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  1. Honestly I’ll take whatever ESPN+ gives us- it beats the coverage from NHL Network - whoever the girl was and Weekes calling the game from the studio sounded a lot more like they were calling a parade than doing pbp and color. I don’t get why they can’t just cover in person. It saves money, but it cheapens production value greatly.
  2. We were fortunate with the call in OT. But our PP was a thing of beauty on that goal… you just felt the goal coming.
  3. Then let’s score more while he’s in net for the second!
  4. Honestly I miss parking at CAA, because it was in the swamp they just had their lot, and the cattle tunnel... it was a fun experience. Parking now in Newark is always a crapshoot for me. I don't go enough to get a routine for it, so when I do go... it's trying to find an open lot or parralel park in a tight spot with my pickup. The CAA sucked for amenities and the fan experience. Agreed, I miss Baumann from 2000; but that was 20 years ago. I don't blame the Rock for it as much as father time.
  5. Happy 20th anniversary to myself here… time flies. Jeez
  6. In context, Matthews and McDavid were drafted the two previous drafts. They were going to be impactful players always, but not generational players. I think that’s still fair to say about Hischier (who I love). Hughes? There are nights he looks like the best player in the NHL. Hischier was compared to as a cross geteeen Datsyuk offensively and Zetterberg/Toews defensively. He started the draft projects at the end of the first and shot up… We had to decide to skip over the safe pick of Nolan Patrick to do so. Hughes was compared to Kane (who himself thought Hughes was better than him). That time we had to stay steadfast and NOT select the riser in Kakko… glad we did both.
  7. They almost forgot they called it no goal Ottawa should pay attention, another bounce didn’t go our way.
  8. I'd be uncomfortable with this as he's UFA in 2024-25. Maybe if they could add a sweetener? Almost forgot, LGD!
  9. Was out tonight but watched the recap. Purple bar! What else you gotta say?
  10. The neighborhood says she can take a pounding... so I guess that tracks? but... Ok, I mean we're only +26 which is a paltry 2nd in the league in goal differential I mean... I guess that's true if you mean we'll only go as far down as Blackwood drags us as 2 of our 3 losses were with Blackwood in net. I'll ignore, since they are, the injury and him last playing November 3rd. I mean NHL Network had an infographic showing just how stout the Devils defense has been, leading the league in several situations. But, stats are for nerds. (I'm too lazy to find it, but they were talking about how Dano has his shoulder back, chest puffed out, proud of the team) Let's give them that goal. Scoreboard now reads 5-2... So pretty dominating loss by the Sens still. This team finally had to face adversity. Since they get every bound and never do goals come off the board....
  11. Weekes is annoying with his forced slang… “The National” instead of NHL. He must of said it like ten times today. Or the “one t” instead of one timer.
  12. I miss Spaulding today, stuck with NHLN
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