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  1. Hope he gets better but if I am not mistaken is this not the second person this year to block a shot with their face? I know that they try for a shin or hip but you rele need to be off to take one in the head. Taking the game into consideration I commend him for doing it but at the same time now he does his team no good because he is out. Its a split second decision but I would have tried to prioritize blocking a shot that would make little difference or let it go and not become injured, miss the rest of the playoffs/end my career and alter my life. Now the shot is blocked but PHI needs to do without a key PK man for at least the rest of the playoffs.
  2. The list is good with the exception of trading Clarkson, he is one of the only guys that makes this team physical and can still be a threat to score. Also I am pretty sure that Sharp will be the odd man out in Chicago anyway, they don't have enough cap to sign everyone back and he is one of the guys that didn't get an extension yet so we might be able to deal cheaper. I agree with other posters that I don't think we will get rid of for any pick. Prob just going to have to pray Lou tricks him into drinking the cool aid which he would have to anyway because I thought he had a NTC.
  3. I don't see Ruff leaving Buffalo any time soon though I could obviously be wrong. Hes a good coach but I do doubt his ability to motivate players at times other then just benching them for a few games until they decide to give some effort again. My friend is a big Sabres fan and he tells me when Vanek gets benched lol.
  4. No one got the result that was desired this playoff but I think we should def. give Kovy more time than what he got to see if he can mesh with the players, get used to NJ, etc. Look at what happened when we traded Bergy to ATL, he came out flying. There is a lot of pressure playing on a team that expects the kind of success the Devils do especially in contrast to a team like Atlanta. If he was given more time to settle into NJ and not have the immense pressure to immediately make a huge impact on our goals he should be scoring much more often. Everyone saw him missing the net a lot it was obvious that he was under a lot of pressure. It was also obvious that the other team knew we were trying to give him the puck 80% of the time especially on the PP, so the team needs to adjust a bit and go back to playing the way things were. If we payed the way we always did with every player being a threat on the PP kovy could have been sneaking around a little more but because of the obviousness he was watched like a hawk. No one should dispute that he is a great player with the only flaw being his defensive play which I am certain NJ has and will continue to help him improve on if he stays. ~please keep him Lou
  5. Obviously his problem to fix but he is not the cause nor 100% to blame.
  6. I also don't see how Lou became the problem. I think we are all in agreement that the 2009-2010 team had more then enough potential to reach the cup final. Lou wasn't the one on the ice showing no heart, making the mistakes, and not getting the job done. As far as we all knew the Devils team that he put together was going to compete very well this post season. It isn't his fault that they didn't produce...again.
  7. At 5M I'd pass...rather keep Martin if the price is right.
  8. Pretty sure its a discussion board, If he wants to discuss his idea for line combos he can. Your post is a waste and should be kept to yourself. The best way to say something like that is to just not post at all rather than leaving a comment that makes you look like an ass.
  9. " At least when they went down in an earlier round in the song they went down swinging..."
  10. There are no words to describe the smile that this video put on my face. Good stuff indeed.
  11. I'm starting to wonder if it's high school or if these people are part of one of the best hockey teams in the league.
  12. Lou will make him drink the cool aid and he will hang up the skates.
  13. When I stare at that picture the ground moves
  14. NJDevils1214

    Our free agents

    Ah yea I agree, didn't think about that.
  15. NJDevils1214

    Our free agents

    I could see McAmmond staying because he has played pretty well and I don't think we will get another center from our farm system or FA. Skoula would prob be going in favor of a younger D man like Eckford or possibly a rotation of a few younger guys. I guess that all depends on what happens here on out though.
  16. Well....that wasn't funny. Its obvious he's run out of things to talk about and is digging for anything to keep him on the air. Desperation is a word that comes to mind.
  17. The best part of that article was hearing what Marty had to say about Zach and Jamie.
  18. Wouldn't neids also put a huge strain on our cap?
  19. How did we get on a topic like this from sum1 telling a harmless story? It just goes to show how some people on this board get and I wish I didn't have to click a thread and have to see people arguing with each other in it all the time. On a side note was I the only one who was very disturbed by the video? I don't know where that police officers back up was but did they catch the man?
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