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  1. It's been rumored that Beau Bennett would take a lot of low percentage shot attempts to intentionally boost his Corsi.
  2. Good news is that both of them will at least be in Bingo next year.
  3. That is definitely going to happen
  4. Again, Zacha is one of two players currently on the team that made it to the NHL early enough to get a certain amount of points before whatever age you came up with. Travis Zajac came into the league as a 21 year old and destroyed what Zacha did at the same age. Jesper Bratt has been better than Zacha every year they’ve been the league together. I could keep going, but those comparisons are much more valid. I really don’t know what you’re trying to prove here. Zacha is disappointing for a sixth overall pick based not only on that draft position but who the Devils could have drafted instead. And there’s not much of a chance that he’s going to get significantly better, but it’s not implausible that he does. That said, he’s a perfectly capable NHL player. Picking out some statistic that only demonstrates that he made it into the league at a younger age than almost everyone else on the team reflects only that, not that he is or is not particularly good now or in the future, which is what we’re talking about.
  5. You made a suggestion that he's better than people are giving him credit for because he is second out of two possible players on the team that might plausibly meet the criteria for a statistic you came up with. If anything, the summer school analogy is too kind to him. Playing a full NHL season in your D+2 year on a bad team is not some outstanding feat and it certainly doesn't demonstrate that you are or not a good NHL player.
  6. Zacha, Hischier and eventually Hughes are also the only three current Devils who played a full season in or before their 19-20 year. So it's kind of like saying you finished in the 90th percentile of your summer school class. That said, Zacha is a perfectly capable NHL forward and might get better. He could find a spot to play on every team in the league. As I've said before, he's not Curtis Lazar. So there's no reason to give him away.
  7. It should be obvious that Friedman's piece needs to be read skeptically or at least with many grains of salt. If you read it carefully, it's pretty much all innuendo, with phrases like "people are saying" or a lot hidden speculation on his part. There's probably a grain of truth in there that the owners wanted more input from others in the organization, especially the analytics people and that there was nothing Ray had done over the past five years to show he should have the final or only say on everything. What does scare me is that the organization doesn't appear to know what direction it wants to go in. On the one hand the owners say they want to start winning soon, but then we hear that more players might be on the table for trades than before Ray was fired. On the other hand, I can't imagine a single analytics person who would say the Devils are in a position to be a "win now" team. It's why they should have let Ray handle the wheeling and dealing through the end of the season and then move on then. Hopefully Fitz knows what he's doing.
  8. I really dislike sports writers like Politi. Everyone who posts on this board with some regularity knows a million times more about the NHL and Devils than he does. It’s a piece that any season ticket holder could have written if they just had a couple of hours and an editor. We’re not asking anyone to bug Harris’s office and home. But it would be nice if occasionally we got some insight into what was actually going on within the organization. Like why they actually fired the GM in such a shocking fashion, and I don’t mean just quoting what they said at a press conference.
  9. I’d say you listen and pull the trigger if it’s something you can’t say no to. He’d probably the most valuable player available at the deadline because of the extra year.
  10. The Shero discussion starts at about the 20 minute mark. A few things of interest. Dreger claims, per a source, that a decision was made a while ago that Shero was going to be fired at the end of the season, but for reasons unknown right now ownership decided to pull the trigger when they did. Dreger half speculates/half claims knowledge that Shero wasn't as gung ho about analytics as the owners are and that might have led to it. Then suggests that of all the players that might be available at the trade deadline, but spends time saying that it will be awfully tempting to trade Palmieri because he will probably be the most enticing name on the trade market.
  11. Daniel

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    What would be nice is if Fitzgerald or someone gave a press conference like Joe Judge did. You don't need to tell us the maximum contract offer you're willing to give to Sami Vatanen or who on the team is specifically on the trading block, but some concept of the type of players you're hoping to bring in beyond platitudes of "fast, attacking, supportive" would go a long way.
  12. You miss out on the "context" of Shero having two number 1 overalls, number 11 overall and 17 overall. From 2005 through 2014, the Devils had exactly 2 picks higher than 17, one of whom they traded for Cory Schneider. The story now is that Ray Shero got fired, not Lou. So you don't need to keep turning to what the team looked like when Shero got here. Everyone gets it.
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