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  1. 2018 Offseason Thread

    But from a hockey deal perspective, Hoffman is way better than Boedker. Boedker seems to have settled into being a 30-40 pt winger. Hoffman is closer to a 60 point winger who had developed good chemistry with Matt Duchene. Serious downgrade for the Sens. Again, just speaking about the hockey, not the behind the scenes allegations which led to this deal.
  2. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    Well, that could all be true what you say. I'm sure someone will indeed give Tavares a monster deal around 12m. But I think the question is: should NJ? At a certain financial point, every contract as the potential to be a negative value add. McDavid makes 12, sure. But even a 100 point guy at 20m per season with current cap limitations with be an awful contract (I know the NHL doesn't allow that, but am illustrating the point). So, at what value does a point per game center like Tavares become a "bad" signing? You have to fetch positive value in this league, underpay over-performing players for periods, and when it's time to sign large deals, not go so far above that they weigh down the team. For me, 10m is the max I'd pay a guy like Tavares. He might not sign with me because of that, but I don't think he's worth more than that. My 2 cents. That said, he's a wonderful player. I'd love to have him if it made sense.
  3. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    Am I the only one who thinks offering McDavid's contract is not prudent? McDavid did better than a point per game in his rookie (injured) season. Last 2 seasons, 100 pts and 108 pts. John Tavares had a 54 pt (over 82) rookie season and has averaged roughly a point per game since his 3rd year in the league. But an 82 point center and a 100 pt center are not the same at all. There's certainly a few notches of elite play between these 2. McDavid may well turn out to be the best player since Gretzky, while Tavares may one day be a top 50 player in the all time history book, but again, those are different things entirely. I agree NJ has to be in on any discussion about Tavares. They have to be. They have the cap room. It makes a lot of sense (although also presenting a problem since Hischier had nice chemistry with Hall and Tavares won't play second fiddle). But 12/m is a ton of cap money. And what others say is true - what does that do the pricetag on Hall? Hall has had 1 great season. I'm not sure we want to be paying Tavares/Hall money like Pitt payed Crosby/Malkin at the time. P. Kane makes 10.5. Eichel makes 10. Ovechkin and Benn make 9.5. I understand that every year the top salaries go higher, and you can't compare players who signed mega deals a few years back with current standards, but for John Tavares, an all world talent who will probably produce a point per game clip for the next 5 years, I would offer no more than 10m/7 years.
  4. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I think we have the framework of a deal here, Daniel. Should we call the league office to firm up? Fair enough on Maroon - but TB was destined to win that series, especially after Vatanen got injured. They were a great team and were a hair's width away from the SCF. I don't blame the loss on Maroon. I like that he's a meaty player who can score, pass, fight, hit, throw up 20 goals and 40 pts, etc. I think guys like that are very useful. But the tea leaves are yet to show whether Maroon will b-line it right back to EDM, a strong possibility.
  5. 2018 Offseason Thread

    You're probably right. I was just saying what I personally would consider - sometimes players take longer to gel. But it's a fair assessment that Grabner may not want to be back.
  6. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Dunno about "most likely," but here are the "UFA" names I would target to sign, provided the price is right: Tavares - you have to make a play Maroon - brings a lot to the table and might be at an affordable pricetag Derek Ryan - cheap depth for a 3rd line C/wing Grabner - did terribly with NJ, but sometimes it takes longer to develop chemistry, I'd make an offer De Haan - good Dman who won't be crazily expensive Roussel - if you're looking for grit + some skill - he's your man John Carlson will probably command too much $$$, but I could see NJ making an offer, although I'd be concerned about giving him more than 5.5m. He'll likely get 7. NJ could also make a play to trade for Erik Karlson if they're willing to give up the likes of Severson+Bratt+Zacha+more probably.
  7. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Well, I respect not wanting to be involved with sons of former hated players - but that's not how I personally think. If there's value to be had out there, I don't care about the sins of the father from 17 years ago. As for Bobby Ryan, I agree that it doesn't make much sense for the Devils (especially given Ryan's ongoing hand injury), unless it's part of salary dump from OTT to NJ but also happens to include a huge package for either Karlson or Hoffman.
  8. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Yes, I've been an avid fan since about 1993. And I suppose you have a point. The Domi-Niedermayer incident was pretty fabled. I forgot about that one... still, don't think the misdeeds of an inconsequential career goon equate to the same thing as say the Matteau playoff goal or all of Messier's antics. In short, you have a point, but I would personally not let the bias of a kid's goon father stop going after the player. Lou might have felt that way, but Shero isn't Lou and will seek out value wherever he can find it. All that said, I'm not sure I really believe Domi is on the market. Might just be a Yotes ploy to initiate some talks about other players.
  9. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Haha, I'm not sure Domi - son of a Ranger goon enforcer from a bygone era - falls into the same class as Matteau or a would-be Messier/Avery. Domi is a skilled player. He has no connection whatsoever to the epic battles of the 90s/00s. He's just a handsome Albanian kid looking to make an honest living. I'd have him in a heartbeat.
  10. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Per TSN, if Max Domi is available, this should be our target. I can't imagine the Yotes would be dumb enough to give up on him, but, stranger things have happened (like when F. Forsberg got traded for Erat). New wishlist is Domi, Galchenyuk, in that order. I know neither player addresses a "core" need of ours (top 4 D, top 6 center), but if young players are available on the cheap, I think you have to open your ears regardless.
  11. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I'd rather pick up Cody Franson for free over trading for a UFA defender.
  12. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    The more I consider it, the more I think it makes sense to acquire Galchenyuk. Throw some beans at Montreal and get him in the fold, sit tight on D, then offer the kitchen sink to John Carlson this summer. Call it a day. Unless there's some very cheap defender available right now that wouldn't cost anything. Really tired of Lovejoy.
  13. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    If OEL is available, you have to be at that table. He's insanely talented. But I highly doubt Chayka trades OEL. It's unlikely NJ will be in on any of these players, but interesting to contemplate.
  14. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Are there any names on the Trade Bait Board which would actually make sense for the Devils to trade for, given that we're not looking to give up picks and are not billed as a Cup Contender? I would think maybe only guys on contracts that are not UFA in case we feel they fit into long term plans... Those guys (on non-UFA contracts are): Hoffman, signed 2 more years - i think he would cost a ton to acquire Pacioretty, signed 1 more year - for being signed only 1 more year, not worth it Galchenyuk, signed 2 more years - interesting case Z. Smith, signed 3 more years - i like Smith personally but probably not needed A. Shaw, signed 4 more years - a more talented Zack Smith... maybe Pageau, signed 2 more years - only if Zajac somehow finds himself elsewhere Phaneuf, signed 3 more years - no, too cap costly Barrie, signed 2 more years - would love it, but probably will cost a fortune
  15. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Their RW depth is poor. He could easily find himself with Monahan and Gaudreau. Jagr, to his credit, likes to select teams where he can play a prominent role. I would not be shocked at all to see him replicate last year's numbers. Happy he is back for sure!!!