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  1. Pk, please get your shot through once in a while. Or pass the puck. sh!t
  2. I know he was, but it’s getting harder and harder to envision Subban resembling a competent hockey player. Marchand damn near skated himself to the corner with the pressure from Palmieri and subban is in no mans land. Get real dude
  3. Hahahaha. Exactly that. Friggin box scores. Whoops
  4. Joey Anderson with 2 Gs in Toronto tonight. Because of course
  5. If there’s a coach worth keeping an eye on, its Mark Dennehy in Bingo. Once Hynes was fired and he got to deploy his own system, Bingo was the hottest team in the A. If Bingo can graduate a number of guys to Jersey (lord knows we need to), he’d be very familiar with the roster. He’s 52 so not quite an up and comer, but he’s someone on my radar if Ruff is only here a few years.
  6. Dude, relax. Point is a lot of people were upset when Lemaire came in meanwhile there was a lot of unseen good. The devils team that lost in the playoffs was flawed. Lemaire being able to get a buy in from Kovalchuk to completely change his style is one of those unseen good things. Tyler Seguin developed into a rock star under Ruff. As did a lot of the young core in Dallas. Team is still a ways away, and if Ruff can have a similar effect on Nico and Hughes we’ll be a lot closer.
  7. The last time we hired a coach that was moaned and groaned about - Lemaire, 10 years ago now - we won the division and begged him to come back the next year to clean up Johnny Macs mess. Lemaire ended up setting the table for Deboer in 11/12. My initial reaction was not positive. However, track record matters and so does experience.
  8. I’ve got to say, stepping back and researching, I was completely wrong with my earlier post. #FlattenTheCurve
  9. Who were those big moves (Gusev, Subban) made to appease? Taylor Hall. Hall ran his mouth at the beginning of the offseason with the comments of moves needing to be made to show a commitment to winning. After making those moves and Hall still not signing, Ray HAD to trade him. Hall supposedly liked Hynes. One of the reasons he wasn’t let go was to appease Hall. Hall made this season completely about himself and it showed in games. There was no team effort, no heart, to a man, every player looked disinterested. When he went into training camp without a contract, it was clear
  10. 100%, could not agree more. If Mac Black is the day one starter and the Hall trade happened in the offseason (as it unquestionably should have) this team is in the playoffs
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