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  1. I'm kind of high on the Bills. They're like Jacksonville from a couple of years ago but with a much better quarterback.
  2. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    Fitzgerald yelling at Nessradine.... accountability of some sort. Better than nothing.
  3. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    Go ahead stat boy, defend the indefensible
  4. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    It just really seems like really bad coaching to me. The bottom line there's enough talent on our defense: upper echelon like Subban, top 100 types like Severson and Vatanen, adequate like Greene, Butcher and not worse than replacement like Carrick. Talent-wise this is far far superior to the 2012 group or even many of the post-lockout teams that were all comfortable playoff teams. How can one not conclude it's the coaches? It's similar with the forwards. Have we had this talented a forward group since the lockout?
  5. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    I think the only thing the Fitz move guarantees is that Hynes gets at least two more games until the five game break. I don't think it should take him that long to figure out that Hynes is or is not beyond saving especially based on the results on Thursday and Saturday.
  6. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    A half assed step is better than nothing I guess.
  7. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    No, Shero isn’t going to say anything directly, but a guy like MaKenzie would be able to figure it out since the organization would be sending feelers out to coaching candidates who themselves have agents and so for5h. And it took Lou an additional month to fire MacLean after that quote, and that’s a coach who didn’t have a track record of futility like Hynes. I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a Devils fan. fvck Hynes and fvck Shero.
  8. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    We’ll see, but I think their expectations were much like ours. If Hynes makes it past Saturday, I’ll be shocked, albeit I think it would be too little too late.
  9. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    Thursday is going to be very very ugly. I just hope the hold up is that it’s taking some time to convince someone like Sutter to come on board.
  10. Daniel

    Trade Taylor Hall

    I do. He has shown that he can get a very poorly coached team into the playoffs on his own. There are very few players who have shown an ability to do that. Get coaches who know what they’re doing, and everything will get better. It would be an absolute travesty if we gave away a player of his caliber because of John fvcking Hynes.
  11. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    If you're an evidence based person, there's zero evidence that Hynes can coach in the NHL. In four years, he squeaked into the playoffs once, and in twice had teams finish in the bottom five of the league. No, he didn't have the Lightning's roster, but it wasn't bad enough to get consistently thrashed like they did last year. And now, he's been given a very good roster, and the team literally is not winning and literally not scoring on the powerplay. The only thing you can say is that his "luck" will turn around, which is just another way of saying that coaching doesn't matter, which is utter hogwash. Analytics tolerates losing so long as their models can't really explain what's going on, hence "I don't know, therefore luck." If Hynes is coaching past this week, we know who's in charge.
  12. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    At the same time, the house is burning down.
  13. When Miles Wood does something stupid, instead of getting more ice time....
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