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  1. Despite Holtz's goal, I think this is the worst he has looked since the preseason started.
  2. When Tierney went behind the net one of the Dmen, Hatakka should have covered the front no?
  3. There have been a couple borderline trips in the NZ but that one on Lazar was about as clear as it gets.
  4. Devils just not going to get another power play apparently.
  5. Every fanbase has clowns-- including ours. I saw a couple Devils fans in AZ acting like a$$holes. There was a video of a Devils fan getting what he deserved from a Rags fan during that series too. I saw a Devils fan throw his food at an Ottawa fan in that series we lost back in....2007? People are a$$holes, not fanbases.
  6. The team going on the win streak really hurt him. No one wants to make changes when things are working that well and once the win streak ended the team went cold for a large chunk in December. They should have sent him down during the win streak and not considered bringing him back until the team right the ship after that 6 game win less streak or whatever.
  7. I think Dawson will drink the Fitz-Aid, I just hope the cap goes up as much as everyone thinks it will.
  8. Nemec looks solid. He's gotta be earning himself a real solid look.
  9. Schmid playing in the second period. Not sure where the rest of the team is right now lol.
  10. Nice looking power play. The puck movement was real nice. sh!tstork looking like he isn't coming off the summer.
  11. Come on dude! I already posted about this yesterday! Gawd. 😉 I think we got too many threads going on.
  12. Really was hoping he would figure it out. He had a ton of promise and seems like a good kid. He had that great camp and get sent back to the WHL then didn't come back the same. Maybe he needs a mental coach, like Bratt got.
  13. It's for the Lols and clicks. I wouldn't take this stuff so literally. Frauds in a sense they're supposed to do something, what feels like, every year and fall flat of expectations. Biz wasn't a good player but he also wasn't a fraud lol. He is a tool! I agree on calling the fans frauds though-- they're not frauds they just picked a sh!t team... And dumb.
  14. I don't like biz and I think he's a tool. Now I like him a little more. Only a little.
  15. It is cool. It's also weird we have so many dad's chiming in these days lol.
  16. I heard him the other night when BOS played BUF and he sounded awful. I never liked the guy but it sounded like his mental state was...questionable.
  17. Saw on reddit that according to a SVK podcast that Tatar was on he said NJD offered him a 1yr deal and he didn't take it because he wanted more term. NJ then got Toffoli and the door closed. even before Toffoli he would have had a somewhat uphill battle to get a roster spot with Holtz, Foote, Nosek, Lazar, Tierney, and Clarke all fighting...not that Foot, Clarke, and Tierney have shown they are really in contention yet. Source is in the spotify but..ya know can't say for sure cause I don't speak the language.
  18. Depends on how you look at it. My point was more you can tell him to go fvck himself all you want, but it's only for yourself. He'd go back to one of his many million dollar homes, crack a bottle of wine we couldn't afford with a months pay, eat his beef wellington or whatever the fvck, and never think about you again. 😂
  19. Gary works for the owners. It's his job to do the lawyer thing and spin everything. He's made a lot of money for a lot of people, including himself, and at the end of the day corporations are gonna be corporations. If it doesn't hit the bottom line they don't care how much people hate anything as long as they fork over their money.
  20. I saw Shakir play in Austin and he looked like the only Barracuda that had played hockey before. I hope he kicks some ass in camp and makes the team.
  21. They got these poll results from the same place Gary did when he said that their(NHL) numbers show fans really like the changing board ads! 😂
  22. Sabres might have gotten another gem in Benson. Kid looks like he's going to impress like Mercer did.
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