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  1. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    He's a center, but I guess he can play wing. Still, he's got a fairly sizable cap hit which means we probably would be out on any additional big ticket items. Chayka also gave up a lot to get him, so as much as he looks at things like Mr. Spock I think he'd probably be looking for an overpayment with that in mind. If we're going to make a big move, I'd rather it be for someone better.
  2. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    Beyond his quotes to local reporters, I was informed, third hand admittedly, that even before the season started that he made it clear to management that he wanted to be here long term and that he wanted to be here when the team started turning things around.
  3. GDT: Devils @ Tampa 7:00 PM

    I thought he quit drinking.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Tampa 7:00 PM

    The power play gets progressively worse with each iteration. How fvcking hard is it not to pass when you don’t have a passing lane.
  5. GDT: Devils @ Tampa 7:00 PM

    And of course it’s Brayden Point. #thanksconte
  6. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Do we play either of them anytime soon?
  7. Olympic Hockey

    I mean, it’s new owners and new GM that probably both recognize that him bolting was probably the best thing that could have happened to the organization in the long run. Everything that happens with the guy is so weird that it almost wouldn’t be that weird if he ends up back here.
  8. Olympic Hockey

    After the two teams he supposedly held out to play for — the Rags and the Panthers — kind of in the crapper, it would be pretty funny if he came crawling back to us now as a UFA. The fact that he still has that house after all these years does kind of make you wonder.
  9. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    There are two players that might be available that would make us a contender now, OEL and Karlsson. My opinion is that we probably have the stuff available to land either of them which at least in the short term won’t be that painful, meaning it wouldn’t be cutting off your nose to spite your face. In the longer term, Castron will have to work some magic and find some good players in the later rounds. The caveat here is that Schneider isn’t in a permanent decline, or that we couldn’t pick up someone like Raanta if necessary. If the goaltending is horrid pretty much everything will be for naught.
  10. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    According to Lebrun, who was the one who initially connected Galchenyuk to the Devils over the summer, it sounds like all's quiet with Galchenyuk right now.
  11. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    If you’re in the playoffs you’re a Cup contender. If you can get a better backup or starting goalie for cheap, it’s something worth doing.
  12. February 24th Elias night

    Adam Graves certainly not. That's like the Devils retiring Brian Gionta's number, but if Gio were more instrumental to winning the Cup in '03. The Jean Ratelle thing is absurd, and it just shows you the intellectual level that Ranger fans are operating on that they're not embarrassed by it. Most people in the building for that night will have probably never seen him play in a Rangers uniform, and probably never heard of him until they got the email that his number was being retired. But tradition brah!
  13. February 24th Elias night

    Daneyko was a good player in his time. But his number was retired because he was really the original Devil, having been drafted in the team’s first year and having played his entire career with the team. He’s also a Jersey guy, in that it’s become his adopted home. There’s also a reason that the Devils very deliberately waited to retire Daneyko’s number so Stevens would be the first to have his retired. Basically to make the point that it would be for only exceptional players with only one exception (pun intended).
  14. Olympic Hockey

    It’s very easy. Click the down arrow at the top right corner of the tweet. Select share tweet via, and then select copy link to tweet. Then just paste.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    Did anyone see Govnah Phil Murphy tweeting out best wishes for all the NJ atheletes at the Olympics, INCLUDING ILYA KOVALCHUK? Murphy may have some good ideas for the state, but he’s not doing a great job of connecting with the common man. Edit: missed that got mentioned earlier.