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  1. I mentioned this in the GDT, but they changed the goal horn. I know, I know, it isn't a big deal...but I don't get why. I thought it was just going to be something during the "Jersey" jersey games, but last night the first goal of the night by Bastian was the regular goal horn and every other goal was this new goal horn.
  2. I agree, and will add, that a year or so ago there was a minority of people claiming the "OK" sign is a racist gesture. Obviously, you cant just take a generally agreed upon thing like that and turn it into something else, but it makes me somewhat skeptical. Like you said, tell the story. The only racist "gesture" I can think of is doing something with your eyes to make them look "Asian".
  3. Nice W and some goal streaks broken in the process. For tonight, I'm happy.
  4. What is more crazy is NJ finally making a goalie playing his first ever NHL game look like a goalie playing his first ever NHL game.
  5. Fitz prob writing up contract extensions for all the coaches after tonight.
  6. I know it isn't a big deal, but this would be the 3rd time they have changed the goal horn since we got to Pru Center.
  7. I hate losing in general but it is even worse when it's a team that managed their rebuild 10000x better than NJ.
  8. Scoring starting early. Is something wrong with Blackwood or are they sitting him out of principle?
  9. Hell has become an apt name for this section of the forum given the misery this team subjects us to. Go Jersey!
  10. Given the way the team is playing I'd likely be beyond the point where I continue to care about the season, but because they hadn't played as much I wasn't there yet. Last night def pushed me over the line. I am ready for the off-season/draft.
  11. How can Fitz say the answer is in the room with responses like that? Lol
  12. With respect to Nico - - I don't remember exactly off the top of my head but she challenged Nico on an answer about learning to either play, win, something... And she jumped on him and was like "but when you say that what does that mean exactly? Because we've heard it before". She made him elaborate.
  13. Amanda challenged both Nico and Blackwood tonight in her questions. Kind of nice to hear.
  14. How did you know they were jerseys without it written on them /s
  15. We've endured some bad games from this team over the last several years...this one def ranks up there for me.
  16. No easy wins Dano, but this team sure does make losing look easy.
  17. Devils control the game and lose. Subban breaks a stick, They hit 3 posts. If someone gets hit in the face then it'll really be a full Devils hockey game.
  18. Come on....does this look like a coaching staff with no answers to you? Does it?!? ....Lol
  19. Without looking it up, I wanna say the Devils lose a lot to the Yotes at home.
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