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  1. We start the season with 6, and I already took my first strike... seems about right. A' majestic, Big Blue, dd56 and Eaglejelly went with the 49ers over the Lions... the 49ers took this one 41-33 Henriqued went with the Rams, who defeated the Bears 34-14. Then there's Aylbert, who took a strike, as the Ravens lost in OT to the Raiders, 33-27. On to week 2...
  2. I don’t agree with the daily maintenance needed for this league. It’s a roto league, so if you’re keeping on top of injuries you shouldn’t need to add/drop from waivers daily like you would in a daily H2H league. However, if you fall behind in a roto league it’s hard to right the ship because it’s about stats accumulated over 82 games moreso than how your team does the last few weeks of the season, pulling an upset championship from the last playoff slot.
  3. Definitely not a pay league. We can always donate to the board though. The keepers were and are a feature. The first round talent should be weaker in a dynasty league because of that continuity year over year. We only allow 3, I am in another league of the same size where you keep 5, have an RFA, and keep 5 taxi players full of rookies.
  4. Welcome to the NJDevs 2021-22 FHL! Invite renewals have been sent out and rosters have been updated to reflect ineligible keepers. If you notice any errors on your roster or others, please let me know. It's a rather manual process to sort through. The draft date is Wednesday October 6th, 8PM ET. The keeper deadline is Monday October 4th 3AM ET. You may keep up to 3 players in place of your round 21, 22 and 23 picks. Unfortunately, Yahoo does not support keeper tools on its mobile app. You will need to do it on a PC or using your phones web browser (not the Yahoo Sports App). There is a 4th keeper for an RFA. This will be for player who has played no more than 100 games (100 games played = RFA eligible keeper, 101 games = RFA ineligible). Standard keeping rules apply; so the player would need to have been drafted in the 6th round or later. This keeper, just as all others, is completely optional and will be at the cost of your last available draft pick. So you can still trade your 20th round pick and later decide to keep a 4th player if you desire. There are no rule changes this year. Hopefully we can get a full 82 game season in! Next Steps!!! Now's the time to review your rosters and figure out your keeper situation. Trades are permitted; but you can only trade this years draft picks and pick counts must be even. Remember, you can only keep 3 (or 4 with RFA) players and they must be from Round 6 or later. We will also be rewarding draft order by finish of last year. Red, once again, you get to pick first on your quest for a 3peat! Draft Order Selection 1. Dynamo Nation - redruM--> 1st 2. NJDefenders - NJDEVS1730--> 7th 3. Kneel Before Saad - Brandon Campanella --> 4. Zamboni Warriors - krunko7--> 5. Palm on and SLAM - Ralliart90--> 6. Squirtle Squad - Henriqued--> 7. Sworn Defenders - Aylbert--> 8. One More Tank - LOTCB--> 9. Mantaray - MantaRay--> 10. Miles Wood Fightclub - NQDevil--> 11. Zajac-ing Off - Devilsfan118 --> 12. Hard Dump - devlman --> 13. Eaglejelly - Eaglejelly--> 14. Wolverines!!! - DevilMinder-->
  5. Hi all, Better late than never, let’s get survival going. Join and get your picks in for the 1p game tomorrow! Pick one team to win each week, 2 strikes and you’re out. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=27406&invitation_key=c694275f292b50ae
  6. Undetermined from autopsy, pending toxicology
  7. Yea, I didn’t know that either until today
  8. He spent $200 more than he should have
  9. That’s not leading by example, that’s leading by decree.
  10. Dude, that just happens in sports. I wrestled D1 in college like twenty years ago now… and the team captains would dictate what clean eating (or whatever term it was then) was acceptable. Can’t imagine the extremes at a pro level.
  11. I think they view it as a challenge and appreciate getting a contract... as opposed to having to prove themselves in Europe for the hopes of getting a 2-way contract here.
  12. And this deal he included Tyce Thompson as the main piece.
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