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  1. I thought we agreed to split the difference (90/60) to 75 seconds
  2. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    So as stated before in the football draft... i did not intend to have the deadline be Thursday nights. I thought I had selected five minutes before each game... unfortunately there are only two options. Five minutes before the first game of week or five minutes before 1pm Sunday. Im kinda bummed that we miss out on such an upset filled week but I thought it’s best to reset and play from week two with the Sunday deadline. Yahoo does not let you change the deadline once the league has started. also, this means you can still join by Sunday. So @Masked Fan You can join now.
  3. Obvious picks are first round non injured players. Why have a caveat if it has to be a PM?
  4. I don't know... it seems fishy. Are you just saying this because Julio Jones had a big night? Would you have honestly started Julio Jones (1st round) over Pierre Garcon? Or are you just trying to pull a fast one on Crasher? I mean... cmon...
  5. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Aint that some sh!t. It also reverted back to 5minutes before games start... on fvcking Thursday? My attempts to reset the league also fail. It says it has reset, but all picks are locked in, etc rather than clearing out. I'll try again tonight to reset it. I'd rather have us start week 2, than have to pick by Thursday each week.
  6. I think you undervalue Foles. Foles is not elite, but is a starting QB. It’s also a contract year for Ajayi... that tends to lead to a good year. If he’s injured, he’s injured. We have Clement who can get it done with Sproles sprinkled in. I’ve given up on Smallwood- but he made the 53 again. As long as the Birds aren’t 3 and out in 22 seconds ala Chip Kelly... I have confidence the defense won’t tire out.
  7. That would encourage being less competitive which would just be silly and would never happen in rea... oh wait. But no, the point of rewarding by performance was to encourage competition across all standings. In 10th? You can fight for 8th, and get a better pick... etc
  8. I expected Wentz to miss the first 2/3 weeks, start Week 4 for a long while. Jeffery who knows when he will actually return; they took him off PUP... but does he play against the Giants week 6? Not sure. They should beat the Bucs; and then we'll see by then what the Colts bring this year with Luck. Eagles defense is strong enough to carry their offensive hiccups. Foles is streaky, but fights for wins.
  9. aylbert

    FF2018 Draft Finished!

    and hey, I texted him this morning. We're done today; so I don't really care when today.
  10. Oh sh!t. I completely forgot we made that change effective immediately. That's a great bump for me!
  11. aylbert

    FF2018 Draft Finished!

    NJDevs4978 selects Legarrette Blount, RB, DET
  12. aylbert

    FF2018 Draft Finished!

    Daniel Carlson, K, MIN

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