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  1. I think Bastian and Joey Anderson should be decent NHLers. McLeod could be a really good fourth line center, which I guess isn’t nothing. And it’s hard to ignore what Tyce Thompson is doing this year. Then we’ll see what we get for Hall. If it’s actually Byram, and we end up with a top three pick a real coach could turn things around.
  2. Byfield looks like an absolute beast. Would seem like he would have to play a wing though.
  3. The good news is that Byfield, Raymond and Holtz should all be enough to make up for losing Hall soon enough.
  4. Hopefully that’s what gets us Byram
  5. Pretty amazing that there are still people out there who don’t think the tank is on.
  6. I have never once read anything from any of the legit writers that have been reporting on this that Byram is untouchable. And if hockey trades were based on transitive logic (we got Hall four years ago for Adam Larsson, so we will necessarily get less than Adam Larsson now that Hall's a UFA at the end of the season) he wouldn't have been traded to us in the first place.
  7. Colorado was coming off a year being worse than us, so I don't think that was it. I believe the issue he had with Sakic or Sakic had with him was the reason.
  8. I’ve been hard on Shero and for the results we’ve seen, he deserves it. That said, if he can manage to get Byram, that will pretty much be better than any GM has done on a rental deal like this in a long time. All prospects come with risks, but the expectation is that he can step in and be a good defenseman next season, and would go a long way to shoring up the blueline.
  9. The thing with Byram though is that his point totals and especially his goal totals are way down to the point that he’s scoring goals at less than half the rate he did last year. And it was his goal scoring that really catapulted him into the top five in the draft, that and an insane post season. The other thing is that Colorado doesn’t need him, in the sense that he could turn into a complete bust, get injured or whatever, and they’re still going to be a very very good team for a while. Of course the fact that there might be some kind of regression could make the Devils less interested in him, or they can make it seem like that anyway.
  10. Daniel


    I was happy to talk about Subban here, and thought what I said was reasonable enough, then something happened, which I won’t say, but it involves a guy who still brings up not trading Zach Parise. I started a thread correctly calling for the firing of the coach.
  11. Lavoie is a brand name reporter, although he has been known to get things wrong, but not in an Єklund (2.3% accurate) sort of way. From all the other reports though it really looks like Byram is who Shero wants and that Colorado very well might pull the trigger if they decide Hall is what they need.
  12. More like there’s no chance they trade anyone we would want. And we wouldn’t want anyone they would be willing to trade.
  13. Word that the Coyotes are interested. Have a hard time seeing that the teams are a match.
  14. Daniel


    I don’t care how much money he makes. I’m not paying it and the cap hit doesn’t mean anything for the team based on who might realistically be on the roster in the next two years. And otherwise, I don’t think we really gave up all that much to get him, although that second round pick this year would be nice to have. I didn’t think we were getting the Norris trophy version of him, but I did think we were getting a legitimate top pairing defenseman who can play all situations, play a ton of minutes and put up at least 40 points a season. I don’t think all hope is lost there. Even though I have no faith in Nass, the change of a coach itself no matter who it is will often have some short term effect. So if we see something in the next five to ten games, even if he falls back to earth after, I’ll be more optimistic about the next two years.
  15. Lol watch the app say something like, "everyone knows your team lost 6-2, but this very proprietary chart presupposes, maybe they didn't?"
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