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  1. John Hynes in Review

    Pretty much what MD said. Nash I expect will be relatively cheap. Something like three or four years with an AAV of between 3 and 4 million. Perhaps even fewer years. JVR will probably get six years at 6 million AAV on the low side. Ultimately my hope is that Shero is in for one mega deal for someone currently not in the organization. I’m hoping Tavares just because you don’t have to trade anyone to get him, unlike someone like Karlsson who might also require you to take an albatross like Bonny Ryan.
  2. John Hynes in Review

    For those wondering about Maroon, I kind of hope the Devils are more inclined to kick the tires on Rick Nash. I wouldn’t get into a bidding war, but something like the Eric Staal deal with Minnesota would be very interesting.
  3. Francesa is back

    I still don't mind him, and will probably listen to him more often than I don't. He knows what he's talking about most of the time, or sufficiently so. And he's not annoying like Carlin, Schein or jail-bird Carton. It's arrogance that's the most off-putting thing about him, but compared to what else is out there, I can live with it. Evan and Joe are still easily the best part of the wfan line-up. Sad that it looks like they're on the way out.
  4. Francesa is back

    Chris is maybe the most unlikable guy on radio and I don't think Maggie has ever said anything interesting ever. Bart was actually the only listenable one of the three, and that says a lot because I hated him as a football player. I guess the ratings say my tastes aren't typical though. I thought it would be a shoe in for Evan and Joe or at least Evan and another guy, like Chris Simms, but it doesn't look like it was even a consideration. And the guy they really wanted and who apparently gets amazing ratings on Sirius is Adam Schein, who also has a really punchable voice and personality. I guess the same people that like Schein really dug Craig Carton. Man, I really need to be world dictator starting tomorrow. All annoying radio/tv personalities will be sent to the gulag and the world will be freed of the menace of decorative pillows. Then my work will be finished.
  5. Francesa is back

    Chris, Maggie and Bart were a disaster, and pretty much the whole business knew it from the start. It would really, really annoy me if Evan and Joe left or were only given an hour or something like that.
  6. Tavares or Carlson

    You’re right that the Devils would not be able to pay Tavares and a big time defenseman, and that we probably would be better off if it were the defenseman. Thing is that it is much harder to get the defenseman we have in mind.
  7. 2018 NFL Season

    Anyone have any interest in doing a chat for the NFL draft? If there are like four or five of us, maybe it'd be fun.
  8. Sophomore Slumps

    Only thing I'm kind of worried about with Nico is when he'll be able to anchor a line on his own, i.e. without Hall. Hopefully the only reason we'll be finding out is because Tavares will be centering a line with Hall.
  9. Sophomore Slumps

    MacKinnon was pretty brutal in his second season.
  10. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Merkley apparently wasn't even in the Central Scouting top 50. I know people mock the "attitude problems" or "poor interviews" that result in some guys slipping. But apparently, they're more often than not a lot worse than some guys needing to grow up a little. My guess though is that the Rangers loaded up on those second a low first rounders so they could take at least one big gamble.
  11. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Ian Pultz did a write up on defensemen K’Andre Miller. Very intriguing. A physical specimen and converted forward, whose just learning the position. Projected to go in the 20s. Seems a lot like Brent Burns. Relatedly, Steve Kournios of the Sporting News pointed out something interesting. The best forwards by points are almost universally top five picks. The best defensemen in the league were almost all picked outside of the top ten. Hopefully we draft a defensemen and hit it big.
  12. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    You are correct re Ekblad.
  13. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Time to bump this thread now that we’re eliminated and especially that we know where we’re drafting. The crappy thing about losing our second rounder is if we want to take a risk someone like Merkely (who has fallen out of the top 50 for central scouting) we have to do it in the first round. Either way Castron goes defenseman with their first pick
  14. Tavares or Carlson

    I haven’t looked at it with a fine toothed comb, but you can assume the Devils could bring in one guy who will have a monster contract that’s currently not in the organization and still re-sign the guys in the organization we want to. My guess is that Shero will try and make a big move for Tavares, and maybe see if Carlson wants to come here on a home town discount of sorts like Shattenkirk. Notice that Shero specifically said he wasn’t going to overpay for Shattenkirk last year, so I don’t see why he does it for Carlson. And now we have Butcher who looks like he can grow in to be a similar player at a fraction of the cost.
  15. 2018 NFL Season

    Last year was pretty wild.