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  1. Stephan Noesen still isn't signed. Hope he lands somewhere and gets another shot. Shame his play went to sh!t last year.
  2. Nice W. Pounds all around. Sweeney with the GWG.
  3. No doubt he will be fine in the long run.
  4. Seney's knee bent a way the knee isn't supposed to bend. Smith looked lost there.
  5. This new guy Brett Sweeny scored. Hope Dano tells us more about him.
  6. Why can't he go to the Bing? I thought he was ineligible to go back to Juniors cause of his age.
  7. Hey Rags....our new shiny Russian is better than your new shiny Russian...teehee. Also Goose eats bread. So win.
  8. Ty Smith has had a rough game.
  9. Can't blame Schneids on that one.
  10. I've seen enough of the PK. Wanna see the powerplay.
  11. They gotta jerk these dudes and their lifetime love for the rags.
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