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  1. Anybody want Crosby for a pick and a mid tier d swap
  2. Week 11: Raiders win, moving on. Both DD56 and Big Blue (and 63.47% of Yahoo) took the Raiders, who defeated the Bengals 17-10. Off to week 12 we go.
  3. Smart GMs have gravitated to locking up talent by paying for development projections. GMs living in the past are still paying 30yos for past performance hoping they can hang on So the contract is ‘manageable’ later.
  4. He’s a 6mm, 35+ PP specialist, with an extra year left on him and a NMC. That’s not good for LA.
  5. I wonder if he will retire again and head back to the KHL?
  6. Week 10: The Losers' Club So like Hasan said, nobody picked right this week, that's a first. Big Blue and Eaglejelly whent with the Saints (49.63% of Yahoo), who wound up losing to the lowly Falcons, 26-9. It was Eaglejelly's second wrong pick (Week 4- Rams), and he is now out. DD56 and and Dynamo Nation were with the Colts (35.36%)... who uhmm, lost to 2-7 Dolphins. Queue Major League... "We won a game [last week], [we won] one today that's two in a row. If we win one tomorrow that's called a winning streak." That was Dynamo Nation's second strike as well (Week 4- Rams)... so he's out of here as well. That leaves us with Jerek's Peerless Pick Set... he went with the Chiefs vs the Titans... who pulled off the upset in the 4th quarter, 35-32. That was his second strike too (Week 1- Browns)... so he's gone as well. The stage is set... it's Big Blue vs DD56, each with no safety net. Seeya guys for Week 11.
  7. Which was the aim of the trade revisions this year to avoid said controversies.
  8. For the record, I would not make this trade now. I’d want the draft pick compensation coming back my way instead... I was really hesitant to pull the trigger back in early October, so it was a fine litmus test to go through for board feedback on a trade... but here is how the stats have played out thus far... Makar: 17gp, 4g, 13a, +2 Burns: 18gp, 3g, 13a, -11
  9. What's the deal with my new acquisition slap-shotting out my 4th liner competent line mate?
  10. aylbert

    Steve Cs micro stats

    Agreed. And honestly, it’s only being spoiled by Doc. Chico was your standard color guy.
  11. Week 9: Dolphins beats the Jets 26-18... So since the Dolphins and Jets squared off against each other... we were left trying to find who to pick if not X vs Dolphins or Jets. How did we fare? Big Blue and (and 40.23% of Yahoo) went with the 49ers, who defeated the Rams 20-7 Dynamo Nation and Jarek's Peerless Pick Set (18.74%) DD56 went with the Bills (16.28%) who beat up on the Redskins 24-9 Sadly, NJDevs4978 went with the Packers, but they feel short to the Chargers, 26-11. This was his second strike (Week 4 Rams loss to Bucs, 55-40) and he is now eliminated. We are now at 5 alive (3 with strikes), 4 dead. Seeya in Week 10!
  12. Sworn Defenders have made the difficult decision to part ways with D Miro Heiskanen in exchange for RW Nikolaj Ehlers from Miles Woods Fightclub. To fill the void on defense created by this trade: Sworn Defenders have released RW Mats Zuccarello and signed D Johnny Boychuk. In addition, Sworn Defenders have released D Brent Seabrook and signed D Jake Gardiner
  13. Their own thing... and we are? Part of it.
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