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  1. This team is poisoned. When push comes to shove, there’s no killer instinct to do what it takes to win. Severson glides up and out of the way of the Ovi shot knowing it’s coming. Sell out to block the pass. Do something. We need a complete makeover
  2. Goal or not, Greene way out of position too high in the zone. sh!t can him already
  3. This team is playing sound, fundamental hockey. When there’s not a clean break out, they are sending guys out of the zone and chipping it off the glass to them. Defense is playing calmer turning the puck over hell of a lot less. Guys getting sticks in lanes and not giving up much. Tampa and Washington just missed a couple times, but it’s been a while since we’ve had that forcefield up where it feels like pucks find a way to NOT go in. It was great to see the Devils mix in aggressive forechecks and then setup a trap around the 10 minute mark. Tampa had trouble breaking through and they supported each other well. Still can’t get believe we can’t get a full roster dreseed, Bratt and Hughes out, back, then Palmieri out. Overall, this team has been fun to watch. I was glued to this game over the nfl playoffs which I didn’t really expect to happen today. Glad to see the rangers loss didn’t take the wind out of our sails, this team needs to win more than it does a draft pick. Goose is looking awesome and Nico has been flashing top end, elite mvp potential goal scoring skill that a lot of people (myself included) were wary about him developing. Things are looking up. Just win baby
  4. Boqvist may never score again. Good to see him getting chances but cmon already.
  5. Where are thou, Jacques Lemaire?
  6. Devils Pride 26

    Fire Hynes

    Can we get someone in here who can establish a Dzone coverage? Good grief. A forecheck would be nice too but let’s take baby steps
  7. Trade Hall for Trotz. Coaching matters and we don’t have it. For whatever moronic reason we’ve held onto Hynes to appease a career loser in Hall. I watch islanders games with sadness. This used to be a once proud franchise and it’s more Mickey Mouse now than its ever been.
  8. Devils Pride 26

    Fire Hynes

    Too many cooks in the kitchen. I really don’t see how this works unless Fitz is the de facto head coach now. Coaches are incredibly territorial. I don’t think they would put him there to babysit. Is this moneyball and Hynes isn’t using the players properly? So strange.
  9. Devils Pride 26

    Fire Hynes

    Save the season. It’s not too late
  10. Is this not shades of 2010-2011 up 3-0 on Dallas game 1, or what?
  11. Very disappointed in the backcheck by Hughes. That’s not a “new to the nhl” aspect.
  12. Fvck him. If he wanted to be here I think he would’ve got something done. There’s no way thy haven’t talked. i don’t care whether they are first or last. At the deadline if he doesn’t sign, they HAVE to trade him. Acquire assets, even if the sum doesn’t equal a player of Hall’s caliber. We’ve been in the wilderness far too long to make the same mistakes we’ve done in the past.
  13. This place seems fairly tame thankfully, but some other places are showing panic. I look at the 2018 team that made the playoffs, this year the roster is light years better than that. If this team gets the same underwhelming .908 save percentage, it won’t take 93 points from Hall to make the playoffs. Simmonds is a great signing to shore up the PP. If L3 is Coleman - Zajac - Simmonds, it’s the best we’ve had in ages. My biggest concern is the PP D at this point. Beyond Greene it is very murky.
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