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  1. I’ve got to say, stepping back and researching, I was completely wrong with my earlier post. #FlattenTheCurve
  2. Who were those big moves (Gusev, Subban) made to appease? Taylor Hall. Hall ran his mouth at the beginning of the offseason with the comments of moves needing to be made to show a commitment to winning. After making those moves and Hall still not signing, Ray HAD to trade him. Hall supposedly liked Hynes. One of the reasons he wasn’t let go was to appease Hall. Hall made this season completely about himself and it showed in games. There was no team effort, no heart, to a man, every player looked disinterested. When he went into training camp without a contract, it was clear as day he was already a walking mercenary. This season was nothing about team success, it was Hall cashing in. His attitude was cancerous. Shero is responsible for the abomination first half of a season.
  3. 100%, could not agree more. If Mac Black is the day one starter and the Hall trade happened in the offseason (as it unquestionably should have) this team is in the playoffs
  4. Waiting for the losers to come in and tell us winning is bad.
  5. Schneider just doesn’t squeeze pucks. Deflection there but still.
  6. The more I think about it, the dumber it gets. Why not hold Gusev on the bench until you have clear possession and can sub him on easily? The only reason Zacha could be out there is to cover Gusevs efensive deficiency’s. Jv coaching points. or you just start with your best! Palms and Nico. Ugh
  7. Zacha out there in OT? Criminal. Supposedly good defensive forward can’t cut off the cross ice breakout pass and the Devils never touch the puck. Nice
  8. Is it the end of the world if they get Lehner for two years and he gets taken in expansion anyway? Signing Lehner buys us time. He’s a stopgap 1B. That’s fine with me.
  9. This isn’t “win now no matter what” this is “let’s show some kind of progress here and not play to be the worst team in the league. Lou’s been gone 4 plus years. Find a new scapegoat
  10. I think you’re misunderstanding, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. The kids are great and I thought I implied that in my previous post. The Devils losing would show the contrary, that they aren’t game breakers, play drivers, etc. A team in the bottom of the standings indicates that the players stink. Good players win games.
  11. Playing the lottery game is a loser mentality. That’s exactly what got us into this position. the Devils losing means players aren’t developing and the last two drafts where we were trying to increase our lottery odds were a bust. The hell with that. The devils would be much better off finishing strong and slotting into 10th overall than tanking and rolling the dice to win their third (fourth, really) lottery in the last ten years.
  12. Anyone who is rooting for the Devs to lose is a coward and needs to get lost. Blackwood is a fvcking savage and Nico is tenacious. Hughes is learning. Find a D and backup G and this team makes the playoffs next year
  13. Micro Mueller needs to be waived. Goal is 100% on him with a terrible read in the ozone giving up the blue line so easy.
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