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  1. Tavares or Carlson

    I like Vatanen a lot, but he will be 29 when he's due to be extended. If the Devils could extend him 4 more years, great, but he'll probably want 6 or 7 years. It's bad timing.
  2. Tavares or Carlson

    Wouldn't be the guy I would choose to keep. Devils have to hope some of these RHD they've drafted can take that spot.
  3. Tavares or Carlson

    It would get challenging, for sure, but the good news for the Devils' D is that they don't have anyone they really have to pay outside of Butcher. And they could save money on wingers in the future with those 3. NHL salary cap is going to $80 million (and perhaps even more if Vegas and Toronto go deep into the playoffs), if you have Hall and Tavares at $10M and Hischier at $8M that leaves $52M for the other 19 or 20 players on the roster. It's doable, it just requires some ELCs and some low-cost players besides.
  4. Tavares or Carlson

    I think you missed my meaning there, HOI said we're fine with our #1C, and I was just saying that the idea of having a '1C' and not otherwise having another great center because that player would compete with the '1C' is not really the way great NHL teams tend to conduct themselves. Malkin's a great player and he has been rumored to be traded over the years but it never made sense - just because you have a great #1C is no reason to also keep another guy who's great (or go out and get one who is great)
  5. Tavares or Carlson

    The Penguins don't need Malkin, but it sure has worked out that they have him. Tavares would immediately make this one of the best forward groups in the NHL, and he will be underpaid.
  6. Sophomore Slumps

    Compare rookie seasons to 2nd year seasons and you will find that sophomore slumps are a myth; sophomore seasons crush rookie seasons overall. If we want to look at the Devils vis a vis sophomore slumps, I do think Nico will not have as many ES points per 60 minutes, that Butcher will not have as many assists, and that Bratt will not shoot 13% again. But I think it's better than even money that all 3 guys will increase their shots on goal and their shots/60 at ES.
  7. Someone asked him a question and he answered it. Did he say 'I'd love to make a trade with the Rangers?' Since coming to the Devils in 2015, there's more teams that he has made a trade with than he hasn't - he's made a lot of trades since coming here. Him teasing it on the podcast is probably because he'd been talking deal with Gorton before that. Maroon for a 3rd was because the prices on wingers were depressed and Shero was able to get in late and pay cheap for a guy that had to move. He paid early for that, though - he basically set the market with the deal for Grabner.
  8. Tavares or Carlson

    Only interested in Karlsson if he comes with Ryan and the Devils don't give up all that much. The Devils are still behind - there doesn't appear to be a ton outside the NHL that will help them right now (it's easiest to say this in April when we're close to the next draft). McLeod's a question mark, Anderson's probably an okay NHLer, I like what Boqvist did, and there's some interesting guys on defense, but there isn't that big prospect sitting out there crushing it in the Devils' system anywhere.
  9. Shero 'made a big deal' about trading with the Rangers because he had the rights to Kovalchuk who the Rangers supposedly wanted and there was a lot of smoke at the time that that as the team he was potentially looking at a deal with. The Rangers are being linked to Kovalchuk often now and if he signs there you can understand why there was a lot of talk about it a year ago. I don't think 'making a trade with the Rangers' had anything to do with it - this is fan projection. Grabner filled a lot of needs and the Devils could get him for less than a 1st round pick. It didn't work out.
  10. GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    They just didn't have it today besides Schneider. sundstrom said it in the chats but it's easy to forget this team basically played playoff hockey down the stretch for the last 6 weeks. Tampa did a great job on Hall and Hischier isn't there yet. We can get into who played well and who didn't but most of the team didn't play well and the 4-1 series loss is probably deserved. That said, proud but not satisfied is exactly the attitude - this team was not picked to win anything, and while they got some good breaks, I don't think they're as bad as certain people think. The worst thing Shero can do is try to bring back the same team but I suspect he won't. There's improvements that need to be made and the system won't take care of it.
  11. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    I just don't see it as any more malicious than any hockey hit. Vatanen was on the puck and Kucherov hit him, that's hockey. Maybe he went a little high? Maybe. But he didn't catch the head as the principal point of contact, IMO. The idea that this was headhunting, or premeditated, that just doesn't fly with me. It fvcking sucks, and the Devils have to just play through it. If there's a chance to get revenge, get it, but the Devils should be focused on winning the game, not that bullsh!t.
  12. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    Yeah, he only had 7 points in 3 games. Devils were bottling him up.
  13. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    I think Doughty was suspended because that was a revenge hit - Carrier had taken him out earlier that game (or maybe earlier that shift, I can't recall). Plus he expressed zero remorse, I wouldn't be shocked if he did the same during his hearing.
  14. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    I don't think it's a clean hit per se, but it doesn't fall into the realm of earning a suspension. I don't think it deserved a major penalty in game.
  15. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    Not surprised at no suspension, didn't look like a suspendable play to me. Unfortunate, but they'll have to figure it out. Going after Kucherov is the last thing they should be interested in - winning Game 5 is the best revenge