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  1. NJ lost to WAS every game so no room to talk, but Rags got gifted the second round.
  2. Ullmark is a beneficiary of being on Boston and I don't see him being nearly as dominant without a strong coach, responsible D play, and system around him.
  3. Remember when he said something like, "hoping and praying for things to get better isn't a plan" or something like that around when he fired Lindy? That's what he was doing... Hoping and praying things would get better. That was his response to all these things. Really odd he would continue to place trust in people that were not performing up to the standard that was expected.
  4. Sure, I'm trying, but really no wonder why injuries fvcked this team so badly now. Everyone looked at the guy to their left to be the one to step up when sh!t got tough until the guy to their left was the janitor and the last dude just shrugged his shoulders. Makes me wonder why NJ are paying Palat 6m a year for him to play show and tell with his championship rings. I really am starting to sound like some of the doomers around here but it's hard when we take so many Ls. I get it. He checks a lot of boxes, ya know? Let's hope he checks the one on his unemployment form about able and looking for work.
  5. I am once again finding myself annoyed with Fitz. He's loosely implying he was too lax this year, he let the guys get complacent, and even that they weren't conditioned very well. This after people here also mentioned that he said to STH that he wasn't happy with the practices. Wtf happened with this team this year? It's like there was a mixture of not caring enough, expecting it to just be easy, and not holding anyone accountable... And even when it wasn't coming easy nothing changed apparently and that's why we are talking about it now?
  6. https://www.denverpost.com/2024/04/17/zach-parise-avalanche-stanley-cup-2/ The 2003 draft class was the first one I really followed when I started getting into hockey and I, of course, followed Parise the most. End of an era... And it makes me feel old.
  7. If Nichushkin can still play I'm not surprised with anything anymore.
  8. Maybe I'm cynical but I doubt we'll get that in an official announcement. I expect him to allow Greene to interview even if he never intends to hire him as a professional courtesy.
  9. I doubt that will happen. He's got time and he's going to use it. I don't expect an announcement until the draft or just after the draft at the earliest.
  10. Lol... So he knew the ship was sinking and didn't do sh!t. He just let us all go down with it.
  11. If Fitz did that I might actually boycott the season. Nothing about what Green did here while he was gone indicated he deserves any shot at being the guy. He put Timo back to where he needs to be, other than that we could have stuck with Lindy until the end.
  12. Not sure why I expected a team that can't help themselves to help us out.
  13. Good coaching can take a team much farther than it should be. The front office has to find the right guy. Really no room for error now.
  14. Well never know for sure but no way Shango would have hit that here this season. He was so bad the year before he practically lost his job. Glad the change of scenery has done him well.
  15. Players will keep complaining the season is too long and the league will keep adding more teams. Schedules will only have teams playing division rivals once or twice a season. Real great move for the fan$$$$, ya know?
  16. Fitting that this is the anniversary of the Titanic sinking.
  17. They've got some stats person talking in their ear about some crap instead of using their eyes. No reason to split up what's working. Anyway, whatever.
  18. You can tell this is a Torts game.
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