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  1. Daniel

    2018 NFL Season

    I seem to recall that years ago that a player (I believe on the Giants) let go of Vince Young when he still had the ball because he didn't want to get a flag. Whatevs, I had a great fantasy week with Saquon and Tyreek Hill and still have Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham to go tonight.
  2. Daniel

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Smith belonged on the Devils, they just didn’t want to put someone on waivers, which I get. He probably would not have made them that much better than are now, so another reason to let him dominate the WHL. If he keeps up the scoring pace, the comparables are Doug Hamilton and Provorov. Just needs to get stronger so he can handle NHL forwards adequately.
  3. Daniel

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    His suspension should have been reduced more, as there was very little physical contact involved. I know recent events suggest I’m crazy, but I believe you should, y’know, look at what someone actually did in meting out punishment. The league is obviously trying to set the table for a de facto life time ban for Voynov, which would not be unjustified. It just made a mistake in trying to make an example of someone who shouldn’t have been made an example of.
  4. Alex Jones is really just a nut job. I would say that the most prominent alt-righter is probably Pat Buchanan, or at least he's probably the bloc's intellectual patriarch. Anti-free trade, anti-immigration, anti-war and less skeptical of regulation and the welfare state than the typical establishment Republican. As you will notice, the alt-right's political agenda overlaps a lot with that of the left. In a similar way, the agendas Nazis and German Communists had many similarities, the most important of which is that they both sought to overthrow the liberal democratic order of Weimar Republic. Some high ranking Nazis (although not really Hitler, himself) also agreed with Marxist economic dogma about the eventual abolition of private property and workers' revolution. The common theme here is the left's inability to deal with nationalism in any kind of serious way. It explains a lot of its incoherence on many issues.
  5. Alt-righters universally hate Ben Shapiro. Left-wingers have a very poor understanding of what the term means and who it applies to. A good chunk of alt-righters are sympathetic to Bernie Sanders.
  6. Daniel

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

    I guess I wouldn't draft a quarterback for its own sake. On a stacked team, Tannehill probably can win enough. Meaning, he probably would have taken the Seattle legion of boom teams almost as far as Russell Wilson did.
  7. I loved that they took 3000 words of Mein Kampf, replaced Jews with Cishet White Males and it got published. Not dishonest at all. Grievance studies is fake scholarship that contributes nothing to the world and the people who are involved in it deserve to get trolled and ridiculed until they find something else to do.
  8. Daniel

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm as conspiratorial as the next guy when it comes to the Patriots, but the new roughing the passer rule is a case of not attributing to conspiracy what you can just as easily call plain stupidity. The rule is absolutely moronic and won't stop a single quarterback from getting hurt. I don't blame the refs for not being able to get the call right because when they're looking at a sack in real time, and are left to guess whether the pass rusher could have avoided putting his body weight on the QB. In the meantime, very few, if any, pass rushers are really going to control the instinct to hit the QB as hard as he absolutely can. So just as many QBs are going to break their collarbones as they would prior to the rule. The only difference is that there may or may not be a flag. In the same way, Ryan Tannehill lost more than a season to a hit to the knee where no flag was thrown. Don't blame the refs for missing it, but the point is that risk of the flag didn't stop the injury from happening. And I imagine that a bunch of other QBs since Brady's injury have had the same thing happen to them. Besides kickers and punters, QBs have the longest careers of any position players in the league, make the most money by far and don't suffer from the same life-long disabilities as other position players. I'm not saying we go back to the days where you could cream them five seconds after they throw the ball or at the end of a slide, or launch yourself at their heads at will. But they're protected well enough relative to how violent the sport is otherwise.
  9. Daniel

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    They have to be entertaining trade offers at this point, or should be if this drags on for another week. I can't tell if Capfriendly's number for next year includes Horton, but it's at around $49 million with only 11 players under contract, and doesn't include Matthews, Marner and Nylander. You're talking about at least $27 million for all of them and it very well could get to $30 million. And then they need legit defenseman, and I don't think they'll all be on ELCs.
  10. Daniel

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Parise was well over a point a game in his two years in the NCAA, and he was a freshman in his draft year. I don't have the inclination to see if those point totals were more common back then, but to put into perspective, Parise's freshman year point totals were pretty much the same as Jack Eichel's in his freshman year. McLeod, on the other hand, did not dominate junior in his final two years (he put up good, but not spectacular point totals) which is especially disconcerting for someone with his size, speed and quality teammates, one being Owen Tippet. And while it was only six games, he pretty much didn't do anything in his stint with Bingo at the end of last year. It's obviously too early to close the book on him, but he really needs to put up at least fifty points in Bingo this season before he has anything more than a "just a guy" designation in my eyes. And other GMs almost certainly see exactly what I do, so he doesn't have that much in trade value at the moment, except maybe as a piece in a deal for someone good.
  11. Daniel

    2018 NFL Season

    They’ll win
  12. Daniel

    2018 Miami Dolphins thread

  13. Daniel

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    We’ll get something about his points per 60 that proves Kovy was never any good. Dude could win the Conn Smythe and we’ll be told his possesssion numbers aren’t good and winning the Cup doesn’t measure anything.
  14. Daniel

    2018 JETS

    I think the only thing that saves Bowles is finishing above .500, and even that's not a guarantee. That's probably been the plan all along, perhaps in the hopes of one of the Harbaughs coming available.
  15. Daniel

    2018 JETS

    Taylor would also kill the Dolphins. We did a collective sigh of relief when he was traded.

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