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  1. This seems like a weird nomination process; if you pick your favorite, the bottoms wont get any votes. So I picked a bottom one since obviously "You're Next" or "Fvck You" would be nominated. This should just be a poll of the bottom third etc.
  2. Yea, they did during the lock out shortened seasons which were shorter than what we played this year.
  3. Oh, it wasn’t a submission. It was just a regular gif in reaction to my own suggestion. We could do 64 with 4 distinct categories and allows for a better matchups for what people are looking for in their favorite gif until the Finals: 1) Player Reaction 2) Playmaking/Hits 3) Humor/Pop Culture 4) ????? or a breakout of one of the above
  4. Fck it... why start at the sweet 16... we’re doing 64!!!
  5. This took way too long for me to make than I'd like to admit; and we already know Stevens wins lol
  6. Hopefully they can get some more regular season games in, in April
  7. I would think if they cancelled the remaining regular season and jumped to playoffs; they'd prorate the points for the standings to not give an advantage to any team who played more games.
  8. Well, the conditional pick was on him playing... so just a prospect for the opportunity to pay Vatanen half his remaining deal and medical care.
  9. They had the 13/14/15 picks in 2015... unfortunately, they missed horribly. They went with Jakub Zboril, Jake DeBrusk and Zachary Senyshyn. I hate when people compare drafts on missed picks that you'd never take... but it's absolutely to fair to judge by literally the next two picks... 16 Mathew Barzal and 17 Kyle Connor. If they came away with Barzal, Connor and DeBrusk, that would have been huge. And if you say Zboril was a defensemen and they wanted one with those 3 picks... 18 Thomas Chabot
  10. Right, I think allocating a high pick or a keeper slot is fine... but you shouldn’t allocate both. I tend to pick my goalies late... I grabbed Bob late and then flipped him to Red for Draisaitl. The trade was one for one. Then I did lock up Murray with a keeper pick because I was lacking elite options to hold on to. Now I have 3 elite keepers, and can really build out my team next season. I might grab a goalie early, but most likely, I’ll push it off and find the hot goalie. There will always be a goalie from out of nowhere, and a cant miss goalie that misses. Its why I push off goaltending, barring injury, forwards are like WRs in football, they are more consistent, especially the top tier.
  11. I don't find that to be true. We overpay for reliable goalies much like we overpay for QBs in fantasy football, but there are always good options to plug in late and to pivot until you find one that works for the season. Like this year I went with Lunqvist in the 13th (didnt work) and Darcy Kuemper in the 15th, which did. And I picked up Varlamov (who was drafted in the 11th but dropped) and Karpisalo. I'm not league leading, but top third or so... even with 9 games behind target (which matters for saves, wins and shutouts). Without a doubt goaltenders have an outsized impact on the standings as 82 games controls 4 categories... whereas 1476 games control the other 10 categories. Percentage wise that's 94.7% of games for 71.4% of the points (forwards/def) and 5.3% of games for the other 27.6% of points (goalies) So if you overpay successfully for anything, overpay for a goalie.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/news/sami-vatanen-injury-status/c-315888210
  13. It really should say Vancouver’s 1st And add (Via Tampa Bay) or something like that if you want to track it as a tampa thing...
  14. It’s in our best interest if Schneider can regain form... he still has two years left on an expensive contract. He handled Detroit, now he can try a bad San Jose team. If he fails, he fails... but no one will take a 1 win Schneider this off season. If we can polish Schneider enough to offload him for a late pick this offseason and save the cash, we should try that. It honestly won’t effect Blackwood at all long term developmentally.
  15. There are a lot of interesting keepers floating around... I think we'll see some movement pre-draft.
  16. Right, but if they miss the playoffs this year; it's also possible they miss next year - which puts them into the lottery. Again, I'd prefer to have 3 picks this year.
  17. I should have kept my late Rangers picks (Ryan Strome in the 17th, Tony DeAngelo in the 19th). My draft this year wasn't super-strong. I struggle in the middle of drafts, but I tend to do better later in the draft though most years. I am absolutely boosted by my keepers though. I believe I officially unseated Zamboni Warriors this season with keeper depth and his ridiculous Matthews/MacKinnon/Zibanejad trio with my Draisaitl/Eichel/Aho trio. Eichel officially has arrived. I would be far better next year with Cale Makar as my #4 keeper, but we'll see what magic I can do pre-draft. I don't think there are any buyers currently.
  18. The other outcome is if Vancouver misses the playoffs, it reverts to a 2021 *UNPROTECTED* pick. I think I'd rather pick this year, but if Vancouver misses... we'd be cheering on the misery of the Canucks next year.
  19. To be fair, he only had an extra 1st and 3rd. We all have the ability to have top keepers or trade for them. I have a few regrets this seasoning trying to push myself over the hump with no effect other than losing a 5th and Cale Makar for next seaosn. Ouch I'm hopeful I can recoup some value back pre-draft though. Traditionally, I've always had a top tier scoring team; taking away Points and adding PIMs hurt my team construction a lot. I've always been bad at keeping my hits/blocks up, but this year has to be my worst to date. I finally have my goalies back, so will pick it up in the saves and wins department... but there isn't a lot of meat on the bone there. I'll spend the early offseason figuring out ways to change things up without a hard reset. I'm really hoping for more options from Yahoo one of these years. This has been brought up in the past, but ideally, a roto regular season to seed everybody into a 3 week/round H2H playoff would be best of both worlds.
  20. Any player drafted in round 6 or later. Keepers from prior season can be kept as well (they are technically slotted in round 21-22-23)
  21. C'mon Cory! I still believe in you. I mean... I want to believe. In 2020, in the AHL, Cory's posted a 5-3 record, 2.13 GAA, .926 sv% And I mean, Detroit is like a middling AHL team right? I mean ignore his spot usage in January in the NHL across three games, for just under 100 mins... 4.81 GAA, .852 sv%
  22. RW Tom Wilson, #10 ranked overall in our league, is available. Keeper eligible. LW/RW David Perron, #18 ranked overall in our league, is also available. Also Keeper eligible.
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