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  1. Watching Rare Exports has been my favorite Christmas movie for 4 years now. Next to A Christmas Carol of course. Alistair Sims followed by Patrick Stewart’s followed by Reginald Owen. ANYHOW Rare Exports: It’s THE cutest most little boy movie EVER. It’s Finnish but don’t let that stop you from watching. It must be watched even when you feel yourself doubting it’s worth!!!!
  2. the Devils now do the walk of shame the cameras get The fisheye
  3. The way the guys acted after the firing tells me it was totally on Hynes. They were all mortified beyond sorry and sad. That was dread on those little boy faces not shame. Hynes made it real cushy for them.
  4. Stevens kids are probably having their own kids about now. His youngest is 22 I guestimated based on my own daughters age. I think his youngest was 6 when my 16 year old was born. Anyhow - piss on that. I wouldn’t wish these aholes on any first time head coach. I’d much rather a happy Stevens taking pot shots from his arm chair. Or, you know, broadcasterschair so Ican ogle him Thanks for that video btw
  5. I really don’t think he can handle the whole job. I just don’t think he knows how to delegate but thinks he does. HE can see how they’re best for their job but they aren’t fulfilling his vision. He IS the disconnect. There is something he’s just not grasping about managing every aspect simultaneously. The details are not getting sorted. I can garner the vision the big picture and from all angles. But I can’t see that it’s really gelling. I’m sure he can talk it through and you walk away satisfied and feeling focused but when you show up for work it’s probably just like OK I did all that and... I got nothin’. There it all is now why does it suck so bad?
  6. Pepperkorn


    He’s just playing like a guy without a clear sense of purpose. The roles aren’t being articulated beyond (I imagine) “you’re my (fill in the blank) guy - now go out there and do that thing you do!” None of the guys are really meshing and no one is clear on stepping up and defining roles for everyone. No one is telling them what they need to do to have purpose, you know?
  7. Wow and I thought I over think things Dude got fired. And anyone really needs to ask why? The team are spoiled little fvcks for the most part. There’s too much bullsh!tting around. You just look at them — all I could think is what the hell are you dipsh!ts smiling about? What the fvck with all this ego? Massive flashing sparkling teeth ego backed up by ZERO confidence Hmmmm who’s really to blame for them feeling so tri-state superstar? Ray Shero and his bumble*ucking PR team. It’s one thing to try to sell that bs to fans but a totally other thing when your stupid men-child players believe it. Hall is the only guy looking grumpy and NOT prancing around for photo ops Subban is paid to do that and he’s got a lot going on just figuring the lay of the land and all. I have surprisingly little problem with that. I’ve actually found his presence really clarifying in a crazy way His trying to figure out the Devils game just made it very clear there is none and that’s Hynes and ultimately Shero. The focus on hockey just floundered it’s so hard to find that balance. I’d rather have it too hockey heavy than to marketing heavy but honestly you all didn’t want that. So this is what it feels like to go over to the other side of the pendulum swing. Never won even on the way over though did they? Leaving the Lou guy in as Captain — good lord. Who ever thought that was a good idea? It’s trying to hold something you let go of. It’s an example of how there is no real knowledgeable plan It’s like a sh!tty cook - a little of Lou’s special sauce, and hmm. Some maple syrup that’s Canadian right? And what else do you think of when I say hockey... Good lord just find a single voice for this team one clear point of focus. Just — this is just so stupid and blurry and just tackling far too much all these broad brush strokes with no apparent over-all plan. Whatever. I can’t even get analytical because there’s been nowhere to delve the strategy is just so mixed — whatever. Just play hockey don’t see anything else Just the nice clean game of hockey
  8. I had another dream! i was working for TomEllis and he was running a company. I was a secretary and he was writing massively going apesh!t and I had a great idea but no way to get his attention. Then he finally rushed out of his office smiled at me while rushing by and booped me in the clavicle. I was thinking “sh!t he knew me but I still didn’t tell him my idea!” Then it morphed into a new dream which was fun but pretty run of the mill so I’ll spare you Scott Stevens! Step it up man! I’d like a nice Scotty dream please. I think you must have achieved career contentment or something.
  9. Cardiff Devils were in green and red as well this weekend. They must love NJ. It must be a thing. .
  10. Pepperkorn

    NHL20 Help

    You’re next to never here. I didn’t even see the family at horse shows! Sheesh. Greg and his four legged girl friend broke up a few years ago. She’d get so giddy when she saw him then play all cool and hard to get. And be disgruntled when she saw me in the barn. Now shes been turfed out! Serves the old horse right! Hmphh
  11. Awwwe. Blake Coleman. Dude you have the AHL curse : happiness !!!! I get that. I totally get that. Well you just think long and hard what you want. I’m telling you you have it in you to stay- BUT you have to find a way to shake off contentment. Or and here’s what a friend of mine did be such an amazing lockroom guy the team and coach need you. That requires too much mucking about manipulation-wise. But if it’s sincere it’ll work. It’s probably easier to just massively focus on your game. Work ethic pump up but you’ve got to get the results too. Seriously. The Cup. It CAN happen don’t let your personal happiness keep you from your personal mind-blwwing happiness. You’ve got THE toughest job. Sorry I singled you out
  12. So... i have my usual psychological observations on this team. But another I have is that they’re quite delicate and vulnerable and don’t really have the mental protection Lou afforded teams of the past. You all can say he was hyper controlling etc. But if you’re in a situation like these guys - you need that - it’s protection. It’s a little bit of forced cohesion but cohesion nonetheless. I see Hall and he’s got so much going on. I’m sorry to say he seems to be the only one with his head in the right place and it seems to me that he’s getting ZERO managerial support. I’m just not seeing how these individuals can get it together. SO. Do I critique them all here in this place. Everything is an pretty simple fix but it’s a mental fix And you have to own the disconnect. It’s not a problem it’s just a thing that needs to be put aside. OK. So a small sample - Guy with hat and coffee on the instafeed. Dude. You’ve got to get it together ON ICE. I don’t give a fvck if you don’t know what you’re doing. fIGuRE it the fvck out!!! You know you can coast on several skills at your disposal but That’s outside of hockey. Get a fvckin clue and PLAY HOCKEy. It’s nice you’re getting yourself set up and you’re in a nice life space considering the crap output of the ensemble. But take a fvcking stand for the game. WANT MORE!!! You’ve got the hard life sh!t down. Now fvcking lead on ice man. Take responsibility for more than yourself. You CLEARLY can whether you know it or not. Whether it’s a cover for your anxiety and worry. Dude you look to be mentally strong as a fvckin OX. Share what you know effectively. PLEASE. And yes I can tell all this from one stroll into the locker room. I’m like that. Ask Stevens. It’s a gift ... and a curse . I also admit when I’m wrong so check back if an apology is due. And I trust you to know the truth of it.
  13. Aaaaaand... I have a question... but first How much do I love Rex Orange County? Such a brilliant little kid. My daughter almost has permission to marry him. But haha thinks he’s too old for her and swears too much. She thinks that lacks creativity. I don’t mind it with him. I was listening to Cake and she told me about this kid last Summer. His new album is fab! I intriduced her to Still Wuzzy not the best trade off. Oh well. Ok. The question...
  14. Hey dew! Check if maybe tap dancing would be good for you. It does build bones. But sometimes that’s not what you’re really going for
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