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Crosby first game full tickets

Joe B

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I am not looking to sell at this moment, just asking for info / advice.


I was a season ticket holder and kept 3 (2 red season, 1 njsea box office) of the tickets from Crosby and Zach's first game back in 2005.  I have sent them to PSA to get graded but was wondering what would be the best way to sell as someone who has no history of selling anything online. Best time, when he retires, when is elected to HOF?  What prices range do others think they are worth depending on PSA grades?  Looking at the PSA pop report there seem to only be around 60 (combined between season, box office and full / stub) apprised.  How much would getting it signed add to the value and would that scale with the rating as well?

I know this site has lots of old members so I'm sure a couple have gone though this or have the same questions.



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It's a difficult market to really judge. 
There are definitely collectors out there, but it's not a huge market compared to sports cards.   
I sold his base Upper Deck Yong Gun rookie for $1500 two years ago, and the market was clearly defined because they exchange hands often.

I would use eBay sold listings to really get a gauge of the value and using comparable player (maybe more Mario than Gretzky).
I'm not sure how much an autograph would bump up the value, but if it were to be autographed, I would reslab it and have it authenticated by PSA.
The best time to sell would honestly be both of those times - retirement / HOF - and not "today".   Anytime he's front and center, interest would pick up.



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