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  1. Pepperkorn

    It’s Keefe

    I predict we will see a post titled something like “Queef stinks!” Before 2025
  2. These earthquakes are making me so happy. I don’t know why. Just had another aftershock while on a work zoom. My fave so far was the second aftershock at about 2:30 the day of the earthquake. It was two loud booms underground and then a little shimmy and rumble. I loved that. The booms were just amazing! the “big” quake was cool but too much like the furnace is gonna blow kind of thing to thoroughly enjoy. Might like it better now that I know from the outset what it is. 😁
  3. 18 - a good quatranos. I invented a word there and about dreams - my mom and I were talking and she’s always afraid she’s going to fall out of bed she hasn’t but it’s a fear then she said “You’re dad fell out of bed I’ll never forget that … but he was just catching a pass and didn’t even get hurt so It was nothing” Yes, we all talk this way in my house that means he dreamt he was running for a pass and apparently lept out of bed for it…
  4. Yeah…. Be glad I don’t share all my other weird dreams!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STARDEW! Have to post that every 29th of February!
  5. Weird Stevens dream. I don’t remember details. We met up and had to catch up on a bunch of errands. I thought I was doing them alone but the Scott showed up and said of course he wouldn’t let me go it alone We were kind of traveling all over the world trying to get everything done in one night. It was interesting and fun and I felt like we were accomplishing a lot. So… hmm. That was that. just got over COVID. My mother brought it to us!!!! She was mortified she was the carrier! It’s been a weird 2024 so far. Going to a funeral today. My baby turned 21!! Life is good. Marching on…
  6. Very true about subcontracting out 😁
  7. Holy crud - I’ve been at this for 11 years. And started it a while after #4 retired! So Happy Halloween 🎃 👻
  8. I… I wanna bitch about - and praise my new fitbit. First off yeah- I’m one of those ahole addicts. And yeah if you pass by my house you will indeed see me see aerobicizing at 11:30 pm getting in my 15k. (I’m a fatass so not bragging here. WTF? My metabolism is at its most efficient. I could survive easily on 800 effing kcals an effing F F F Fing F day!!! Infuriating … ANYHOW … I have the inspire because I’m cheap. And it’s great for my health metrics. My old charge 3 said my HRV was like 35. I thought I was a goner at 72 for sure at that rate. Anyhow. Now it’s a respectable 40-60. As if you can even trust that shiz really. It’s like astrology on a fitbit. So it’s the “readiness” calculation drive me nuts. If I walk 10k steps they’ll say thes extremely active. Wth is THAT? I burn a truly measly 2100kcal I a day I get this nonsensical message “ oh dear! You over did it. You better take it easy and watch some fvckin’ meditation videos to control you stress and don’t work out today take a nap. Read a book. AHHhH)&/“(07/?&@: just call me a lazy fatass even. Ahh! SO annoying. My own mother called me porky OK? I don’t need my fucin fitness expert tell me to chill …. fck. This aging thing SO fing blows.
  9. Wow guys. Canada is on fire, eh?
  10. Ahh point. I wish I had more time to canoe. I’ve got my dad’s big broad Old Time Pathfinder. I use it once or twice a year. Afraid the sail boat will displace even that teeny amount of time I have with her. I grabbed my dads old fishing lures Mr Anal kept them in their original boxes so some are actually worth a little. I want to frame them in a shadow box frame or in a curio table. I played with them so much as a kid. Damm I always poked my fingers to death - never fail. It’s like I couldn’t leave them alone - they looked like toys. Anyhow. Hope all is well with Devils fans the word over.
  11. Haven’t written in here in a while. went back to Scotland- loved it. Went to Pointer Trial and Isaac Newton our puppy did his first puppy run. All the pup needs to do is show enthusiasm. Well Newt enthused himself into disqualification. Everyone thought the judge was a dyck. Mostly busy getting the boat back on the water. Not there yet.
  12. Well… I’m watching the dog show. Pointer took 3rd in the Sporting Group. And Oh my gosh. Cutest Great Dane ever. Jumped up on his tiny handler just now — So cute!! Anyhow so the Pointers a Jerzy girl. Well - part anyhow Ok. I’m not focusing. Bye!! Devils will be grand next season - no worries. Lindy Ruff is an ass I don’t trust he learned anything. Only Pat Burns was a lifetime learning coach like that so. Have a great Summer kids!
  13. If it’s not Doc the sound is off when I watch. Just say no to announcers. OK. So. I’m going to bed I guess. Glad so missed those THREE fvckING GOALS OVER TWENTY fvckING MINUTES THAT LASTED OVER MY FORTYFIVE fvckING MINUTE COMMUTE HOME 🤬🤬🤬🤬*£#*}>+$”$”$”A/a/AAAaAAagGGHHhHhH
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