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  1. Derlique

    GDT: Sharks @ Devils 1:00 PM MSG+

    At the arena, it looked like Wood dove, especially after looking at replays. But then the dude lost teeth? What part of Burns hit him?
  2. Derlique

    GDT: Sharks @ Devils 1:00 PM MSG+

    Phew- tough schedule, and the boys are responding. Having gone to the Washington and San Jose games, I have been impressed with the crowd. Some observations: 1. Dea has been found money. A couple of clutch goals. Boyle or Noesen might be in trouble when Bratt is ready 2. Palmieri keeps doing his thing. Amazing to see him finishing at the rate he has been. 3. Severson has looked as good as he has since his rookie year. Looks every bit of the top 4 dman.
  3. Derlique

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    Perhaps, but not based on his performance the last few years.
  4. Derlique

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    Miles Wood might be a legit top six forward. Two years ago, I would've been happy if he could play in the NHL. Last year, he took the step to being a good 3rd liner. This year, he looks like a top 6 player. He just keeps getting better. Seeing him walk defensive wiz Adam Larsson was v funny
  5. Derlique

    GDT: Devils vs. Edmonton 1:00 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    Imagine being gifted Connor McDavid and still sucking
  6. Derlique

    GDT: Devils @ Bern 1:30 PM, MSG+, NHLN

    How did we look?
  7. Derlique

    Behind the Glass- Devils Training Camp: NHL Network

    Well, it was also the beginning of training camp so they had to pick players on the bubble.
  8. Derlique

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Really dont get what Kevin Rooney does for anyone
  9. Derlique

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    Yup. I forget where I saw this (I think it was the Athletic). Wood was one of the best players in the league at gaining the offensive zone with possession. The problem is that he was one of the lowest on the list of completing a pass after gaining it. Meaning, he had no idea what to do with the puck when gaining the zone. If he can just pick his head up and slow the game down, even just a bit, he can definitely take the next level and develop into that Wayne Simmonds power forward type.
  10. Derlique

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    Heh, I was hoping the Devils would do this AAV for 6 or 7 years, so this AAV for 4 is pretty good. Even if he doesn't improve from last year, and stagnates I still think it's a win for NJ. I do think he has a little more to give. His growth from year one to year two was pretty remarkable. A bonus for Wood is that he'll be 26 when this deal is up. He can get his major payday if he earns it.
  11. Derlique

    Wood signs 4-year deal

    If he plays like he did last year during the four years, it's a good deal. I do think he will improve a bit more.
  12. Derlique

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

  13. Derlique

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Todd Cordell, who has been on this from the start, speculates that the Devils are offering 2 million, while Wood wants 2.5. Both parties have said they aren't far apart on term or money.
  14. Derlique

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Just give him 2 years at 2.5 per and move on. Is 100k-200k going to kill either side?

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