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  1. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    This sort of reminds me of a Devils Hawks game I went to a few years ago before. My friend’s brother took his sons to the same game. Said they loved it, and kept yelling “you suck” at everyone and everything afterward.
  2. Daniel

    Santini signs three year deal

    Greene is not getting traded. He has a full no trade clause and the only team that might really want him would be a bottom feeding team that needs his contract to get to the salary floor, which he would probably beto. There's also no need to trade hm. He should have a place in the top 6, but even if he doesn't it shouldn't matter. Meaning, the Devils could give huge contracts to Karlsson and Panarin and Greene's contract would not have to be moved. And unless the players don't respect him, there's no need to take the captaincy away from him. And frankly, I find it to be one of the most boring things that gets talked about over the offseason.
  3. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I was 16 and spent maybe $250 of some cash I saved to get a nosebleed ticket to go by myself. Obviously it was before the days of Stubhub where all secondary market tickets were either sold in the parking lot or through the classified section in the Ledger, which is how I got mine. I had to meet these dudes in a hotel room in the Meadowlands Sheraton a couple of hours before the game. My parents could only drop me off and couldn't stick around with me and I didn't have my driver's license. My mom called the guy up like the day before and told him she would have him killed if anything happened to me or if he ripped me off. I knock on the hotel room door, guy gives me the ticket and says something like "here, take it, I don't want your parents to kill me." lol
  4. Daniel

    Santini signs three year deal

    I believe it’s a mix of the CBA and an agreement the NHL has with the CHL. Severson’s eligibility in the CHL has already run out by his rookie year. So he would have been in Albany had he not made the Devils, and his ELC would have started ticking regardless.
  5. Daniel

    Santini signs three year deal

    After nine games, you lose a year on your ELC and once you send him to back to junior, he can't come back to the NHL until after the season in junior is over.
  6. Daniel

    Santini signs three year deal

    His junior coach suggests that could happen, but most likely a case of just pumping his tires.
  7. Daniel

    Santini signs three year deal

    The positive I glean from this is that Shero has confidence that he's a legit NHL defenseman, and his judgment is probably better than all of ours. I figure he splits time with Lovejoy as the third right handed defenseman for this season anyway. And Greene's at the point in his career where I don't think he gets any special consideration based on his tenure or his contract. Just a matter of whether the team trusts Butcher or Mueller to get more minutes. Or perhaps there's a minor miracle and Smith makes the team.
  8. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Well, I’m sure the league didn’t advise the Devils ahead of time as to what they would accept and never announced any guidance as to what exactly it would consider circumvention. And if you recall, it was pretty shocking when the league actually challenged the deal. When it was announced everyone including sober types like TG said that approval was a formality.
  9. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    That was the essence of the PA's argument, of course. There was nothing in principle different from the Kovalchuk deals than other ones the league had approved, it was just a matter of degree. The problem is when you're dealing with the law, it's the principle that matters and if it's the degree you're concerned with, you almost always need to spell it out. Ultimately though, it wasn't the fact that the league decided to try and draw a line in the sand. That I get. It was the penalty was completely unnecessary and actually against the spirit of the CBA, which, if you read it carefully, has severe penalties in mind when there's an under the table the payment, things like that. The Devils weren't hiding anything, and even Bloch said they weren't acting in bad faith. The fact that it was the Devils and not a more popular team made the league more willing to hand out the severe penalty that it did. That I'm certain of.
  10. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Unfortunately, the Lou Lamiorello from 1991 is no longer with us.
  11. I'm sorry that you believe in the magic dirt theory of prosperity and the pseudoscience of the blank slate theory of human development. It would be harmless if it was just confined to you and your drum circle, but they unfortunately seem to be the prevailing wisdom. Redlining is not a buzzword, but it's a stupid and idiotic theory as to why Newark, Irvington and Camden are sh!tholes. Other stuff happened since then, like the Fair Housing Act, and various lawsuits that forced lenders to actually give mortgages to people that were previously redlined (hint, it didn't turn out so well). The explosion in violence in cities began in the early sixties. A very specific demographic was responsible for it, which is borne out by every data point you can ever look at. If that fact triggers you, well facts don't care about your feels. Why do people turn out to be violent? On average, most violent criminals are not clever gangsters like you saw on The Wire, who rationally commit murder and are always one step ahead of the cops. For the most part they have low IQs and poor impulse control. Believe me, I deal with it in my legal practice. Those things are genetic. Environment plays a role of course in the fact that a great deal of them don't have any sort of authority figures in their lives except other criminals. But whatever it is, it's not caused by "racism" (whatever that means these days), police brutality or anything else MSNBC, Vox or Cory Booker tells you. I'm sorry if that answer doesn't appeal to you, but, you know what, you can try and do all of the "implicit bias training" among all parts of society including the police department, send your antifa thug friends after anyone you perceive to be "racist" and maybe some actual racists, and all the other things your braindead and ignorant professors told you about, it will not make Newark's murder rate decline in any appreciable way. I think you know this, by the way, but you don't care. So in reality, you're the one who doesn't give a sh!t about all the dead bodies in places you say you care about. Or in layman's terms, you're full of sh!t and you know it.
  12. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    It went from being what would have been 11th overall to 30th overall. That's a huge drop in value. Ironically, had it not been for the penalty, or had Lou given up the pick when he should have, we very well might have ended up drafting Dylan Larkin, whose extension has put the Wings in trouble.
  13. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    There is a footnote in the Bloch decision where he addresses various players with the same type of contract that Kovalchuk got by name, one of them was definitely Hossa, and I believe he mentioned Pronger too, despite the fact that he was over 35. It explicitly gives the league the option to pursue those contracts and hand out penalties notwithstanding the amount of time that passed since those deals were signed. Who or what could Detroit be forced to trade? How about a first round pick and Kronwall for I dunno, Jocktain Chaney. Or maybe Rasmussen or Joe Veleno or any prospect in your system not named Zadina. Don't like it, well there aren't many teams out there that have the means to get you into cap compliance. The fact that you got there isn't my problem.
  14. Sorry, but this avoids the issue. The people of Newark (and Irvington) take from the people of the rest of Essex county and the state, who foot the bill for the vast majority of Newark's greatest expenditure, its very well funded, but underperforming schools. I fail to see your point about the public services that are located in Newark but "aren't paying taxes to Newark"? If you're referring to the people that use those things, well the people of Newark don't pay for them either because they don't really pay for anything. Otherwise, there is a very real entity called Newark. Newark is in whatever shape it's in because of the people that live there at any given time. At the moment, the people that live in what we call Newark murder, maim, rob and assault one another in very large numbers and sometimes do the same to unfortunate passersby and visitors. In addition, the people and businesses that make up Newark don't generate enough wealth to maintain a healthy tax base for whatever Newark has to pay for. Messrs. Harris and Blitzer are valiantly trying to change that. I believe it will ultimately be a failure, but perhaps I'm wrong. Also, you can effectively get rid of the entity called Newark and it can all be called "Essex County" which will include wealthy places like Short Hills, Montclair, etc and it won't change what was formerly known as Newark in any material respect, which is really what we're talking about. Sure I guess there will be a central administration of some sort and the people that inhabit what was once formerly known as Newark won't be told as much that they don't pay for anything, but people will still recognize Newark as a distinct entity with a lot of problems, the same way that they recognize that East New York and Park Slope are not the same thing and their kids don't go to school with one another even though they're both part of Brooklyn. The bottom line is that there's no such thing as magic dirt or tragic dirt.
  15. Daniel

    2018 Offseason Thread

    The league does not want to popular teams like the Blackhawks or Detroit to be at a disadvantage if it can at all help it. The arbitrator in the Kovalchuk case explicitly gave the league all the ammunition it needed to go after at least Chicago for Hossa and Philly for Pronger and the league did absolutely nothing. The bottom line is that Detroit invented the front loaded long term deal. It is faced with a situation with a player that is not hurt entering the diving part of the deal going on LTIR so they don’t have to face the consequences of dealing a good asset. Give us back a fvcking draft pick Bettman.

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