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  1. Triumph

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    No, it's showing that he gets into the offensive zone a lot. His linemates weren't that good and he is a terrible passer, but it's still a valuable skill and Wood's a player worth having on the team. Not only does he enter a lot, but he gets a lot of breakaways.
  2. Triumph

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    I wanted 5 years. 4 years at 2.75 when Kase is making 2.6/3 and Wilson got 5.1/6 is a pretty good deal for the Devils.
  3. Triumph

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    4 years at this price is a great deal. I was very surprised when it was reported that they were talking about a 2 year deal because that's when so many other players are free agents. This is almost exactly what I wanted out of this deal.
  4. Triumph

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    I would never say this. Draft pick position just doesn't matter after a certain time, and for Bratt that time has passed - he's an NHL-quality player. Likewise for Zacha, it doesn't matter - I can guarantee that his first two NHL seasons predict his career more accurately than where he was drafted.
  5. Triumph

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    The history of #6 picks isn't a bunch of superstars and Zacha. There's a ton of guys picked #6 who were total busts, and players who had middling careers. And that goes for basically any pick after 6 as well. Not defending the pick of Zacha, but 1214 is exactly right - Zacha had nothing to do with being selected #6 overall. The Devils up until right now have not been a team that regularly used 20 year old forwards. Zacha' was tied for 2nd in goals among 20 year old Devils forwards in the last 25 years, and #1 was Gomez's rookie year. It's just not something Devils fans have seen much of, a forward growing in the NHL. He's probably not going to be a star. And the way in which he doesn't live up to expectations is going to be more upsetting - hockey fans typically don't like people who pass rather than shoot and who play positional hockey instead of running guys over. He's still learning and it doesn't always happen right away, even for high draft picks.
  6. Triumph

    GDT: Devils @ IsLOUnders 7:00 PM MSG, MSG+

    I came away impressed by Studenic again. I don't understand how this guy didn't beat up on junior hockey - he's very smart with the puck and he knows where it should go. I think he'll do just fine in the AHL this season.
  7. Triumph

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I think we can pretty safely say that Europe should stick with their system and North America should stick with its system. The only clubs I do have sympathy for in Europe are clubs who are probably at the middle of the table who really have no shot at the championship and the challenge is to be around .500. But otherwise at the bottom of the Premier League the goal seems to be to remain in the top division and for everyone else it's to get promoted. The drawback to the North American system, especially with hockey, is that lockouts are absolutely inevitable and there's no downside to them for the owners.
  8. Triumph

    GAME THREAD 1: NYR @ NJ 7:00 September 17th

    Whatever he posted would be more interesting to me than you guys making fun of him, that's for sure.
  9. Triumph

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I disagree. I think it was more than sustainable. Baseball's luxury tax is not heavy - the Yankees have paid the majority of luxury taxes ever paid, the Dodgers have paid most of the rest, and it's a miniscule amount of total league revenues. What would've made the pre-2005 era sustainable is more teams realizing that signing 31 year old players is generally a bad idea. That's what we're seeing in baseball now, the market for a lot of players has dried up because teams have realized it's much better to invest in young players and to not reward players for past performance. It's been speculated that the players are going to ask for a salary cap with a salary floor in the next baseball CBA negotiation. I wouldn't consider law that free of a market either given how it works, but I suppose all labor markets have various constraints on them - that said, NHL players do well, but there's a reason why a lot of them go broke and fewer people who practice in Big Law don't, and that's the fact that players have to be socking away cash for when they're not playing, because many of them have quite limited earning potential once they leave professional sports. A court enjoined the NFLPA from doing it because, as I recall, the court didn't think they were credibly trying to not negotiate as a union. The idea that Boyle or Grabner would be out of work in a different system is an absurdity - there's clearly demand for hockey in all 31 NHL cities as well as overseas, but the question is how strong is the demand? And again, I already said I'm not in favor of decertification and can't pretend it would help absolutely every player, but do I think it would help the majority - yes.
  10. Triumph

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    I'm not in favor of union decertification nor am I in favor of the European system - I enjoy drafts even though they're inherently unfair and anti-labor - but I do think players would make more money in that system. We already saw it in the NHL - with owners having absolutely no cap on spending, they will spend, or else collude to not spend. From what little I've read, a much higher portion of revenues of soccer clubs goes towards player salaries in European soccer than it does here.
  11. I'll let Amanda's nicely handwritten lines suffice:
  12. Split squad action, Amanda has the lines:
  13. Triumph

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    The idea that the players share blame 50/50 with the owners is ridiculous, as is the idea that players should've taken less money because the owners weren't making a profit. It is not incumbent upon players that the owners make money - that is the owner's job, and if he cannot, then he should sell the business to someone who thinks he can. The fact that the stewards for these teams were usually ex-players or otherwise nepotistically chosen people (and still are) should've been more of a point of examination. It sure seemed like about 15 teams were counting on making the Conference Finals to turn a profit (and the Devils were one of these teams) The players got nothing out of the 2012 lockout except for 'more than what was offered by ownership at the outset'. These lockouts are deliberate, owners make more money by doing it, and it's not going to stop until the players decertify the union or make a legitimate threat to do so.
  14. Triumph

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Of course no one was talking about Lucic like that, because he was a free agent in Summer 2016 when everyone here knew that the Devils were not in the market for free agents. That was not really true this summer and certainly a lot of people in Internet Devils fandom were mad that no one was signed. Not really. I mean sure, it's different than Lucic, but is he categorically different from Parise or Toews? He's better than both, but he's a smaller guy who has played a ton of hockey and has already sustained some major injuries. The worst case scenario is much worse than this - McLeod and Anderson are certainly potential top 9 NHL forwards but their upside is not much higher than that at present. They might be better but very little in their history suggests this. We can revisit this statement in 3 years when it will likely sound ridiculous. The point here is that the Devils aren't likely going to be getting a ton of value with the cost-controlledness of these players, and all their presently cost-controlled players will become more expensive in the meantime. Plus it looks like they have an impending goalie crisis.
  15. Triumph

    2018 Offseason Thread

    We weren't talking about Milan Lucic as a player in this category of 'terrible contracts' 3 years ago, which is precisely the point. If a 27 year old Milan Lucic entered the FA market this off-season people here would've been clamoring for him. Karlsson's obviously a step or two up but that's no reason why a big deal like that can't go sideways, especially with his injury history. The team that has the most efficient use of cap space generally wins the Presidents' Trophy. Not always, but usually. It takes a few years for this to happen. Right now the Devils' organization isn't really ready for this - they don't have a lot of players ready to step into the NHL.

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