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  1. Also- how did the Oilers get Bear? They drafted him... in the 5th round, way back in 2015 Wilde was a 2nd round pick in 2018 by the Islanders... You get picks, you hope some work out... The odds are, the early picks will be better, but we have players selected across the draft... just like us getting Jesper Bratt in the 6th round, or Miles Wood in the 4th... or Blake Coleman which we got a bounty for last year (3rd round)
  2. The first for Palmz/Zajac was for expiring contracts. It has no effect on next season. So I'm happy to grab a first for them; and then either see what we get, or package it to move further up in the draft (or get an NHL player back now)
  3. It's just sick that they could film it in HD... but couldn't bother rescuing all those folks.
  4. Trade deadline is tomorrow... I will be approving all reasonable trades today and tomorrow so we don't wind up suppressing trades waiting on pieces to move.
  5. As @titans04 said, the key is it being mutual. If the Devils wanted to end Gusev's contract, and Gusev wanted to play it out... they would have to buy him out. However, given how late it is in the season, Gusev isn't giving up all that much cash wise, but gets to put himself in a position to actually play with Florida. The hope there is he can regain his form and set himself up for a better contract than he would from being healthy scratches to end the season with NJ. He stops counting against the cap because we stopped paying him and we don't have any cap recapturing penalties
  6. Ok… so make that blind, deaf and dumb I don’t mind Cangi. I feel like I grew up with him as he climbed the coverage ranks. And truthfully it bounced so quickly out, I thought it was off the post or something for a split second too…
  7. Fitzgerald said exactly this, that Lou obviously has and likes his guys, especially the ones he drafted. Also, confirmed Zajac asked to be moved on Wednesday https://www.nj.com/devils/2021/04/why-devils-tom-fitzgerald-elected-to-trade-kyle-palmieri-and-travis-zajac-and-where-the-team-goes-from-here.html
  8. It was but a month ago when most of the board thought he should never see the ice again and was washed up. He gets to stay home and a shot at the cup. It’s a good move for Zajac. It’s also very likely that Zajac would sign with the Islanders/Lou anyway next year for the same reason he waived this year to go. Last gasps for a cup in a familiar setting. Losing Palms hurts more on ice. But if he we can’t extend him, which reports say we tried, then we did terrific getting a 1st back. Let’s not bitch about it being a “late” first, cause we simply don’t know yet. And b
  9. Wtf were your expectations for a pair of expiring contracts?
  10. Zajac had a NMC and I believe in the past refused to waive it. He doesn’t need to move for the Islanders… so it’s more us and Lou doing him a solid.
  11. It’s such a weird year… I’m hoping next season feels more normal. Plus my team has blown hard Lol
  12. May I ask what the general cost month to month is? I wouldn't mind "subscribing" a reasonable share.
  13. But Zacha is finally looking good. Ty Smith, Nico, Hughes... we are almost out of it. I’m ok with the shortened season being the last of it.
  14. I'm ok only picks 1 and 2 in the lottery and limiting it 2 wins in 5 years... I think if you're in the lottery, you should have a chance to win the top spot, just at very slim odds. The 2011 draft was a good year not to move the top... as they were really interchangeable, at the time, based on need... but I can't imagine winning the lottery, and missing out on a franchise player.
  15. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nhl-proposing-three-changes-draft-220233933.html
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