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  1. Damn, I thought the game was tomorrow. I'll be flying back from Germany early in the AM so I might have to skip this one. LGD.
  2. I don't care for him, but I also don't really care in general. At least, from what others said, he's a big Devils fan.
  3. I believe I recall both him and the staff, or maybe it was on the game broadcast, that he's working on his play in his own zone, becoming more responsible, and looking for that type of role. He looked good in pre-season and he did well on the PK. If he can keep that rolling he and Zacha will be great at giving the other team pause when they're up a man. It would be awesome, and to our benefit, if he could re-invent himself. He always had a scoring touch, but his game in his own zone has always been vomit. I can't speak to the documentary, I haven't seen it. Mayne he had a wakeup call having to go to a camp as a PTO. Hopefully Johnsson, but at the very least maybe someone that can fill in where needed. You wanna have some NHL experience on the bench in case guys get hurt.
  4. What's the joke here? All I care about is the on ice product. I couldn't care less about what Mac's feels are about anything, if he thinks the earth is flat, or if he thinks it's Taylor ham and not Pork roll. If he gets the shot then the whole thing is over. He can play, and that's where my interest ends in the subject. Honest question, I'm not trying to poke the bear or anything-- why does it matter to you that he is getting it only because he has to? This was always a possibility whether he caved on day one or day 100.
  5. Is this really news? I'd be shocked if anyone thought the entire team was backing him on this.
  6. We don't have a choice anyway. This is all just so they can get more emails and phone numbers.
  7. He's not vaccinated and that's one part of the battle, the other is how he (maybe)keeps catching it. Is he outside the arena licking the handrails?
  8. I saw someone recently saying that Sharangovich lives out of the city in the suburbs somewhere and Nico, Zacha, and Bratt have all been spotten in Hopewell(of all places). EDIT:Sorry, meant to reply to @pumpkin cutter
  9. Okay turning it off. Egregious. My plane is boarding anyway.
  10. Real sad. He seemed like he had some promise. If he does go back to the K I home he can get his mojo back.
  11. Holtz making an argument for himself.
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