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  1. Death, taxes, and the internet having to be mean just because.
  2. The Devils either light up Halak or make him look like Hasek.
  3. This game should be 6 to 1. It has been incredibly sloppy and there's been nearly no devils pressure in the first and third other than the Hughes line.
  4. You can't give a pass like that to bread boy. Clean pass right across the entire ice and no one at all watching him.
  5. I'm just trying to help you man! Don't go down that dark path again...at least not until December.
  6. Jack snipe. I'll take that on repeat all season please.
  7. Blackwood looked great. Exactly what we need. The rest of the team looked like sh!t.
  8. Bahls eyebrows alone could scare the Puck away.
  9. I'm watching it from my normal streaming site and have no watermark or anything weird.
  10. Ruff said the power play was going to have a lot of guys that aren't normally on it. Really just an awful spot to have a miscommunication.
  11. Mark Recchi is gone but his ghost is still haunting us.
  12. The difference in the goaltending is like night and day.
  13. I hope he plays like he has tonight more often. He's looked really good and had been aggressive down low.
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