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  1. LGD... My family is tired of me saying I'm done for the season, yet watching every night.
  2. Fitz reportedly tried to trade for Allen earlier in the season but Allen rejected the idea and had us on his NTC list. He didn't want to leave a 3 headed situation to be another 3 headed situation with VV/Schmid.
  3. I thought the same thing... but also highlights the veteran impact in goal.
  4. You can never have enough dmen... but they also are a crapshoot to develop plus extended development time. Barring a 1OA lotto pick, I'd be OK trading it for the right goalie.
  5. "Sometimes you just change things and hopes that it works..." "I also know that Nico, Jack and Bratt like playing together... so we might see a little bit of that as well"
  6. I absolutely hate how defeated I feel... there is no energy on the team to think we have the fight to pull out a 1 in 20 shot.
  7. I don't want Markstrom... he's too old. We don't need a goalie will be 35 before we can even realistically get back into the playoffs (next playoff) Ullmark/Swayman have never carried a heavy load. I like Swayman more, but so does Boston and they are trying to extend him - but they aren't close. Saros checks the boxes age wise and demonstrated workload. He's small for a modern goalie at 5'11 - but like you said, beggars can't be choosers.
  8. I would honestly rather give up Mercer than Holtz... And Schmid or Daws are more than capable for backup duties.
  9. I wouldnt mind trading 2 firsts away if it get us a legitimate starting goalie. I really don't want to see a backup that we try at starter re: VV Logan Thompson may be the exception? Until Adin Hill emerged, he was looking like the starter in Vegas.
  10. I don’t think Dano knows much about home building…
  11. We can offer our 1st, Holtz, Mercer, Casey and VV
  12. We need to sign that net immediately
  13. 5. We can net a first as a rental (pending UFA) 6. We can resign him this summer, for free, if he makes it to UFA (could be part of the Fitzy discussion)
  14. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxPPjHZw5-ByDQw4-SPfzxmHpXHd776yHG?si=kQg7gDnzgEEVifE3
  15. Agreed. I said it yesterday, but I just want to know their is a plan. Instead, he came off as a defeated man upset he had to fire Lindy. He could have very much used this press conference to address that Lindy wasn't getting the results from the roster, nor getting the buy-in needed from the players to improve. Instead, it was a man defeated just giving off "I'm trying my best" vibe.
  16. Fitz wants Toffoli back, but they don't agree on term. If we can get a 1st rounder for him, I want him off this team. We committed to Timo, we need to build around him and not build around Toffoli.
  17. He was extremely dismissive of Holtz and his goal scoring... and was more concerned about all around play off the puck. Holtz is going to be a goal scorer in this league. That's hard to do. And it's going to be even harder watching him do it in the Western Conference.
  18. It's very clear that Lindy hated Holtz... and had Fitzy ear and backing of this assessment. Fitzy's spoke with near disdain for Holtz - and clearly won't be heartbroken sending him out for a goalie if the opportunity arises.
  19. He said the stadium series gave him hope... I would have rather been blown out by the Flyers if it meant he was fired then.
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