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  1. Sworn Defenders swap their 17th round pick and Erik Gustafsson to Palm on and SLAM for their 14th rounder.
  2. Sworn Defenders swap their 18th round pick and Jonathan Drouin to Nicoise Salad for their 15th rounder.
  3. Sworn Defenders swap a 20th round pick (from Zajacing Off) and Brock Nelson for the NeoThrasher’s 16th rounder. Full sell off mode, looking to flip anyone serviceable rentals on my team for late round swaps.
  4. Sworn Defenders send Sam Reinhart and their 19th rounder to Zamboni Warriors for Jason Zucker and their 11th rounder.
  5. As a bright spot, you maintain there you get a top non keeper pick!
  6. Sworn Defenders ship out Roman Josi and their 14th to One More Tank for Michael Del Zotto and their 5th rounder.
  7. Congrats with the win. I’d give it some time before deciding to step away. Clearly we are transitioning, but I’m confident we will find a happy medium. But in general, very few are pounding keyboards and staring at monitors these days. It’s largely mobile traffic which suffers from multi tasking and random drop ins... the recently active member list is useless these days. Im really disappointed with my two week fizzle after getting red hot right before that. I actually did draft Russel Wilson this year for three minutes; but changed it to Amari Cooper. Coincidentally he had a horrible week 14 as well...
  8. Sworn Defenders trade Patrice Bergeron, Adam Larsson and their 20th rounder to NeoThrashers for Mikko Koskinen, Erik Gustafsson abc their 2nd round pick. Sworn D is very interested in swapping a goaltender for forward depth this season; as the bench is just too full. Matt Murray, Semyon Varlamov, Mikko Koskinen, Jimmy Howard, Cory Schneider and Keith Kinkaid.
  9. I knew I was playing with fire with three Cowboys... but that's how the cookie crumbles. Losing Aaron Jones in the first quarter on top of that was just a cruel act by the fantasy gods.
  10. aylbert

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    No memes But lots of chirps.
  11. All things considered, I think I survived the onslaught of Damien Williams with Mahomes and Badgley (LA kicker) underperforming. Kick Shins is only up 2.21 on projections. Of course I'm down 5.14pts on projections with Kelce... but any good performance by Kelce was going to be offset by Mahomes on the other side of it.
  12. My team is predicated on the Cowboys continued success; which has me quite weary. Unfortunately, Stafford has been garbage since the trade deadline; forcing me to use Dak. Cooper obviously became a Cowboy through a trade... and I gotta run with Zeke. I'll see how Kerryon Johnson is doing (and might be my keeper... that or Aaron Jones)... but I'm bummed Emmanuel Sanders is IR'd (bumping up Cooper to my WR2) and leaving my flex open for the hot hand. I am sooooo happy Crasher isn't getting a perfect season; even if he grabs the title in the end.
  13. I had your game as close but you ahead, but it looked bleak after Sunday, but the fvcking Swamps did it again. Ultimately, I think both our stories end this week and we battle it out for third. We will see.
  14. Ugh, I was really hoping Kerryon Johnson would be back this week. Losing Sanders, and effectively losing Dion Lewis this week since he already played... I'm starting to tax my bench. I likely would have went with Lewis... Now, I'll just look to negate a TD hopefully as I field Lockett with Wilson on the other side tossing it.
  15. WELCOME TO THE PLAY-OFFS! The quarter finals feature: #1 TY/FY/BY! and #2 Kick Shins and Run have byes and advance to the semi-finals. #3 Sworn Defenders (9-4, 1627.72) vs #6 Power of Positivity (5-8, 1576.26) In their week 7 match-up, both teams performed significantly over their projections, but Sworn Defenders won 147.12-126.82 (projected was 113.34-100.68)... Leading performances for SD came from the Broncos D (33pts), Emmanuel Sanders (26pts) and Kerryon Johnson (20.9pts), while PP was lead by Mitchel Trubisky (33.42pts), the Rams D (28pts) and Trey Burton (23.1pts). This time around SD are currently projected to put up 125.01 to PP's 102.22 ) ________________________________ Quarterbacks SD: Dak Prescott (20.49) , Matthew Stafford (19.18) PP: Russel Wilson (20.63), Lamar Jackson (20.97) Russell Wilson is a premier talent and has had a solid fantasy year. Dak Prescott has seen an improvement with Amari Cooper arriving but is still battling inconsistencies. Match-up wise though, Dak is facing a very injured Eagles secondary which on the season has been the 12th friendliest to fantasy QBs while Wilson is facing a tough Minnesota Vikings defense that has allowed the 5th fewest fantasy points. Advantage: Push. As Yahoo projections confirm... the better player has the worse matchup and it kinda equals out. ________________________________ Wide Receivers SD: DeAndre Hopkins (16.48), , Amari Cooper (11.73), Tyler Lockett (9.75), Curtis Samuel (8.23), Randall Cobb (8.35 IR), Emmanuel Sanders (0.00 IR) PP: DeVante Adams (17.25), Tyreek Hill (15.97), Adam Humphries (10.58), Keke Coutee (9.48), Taylor Gabriel, Cordarelle Patterson (0.75) Both teams sport very skilled and competent receivers, but PP has the marquee advantage. There is also the unknown of how the Packers offense will be run without Mike McCarthy's predictable play calling. SD losing Sanders to an Achilles tear obviously hurts his depth chart. Advantage: Moderate PP ________________________________ Running Backs SD: Ezekiel Elliott (20.04), Aaron Jones (14.06), Dion Lewis (10.39), Duke Johnson (6.92), Kerryon Johnson (0.00 OUT) PP: Scott Ridley (7.64, Corey Clement (4.65), Ito Smith (4.72), Cordarelle Patterson (0.74), James Connor (0.00 OUT), Jerrick McKinnon (0.00 IR) Clearly PP has his work set out to him with Connor's injury holding him out - we'll see if Ridley can vulture a random TD. On the flip-side, SD will be fielding Zeke and Aaron Jones. Kerryon Johnson remains sidelined for SD. Advantage: Strong SD ________________________________ Tight Ends SD: Travis Kelce (13.18), Cameron Brate (7.33) PP: Kyle Rudolph (6.56) Kelce has been lights out this season as the best top end in fantasy football; Rudolph is part of the run of the mill tight end pool. Yards and TDs have been scarce for Rudolph, and both trends should continue. Advantage: Strong SD ________________________________ Kicker SD: Jake Elliott (8.82) PP: Mason Crosby (8.93) Kickers kick. Sometimes they miss. It's really a crapshoot... but the Eagles like to elect forego fgs on 4th down. Crosby has 3 fgs 20-29, 9 30-39, 6 40-49 and 4 50+ with 27pats and 2 misses for 105 pts. Elliott has 6 gs 20-29, 7 30-39, 5 40-49 and 1 50+ with 23 pats and 0 misses for 87pts. Advantage: Slight PP ________________________________ Defense SD: Philadelphia Eagles (7.12) PP: Los Angeles Rams (8.22) The Rams hit the big plays more often... forcing fumbles and interceptions and are clearly the better defense. The Rams have put some serious fantasy points some weeks, while the Eagles have been mundane at best. The Rams have 292 pts against, 33 sacks, 2 safeties, 11 interceptions, 11 fumble, 4tds and 2 blocked kicks for 105 points on the season... and are facing the the Bears who give up the 16th most fantasy points. The Eagles have 260 pts against, 31 sacks, 0 safeties, 6 interceptions, 3 fumbles, 0tds, 0 block kicks for 74 points on the season Vs Dallas who give up the 14th most fantasy points. Advantage: Moderate PP ________________________________ Summary/Prediction: PP has the better QB, better WR, better kicker, better defense... yet is is still a significant underdog because they have no one to run the ball with Connor out. With Connor healthy and in; this is obviously a lot closer. But given the QBs and WRs are pretty close... there is nothing there to really offset the advantages SD has in the backfield, so, barring a disastrous outing by their running backs, the Sworn Defenders should march on to the semi-finals. #4 Big Blue (7-6 1520.00) vs #5 New Jersey Swamps (6-7 1399.90) In their week 10 match-up, both teams came in under projections as NJS beat BB 114.4-105.22, with NJS relying on the Ertz (33.5pts) / Wentz (24.1 pts) connection for over 50% of their production. BB had a good showing from OBJ (21.3pts) and the Packers D delivered 15pts. At the end of their contest, both teams left week 10 as 5-5. NJS took only one more win the rest of the way, but that's all he needed to get in... BB had two wins. In the current match-up, NJS is projected to win 126.12 vs 115.12 ________________________________ Quarterbacks BB: Cam Newton (24.52), Alex Smith (0.00 IR) NJS: Ben Roethlisberger (25.97), Carson Wentz (21.18), Matt Trubisky (22.67 IR) Big Ben isn't so big this year, and he's chucking the ball well... he's facing Oakland who has been the 6th friendliest fantasy team for QBs. Newton hit 300 yards last game for only the third time this season; but twice in the last three weeks. The downside; he had 4 interceptions against the Bucs off those 300 yards. He is facing the Browns this week; but is also battling a shoulder injury. If he can't shake the questionable tag; BB will need to reach into free agency pool for Case Keenum, Derek Carr, Eli Manning... Ryan Tannehill? And the names get worse from there. NJS meanwhile has Wentz and Trubisky (but rostered IRd currently) on the bench. Advantage: Moderate NJS ________________________________ Wide Receivers BB: Odel Beckham Jr (15.89), Mike Evans (13.76), Stefon Diggs (13.33), Chris Godwin (9.68), Sammy Watkins (9.11) NJS: Kenny Golladay (12.51), Josh Gordon (11.53), Dante Pettis (7.72), Cooper Kupp (0.00 IR) NJS is missing Kupp here, as he's fielding Golladay and Gordon as his top wide receivers... decent, but not top tier fantasy talents this year. Meanwhile, OBJ is facing a collapsing Redskins and has been receiving targets and even tossing a TD himself last week. Both Evans and Diggs are also in line for some pretty good performances this week against the Seahawks and Saints respectively. Advantage: Moderate BB ________________________________ Running Backs BB: Joe Mixon (13.89), Theo Riddick (10.30), Frank Gore (5.89), Bilal Powell (0.00 IR), Marhsawn Lynch (0.00 IR) NJS: Phillip Lindsay (15.95), Dalvin Cook (13.40), Jeff Wilson (13.44), LeSean McCoy (12.95), Tevin Coleman (11.06), Peyton Barber (9.28), Jordan Howard (8.88) Ok; so if you're looking for an RB and wondering why Alfred Blue is your best option off free agency, it's NJS's RB hoarding fault. Phillip Lindsay had a monster game that he likely won't repeat, but is still in line for another good week. Dalvin Cook is also finding his legs in the 4 weeks he's been back; maybe he makes a breakout statement against the Seahawks on MNF. Meanwhile, Mixon is carrying a questionable tag and it limited, but practicing, for BB... and he's really counting on him to a- play and b- get something done against the Chargers. Theo Riddick isn't terribly exciting and hasn't scored all season. Advantage: Strong NJS ________________________________ Tight Ends BB: Austin Hooper (7.61), Jordan Reed (7.33) NJS: Zach Ertz (13.64) Hooper has a decent outing last week pulling in 5 receptions, 44 yards and TD... but will face a Packers Defense that has largely kept TE's in check. Meanwhile, Ertz thinks that's a decent a first half. Ertz is on-pace to break Jason Witten's reception record as he's a target machine for Wentz and they are facing Dallas. BB should remember this matchip, because it's from week 10 when Wentz/Ertz I spoke about at the top... He took in 14 receptions from 16 targets, 145 yards and 2 touchdowns in a 27-20 loss to the Cowboys. Advantage: Strong NJS ________________________________ Kicker BB: Matt Prater (8.75) NJS: Harrison Butker (10.75) So you have Prater, who is playing for a struggling Lions team that likely will get stopped a lot. And then you have the KC offense battling a Ravens defense that has been holding teams in check in the red zone. I like the KC offense better than the lack of Detroit offense here... Prater: 8fg 20-29yds, 11fg 30-39yds, 1fg 40-49yds, 3fg 50+, 23PATs 0 misses Butker: 7fg 20-29yds, 5fg 30-39yds, 6gf 40-49yds, 1fg 50+, 51PATs, 4 misses Advantage: Slight NJS ________________________________ Defense BB: Green Bay Packers (7.07), Ravens (4.61) NJS: Denver Broncos (9.42) The Packers have the Falcons, which sounds scary traditionally when you think of their offense... but they never found their stride this year and are middle the pack for fantasy defense matchups. The Ravens are facing the high powered KC offense - so yea, let's just keep them on the bench. Meanwhile, the Broncos have the 49ers, who have gifted defenses the 3rd most points this season... Packers- 279 pts against, 38 sacks, 0 safeties, 6 interceptions, 6 fumble recoveries and a Blocked Kick Ravens- 208 pts against, 35 sacks, 0 safeties, 5 interceptions, 4 fumble recoveries, 2 touchdowns, 0 blocked kicks/1 returned for a TD Broncos- 262 pts against, 37 sacks, 0 safeties, 13 interceptions, 8 fumble recoveries, 2 td, 4 blocked kicks Advantage: Moderate NJS ________________________________ Summary/Prediction: NJS was down on his chances to make it... but looks to be in a good position to win this week. I think ultimately NJS's strong running back group will outpeform BB's wide receivers... add in Ertz at TE... and I think you see a repeat of their last match-up... close, and close to projections; but NJS with the W yet again.
  16. Week 13: Relax, DD56 Wins! NJDevs4978 (prior loss Week 11- Cardinals), like MIke McCarthy, was sent packing with the Packers loss to the Cardinals, 20-17. Those pesky Cardinals. That leaves DD56 (prior loss Week 2- Vikings) - who went with the Seahawks over the 49ers, 43-16 - as our sole survivor and winner of the 2018 season! CONGRATS DD56!
  17. We're back to another year of Survival Football... Pick 1 team a week to win and you survive! Two strikes and you're out. You know the drill. DEADLINE IS 5 MINUTES BEFORE EACH GAME... So if you slack, there's a Monday game to save you potentially. Link to join: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=8275&password=elias
  18. Sworn Defenders send Alexander Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews and their 2019 1st round pick to Zajac-ing Off for Jack Eichel, Ian Cole and their 2019 20th round pick... Sworn Defenders hungry for picks if anything is of interest outside of keeper trip of Eichel, Draisaitl and Aho.
  19. Week 12: Those other birds win. NJDevs4978 and DD56 both went with the Ravens who beat the Raiders 34-17...
  20. Week 11 Recap: Thanksgiving comes early... poor Birds We only have two players left... and NJDevs4978 gave up his strike advantage, as the Cardinals were upset by Chuckie's Raiders, 23-21. DD56 went with the Saints, who had an early Thanksgiving, feasting on the Eagles 48-7
  21. Forum usage appears way down; so it would make sense fantasy follows suit.
  22. And any slim playoff chance Manta had, was stomped out by Dallas. I’m not a fan of fielding Dak-Zeke-Cooper But it beats fielding Stafford of late gobble gobble
  23. Week 10: Sunday, Bloody Sunday We lost three this week; leaving only three alive. NJDevs4978 remains perfect, in addition to DD56 staying alive with him... as the Chiefs beat the Cardinals 26-14 Eaglejelly took his first loss, as the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, 27-20 Aylbert (Week 5- Titans) and Psych (Week 3- Vikings) get sent packing on the season, as the Jets took a first half beatdown from the Bills, losing 41-10 Jerek's Fabulous Pick Set (Week 6 non pick) took the Pats, who took a hard loss to the Titans 34-10. Things will get interesting as the pick pool dwindles. My office pool was decided tonight... as I lost out with the Eagles (my personal rooting interest) And Of course, the other guy is a Cowboy's fan... so tomorrow won't be annoying... at all.
  24. A day like today is why I traded up for Aaron Jones.

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