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  1. I would have to think it's health related... given the abruptness.
  2. My son is 8... and this is the first season he's really into hockey. As I've been outside Philly now for 18 years; he is very much a Flyers fan. He gives sh!t and trolls his teachers who are Pens fans. I look forward to watching him cry with the rest of the Cryers as the Devs win this one. LFGD!
  3. To be fair though, Nieds was 19, after getting a taste the season before. But I do believe he will break .5 points per game.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS TO DD56 FOR WINNING THE 2020 NJDEVS SURVIVAL FOOTBALL TITLE! After a Week 1 strike selecting the Colts over the Jaguars - which Jacksonville earned it's only win of the season, 27-20... DD56 nailed every pick since for the survival title including the NFC title game, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers, 31-26. Taking 2nd, Jarek was perfect through the regular season - but took his first strike during wild card weekend when the Seahawks lost to the Rams 30-20. Jarek went with the Bills who lost to to defending Super Bowl Champions Chiefs
  5. Playoff Week 2 Both Jerek and DD56 went with the Packers who defeated the Rams 32-18. Onto the Championship round.
  6. It’s insane to think that’s 4-5 seasons away.
  7. Omg... Cangi and Dano are rough tonight. 310 days is a long time, I get that... but wow.
  8. The litmus test I'm using: would this play be drafted/rostered at all, if we did not have keepers. Kucherov, a star talent, would clearly be drafted in the first 5 rounds if he was able to play this season - but was ruled out for the season. By drafting or rostering him for the sole purpose of keeping him next season circumvents the spirit of excluding the first 5 rounds from keeper eligibility. For prospects (including those outside of the NHL - as you questioned) we introduced an NA roster spot to allow for stashing of likely non-elite prospect there (elite prospects tend to pla
  9. Crawford was a mess when he couldn't resign with Chicago... he had multiple offers pulled because he didn't act fast enough, and signed with NJ when Brodeur sold him on it... I think realizing he'd actually be playing the backup and veteran presence to help Mac out didn't sit well with him, and he no longer felt like "they really want me" afterall... which was literally what made him sign here. https://www.nj.com/devils/2020/10/how-martin-brodeur-sold-devils-on-corey-crawford-he-definitely-played-a-part-in-free-agent-signing.html
  10. I have confirmed with Yahoo that their engineering team is still working on the game limits issue in the drop down, but when they do, it will be editable throughout the season... so we absolutely will be using a 56 game limit.
  11. Playoff Week 1: It's sudden death time! Jerek took his first strike as the Seahawks lost to the Ram 30-20. DD56 went with the Buccaneers who beat the Football Team, 31-23. Both teams now carry a strike... let's see what the playoffs bring us.
  12. Brodeur coaxed him here... I guess he didn’t want to follow the St. Louis plan afterall?
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