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  1. It wasn’t a “couple” of games. It was literally our last game. If we beat Pittsburgh in our last game we would have been ahead of Montreal in points%... imagine the outrage if we made the playoffs and did a Cinderella run? and to be fair, prior to last night, it was a chance at the playoffs and a 3pct chance at Lafreniere. After the first lottery was won, the new odds are 6.25%... If you make the playoffs, your odds are 0pct. If you lose the play-in and therefore DONT make the playoffs your odds jump to 12.5%.
  2. As I said the day they announced this horsesh!t... the play in team had the most balls in this lottery straight up. Ottawa edged them out when you count San Jose as well... but Ottawa's collective odds were 25%, and the Play-In teams were 24.5
  3. Return this... it means Vancouver didnt make the playoffs (the losers of the play-ins arent the plahy-offs)... so we dont get that pick.
  4. The two lotteries are connected. If we just played the play-ins first, and then rank the losers in reverse order... in the case the Penguins lose, they would get a 1% shot rather than a 3% chance (assuming they would be the best team to miss).
  5. After consideration, I have decided to follow Yahoo's league and to call the FHL season as-is. I did some calculations to reweigh everybody by points per game played - but it's a little messy and Dynamo Nation still wins... So, congrats Dynamo Nation on your 2nd title (the first being in 2005)!
  6. The Devils also dont need to jump through the expense and hoops for nothing - they can just let the contracts expire of their personnel etc. The line was drawn neatly, and allows for all the .500+ teams a chance to win the Cup; while the sub 500 teams are out... giving consequence for sucking in 2019-20... while also preserving the more competitive bottom feeders chance for 1OA. I don't like the play-in losers grouping together their lottery chances... Ideally I'd like to keep the bottom 7 as-is... then let the play-ins occur... then rank the losers of the play-ins by point% from the regular season. Then have ONE lottery with the traditional lottery odds for all teams outside of the playoffs. As-is, I don't get why they are having two draft lotteries.
  7. The Devils dont have a play in game; our season is done.
  8. This isn't accurate. Our odds are unchanged. That's true for all the teams not in the "play-ins" The play-in losers are grouping together their odds and sharing it. So whereas, the best team to miss the playoffs would have a 1% chance to win, they now have a 3%. At the expense of the 8th worst team - who would typically have a 6% chance etc. 8 6% now 3% (3) 9 5% now 3% (-2) 10 3.5% now 3% (-.5) 11 3% now 3% (unchanged) 12 2.5% now 3% (+.5) 13 2.0% now 3% (+1) 14 1.5% now 3% (+1.5) 15 1% now 3% (+2) So if one of these balls is pulled for 1st 2nd or 3rd, they all share it and have another equal weight drawing.
  9. That can't happen. Only the play-in losers are in the play-in losers bunch.
  10. I mean maybe I'm taking liberties with it... but all the play-in teams are throwing their balls together and sharing the outcome. So if one of them wins anything... they have another drawing for it, where they all have the same odds of winning (1/8).
  11. They arent starting in the playoffs... the bottom teams are qualifying for the playoffs in a play in. The top teams are playing for positioning... and then they will start the playoffs. I mean, yes, the odds are the same... it just feels wrong.
  12. They are collectivizing the play-in team losers while keeping the odds the same for the teams eliminated. This feels and smells like bullsh!t though... the play-in teams are most likely to win the 1st overall now. and then when they do, they draw straws for it. DETROIT 18.5% OTTAWA 13.5% OTTAWA (from SAN JOSE) 11.5% LOS ANGELES 9.5% ANAHEIM 8.5% NJ 7.5% BUFF 6.5% LOSER FROM PLAY-INS COLLECTIVELY: 24.5% Those 8 teams share that pick evenly... so each of them effectively have a 3.0625% chance to win the draft lottery.
  13. This seems like a weird nomination process; if you pick your favorite, the bottoms wont get any votes. So I picked a bottom one since obviously "You're Next" or "Fvck You" would be nominated. This should just be a poll of the bottom third etc.
  14. Yea, they did during the lock out shortened seasons which were shorter than what we played this year.
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