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  1. Triumph

    2019 Offseason Thread

    It seemingly always has to be brought up - if Stamkos stayed in Sarnia until he was 20, Boucher never would've had a chance at that record. Stamkos scored 51 goals in the NHL when he was 19, how many do you think he would've scored against junior goalies and defenses? Most junior team scoring records are held by guys like Boucher rather than future NHL stars. Boqvist may not be anything in the NHL, but there's a lot of reasons to be hopeful that he is something.
  2. Triumph

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Hahah love how this is now Sterio's memories of why PK Subban is bad. He had a down year this season but before that he was one of the best defensemen in the world. The idea that he always spins and turns the puck over is nuts. The last 3 years he played in Montreal, the team was +20 with him on the ice and -7 with him off. But yeah, his teammates for some reason hated the guy.
  3. Playmakers make goal scorers. The Devils could certainly use shoot-first wingers, but with Hughes and Hischier as centers for at least the next 7 years, they shouldn't be paying a premium for them - Hughes and Hischier will make decent players into big goal scorers. Shero knows this better than anyone, so I'm not concerned.
  4. Glad to be of service. This thread has been a lot of fun - let's never do it again.
  5. Yeah, this is where I'm at. I'd even be content with 5 given how we slid down to 3rd worst. But 6th would be quite annoying - thankfully it's somewhat unlikely.
  6. Missed the game but it's just as well. 29: NJD -11 30: LAK -11 Los Angeles would 'win' any tiebreakers so they have to finish with more points than the Devils.
  7. No, this is bad news - the Devils 'winning' tiebreakers means they finish ahead. Buffalo has fewer regulation/OT wins and LA has a worse goal differential, so they would finish behind us in the event of a tie (provided the Devils don't, e.g. win a shootout and lose in regulation and Buffalo wins 2 games in regulation).
  8. Some hope in this miserable season. I've been following Dellow's work for 10 years now and he's got a sharp mind. It can't hurt to have people like this in the organization.
  9. Los Angeles pulls off the stunner in Arizona. 28: BUF -8 29: NJD -10 30: LAK -11 New Jersey presently loses tiebreakers to both Buffalo and Los Angeles, so if they end up tied with either (or both) in points they will lose on tiebreakers.
  10. With their win tonight, the Red Wings have clinched finishing ahead of the Devils. The highest the Devils can finish now is 28th.
  11. Bad night for the tank. Glad I didn't stay up to watch the 3rd of the LA-CGY game although I would've turned it off after the 4th goal. 27: BUF, DET -7 29: NJD -10 30: LAK -12 The Devils have now clinched finishing ahead of the Senators. Sportsclubstats gives the Devils a 72% chance of finishing in 29th.
  12. I turned off Boston-Detroit at 2nd intermission when Boston was ahead figuring they were 95% to win - imagine my surprise. 27: BUF, DET -7 29: NJD -11 30: LAK -11 31: OTT -16 Since Buffalo and Detroit play each other, there is almost no chance of finishing 27th anymore - Sportsclubstats lists it as a 3% possibility even if the Devils win out. They give a 49% chance for 29th, 43% chance for 30th. This is good.
  13. It won't quote on my phone but whatever - McLeod not being a big piece of the future is all the more reason why losing a lot this season was so important. First, it illustrates how important it is to pick high - yes, there's some excellent players selected after McLeod but there's also a lot of misses. Meanwhile most of the top 10 are already established NHLers. Second, the Devils need another impact player. They're going to pick no worse than 7th so the odds are much better of getting one.
  14. The Devils ice time leader last night was Connor Carrick. They played Nico 17 minutes. We can keep going here but the Devils are still short a ton of players thanks to trades and injury. They need a 2nd line and some D, but there are some bad players here who will be in Binghamton or not around at all next season. They're not far away.
  15. Doing this on a phone sucks, but I'm committed. 26: ANA, BUF -5 28: DET -8 29: NJD -11 30: LAK -12 Ottawa is out of reach here.
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