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  1. A Stevens dream! It was a cute old school one .. but I forget it completely! It was cute. We were talking - like catching up? Old friends? Can’t believe I don’t remember it. Packing! Packing for a trip and chitchatting. Kind of like sharing old stories while we packed for the trip. Hmm. No details I usually remember the conversation but I don’t. Or it was just dream hum of conversation- you know how that is. (No.No, once again, as usual, we have no idea how that is Pepperkorn). So that was pleasant.
  2. Awe Dew. That sucks. My sister is alone but she has a cat and her doggie. Just hang in there friend.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhahahahahhahaha! My friend is on Fox News pushing a new COVID drug. LOL. Just got a text to turn it on. He’s a sheep expert turned pharmaceutical expert. LOL. They’re saying how great he is. He once got us all so plastered on single malts. Anyhow he promised if we honestly wanted to relocate to the UK he’d set us up with work BUT refuses to believe we actually do. He’s a great guy. Hope this works out but honestly everyone I know is working on their own COVID drug now and of course their idea is going to work. This guy really does think outside of the box though. we’ll see clinical trials are starting next week I guess.
  4. Man. I can’t stand that I’m so digging isolating. I love not having to go anywhere. I can screw around doing all my little chores. OH!!! Of course you all know!! I think my nick name was Little House on The Prairie for a time here. I’m not spinning wool or churning butter. But I am making clotted cream right now. I of course can make a fine loaf of bread with 1/8th of a teaspoon of yeast and 2 1/2 cups of flour. I’m not sewing because everyone else and his brother already is. And I hate it. Same reason I’m not knitting. Our dogs are so insanely happy to have us here. I saved my Roosters life by chasing away the fox trying to catch him! What a good guy he is. The rooster. The fox is a jerkoff. I’m not doing much binge TV watching. My daughter is watching New Girl. That’s cute. Our sheep will probably lamb soon. At least one will. We have had a bunch of calls for people wanting lambs too. I guess everyone wants to do the hobby farm thing. Everyone is getting chickens here. Sooooo. I LOVE my little hill. We’re awash in ramps. Have to start morel hunting now. We have 3 kinds of awesome mushrooms that grow here. My crazy boy dog eats the wacky kind that grow on our manure pile . I have had a gazillion dreams but nothing too noteworthy. I love all the free ballet classes going around on Instagram. And I love that my family is stuck with me 24/7. I can’t believe how well we’re getting along. What’s stircrazy even? Hope everyone is well. I’m worried for our extended family but must keep our distance so..
  5. Oh man I am COVID-19 drunk AF!!!!!!!!!!! dear lord. Thank god I didn’t post whatever that mess I had down here was. Even I have no f&$%~£¥ idea what the hellI was even starting to get at. ?????? so. Yes. Totally ripped last night! Dark & Stormies. 150proof rum. My husband went online video hosted shopping at his favorite store in CT. ... he bought a bow tie with pointer dogs on it. Whimsical wedding attire? Lord knows. Anyhow. Here’s the thing. We were up at 6:30 AM. No hangover. And blowing a horn-in-a-can to get our daughter out of bed to help with the sheep. I’m so impressed with my 52 year old self!!!! My tea totaling daughter was rather impressed as well. I’m a light weight no question it’s so great to have this land. It’s like a nature preserve we have all to ourselves. I’m enjoying isolation. BUT sad because we would have been in a plane on our way to Heathrow this very second were it not for the pandemic. Very worried about our friends over there Anyhow. Hope Devils hockey fans are safe and sound! XO
  6. Scotty! I forgot to say HappyBirthday!! Because I know you were checking even.... My husband just had his birthday too. We had a virtual party with his work buddies. He’s losing weight because he’s not partying and drinking like he would be. Haha haha! I’m having tons of dreams. My rem sleep percentage is like 16-25%. Stevens has featured in a few but nothing amusing or otherwise remarkable. Jon Hamm was in one too. I think because of theCurb Your Enthusiasm commercials. We were just kind of hanging out. He was amusing. Nothing weird abnormal or .. ya know... just like hanging out cracking jokes and taking pot shots at people. why do I never dream about famous women? The Allison Janney one was about the only one I can recall of late. OK. My social distancing is showing now ... life is good - love my hobby farm in the woods on a mountain side It’s nice to basically live on my own private park as annoying as it is to hike up a hill to get to our pasture . So... be well all!!!
  7. Scott Stevens dream. I was watching a news panel and they were asking Bob Ojeda why he was so slim. He had his shirt off and looked shy and pretty jacked to be honest. Then the camera panned over toScott Stevens and Tom Brady who were also on this panel and they were in huge shoulder pads and jerseys laughing at poor Ojeda. Their heads looked tiny compared to the rest of their body. So, yeah. No idea what that meant. Hope everyone is well and happy and healthy. We’re all doing well here but I hate to be so far from my parents. Glad for the internet and smartphones!
  8. New dream. In the Star Wars world. I think I was with a Mandalorian. (). Really good one though I remember none of it. Oh and no baby Yoda yeah I like baby yoda the little freak I must be content or something.
  9. Man. One of the Scotland women’s rugby team tested positive for covid19. Sucks if you played them in the last three weeks! Toddlers are asymptotic FYI. Little Typhoid Marys who don’t get it but kill off their poor grandparents. This settles it. gawd hates the baby boomers too. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.. Im goin ta hell
  10. Dream report. About no one BUT it was complete music! How cool is that? I’m not sure I’ve done before. It didn’t feel weird at all and given my history why would it even? It beats the sh!t out of the “good god I have no idea what my next line is” dream. i wonder what sorts of dreams retired hockey players have. Like —- they forgot their skates? Or missed the bus to the game. I’ve had that one! You’re with friends but the tour bus is scheduled to leave and you have NO idea how you’re getting to the bus in time. You sit there talking frozen and not telling anyone you have to go. You just have this ridiculous internal panic. Oh I hate that one. I. The I forgot my lines ones I usually just go out there and it all works out somehow and I think we’ll this isn’t so bad. Or else I’ve woken up before even having to go on - like a falling 20stories dream.
  11. Scott Stevens says “ No. No Pepperkorn, no one thinks that”
  12. So no one thinks Brodeur and the owners were hangin out drinking and Marty began to hold forth about Shero sucking and more drinks were downed and pretty soon Marty was sounding like a genius and soon the phrase “crazy... so crazy it just might work” got bandied about and - well - the rest is history .
  13. Well you’ve always had my prayers and well wishes . I’ll keep ‘em coming
  14. yeah....well.... ya gotta love me anyhow
  15. Hey Dew. Hope all is well. There’s been a rash of family trauma in our household. Uncles dying and having heart attacks. My side everyone is fairly ancient so it’s not as traumatic. My husbands are in the same era as my older sisters so that’s always an eye opener. I think it must have been that. Concerns about self-destructive behavior and stuff. Heart attack uncle got the same bright idea as so many of my dude friends!!! He divorced his wife and floundered then married a younger version of much the same and started another family thinking he was feeling young again. Then he lost his job which he’d had forever as well. Of course it was a massive trauma! New wife doesn’t know him well enough to be supportive just be a bossy miserable c*^+. He’s freaking out - kind of being a stay at home dad which he dreamed he’d love — but he’s just not 20-30 anymore. So... then he’s flat on his back in a hospital. His old wife is checking in with the family finding ways to help him out. She’s happy with a new guy but now she’s worried about her old husband, you know? It’s great and it’s killing hard to be a family person. Both my old man and I have very tight clannish families. And his is HUGE! Mine is a nice uptight modest little family. Oh yeah. And what about over population? He’s a screaming liberal and yet no concept about population control Dude HAD his kids. Now he’s spawning MORE so he can feel all youthful? I’m so mad at him but glad he’s OK too. He made his own bed. His brothers are dropping too so I’m sure that wasn’t any help. He’s charmingly neurotic— as much as one can be outside of a Woody Allen movie
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