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  1. Everyone who bitched for years about Zajac being overpaid should be sentenced to a public flogging.
  2. The kill is an abortion of epic proportions. They’ve learned oh so much though
  3. In five minutes of the period they’ve given up 5 odd man rushes and concussed their own goalie. Toxic culture
  4. In fairness to PK, they are putting him out there as a shutdown D which he never has been. That’s a failure on the organization and coaching staff.
  5. We’ve seen that all year. With a quality coach, system, and culture it would’ve been nipped in the butt by now. I’m being a d!k. No one is learning anything positive from this sh!t show, imo.
  6. Hey bud, anytime you want to get around to covering the lessons learned from the last four games I’d appreciate it
  7. It’s almost like there is a toxic culture here which has been completely apathetic to losing...
  8. Lindy has to go. A fvcking moronic system forcing passes to maintain puck possession
  9. No no no. Losing is good. Jack and Nico have learned so much the last 3 games. #LoseAndLearn!
  10. Shame that arena in Lakewood never got built 20 years ago
  11. Board it up, pack it in, move the team to Kansas City. The franchise is dead
  12. Fvck this ass clown franchise and all you losers who are pro tank
  13. Might not be the worst thing in the world. 7 inning doubleheader’s are dumb but at least it’s a huge advantage for the Mets with solid starters and avoiding the pen. Also, some of the games are getting bumped back - hopefully Syndergaard will be back for a few of them.
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