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  1. langsgirl

    Morristown spots?

    You'll have a blast... but prepared to be smooshed The band will be upstairs... lots of tvs on main level... but if ya need to get away from the crowd temporarily... there is a downstairs thats usually very empty compared to the rest of the place!
  2. langsgirl

    Morristown spots?

    Grasshopper is my favorite bar in morristown.. and they have many sports on... Ive never eaten there.. but they do have tables upstairs early. If you are planning on staying after the game.. it WILL GET PACKED. Normally by 11 you cant move in there.. not that its not fun... just letting you know. The office also probably would have the game and def has decent food. They are within walking distance of each other.
  3. langsgirl


    Lets go Devils!!!!
  4. langsgirl

    Discount Ticket Offers '08-'09

    Seems like we are all in same area.. Im also in 105 row 4.. but down the other end
  5. langsgirl

    Leroi Moore Dies

    RIP, great musician.
  6. langsgirl

    Things you can't stand at a hockey game

    We got told to sit down during an Elias penalty shot at CAA.
  7. langsgirl

    Rolston #12

    Guess Ill have to settle with wearing Rolston #14 still lol. I figured he wouldnt be getting that number back.. but it would have been nice Now people will probabl;y just think im dumb and put the wrong number!
  8. langsgirl

    search a song!

    Thats what I just said.. I dont really pay attention to the new stuff as Im always lsitening to cds or the XM which usually has me flipping to something i know. I dont really do the radio anymore and just sit on the one or two good stations.
  9. langsgirl

    search a song!

    I try my best... Im not as impressive as I used to be... but living with my mother and father was like a name that tune episode.... they would be like "I heard this song today.. it was a guy and it was sorta fast and there were abckground singers" Id ask what station... or sounds like... and they would give me like 3 words of the song and I would usually be able to name that tune....as music is my favorite thing... along with raindrops on roses and all that good stuff... My friend is the same way now.. anytime she wants to know a song.. at a concert.. or a bar... she will turn to me during the opening instrumental and I usually have it before the singing starts... But I have been slipping lately... getting old.. dont know all that new stuff kids these days are listening too
  10. langsgirl

    search a song!

    I believe the song is called Feel It by Tamperer
  11. langsgirl

    Avery on smelling manly, and hoping for cool people in Texas..

    Gold shoes, really?
  12. langsgirl

    Gas Prices V

    they are more environmental fans.. and they buy used cars all the time... new ones on rare occasion and then just sell it... money is hardly their concern..although they dont act like it.
  13. langsgirl

    Gas Prices V

    just read the rest of posts... ya the tax break was still available.. he drives a honda accord i think, and he got it this year.
  14. langsgirl

    Gas Prices V

    My uncle got it this year on his?
  15. langsgirl

    Gas Prices V

    It was not... but I wish I had researched a bit more as I was told by my uncle you get tax break on it and some other perks. Plus the gas thing....obviously lol.

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