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nice mckay,mckenzie,brodeur story


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nice story ..cool experience but does anyone else believe that he remembers the exact things said for that entire story... all quotations for like 10 pages of story? ???? I dunno!

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Wait a sec -- the one posted here was in Philly though not Buffalo. but nearly identical... :unsure: same guys (Jimbo/Randy & Marty) same Jim telling the fight stories same Jimmy getting up to spin -- same Jim being able to hold his drink.

WEIRDNESS! :wacko:

yeah so someone stole the story and told it as if it was them.. gotta love what people do for some attention

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Well -- you never know though. I mean I can also see those guys always going out -- I mean they were party animals and all... and I can imagine Jimmy always telling that doggone BROWN story :argh: I mean -- lets face it... the guy tells it AD NAUSIUM and that's just to the press! :lol: so you never know, right? Maybe the Philly guy was telling the truth and the Buffalo guy is lying. :noclue:

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