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  1. We’re playing hard, we can’t score... and Schneider just cant play anymore in the NHL... he’s got the yips.
  2. Agreed. Sworn Defenders have sent D Cale Makar, RW Mikael Grandlund and their 2020 12th round pick to One More Tank for D Neal Pionk, RW Tom Wilson and their 2020 5th round pick.
  3. To be fair, Larsson was a lottery pick for us.
  4. I was looking great in net... now Ive lost two to significant injuries inside a week pretty much
  5. I don’t see Parise as more talented than Elias, I guess I’m in the minority. But Parise was a fave.
  6. This one is @redruM league... I took over the hockey league! Either way, congrats on the win! I won my other league off McCaffrey as well. We'll ignore my placement here!
  7. We also have traded for Dahl now... so it's not like Shero is delusional with our defensive prospects either... Hopefully we can draft a defensemen with the 1st round pick from Arizona as well (with our pick hopefully grabbing another forward)...
  8. Shero effectively was taking over an old-school expansion franchise that had a goalie and a bunch of spare parts and 36+ yos... (and we had to give up the opportunity to select Horvat to have the goalie)... Our team is built far better than Lou's last team... but it's going to take time. If we got a new GM, they'd have a much better 5 years than Shero did - because of the work Shero has done. There have been no horrific signings, no asinine trades. The board hates getting 2nd/3rd+ picks because they are crapshoots that aren't ready to play now... yet when we trade away those picks for a NHL-ready players he gets sh!t on for not stealing Kyle Palmieri every time...(and apparently now acquiring PK Subban for scraps is a bad move too) Shero is restrained and building us the right way. We rode our legends out and traded away the farm and picks to keep the good times rolling. Patience.
  9. She is going nowhere... lol
  10. Let. Go. Of. The. Past. They are all legends on the ice. They are not legendary coaches/management.
  11. No offers "exchanged" could mean we made one, but they didn't counter nor accept. Or they came with a number that was too pricey to even counter. Or it's just GM speak.
  12. I think we won the trade as much as we could. If you can resign him, you do that. If you can't, you can't let the dude walk for free... especially playing for nothing. I don't think we get a much better deal this past offseason given the question marks around his health... and plus, we had a legit shot of resigning him if things fell right. We did the best we could with the crap hand we had. We won as much as we could be winners here.
  13. I would hope all teams would lotto protect their picks unless that's part of the picks allure. Like say Kuemper injures his groin and Raanta runs into trouble on his own... etc
  14. I am so happy with it. I bought it on a Cyber Monday deal for like $20.40 all-in for the year... I don't regret it at all. It's really worth it if you can grab a good sale on it. Anyways, check your PMs
  15. Here's the real worst case scenario... 1) We finish dead last this year. 2) Hall gets injured his first shift 3) Coyotes spiral out and miss the playoffs 4) Because they have Hall, they win the draft lottery 5) Because we don't have Hall, we miss out on winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd and drop to 4th. 6) Hall doesn't resign 7) Coyotes bounce back and win the Stanley Cup next year
  16. Sworn Defenders are in desperate need of grit. Amazing... except for hits/blocks/PIMs Ideally looking to swap for a bottom gritty D with a pick to not disrupt my offensive stats... but will listen to anything.
  17. That’s an insufferable rebuttal. We have two firsts in a deep draft... so you complain we don’t have 2nd or 3rds. People point out we can get them by trading away others. You reply you doubt anyone will get us even a low first... Ugh. Palms may, as he has an extra year on his contract... I’d rather keep him. But we can flip Simmonds and Vats for a 2nd or 3rd.
  18. Merkley was a late 2015 1st round pick. (3rd ranked prospect) Bahl was a 2018 2nd (5th ranked prospect) Schnarr is a 2017 3rd rounder. (9th ranked prospect) PLUS we get their 1st rounder this year unless they win the lottery... PLUS a 3rd round pick... that could easily become a 2nd, and possibly even another 1st. For a rental. If we couldn't sign Hall... I'll take it. Am I super happy? No. I'd rather have Hall resigned. But I'd rather the above, than to lose him for nothing.
  19. What were you expecting... honestly. I'll take the prospects and picks... verse losing him for nothing. Especially as we have about a 0.1% of making the playoffs WITH Hall this year... and now, somehow less of a chance.
  20. aylbert

    Steve Cs micro stats

    OH! Thanks for reading!
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