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  1. I don't know how Nico Hischier is 'unproven'. Anyway that's the only way you ever get any value is by betting on players who might be better than their results have shown so far. The Devils are almost certain to not recoup full value on a Taylor Hall contract even though he's much more proven, because most teams are aware of what his value should be, and are willing to pay him for too long to produce those results.
  2. Have some self-awareness - you and CR76 and the rest high-fived each other for slamming him. 'I miss him'. Pathetic.
  3. Yeah, I agree they were harder on pucks tonight, but I think their game against Edmonton was better. Although I will say I liked the penalty kill when I saw it, which was pretty frequently. As for Simmonds, he is not big. He is taller than the average NHLer, but he weighs 185, which isn't tiny but is certainly below the average.
  4. The Devils goals were as follows - A shot off the mask that somehow went in five-hole A goal off a faceoff rebound A goal off a player's ass A goal that basically came as the result of a defender's stick breaking in the middle of play An empty-netter I know the Devils got chances they didn't convert on, but they definitely got plenty of breaks on the offensive end.
  5. Didn't get to watch all of this one with the Yankees on, but I didn't get the sense that the Devils played all that well. They just got some breaks and Blackwood played well. There seemed to be more attention to detail, but then breakdowns like goal #1 where Hughes is skating around covering nothing.
  6. PK Subban does not have no idea how to clear the crease. He got outpositioned on that 6th goal but it didn't help that there were 2 Panthers and Severson was off covering nothing.
  7. I'm not suggesting that, which is why this discussion is so asinine. I'm saying the coaching staff didn't put players in a position to succeed and that that is bad. I'm being told that coaching is the problem with the team.
  8. I doubt you can define either analytics or a cargo cult. But it's fun to talk about like that, certainly. R-R pairings were a big reason why things went so poorly today in the D zone. It's playing players in positions they are not comfortable in and they have to make a lot of quick reads from a different part of the ice. Carrick is not used to defending a shooter coming in from that side as Connolly was.
  9. Again, you're talking without knowledge. Teams go L-L. Teams rarely go R-R, and the results of R-R pairings have been historically worse than L-L pairings.
  10. Repeatedly blowing leads is an issue of having R-R pairs in that that makes your team worse. It makes them worse offensively and defensively. That's the point I'm trying to make. Just yelling about 'it's the coaches' doesn't say anything. Part of it is the situations they're putting the players in. They had R-R pairs on the PK today also.
  11. I'm questioning sitting Mueller, bringing up Tennyson, and playing him. R-R pairs don't typically work. This is a known thing - the analytics department of the Devils certainly knows it. The roster construction, I understand somewhat just because they carved out a spot for Smith and he couldn't take it.
  12. Two questions about today - I don't understand going with 5 RHD. I get that Mueller sucks. I get that Smith couldn't play here and I get that Greene is hurt and I get that the organization really doesn't have NHL worthy LHD who are in the minors. They have Joe Morrow, who is a 7th D at best, and Colton White, who is probably worse than that. But these right-handed D being asked to play the left side don't know what they're doing there. Goal #1 happens because Severson gets out of position and no one picks up Huberdeau. That's not to say it doesn't happen with an LHD but it's less likely to happen. Goal #3 happens with Carrick not being able to stop Connolly - he neither blocks the shot nor disrupts Connolly's stick position. I don't remember the other question. It may well be time to fire Hynes because the players don't seem to be doing the smaller things that help teams win. If Palmieri manages to get that puck deep at the end of the 2nd, it probably ends 4-2 and then at least there's a cushion there. He doesn't and they don't.
  13. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    The Devils finished out the 2016-17 season losing 19 of 21 and made the playoffs the next year. If you want an in season example, the Devils lost 10 of 12 in 2017-18 and they went on to win 19 of the next 33.
  14. Triumph

    Fire Hynes

    It's not, no, it's just about how your grip on the facts is always, at best, tenuous. They dominated the Edmonton game. Just saying stuff about 'losers' isn't enough. The team could easily be 2-3-0. The 2012 Devils, a team a lot of people like to go back to, had 3 regulation wins in their first 16 games. They just managed to win 4 shootouts and pick up 4 points in extra time besides. Any team can have a 900 PDO stretch over 5 games, and if this was just during the season, people would be upset but it wouldn't lead people to freak out.
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