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  1. Fvck him. If he wanted to be here I think he would’ve got something done. There’s no way thy haven’t talked. i don’t care whether they are first or last. At the deadline if he doesn’t sign, they HAVE to trade him. Acquire assets, even if the sum doesn’t equal a player of Hall’s caliber. We’ve been in the wilderness far too long to make the same mistakes we’ve done in the past.
  2. This place seems fairly tame thankfully, but some other places are showing panic. I look at the 2018 team that made the playoffs, this year the roster is light years better than that. If this team gets the same underwhelming .908 save percentage, it won’t take 93 points from Hall to make the playoffs. Simmonds is a great signing to shore up the PP. If L3 is Coleman - Zajac - Simmonds, it’s the best we’ve had in ages. My biggest concern is the PP D at this point. Beyond Greene it is very murky.
  3. Term, term, term. Love this.
  4. I haven’t had a rooting interest in basketball since the Nets left, now I can’t wait to root against them.
  5. to think I thought we’d have to give up Palmieri!!!
  6. Ekholm-Sevs Greene-Vatanen Butcher-Carrick Smith Smith could get back pairing minutes if Butcher could slide over and play his offhand. Hopefully he can, he has the speed and vision needed to do so. Still needs work but would be light years better than this year. Ekholm or any of those Nashville D (some more than others) are all-situation defensemen. A solid D would be immensely more valuable to making us into a contender. Most of Palmieiri’s production could be filled by Eberle or others on the UFA market. Not to mention, we’re getting a shot in the arm with a plug in and play top flight forward. I think Nashville is primed for a shakeup, they haven’t had a sniper since they lost Neal and Palms would be a great fit. We need a D in the worst way. Love Palms but business is business.
  7. Offense comes from defense, and the Devils have none of it. Palmieri will never have higher value than he has right now and the Devils are in much more dire straights for a D.
  8. Would anyone consider trading Palmieiri to Nashville for one of their top 4 D?
  9. I think there’s a massive difference in saying “I hope team x wins, that’d be cool” compared to screaming LETS GO TEAM X!! The latter I would agree is a fraud.
  10. Call me a jingoistic jag off, but the idea of turning down the long time perennial #1 projected pick, American born is damn near impossible. Do you really want this All-American kid dawning the red, white, and blue across the river? Yikes. As many have said, Hughes and Hischier: Toews and Kane. Hall is a better Hossa. Let’s get a Duncan Keith.
  11. Well, there goes any chance of me getting back into it this year. Develop the fvckin kid. He fights! Enough of the sad sack in net.
  12. Simple question here: if we HAD to get a third jersey, which would you prefer? A black based jersey or a throwback style jersey incorporating the green?
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