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  1. It's just amazing to me it's already been 11 years of Cangi on PBP. I'll miss him to be honest. I wonder what was the motivation to step away?
  2. Congrats to @NJDEVS1730 for his win this season! @NJDevs1730 finished with 164 points @devlman came in 2nd with 152 points @krunko7 came in 3rd with 148 points This was a challenging season and we will have some changes next season for engagement. However, I want to thank everyone for another season of FHL!
  3. Opps, I just noticed that too. I shouldn't have vetoed that trade. Hughes was last pick to be ineligible for keeping. Please resubmit trade and I'll push it through.
  4. Yea... I'd be a Flyers fan. I don't want that. I'm glad they stayed. lol
  5. My understanding, from earlier in this thread, is there have been instances where the Devils criticized writers for tougher questions and make it more difficult to cover them. Devils don’t control the coverage, but do control the access.
  6. To be clear, happy to give her her shot. But I just don't see coverage being the same if you have a bunch of other duties, namely Rangers beat, which will have higher page hits than Devils.
  7. I've been subscribed to the Athletic because of Corey Masisak... having to split a beat writer with the Rangers? Yea, I'm sure we'll get plenty of attention from her... plus she's covering analytics and fantasy hockey? ugh
  8. I absolutely love having our 1c and 2c both locked up.
  9. I mean, he was a senior who likely was mayor of Pound Town, even without a car... he had bigger plans for the day, but likely still paid a visit back at the pool anyways.
  10. and on the ice for the other goal too for +5 (cause we dont have a PP, but do have a Johnsson)
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