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  1. Can you send Boqvist back to Sweden at this point? I think a year of his contract is already burned either way.
  2. Taylor Hall on a rental isn't worth any of those guys.
  3. How do they look? I can't watch tonight.
  4. Pretty sure I saw him within the top 10 a lot. Like just outside the top 5. He got taken at least 15 or something. Dropping like 8 spots is dropping to me.
  5. LGD. Need more than last night to beat this team.
  6. Caufield dropped super far in the draft but I have to think he's highly valued. A Hall rental 1 for 1 probably won't get it done. A trade involving those two would have a lot of extra this and that going both ways.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns it on the second he puts on a new jersey. Whatever is infecting the players in that room has ahold of him too.
  8. This team is unable to take control of a game. That's why even when they get a lead they can't close the door. They always leave it cracked for the other team to claw their way back into the game. They have no killer instinct. There were games in the past where some nights you just know after the first period that the other team just doesn't have a chance. That hasn't happened since the second period of game 1. This reminds me of those old Devils teams you knew were fvcked once they went down by two, because you knew they'd never come back... Except now it's when they're up by two and you know they're going to hand it away. It's not skill, they're in their own heads.
  9. Ray is waiting for Babcock to get canned to can Hynes. The trade will be 1 for 1.
  10. If they blow this sh!t I hope Shero walks down to the bench to hand Hynes his slip. Holy sh!t.
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