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  1. Nass did enough to at least be on the list, but I highly doubt he gets the job unless it really comes down to a money issue. I suppose John Stevens might be seen as something like a Mike Sullivan or Daryl Sutter type, who is also worth talking to.
  2. It’s not my money, but if you have to pay $3 million just to buy him out of his current gig, it means it’s much harder to fire him if it turns out he’s not the answer.
  3. The word has been that Vancouver would probably voluntarily give up its pick this year so long as they didn't end up in the top ten or something like that.
  4. I just want the Devils to have the ideal set of draft picks and to have the team with a non-insufferable fanbase win whatever it is they end up doing.
  5. If it goes through, and it means that Arizona and Vancouver are deemed to be "playoff teams," it benefits the Devils, or at least there's enough of a chance that it does over the status quo that it's preferable. The best case scenario, which is quite possible, is that Arizona and Vancouver lose in the first round of whatever it is. Even accounting for neither of them being involved in the old system lottery that it looks like they're going to do in some form, it's possible that the Devils have two picks between 8 and 15 in addition to the top six pick they'll have. If Arizona "wins" that first round, their pick next year goes from a third to a second, or an argument can be made that it does. And if the league goes forward with this, I imagine that when it comes to deciding draft pick conditions, any ambiguities are going to go in favor of the team that isn't included in this playoff format.
  6. I found pretty much all of Dexter overrated. Annoying voiceover and annoying prominent character in his sister.
  7. "Perfectly fine" is not a ringing endorsement. It more or less worked. The last ten minutes were cringy, but alternative endings would have been unsatisfying too. It was about on par with the ending of The Wire.
  8. The Many Saints of Newark should go down in history as the best title for a movie in the history of movies regardless of how good (or bad) the movie turns out to be. In a way, I'm glad it got pushed to next year to make sure they do it right.
  9. So far as I know, the Hoffman stuff all goes back to his (or his fiance's) issues with Karlsson. To my knowledge, the only people that mentioned anything about him being an issue were the wives of former Senaotrs players (I think Turris's wife was one of them). Assuming everything checks out, I'd be fine sighing him. But it's not all numbers. I want excitement coupled with getting a great player. Hall is better than Hoffman, and there's the added benefit of him coming back after potentially getting another franchise player for him in a rental deal. As I said, my big issue with Shero was that it came to the point that he had to trade Hall. I will take it back if we find out there was some kind of understanding that he would consider signing with the Devils in the offseason and if that came to pass.
  10. It'll be weird if he ends up signing with a Canadian team when you consider that Canadian based outlets called him a lockerroom cancer and made withdrawn accusations that he was a cokehead.
  11. Did not watch the Shield. And forgot about the Sopranos, which was also unfairly maligned. Breaking Bad was perfect, to the point that I watch the last episode every so often.
  12. It did not seem like the fact that he got traded from a Canadian team had anything to do with whatever disappointment he had, but rather was being made the scapegoat for why the Oilers were a mess. From all accounts, he liked New Jersey and liked the organization, but he was going to take the pure business approach to contract negotiations, which is perfectly fine. And at least he didn't string the team along like Tavares did with the Isles. The thing that would have changed the calculus would have been if the Devils lived up to the expectations, in which there's a good chance he'd have signed an extension. Whatever happened in the past is irrelevant when you consider that no one is in a better position to sign him than we are. You're talking Red Wedding kind of death blow if the Devils could pull that off (while we're doing GOT references).
  13. Battle nobody could see: real battles are chaotic, you're not supposed to see them very well. Rushed character development: what characters? They've been there forever. I grant you that everything after the destruction of King's Landing was kind of lame, but if the show had to end, there's not much you could do to make it much better. So far as series endings go, it was far superior to Seinfeld (I'm not a Dexter fan, so can't opine on that one), probably on par with The Wire, but doesn't hold a candle to Breaking Bad. It's constrained by what the show is about more than anything though.
  14. JFC, the ending of GOT was perfectly fine. Arguably, the last ten minutes was lame, but it was either that or (i) the White Walkers win; or (ii) we gazillion years of self righteous nonsense from Khaleesi. In a similar vein, Taylor Hall's departure from the Devils had very little to do with Taylor Hall, but more to do with Ray Shero being unable to build a winner. That said, the Devils are in a unique position to sign him for less money than they would have and to have gotten the trade compensation in the process. Seriously, if Fitzgerald or whoever the GM is can manage to pull that off, we're talking a bigger deathblow than the Devils using the compensation from the Stevens tampering to draft Parise.
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