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  1. I hate the SO but that one was pretty entertaining. Great game, nice win. LOL @ that guy in the yellow shirt behind the net!!!
  2. According to Steve, Palms just passed the puck across the slot to himself to take the shot. lol
  3. Zacha is jacked. He needs to use it a little more.
  4. Rafalski did everything he wanted to do but play for his home town. Neidermayer wanted to play/win with his brother. Parise wanted to play with his BFFL. Hall.....wants to win and prob also wants to get paid. If Shero and Hynes have him drinking the Koolaid, and can offer him the most money, he'd stay--especially if the devils add another top 3 pick to this year's NHL roster and can add a piece of two in the off season. Cory looks like his old self(knock on wood) and Blackwood looks like he could also be the real deal. Ty Smith is killing it and there is reason to believe a couple of the other young guys could take next steps next season after getting to watch them at the NHL level due to all the injuries this season. I don't think the outlook should be considered as awful as it was in the middle of the season. I remain positive.
  5. Were you here in 2012? The forum crashed from all the fair weather fans coming to the forum once NJ reached the ECF. There are also tons of posters who come here to read and whatever but just don't post until the team is in the playoffs. All the sudden people who made their accounts in 2005 with 15,000 posts show up again out of nowhere but they haven't posted in 3 years.
  6. Nice. Way to play to the tank fellas.
  7. Lol anyone see that woman smack that dude?
  8. Honestly, I am okay with it. Let him get the kinks worked out now while the team can afford to suck.
  9. OMG Blackwood has to hurt from that one.
  10. Lol that should be a fvcking penalty or something.
  11. I actually missed the game because I just forgot about it. I am glad they won, saw some Oilers fans talking some sh!t and it's nice to shut them up.
  12. "I hope so" to this entire post.
  13. Big YIKES boys. Big Yikes. I think I am more demoralized about this season than the season before last.
  14. fvcking sucks that this kid is from our state and has 0 interest in playing for our team. The home team. He'd rather play for our rival if he ever left at all. fvcking sucks being in NJ sometimes.
  16. Wow...Blackwood is getting the prime NJD 2019 treatment. EDIT: Not 100% true since they scored more than 1 goal.
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