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  1. I'm a ramen connoisseur and all you ramen casuals have made it impossible to find it for the last two weeks! I only just found some penne yesterday lol.
  2. I don't think things will be back to normal but I also think most people thought the summer was kind of a long shot anyway-- especially for an event like the Olympics where thousands of people from all over the globe converge in 1 place. It doesn't surprise me, anyway.
  3. Not to mention the off-season is for spending time with family and friends. Not like they can do that right now.
  4. Imagine being the SC champion and getting 4 weeks off.
  5. Apparently Boston isn't paying and the fans started a gofundme. Looks like some of the Bruins players donate 1k to it each.
  6. I think I read CGY and WPG won't pay them at all.
  7. Imagine if we were a bubble team and bought at the deadline.... For nothing.
  8. Interesting....Maybe our season will be over sooner than we thought lol.
  9. NBA game will be played with no fans. I just don't see this helping anything in the long run. A lot of people are still going to get it because of how easily it is transmitted in the air. I just takes 1 person who has it with no symptoms going to a restaurant or mall or whatever. Either way, the virus isn't going anywhere anytime soon large gatherings or not.
  10. Not sure how I feel about missing out on a guy like Raymond but Rossi looks like he could potentially be another elite high IQ playmaking center. NJ needs some wings and Dmen to work out.
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