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  1. The Rangers betting their future on a guy who is about to have highly experimental neck surgery sounds classic. I'd almost be more worried if they didn't do it.
  2. I'm a little miffed at how the NHL puts out a statement for this event right away and wants an investigation but was complete radio silence on the Blackhawks situation for some time.
  3. Work has been rough since I start last fall. I haven't read a book in forever man.
  4. I'm not saying that he should be barred from the surgery. It's his body and he should do what he thinks is best. Because the team isn't on board with the surgery and it is experimental, I think they should have some recourse contractually should the outcome be unfavorable...especially if their medical resources are saying it is a bad idea. When they signed him to the contract it is unlikely any of them anticipated he would elect to have a part of his spine replaced with a piece of titanium, especially if there is a "better" option. I am not sure how one could forsee/reduce the risk of a player doing something seen as "risky" like that to their body after you make such a hefty financial investment in their future as an athlete. I think there is a reasonable assumption that the player acts in their own best interest to keep them playing at a high level-- which is beneficial for both parties. What if, for the sake of absurd argument, there was an elective experimental eye surgery that Eichel wanted because Drs told him he'd be able to see the puck better or something, but Buffalo was like "WTF you can't be serious, Jack. This is stupid as hell". Should buffalo be strapped for 7 years with a half blind Eichel because he got a surgery that everyone who worked for the team told him was a stupid idea? *I put better and risky in quotes because I'm not trying to imply I think I know what the best option is. I have no idea.
  5. Maybe this will spark something in the next CBA-- or they add something to new contracts about wanting experimental surgeries that are not approved by team doctors or some neutral 3rd party with the appropriate medical expertise.
  6. From your post to the hockey god's ears.
  7. Maybe we can get Tom Wilson and Reaves to give each other career ending injuries and get rid of 2 problems at once.
  8. Today was so good I almost forgot that they're planning on bringing back the same coaching staff next year.
  9. My excitement is immeasurable and my day is made.
  10. I have a soft spot for Butcher since he choose to sign here in a time no one else would. I hope he figures it out and gets back to that promising play he had when he first got here. He never would have gotten to play at this point.
  11. Makes sense. That was my gut feeling and the last update by Fridge basically said that was where he'd put his money too.
  12. Any word on Landeskog? I haven't been able to dig at all. My day has been all meetings.
  13. Can we bench him all season? Not scratch... Like let him sit on the bench...
  14. This is the first day I have to be in the office since the pandemic and of course it is FA day when I have to sit next to my boss.
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