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  1. Daniel

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    Getting one of the top two picks opens up other possibilities. You can more easily trade someone like Bratt for a good young defenseman. It also makes the possibility of an offer sheet to someone like Trouba much more palatable.
  2. Daniel

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Never heard the Borque to the Devils thing, and it’s shocking that Lou didn’t make it happen.
  3. Daniel

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    He was arguably the best player in the league for two of those years.
  4. Daniel

    You'll never win with Schneider

    Could be the first time in sports message board history where a hysterical thread title ended up being literally true.
  5. Daniel

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

  6. Daniel

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    If he goes on a nice point streak over the next ten days, he very well could bring back a first rounder. What will really help is the Rangers making a playoff push, as that would take Hayes and Zuccarello off the market.
  7. Daniel

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    I wouldn’t give him away like Edmonton did with Maroon at the last minute of the trade deadline, as much as I want to do our best to land Hughes or Kakko. Having a better shot at keeping him around for another year or two is better than a can of magic beans draft pick.
  8. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Really have no issue with the roster moves at this point. Finishing where we are right now gives us a really good shot at getting a forward that will make an impact immediately. The Gryba’s of the world help us get there.
  9. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Could have sworn he was. Oh well, so I guess ending up with Hughes is where the scenario makes sense.
  10. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    If the Devils end up with one of the top two picks, Zajac becomes expendable pretty much immediately. Obviously they can't count on that until it happens so a deadline deal involving him isn't likely. However, an ACL tear at this time of the year for someone Koivu's age makes it likely that he won't be back at least until December. So that's a deal that could make sense even in the offseason. My guess is that the team is hoping Zacha turns into Zajac's replacement and that sees the poor showing he's had thus far to be something of a blessing in disguise. Barring some amazing hot streak to finish the season, you can probably sign Zacha to a new deal that is very similar to what Miles Wood is getting. If he turns into remotely the player the Devils hoped he was going to be, that becomes an amazing value, especially if Ray decides it's time to really go after a big money free agent.
  11. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    So Mikko Koivu out for the season. Not crazy to think Zajac could be a nice fit there. He’s better than Koivu at this point, he’s from around there and could rekindle some magic with Parise. His contract is also pretty manageable at this point.
  12. Daniel

    GDT: Kings @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+ Boo Kovy Editon

    The way things are looking now, he’ll have a real opportunity to do so at the trade deadline, the draft and more importantly free agency. Free agent forwards will likely include: Duchene, Stone, Panarin and Skinner. Not all of them are possibilities of course, but this is the offseason he has to stop pansy footing around with the cap space he keeps telling us about. As nose Vermeil said of Larry Johnson, it’s time for Ray to take off the diapers. As for tonight, I can live with it. Getting one of those top two picks by gaining ground on LA so far as lottery odds are concerned is worth Kovy scoring a meaningless goal on a goalie who likely will be playing elsewhere next year.
  13. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Also one other thing about Kovalchuk. His leaving probably did help the team avoid bankruptcy and made the sale easier. I seem to recall reading that the amount of money he was owed did figure in discussions with at least one of the potential buyers, I think Barroway, which was a nice bullet we dodged.
  14. Daniel

    2018 NFL Season

    Although the idea is for him not to be that effective this year. According to Mando, all of the serious candidates for the job were more or less told what the team is trying to do. And right now, Flores is giving every indication that he's on board saying "There will be some pain." Embrace the tank, and don't muck it up like the Jets almost did.
  15. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Would have liked it if he gave us a chance to trade his rights a couple of seasons ago, but pretty much this.

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