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  1. I am astonished I still get upset over these games despite their lack of meaning.
  2. That same play, guy open on the back door. fvck this season.
  3. I don't hate this team like pervious years but boy are they frustrating as any of them. I also don't think I'll ever forgive them dropping 4 in a row to the Rags.
  4. The truth shouldn't hurt. I screamed at my TV. Im pissed because of work and this isn't helping.
  5. The too many men is so fvcking old. They need to get it together, you learn line changes in pee-wee.
  6. I was yelling at my TV that period. Holy crap, so many missed chances, they give up one, need to take a penalty at the end there. Rawr.
  7. Wow nice play there by Nico and Zacha there.
  8. Zacha has a meme he sends to his gf about Mfitz blowing something...
  9. He ran into Blackwood on the goal. Seemed to say something to him after though, I imagine apologizing, but some others said he was being an ass away from the play too. I didn't see that myself so I can't comment on it.
  10. Don't have to worry about 2 points now. EDIT: Blackwood def not feeling well.
  11. "Nah, I don't need to get that guy" - Severson probably
  12. LGD - Not sure what outcome that means but an outcome nonetheless.
  13. Careful dude, someone might report your comment to the NHL and then you'd get fined for saying that. Don't speak out against the authoritiiii.
  14. Rags fined 250k for their statement against Parros. Would love to see them tell the league to shuv it... And call Bettman unfit next haha.
  15. I wonder if Drury knew this was coming when the Penguins wanted to interview him and he said no thx.
  16. Defending Zacha against the hordes of haters has probably been one of the few things we've seen eye to eye on through the years—— and I think we both joined in 06.
  17. Lul the interview with Jack. He's going to be a leader real soon.
  18. Took the words right out of my mouth sir!
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