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  1. Really does seem like things are trending in a way that would indicate that a season might be further off than we thought. I have had trouble getting a job because I moved right before Covid, so now I have been working at a country club/golf resort like I did when I was in HS and college. None of these people wear masks. Some just traveled in planes and they get to the resort and completely ignore signs on the doors that say to wear masks. The kids I work with are partying with their friends and really just don't care. Some have even had it and that only reaffirmed that they shouldn't car
  2. That would probably be fun to watch.
  3. Everyone thought he wanted to win. Fridge also said CBJ offered him term but slightly lower AAV.
  4. Fridge said on the 31 in 31 Podcast around the 14 min mark that VGK had made an offer to Taylor Hall for 1 year approx 5mil.
  5. My guess is Petro's camp pressed for the bonus structure since that is guaranteed money. I'm fairly certain the buyout only counts towards the base, not the bonus. He's going to be like 37 or 38 years old before they can even consider a buyout in that last year and that will only split that 8m across 2 years vs paying it in 1. EDIT: Also, because duh, he has a full NMC so if they want to try and dump him on someone else once he is old and slow he has full control over where he goes.
  6. Not to bring up a dead topic from yesterday, but this is what I was talking about: Players really have no right to complain about the team not being competitive or guys being shipped out when they're signing these contracts that basically guarantee the team needs to be torn apart and put back together ground up at some point.
  7. Some funny stuff in there. Big bro vibes.
  8. I think we have talked about this before, since my friend is a Sabres fan and we would go up from time to time to catch a game, but I've always enjoyed it there. Fun atmosphere, fairly nice people, great food, and it's a hockey town so everyone is out on game night.
  9. With the way the NHL might have to structure hub cities because of the border being closed, it could be a great time to be a Sabre...he might not actually have to play a single game in Buffalo. Hall no like lake effect weather.
  10. Fool! You're supposed to remain still, now he's noticed you!
  11. That was more affordable than I anticipated.
  12. Difference in opinion I guess. The GM ices the best team he can and the rest sorts itself out. I don't think Towes and Kane were worried about chemestry when they took their max deals according to the CBA and handcuffed Bowman.
  13. Meh, it's a business and they make millions of dollars. Yea it sucks to move your family around, but that is the caveat of making an assload of money to play a sport. They don't seem to care much when they demand contracts that handcuff GMs/the team with NMC or NTC and extra years on the end they might never play or come close to delivering on. Then they get bought out and still make a ton of money to doing nothing. Loyalty schmoilty....$$$$$ is king.
  14. I agree with this assessment. Will prob see Kuokkanen, Merkley, and Boqvist appearances. Def need some more depth on the back end.
  15. I expect the constipation on Hoffman, Toffoli, and Granlund will be relieved now.
  16. Between that and that a contender will prob have to clear cap at the deadline to take his hit he might be harder to move than he thinks.
  17. This might be the best year to be a Sabre...he might not even have to actually go to Buffalo. That'll be nice come January.
  18. He's prob betting on himself and that Jack Eichel can help him put up good numbers for a post-covid free agency market.
  19. Kind of surprised that the Avs couldn't/wouldn't match that.
  20. I think it's a hard choice of the top two for me but worlds End Def way at the bottom of the three. My friend and I got more one liners to toss around from Hot Fuzz. "Jog on m8"
  21. I think the team wasn't even at the cap floor yet earlier today...so yea...who cares.
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