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  1. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Well yeah, this discussion hinged on Shero not doing enough to get him; I'm arguing that it wouldn't've been worth it to get him specifically and that there aren't a lot of options. So just change 'is' to 'would've been'.
  2. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    This team will have made real progress. They have 70 points now, they had 70 points all last season, and there's still 22 games left. They already lost their 3rd round pick trading for Vatanen, so now you're talking about doing something like trading a 2nd and getting a 4th back. There's no guarantees at all that Mrazek is better than Kinkaid or that he will be the difference, and again, Schneider is coming back soon if there are no setbacks.
  3. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Gross was fine, the newspaper business is gross, and the idea that I'm going to watch a fvcking video of a journalist talking instead of reading a piece he wrote is crazy. Whoever they hire will probably be worse.
  4. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    I have absolutely no idea about that. I believe bad goaltending can theoretically make teams play worse - they start overcommitting to shot blocks trying to prevent everything - but I also don't think the Devils' goaltending has been THAT awful. All that is guessing. What about the pressure a new goalie feels on a new team? You can just tie yourself in circles with questions like this.
  5. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    There's no need to show the team is all in, because it's not all in. There's just no sense in spending assets for something that may not even help the team - the way goaltending is, you just don't have many guarantees that what you're getting is better. Having 3 goalies sucks; the 3rd goalie can't get ice time. I assume you're just waiving Kinkaid when Schneider comes back, but someone might claim him on waivers - I know this place would celebrate, but that wouldn't be a great outcome either. The Devils can't guarantee they will get into the playoffs no matter what they do. It's a tight race and the team has obvious, unfixable flaws outside the net. If Taylor Hall gets hurt for a long period it will be a big struggle. And yeah, there's no guarantees that they make it next year, either. But the ultimate goal isn't to make the playoffs, it's to win the Stanley Cup. Acquiring a goalie probably puts the Devils farther away from that, however incrementally. Note that this calculus changes if Schneider has a setback between now and next Tuesday - they maybe should consider it at that point. But there just aren't a lot of reasonable options out there. Mrazek was probably it and I don't think he was much of an option.
  6. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    I rarely hesitate to correct someone when they are wrong, and yes, you are wrong. Schneider got hurt in Game 47 of the season, so Game 48 was the first one he missed completely due to injury. Tonight was Game 60, so that's 13 games, not 21 games. Now let's ask some basic questions here, making some assumptions with numbers. Petr Mrazek's career SV% is .912, Kinkaid's is .908. The difference between the two, over 13 games assuming 30 shots against a game, is that Mrazek gives up 34 goals and Kinkaid gives up 36. That's rounded up, and 2 goals is worth about 1 standings point difference. Obviously you are screaming at me now that Kinkaid's gotten worse and his true talent isn't .908. Well we don't know that, but even if his true talent is the .895 he's putting up now, the difference between Mrazek's theoretical competence and Kinkaid is still 7 goals, or a little over one win in the standings. Bad goaltending can definitely sewer a team, but if the Devils get .895 goaltending the rest of the way they should still be able to sneak into the playoffs if they get offense. And there's just no guarantees that Mrazek would be good, and certainly trading him to Philadelphia makes more sense for Detroit. And I think if Schneider is healthy down the stretch he can put up the .912 that we would expect out of Mrazek.
  7. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Didn't you just get on a guy for being a pessimist? Kinkaid's game tonight wasn't awful and he played pretty well last week.
  8. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Appelby just had a good run in the AHL over the weekend but he still has a terrible save percentage there. I think we might see Lack on Thursday, that would give Kinkaid 3 days of no games before facing the Islanders on Saturday.
  9. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Schneider has skated the last 2 days and with no setbacks he should return by next week. The idea that Shero needs to be replaced because he won't go get a 4th goalie is ludicrous. How happy would Mrazek be to sit on the bench here for all but back-to-backs? That's what Kinkaid is going to be doing when Schneider returns.
  10. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    This team could really use a 2 day (or more) break. I suspect Columbus could use one as well.
  11. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I doubt it - Lovejoy has another year on his deal. Also, the Devils really shouldn't be dealing any defensemen. They might have 8 guys they like, but that's all they have - past Santini in the minors, it's Jacobs on the right side and on the left it's Brian Strait. The Devils have been remarkably lucky when it comes to defenseman injuries this season.
  12. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    So it's basically adding on to Karlsson's 8 year extension - if you pay him $10M, you are basically paying him $9M in year 1, $13M in year 2-4, and then $12M in years 5-7. Alternately, the Devils could try to see if compliance buyouts are part of the next suppression of player salaries work stoppage. Under this framework, I think Severson, Clowe, Quenneville and this year's 1st (lottery protected) for Karlsson-Ryan would suffice. But Ottawa really should not be considering trades like this.
  13. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    I know I've given this advice multiple times because you find good links, and this goes for the rest of the posters here - if you don't see it posted anywhere, start a thread. There's got to be more people who would click on a Hynes interview thread than the game thread from last night. The bottom threads on Page 1 of this forum haven't been posted in for weeks. EDIT: Even though it says I am a 'Mod', I am not, this is just my opinion and does not reflect anything about DM's opinion.
  14. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    Hall is having the best season a Devils forward has had since Parise in 09 and maybe ever. It's hard to put his season into the proper context because he's mostly played with two rookies, both of whom will probably go on to have great careers themselves.
  15. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    They play the Kings in a month and the Sabres not at all. I could see them looking at someone like Benoit Pouliot as a low-cost option if Johansson is out the rest of the year.