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  1. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 10: Sunday, Bloody Sunday We lost three this week; leaving only three alive. NJDevs4978 remains perfect, in addition to DD56 staying alive with him... as the Chiefs beat the Cardinals 26-14 Eaglejelly took his first loss, as the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, 27-20 Aylbert (Week 5- Titans) and Psych (Week 3- Vikings) get sent packing on the season, as the Jets took a first half beatdown from the Bills, losing 41-10 Jerek's Fabulous Pick Set (Week 6 non pick) took the Pats, who took a hard loss to the Titans 34-10. Things will get interesting as the pick pool dwindles. My office pool was decided tonight... as I lost out with the Eagles (my personal rooting interest) And Of course, the other guy is a Cowboy's fan... so tomorrow won't be annoying... at all.
  2. A day like today is why I traded up for Aaron Jones.
  3. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 9: Panthers and Bears, Oh my So everyone played it safe. Aylbert, EagleJelly and Jerek's Fabulous Pickset went with the Panthers over the Bucs, 42-28 NJDevs4978, DD56, Psych rode the Bears who rolled the Bills, 41-9 I know my picks for Week 10 are slim... we'll see how the rest do!
  4. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 8: We all live A rather mundane week. Aylbert and DD56 went with the Steelers, who defeated the Browns 33-18. NJDevs4978 and Psych went the Patriots, who needed the 4th quarter to really create the separation, 25-6 over the Bills. EagleJelly went with the Chiefs over the Broncos 30-23 and lastly, Jarek's Fabulous Pickset went divisional, with the Redskins running with AP over the Giants, 20-13.
  5. He's Zajac-ing Off... Agreed. I mean your ancillary stats are just fine... and your roster has a ton of talent that I wouldn't do anything rash. Stay the course another few weeks. My team needs scoring as well; but I got lucky playing Kinkaid which floats me higher for now.
  6. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 7: Indiana Jones and the Millennium Falcon Well, everyone moved on to Week 8. NJDevs4978, Eaglejelly, Jarek's Faboulous Pick Set and Psych went with Indy, as the Colts beat up the Bills - 37-5 Aylbert and DD56 went with the Falcons as they defeated the Giants 23-20. Moving on; seeya week 9
  7. I think right now it’s fine... I believe we ran into issues last year with players no longer on IR and just listed as Out after the deadline and rosters expand. But I don’t believe we made a rule change to allow Out to be IRd
  8. Josh Rosen was a fantasy gift... to Von Miller and the Denver Broncos.
  9. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 6: Perfect... if you pick of course So again, if you pick... you advance. It's not complicated; but Jarek's Faboulous Pick Set didn't include a Week 6 selection; marking his first strike and leaving NJDevs4978 as the only team with a safety net. DD56 and Psych went with the Texans, who defeated the Bills, 20-13. Eaglejelly and Aylbert went with the Packers, relying on Aaron Rodgers to bring them back in the 4th quarter, 33-30. and lastly, the still perfect NJDevs4978 went with the Vikings, who defeated the Cardinals, 27-17
  10. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 5: So long Crasher makes Goodell Shine We say goodbye to Masked Fan's dig of Crasher makes Goodell Shine with his non-pick. Aylbert took his first strike with the Titans losing to the Bills, 13-12. Eaglejelly and Jarek's Faboulous Pick Set moves on with the Saints leveling the Redskins, 43-19. DD56 went with the Pats as they defeated the Colts 38-24. NJDevs4978 took the Panthers who needed a last second, game winning 63 yard field goal to win 33-31 over the Giants. and lastly, Psych took the Chargers who went on to win over Chucky's Raiders, 26-10.
  11. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Week 4: If you wanted to survive, you made a pick... and if you made a pick, you lived. After playing week 2, Legend of the Clown Banner, The Voice in redruM's Head and Where' the Waiver Wire Bro? are eliminated with two consecutive weeks of non-picks; exhausting their strikes. Aylbert and DD56 move on with Jags beating the Jets, 31-12 Psych and Crasher makes Goodell shine! watched as the Packers shut out the Bills 22-0 NJDevs4978 and EagleJelly avoid an upset, as the Chargers barely knocked of the 49ers 29-27 And lastly, Jerek's Fabulous Pick Set went with the Chiefs on MNF, as they defeated the Bronco's 27-23 See you in Week 5... get those picks in.
  12. Such an awkward time; but I'm making it work.
  13. https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/9515/viewkeepers
  14. I’m good with Sat/Sun night But not Friday
  15. aylbert

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Ok... we're back with the Week 3 Results! Big Blue losing its safety net in Week 1, went with a typically reliable safety net in the Patriots, but they took the loss, 26-10 to the Lions; and ending Big Blue's season early. Where's the Waiver Wire Bro? and Legend of the Clown banner take their first strike without even swinging with non-picks. DD56, Eaglejelly, Psych and The Voice in redruM's Head take strike one as they went with the Vikings who had a shocking upset loss to the Bills, 27-6 Crasher makes Goodell shine! takes a strike as well, with the Colts losing to the Eagles 😏 Sooooo... did anyone want to make a correct guess? Well, for starters... uhmm, the Browns found a victory for the first time in forever, over the Jets... 21-17. Largely thanks to Tyrod Taylor getting injured and Baker Mayfield saving the day. NJDevs4978 moves on. Aylbert and Jarek's Fabulous Pick Set went with the Bears, who came from behind to grab a victory 16-14 over the Cardinals. Seeya all next week.

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