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  1. GDT: Thank You Patty (6PM ceremony, 8PM puckdrop)

    Had a great time. Sat with mod smantzas. And I Caught A T-Shirt.
  2. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Well, the stats say what they say, and there aren't that many to choose from. Theoretically, that's the point of analytics; to objectively evaluate players using data rather than eye tests, reputation and the like.
  3. All purpose Patrik Elias memories and love topic

    This one has always been my favorite. A close second. Otherwise, my earliest memory of him, which might be wrong was about how he was in Lemaire’s doghouse. So sometimes you just can’t give up on people, and GMs probably should not listen to my talent evaluations. Oh, and I went to college in Philly. One sports radio show host would always talk about how Elias was a Flyer killer and he hated Elias, the Devils and all Devils fans. Feels good to be appreciated.
  4. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    There were reports of Shero asking about OEL earlier this season. Chayka says he wants to sign him to an extension, but that's really just a way of saying he wouldn't be traded at the deadline. So if you sign Carlson, you can trade for OEL where Severson is the main piece. Don't analytics people love Severson?
  5. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    Maybe apology is too strong, but all of those people that blamed Incognito, Pouncey, John Jerry and the offensive line coach for creating a "culture of bullying" or whatever should go back and maybe amend whatever hot takes they had at the time. An NFL team is not Widgets, Inc. and 99.999 percent of the players understood that at the time. Now we know that it was Jonathan Martin's mental issues that made him unable to take things where every other player in the league seemed to be able to. In fact, I imagine if we go back and look at everything in light of what we know now, we'll see that "bullying" had nothing to do with Martin's plight. His psychiatric issues obviously deserve sympathy. But I don't think it prevented him at the time from saying his problems didn't have anything to do with his teammates.
  6. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Lots of people talking about a three way deal like you mentioned. If we’re the team taking Ryan and no salary retained, whatever we give up probably doesn’t include a first.
  7. Why would anyone want Moore for a young forward, at least one that’s any good? He’s a UFA, so he wouldn’t be a piece for Kane or Galchenyuk.
  8. Well, Shero wasn’t kidding. Can’t see us making any other trades at this point. Don’t love the idea of giving Rykov to the Rangers. Let’s hope he’s just a replacement level guy if he ever makes it over here.
  9. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    If the bottom really drops out on the trade market, I could see Shero going back on his word about rentals and getting Kane.
  10. Ray Shero Appreciation Thread

    Shero could pretty much go to center ice during the middle of Rangers Devils game and take a giant dump on the Devils logo and it wouldn’t matter to me. The Hall trade is not only a giant case of highway robbery, but people forget that he somehow must have beaten other GMs to the punch. Have we ever had a player that was in the Hart conversation? Maybe Parise and maybe Elias, but not like Hall. I’ve also been very impressed with Vatanen. Guys like him also don’t become available all that often. Elite? Let them have a insufferable debate about that on NHL Radio. The players seem to respect Haynes and I suppose in the end that’s what probably matters the most, although when you stop winning the respect tends to dry up.
  11. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Sounded like the Isles beat was easier for his family situation. He was fine I guess, but these days best reporters aren’t great for that much unless they can get some sort of info as to the team’s internal deliberations which for the most part Devils beat reporters don’t get.
  12. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Dreger or McKenzie said that Ottawa wants seven pieces and you have to take Bobby Ryan. They’re either geniuses or the dumbest management group since Milbury. We’ll see.
  13. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I'd assume that Ottawa would want Severson. Bona fide top four right handed defensemen that might be getting better who's cost controlled. Unless they're really, really desperate to get rid of the Bobby Ryan contract. If it's a package deal Ryan and Karlsson, the return is going to be a bitter pill for Ottawa fans if there ever was one. Dorion must have gotten a lot of money to be the fall guy on this one.
  14. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    The Sens will almost certainly have their first rounder this year, since as part of the Duchene deal, it was protected if it turns into a top ten pick, which looks very, very likely. So it'll slide to next year where I don't think it's lottery protected.