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  1. Derlique

    Hughes or Kakko

    Did you want him to hold a gun to Trouba's head and make him want to be here? The Devils were losing out to big FAs to the Rangers when they were winning cups-- not sure why you think that's ever going to change
  2. Derlique

    Hughes or Kakko

    Trouba didn't want to be a Devil. Dreger said he only had one or two teams on his list. It sucks but not sure why you're blaming Shero for this
  3. Lmao, reading comprehension needs some work today. My bad.
  4. Based on what you typed, I don't believe I missed the point. You mentioned people being enamored with the idea of LIVING in NYC, which any Devil can feasibly do without a problem. Now if you meant to type out that some players want the notoriety that comes with playing in Manhattan, on one of the more "prestigious" NHL teams, then yeah, the Devils obviously can't offer that.
  5. Derlique

    Hughes vs Crosby

    If Hughes ends up in the tier of MacKinnon, Tavares or Matthews, we should be doing backflips. Crosby is arguably a top 10 player of all time
  6. Iirc, Yakovlev lived in the City this past season. It's literally a 25 minute commute to Newark Penn with a 5 minute walk to the arena.
  7. Derlique

    Hughes or Kakko

    BTW, it was JvR, not Kreider who robbed Hughes of more assists.
  8. Derlique

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes will be the toolsiest forward the Devils have ever had. His skillset is off the charts
  9. Derlique

    Hughes or Kakko

    I mean, seriously the Devils can really ease Hughes in. Give Zajac and Nico the toughs, and let Hughes run rampant on weaker competition. 17 min a night with pp2 time is what I would do
  10. Derlique

    Hughes or Kakko

    Build down the middle. Gimme Hughes
  11. Anyway, I am firmly team Jack Hughes at the moment. Good teams come at you with waves, and having a 1-2 center punch of Hughes/Hischier does that. Kakko will probably be able run his own line in the near future, but if you look at Stanley Cup winners, they are strong down the middle. Backstrom/Kuznetsov; Crosby/Malkin; Kopitar/Carter; Bergeron/Krejci
  12. There were a bunch of us in chat, and @jasonmacissac (where is his account!?) posted a link on twitter to the leaked teams moving up. When Chicago moved up, we knew NJ was going up as well. Still fully expected us to be third, but for a good 15 minutes, we were debating the legitimacy of the leak!
  13. April 9th; 8pm on NBCSN. Let's hope Hall can pull one more trick out of his sleeve.
  14. Hall will be eligible to sign an extension on July 1st. Rumblings will certainly be coming out in the coming weeks about his injury and whether he is amiable to the idea of spending the rest of his career in New Jersey. All Hall talk/rumors should go here.
  15. I should have said "probably did not do enough". He's in his late 20s, does he really want to take another year near league minimum when he could be making millions back home? Not like he has a set role here
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