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  1. Child forum. See some of you guys in October lol. Ban Inc.
  2. Unpopular opinion alert! ⚠ Some people are putting this on the same level as cat calling and other verbal harassment. Idk the context, because idk where he is at, but I really don't find this as harmful as harassing a woman on the street. It doesn't appear like he is even saying anything to them- just making the motion.
  3. Thank god I grew up in a time where every stupid thing I did didn't end up on camera/the internet. Great--My 5000th post had to be about Jack trying to see some tiddies.
  4. I like the Bolts one. Not the canes. Hilarious when you think of how different the name is though. Imagine if their jerseys had logos with bolts and canes on them instead
  5. Welcome to NJDevs.
  6. No, I'm looking at what their body of work and saying 1 season(not even because neither played the whole thing) is enough for me to call a guy elite. The future is not a factor other than its going to take more than just 2/3 a season to convince me the guy isn't just Cory Crawford with a much better team in front of him.
  7. Yes. He's going to be elite and next year and he probably takes that step if he stays healthy. Pettersson had a lot more hype though. Bennington came out of no where and goalies are also more unpredictable.
  8. Andrew Rycroft put up amazing numbers his rookie year. He even won the Calder. I know he didn't win a cup, but his numbers were all like top 10 in the league. Now people are like... Who the fvck is Andrew Rycroft? He was in a bubble, he wasn't elite. Like you said, who knows. I just wouldn't say elite now.
  9. Well to be fair no one is saying that Binnington played badly. I just don't know that he is elite. You have to play well to win a cup-- I don't think anyone would argue that. The point I thought we were arguing was "your goalie has to be elite" not "your goalie has to not play like sh!t".
  10. Well the team went from dead last to the championship... So... Yea... Also, that whole D core played out of their minds during the playoffs. Dunn and Edmonson were pretty damn good, but you wouldn't consider Pietrangelo or Parayko elite? I think they're elite.
  11. I would not consider Crawford an elite goalie but he won two or three cups with an above average team in front of him. You could make a similar argument with... I think Jimmy Howard in Det. I'm not saying that it doesn't help, I just don't think it is a NEED, in all caps, like it was in the early 00s and before. Totally agree on Binnington.
  12. A great thing about today's NHL is that you don't need an amazing goalie to win. You just need a goalie that's more consistent than Keith Kinkaid. Teams end up with more than one decent goalie often enough these days that I think it'll be possible to pick one up for future assets if needed in the next couple years. The real issue is, if Schneider's play continues to decline, what gets done with his contract?
  13. The only place to go from last season is up... So at least he has that going for him.
  14. You really hate the dude? I knew you weren't a fan, but hate is a pretty strong word. I mean...I hate Sean Avery...I don't think I could hate a kid because he didn't live up to where Conte/Lou drafted him.
  15. Part of the game is voting for players to keep them on the board if you think they shouldn't be voted out yet. Obviously someone would give their vote for a player on the brink of being removed rather than another useless point to Hall or Hischier who are not in danger of dropping out if they believe they shouldn't be dropped yet.
  16. It's subjective so it's not really for you to decide who they like. You're just salty because you want people to agree with you, or you think everyone does but they're just doing it for the meme. Either way--still their choice.
  17. Your first mistake was reading any of the cancerous content posted on Facebook and most of twitter. Too many people who watch 3 games a year and play NHL 19 but think they're fvcking experts on the team. Complete traaaaaashhhh.
  18. Whatever happens, I'm confident Shero will make the correct decisions.
  19. Not without a little help!
  20. The only thing I don't like is Andy Greene on the top pair, but who are we kidding...that is prob where he'll end up.
  21. Maybe this answers the question of if I'm going to the opener then driving to the game in Buffalo. I don't have any pre-sale codes.
  22. It is HILARIOUS. It is almost like ownership is just telling the front office to constantly drum up good press for the team to make sure they continue to sell tickets on the backs of these free agent signings rather than actually focusing on building a winning team first. Almost every year is supposed to be their year because *insert star player that has joined the Rangers* and it never happens.
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