff back to the point, basically winning a faceoff for LA in a dangerous position. Other than that, can't remember a ton of things leading to big scoring chances for LA vis a vis the D-zone alone - much more of what went wrong involved neutral zone play.
  5. Triumph

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    The Devils played fine in the defensive zone. Butcher blew the 2 on 1 chance against and that ended up in the net. But their zone coverage was really good. What has to improve are some of the decisions in the neutral zone and the turnovers that leads to - there's too many 2 on 1 chances that come off of those.
  6. Triumph

    Devils Goaltending

    All but $1M or so of Schneider's cap hit would count in Binghamton.
  7. Triumph

    Devils Goaltending

    If Cory continues like this, he can't be on the team next year. I'd say if his SV% isn't over .900 by the end of the year, they've got to get rid of him - and that's with an awareness that .900 isn't good, but it means that his SV% was quite good from this point until the end of the season. The Devils can't wait for a compliance buyout (which may never arrive) - they have to either trade him or buy him out this offseason. Trading him while picking up half his contract might work, especially to take on a shorter deal with more money (e.g. Scott Darling's) that they can then buy out, but that's only if he shows some improvement here - there's no way anyone will take him on when his SV% is well below .900. The trouble is that Kinkaid isn't showing a whole lot here recently. It's a long season and maybe he'll recover, but he doesn't look capable of handling 60 games a year. That's not surprising - he's mostly been an average goalie in his career. The UFA goalie market doesn't look great - Varlamov's having a nice season, but he's 31 in April, Bobrovsky is not having a good season and he wants big money on his next deal. I'm really not sure what the way forward here is other than that it cannot be Kinkaid and Schneider next season.
  8. Triumph

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    You don't get better by trading one player. Moreover, you don't get a good deal when you're trading players on an underachieving team. That jelly jar gets brought up all the time, but what doesn't get brought up is that the Devils lost that series in 5 games. Yelling and screaming isn't going to get these players out of this - I'm sure they're doing a lot of it.
  9. Triumph

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    He came out after the Devils lost 10 games in 2016-17 and told the team to play fvcking harder. Like, there's not a whole lot else to be done. If there's a waiver move for a goalie, maybe try it.
  10. Triumph

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    The Devils weren't that bad defensively tonight. Some better placed sticks perhaps - goal #1 appeared to go off Vatanen's stick and in, if it didn't, it was a bad goal for Kinkaid to let in. Goal #2, Coleman looked to have just touched the puck on the pass - had he gotten even a little more of it, it goes awry likely - goal #3 hit someone in front and went in, goal #4 is the one that started with Hall turning the puck over, and goal #5, Zacha almost disrupted but didn't. Almost almost almost - on defense. The Devils were MIA on offense, though. That's the thing - I don't think they played that poorly defensively, Keith's gotta make some stops, but they played so badly on offense that they didn't really have a chance to be out of position defensively. Yakovlev got the big chance and scored, but it's hard for me to remember any real grade A chances beyond that one. Obviously Hall was atrocious tonight - turnovers, forcing plays - it's on nights like tonight where you see why Edmonton might've given up on him, even though it was a terrible decision to do so. The goalies have to figure this out. Otherwise Shero's got to bring in another goalie here. It's not fair to Hynes that he would be let go with these performances in net. He can't coach the goalies to stop the puck.
  11. Triumph

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    Draisaitl is not very good and any smart Edmonton fan would trade him for Nico in a second
  12. Triumph

    GDT - Devils @ Capitals 11/30/18, 7:00pm

    If the team trend continues and he can stay healthy, Johansson will be dealt at the deadline - and the Devils will probably at least recover a 2nd round pick for him.
  13. Triumph

    This team needs a massive brawl

    I mean, it'll make you feel better, so that's good. It's not going to happen. Also, Wilson isn't scared of anyone and he took a stupid match penalty - what are the Devils supposed to do against that?
  14. Triumph

    GDT - Devils @ Capitals 11/30/18, 7:00pm

    Kinkaid gave them one, the PP wasn't good enough, and the big chances the D let up mostly all went in. The first period wasn't good enough. The 2nd is where they could've won the game but alas they gave up 1 right away and couldn't finish those breakaways. If it's not one thing, it's something else on this team.
  15. Triumph

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Stafford is probably worse but also had to know what he was getting into. I guess the rest of the lineup has enough versatility that Stafford can always slide in and someone can move over, but it's often hard to keep an extra forward who is always the extra forward - guys want to play. Someone at the end of his career like Stafford isn't exactly playing for the next contract.

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