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  1. Daniel

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    He shredded AAA last year, albeit in only 48 games. Gotta make sure he’s fully recovered from the concussions though.
  2. Daniel

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Would you be upset if the Mets ended up with Realmuto and Clint Frazier? I figure Andujar is who Miami wants. Fwiw, I really like Frazier. Insane bat speed.
  3. Daniel

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

    That always happens to us. So maybe things are starting to turn around for real lol.
  4. Daniel

    Devils Goaltending

    If Matthews is most interested in the money, there are very few teams that could outbid the Devils.
  5. Daniel

    2018 JETS

    With baseball managers, we're clearly headed to the point where they do whatever the computer tells them to do, if we're not already there. And at least in baseball, it kind of makes sense to do things that way. Being a football head coach is a whole different animal.
  6. Daniel

    2018 JETS

    I guess sometimes it goes bad as with Harbaugh and whoever the GM was there. But it proves your point that success is possible when the coach and GM hate each other if both of them know what they're doing.
  7. Daniel

    Devils Goaltending

    We've been making fun of Ray for sitting on the cap space, but to be fair I think it's pretty clear that he's been trying to land a big fish, but it just wasn't in the cards. Like, I'm sure he would have been aggressive going after Tavares if he didn't have that short list of predetermined teams he was going to talk to. He said he would have pursued Carlson, and probably talked to him during the tampering period, but he extended with the Caps after winning a Cup. I believe the reports that he tried to trade for Karlsson and he apparently was at least in on trade discussions for Nylander. So it really comes down to Ray not wanting to be saddled with something akin to a Lucic contract. But if he went to ownership and said he wanted to sign Matthews to a gigantic offer sheet, Harris would probably be more concerned about losing the draft picks and the cap space implications than he would the actual money.
  8. Daniel

    Devils Goaltending

    Generally, no owner wants to pay money to someone who isn't playing, or they want to pay him as little as possible. And if we had an owner like Melnyk, that would be the priority over improving the team. But I'm pretty certain that the current owners would be willing to eat the actual money by sending him down to Bingo as opposed to a buy out if that's what it took have the cap space needed to bring in a really good player that will improve the team's fortunes significantly enough.
  9. Daniel

    Devils Goaltending

    Since Cory does not have an NMC (just a NTC) and isn't on an over 35 contract, could they not just put him on waivers and send him down to Bingo and incur no cap hit and just pay him his money which isn't ours? Even if not, at the very least, I'd try and keep him in the organization through next year so you're not stuck with the dead cap hit for so long. And even then, the fact that he's taking up a roster spot means more than his cap hit. The Devils will have enough cap space so that they could re-sign all the players they need to and probably give Auston Mathews a $16 million AAV offer sheet if they were so inclined.
  10. Daniel

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    A good GM definitely needs to be able to handle a mercurial owner if he those are the cards he's dealt. There's the story that Stick Michael had to lie to Steinbrenner to stop him from trading Bernie Williams for I think Chili Davis. Re Francesa, if you want to listen about local sports, he's the best option out there for the afternoon drive, although I would have rather have seen him replaced by Joe and Evan. Kay is awful.
  11. Daniel

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    I"m not a Mets fan, so you're correct that I'm not as well versed in the Wilpons' usual ways of doing things. But if BVW just wanted to be a GM somewhere, there are other places he could have gone where he wouldn't have the agita of dealing with all of the baggage that goes along with leading the Mets if he just thought being an MLB GM is a cool job. If there's one thing we know about him, he isn't stupid.
  12. Daniel

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    I think the psychology is similar to Theo Epstein when he took the Cubs job even if the circumstances are different. The Cubs were sh!t, but there was a lot of young talent to work with, the idea of sucking for at least one more year while the team got a prime draft pick and ownership that was willing to spend when the time was right. In other words, Epstein knew he was going into a situation where he knew he could succeed, unlike a team where the Mariners are now, or where the Marlins always seem to be. I think it's the same with BVW. If he were either really arrogant or naive, he would have taken a job with the Marlins or a team like that where he could show the world how awesome he is by taking them to promised land with nothing.
  13. Daniel

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    No one really knows what the Wilpons are willing to spend. A good indication though that they're willing to spend more than people think is the fact that BVW took the job at all, which, as I said before, is not something he really needed given how successful he was as an agent. He did it to prove he has the chops to be a GM, which he won't be able to do if he had his hands tied by ownership. Still what might have blown up any plans to go after Machado is what the Nats gave Corbin. That obviously means that Degrom got a lot more expensive than the Mets were anticipating. I suppose the Mets could just let him play out while they still control his rights and let him jump ship in two years when he's 32/33. (I'm not that familiar with how arbitration in baseball works though, i.e. could he conceivably get a contract of $25 million plus, or is it always at a significant discount?). BVW was obviously puffing when he told Francesa that the Mets have the best roster in the NL East. But I think what he believes and what he was really trying to get across was that there is enough of a foundation in place that obtainable pieces could make the team a legitimate contender. Solving the team's problem at catcher while upgrading at shortstop is something that's within the realm of possibility, and I think something ownership must have told him is not necessarily out of the question money-wise.
  14. Daniel

    2018 NFL Season


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