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  1. Maybe -mercifully - somehow, someway, someone in the next couple of days, games, weeks, months, years, decades will get a hold of this team that understands hockey at the most basic level… Primarily - the team that makes the most mistakes tends to lose. It’s been years since the franchise has had any concept of this. I’m tired of hearing about fancy stats re: Severson, Johnsson, Zacha, etc. The same players make idiotic plays constantly. The same players give questionable effort constantly. Game in and game out, the Devils make more catastrophic errors than their opponents. Sevo? See ya later. Johnsson, get the puck out on the wall one fvckin time, would ya? I also don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to put the puck in the air from the slot, twice. I’m tired of mistakes that are unacceptable at the high school level, let alone “professional”. The Devils got out-goalied tonight. Whatever. But the constant self-inflicted goals, clueless d zone coverage, putrid gaps, bad forechecks, lack of picking up trailers, blind passes, is unacceptable. Lindy, hold them accountable. Teach them the system or change to a system they can handle. Fitz, hold Lindy accountable. This is bullsh!t. All 3 Ranger goals were very preventable.
  2. Zacha sucks. Trade him for a bag of dogsh!t. Pathetic effort, coverage. Getting smoked by Orlov through the neutral zone on the goal. Soft, and not very bright. Moronic passes in our own end. Seen enough
  3. Bratt is a bad hockey player. Zacha ain’t much better. These guys are bad enough without the puck, you can’t turn the puck over too.
  4. Jesus Christ. Would you take conforto back next year FOR FREE at this point?
  5. To me, it all comes down to coaching. I like that Ruff was not afraid to bench Bratt at points last year. However, I don’t think it ultimately had that much of an impact in his game. Lemaire was a true miracle worker. Worked with Stevens and others - most recently Kovalchuk. Lemaire got Kovy to play passable defense and become one of the most dangerous PKers in the league. I remember Kovy gushing over Lemaire after he left talking about how he was the greatest coach he ever had. That’s from a time when the organization had a clear philosophy from top to bottom. Hard forecheck with a responsible backcheck. Everyone knows their role and expectation.
  6. There is something to the idea of balancing out a line. However if we’re going to match up Hischier against every teams top line, I don’t really want Bratt out there vs that competition. Nico may be able to support Bratt against a 2/3 but I think it’s too much to carry vs the big boys of the league.
  7. Great post Guadana. Only disagreement I have is keeping Bratt with Hischier. Bratt’s commitment to defense has been questionable at best. He gets lost in the dzone and frequently loses board battles
  8. I think Coleman is better as a winger. But I would have no qualms about bringing him back. He is a middle 6 guy who can play on a shutdown line to bump 17 to 86. I’m curious to see how his contract breaks down.
  9. My biggest *fixable* concern heading into this offseason is acquiring a 3C who is able to handle hard minutes against top lines as Zajac did. I, like many of you, have a lot of concerns about the Devils ability to play competitive hockey. What I mean by fixable is something that could be accomplished in one swoop. For example, defense is a huge concern but it’s not realistic to bring in 3 top 4 defensemen NOW. That will take time. 3C is one of the most important roles on a team. If the Devils trot out Pavel Zacha as a 3C next year and give him the hard minutes, the season is already over. He’s been awful when matched against the best players in that role. Boqvist and McLeod could perhaps develop into that but I don’t want to go into the season and giving them the job to lose. I want someone with some experience. Short of bringing back Zajac, or setting up future cap trouble bringing in the Montreal kid Danault (who has earned himself a payday this off-season), there is another available option. Nico Hischier has the perfect counter attack, line matching, take-on-the-toughs talent. Great sense off the puck, the speed to stick with the best and ability to make teams pay. I know 17 and 59 found a home with Hughes at the end of the season, but I’d stick those guys with Nico and create an elite shutdown line with some punch. Deploy them vs. Crosby, Ovie, Bergeron and the elite players we face. Zacha perhaps could be a wing on that line, but I want Bratt nowhere near them. Anyone else have thoughts on line deployment?
  10. Commitment from players to do the little things to win comes from an organizational culture. Zacha and Bratt loafing around in the dzone ain’t commitment, brother.
  11. “They play with structure, they play with commitment”. Gee whiz, if I didn’t know any better I’d say that’s a lack of identity mixed with a losing culture.
  12. Trading Nico for Eichel straight up would be terrible. Nico is the only center on the roster with any ounce of defensive acumen. Put him with Kouks and and Sharangovich. Deploy them against other teams top lines. Give Hughes softer minutes and let Nico do the heavy lifting
  13. Losing culture = not doing anything after Laughton boards the hell out of Johnsson possibly tearing his acl. He should be picking his teeth up off the ice. No one cares.
  14. That, or effort. But that’s ok. I’ve been told we definitely don’t have a “losing culture”
  15. Zacha is not a good hockey player. How he gives up the second goal is beyond me. You play the stick in front of the net, not swing and miss the puck. Bratt is not a good hockey player. Poor decisions on the pp and weak. I hope all you losers who thought these games don’t matter are happy. Newsflash: whoever we pick isn’t going to turn this mess around. This season doesn’t matter? Bs. Look at Hughes shot attempts. Nothing on them, looking feeble. Completely defeated with zero confidence. We have a losing culture.
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