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  1. Think Shero will try anything like recently bought out Troy Bouwer (RW) on a 1-year? I could see that.
  2. Uhh, yikes @ the latest messages in this thread. So how bout that Eric Gryba? I hear he's really gotten into shape, lost 20 lbs of fat, added 50 lbs of pure muscle, watched and mastered every Gretzky hockey video ever, and is poised to become the next Erik Karlsson (negating any need for NJ to be involved in that discussion).
  3. Or their plan B in the wake of accepting a failed trade negotiation with OTT.
  4. You do it for all the local "jersey boy comes home" headlines that we'll see ad nauseum for the next several months.
  5. This actually has me salivating a bit (Point or Segachev going to NJ), but TBL are only giving up a low first, a low 2nd, and Point essentially to land EK? Bobby Ryan & Callahan don't count as positive value-add assets. Seems like TB would be winning in a major way. I guess Cal Foote was drafted pretty highly by TB, but I am not very familiar with his projection. I'd rather throw a NJ 1st+2nd+good young player or 2 to TB directly if that's all it takes (though I guess we don't really have any roster ready players at the level of a Point or Sergachev that we could afford to lose). It does seem to make some sense that NJ would be involved as the 3rd team, so, let's see what transpires. So long as we grab a good piece and not purely some dumped contracts, I'd be happy.
  6. Oh... basketball. Right. Too much multi-tasking at work. Sorry.
  7. Most July 1 deals wind up looking awful 2 years later, with maybe some exceptions of truly top level talent like JT. This was a weak UFA class. Sure, if there was a 27 year old pure RW (or Center) out there of interest, I'm sure we would have been all over it. I'm not a blind faith in the GM kinda guy, but Shero has built this team the right way so far. Let's wait and see if there aren't some good value-adds in the coming days and weeks. If this team can grab Maroon & DeHaan at good prices, we'll be a beater team than last year. There will inevitably be teams that need to dump salary, and Shero can use our space to pry some good players. One way or the other, the Devils are not a Cup calibre team at the moment. We're in the process of building toward that, but it will still be 2-3 more years before we might be a legit threat.
  8. More or less agree. They even said it on NHL network yesterday. With players of this caliber, you need to give them an ultimatum of the trade deadline leading into their UFA. If they don't sign, trade them, no matter what their name. The only caveat is if your team is such a strong cup contender that year that it forces your hand to keep them. With the Isles, they are not in that category and should have absolutely dealt JT. Black and white for me. Now they got nothing. Why did they keep him when they could have gotten certainly something of interest, even if it was just a pick or two. JT would have definitely netted one 1st rounder at least.
  9. Yeah, I don't think there's anything to be up in arms about for Devils fans. Outside John Tavares (of players who made it to Canada Day without handshakes in place), there wasn't a lot of high end talent. Many GMs overpaid for 3rd and 4th liners. 7m and 5 years is a lot of money/term for JVR. It sounds like Tavares wasn't looking to sign here... so there's no point in wasting money, ever. John Moore did not deserve a 5 year contract (Boston), so am happy we did not resign him. The players we should still be interested in, as many have said, are Maroon (money/term being reasonable), and DeHaan. Yes, it would be nice to add a top 6 center and a top 6 RW, but that's not always on the table. Perron (RW) would have been a decent landing. He chose to go back to a former team, and familiarity is hard to compete with. Devils are still in transition here and I imagine next year's crop of UFAs will be stronger. Otherwise, Shero may try the trade route, or make take on some dead LTIR contracts in order to get decent roster players in a package. Remains to be seen. But I'm pretty happy that we're not throwing money at a Leo Komarov for no reason.
  10. Would they be? Dallas has Seguin + Benn who are basically in the same class if not better than JTavs. Those 2 individually are crazy good, but Dallas still sucks year to year. Team has to have the right pieces in place, the right coaching, etc., outside the top talent. I'm not suggesting Tavares+Hall would not be lethal, but the holistic picture has to be looked at. I am sticking to my previous post that 13m is way too much for the Devils or any team to pay Tavares in order to get the on ice "team" return for the investment.
  11. PS, I have to assume that CLB only trades Breadman at this juncture if they get blown away by an offer. Otherwise, they try to continue to sign him through the season, and then deal at the trade deadline for a 1st round pick. For NJ to grab Panarin right now... I don't think we have the assets which would make sense for CLB. Outside of Hall/Nico, it would take something similar to Karlsson, i.e. Severson+Bratt+1st, etc. And maybe you do that if you're NJ, but Shero has been largely unwilling to give up high picks and good prospects during our rebuild. And for a guy looking to hit UFA and cash in big, doesn't look like it makes sense.
  12. OK, I see, the report where this came out notes that he's not willing to talk extension yet and is UFA after this upcoming season. If they don't think they can sign him long term, that at least makes some sense. However, finding the right trade partner becomes quite difficult unless the player blesses it and says yep, that's where I wanted to sign anyway after next year.
  13. But at least then, if I recall, getting a long-term cost controlled contract was part of their thinking since they pay so much money to their other big guns (Kane, Toews, Keith, etc.). Not saying it's the move I would have done, but they at least had some idea about what it would do for them, and Saad was supposedly one of the best 5v5 point producers in the league at the time. Again, I'm recalling from memory.
  14. Ah, I see. Where was that reported? Sorry, I didn't catch the origin of this sub-topic. If true, pretty strange to me. Bread man really is a top-tier talent. Those don't come along often, and they made out quite well in that deal when they acquired him from CHI.
  15. Why are people thinking that Panarin will be traded? Just curious why CBJ makes that move. He's a superstar.
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