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  1. Man, this is a weird one. On one hand, I think Shero has done much more positive than negative. We don't need to rehash the what state of the Devils and the barren prospect pool when he took over in 2015. Obviously the acquisitions of Hall and Palmieri are the highlights here. I'm not going to kill him for Subban, Simmonds, and the goaltending situation because I was cool with decisions in the summer. These were fine calculated risks that haven't panned out. Let's face it, we don't know the whole story here. This is obviously speculation on my part, but I can't believe the owners were happy that Hall left without even discussing numbers. Maybe the agent flat out told Shero he wasn't staying so it'd be a waste of time, but considering the strong statements Harris and Blitzer made in '18 about being so fervent about extending Hall - it doesn't look good. I am in the belief Shero did the right thing in trading him, but again, optics and all that. If this is a philosophical decision and Shero wanted to blow it up again, as speculated, then this is the right move. Obviously you sell off UFAs when you're out of it but eventually, you have to keep some of your UFAs. If Palmieri was the line in the sand, then I'm glad this decision was made. Local kid, good leader, has a skillset that shouldn't diminish too badly in his 30s. If you're Hughes and Nico and you hear rumors that the team is looking to move KP a year before his deal is up, what kind of message does that send? Sure doesn't seem like you're committed to winning in the short term. I've been pro-tank for years but enough is enough. This young core has to now figure out how to win. It's why I'm not upset over these seemingly meaningless wins against Washington and TB.
  2. Rust aside, it didn't look like Hall was skating as well as before.
  3. Of course money won't be an issue. I'm just speculating what his contract will look like if he decides to re-sign.
  4. Hall's comparables are Panarin (7x11.64), Seguin (8x 9.85), and Tavares (7x11). If I had to guess, I'd bet he gets 8 x11.5
  5. Do you guys think they should have brought back Myers at that price tag?
  6. I know ownership and Shero have stated they want to get Hall done but I wonder if they aren't comfortable giving Hall a high AAV (11+) or term (7-8 years) until they see how he looks next year.
  7. Rendon is nuts but I'm just so impressed with Juan Soto. He has a .925 OPS at 20 years old , with some speed. His knowledge of the strike zone is freakish for someone his age
  8. Fess up, people. Where are the bozos who called ownership cheap? Probably the same ones who cried about the YS chant
  9. Ok, I don't mean to laugh at your collective pain as Mets fans, but holy hell this thread is comedic gold. The ****** Mets, man.
  10. Kadri might be involved here.
  11. That's only if you're going to the top tier of RFA signings, where four 1sts is the compensation
  12. Laine will command a much higher AAV, thus taking us out of the running because we don't have our second
  13. Does Winnipeg match at 5 year, 6.2 million dollar offer sheet for Kyle Connor? Compensation is a first and a third
  14. Yeah, don't love Simmonds at this point in his career, but I think it's reasonable to expect 17-20 goals, one of the best net front PP guys, and some #grit. Devils need goals, #grit, and #leadership.
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