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  1. All these great coaches but none for us
  2. Wasn't one of the biggest criticisms spoken about, here or maybe elsewhere, how he handled young guys? Has that changed or am I thinking of someone else?
  3. I doubt it but just a thought. This is insane. COL good but also the curse of Perry?
  4. Nichushkin with the redemption story of the decade. Wonder if that's what Zacha does after he goes anywhere else.
  5. The good thing about TNT and ESPN is it is def bringing eyes to the sport that hadn't been watching. I have had a lot of people/friends, in particular the ones who watch a lot of basketball, telling me they have been watching and asking me Qs about rules etc.
  6. Anyone else do this? https://stanleycupple.nhl.com/
  7. Zacha's face is one of the few things about him that isn't on my list of dislikes. I just don't want another bust and because Slaf shot up last min vs Cooley that has always been ranked high Slaf comes off to me as more of a risky pick "maybe" pick. I lean risk adverse and just say take BPA and that to me is Cooley. A lot of people like slaf cause he is big but my gut tells me Cooley's lack of size won't affect his ability to transition his game to the NHL.
  8. My mention of Zacha in my post is really superficial(basically just size forwards with "tools"). I'm sure there's a lot of details that separate them. I'm torn due to how Slaf shot up draft rankings last min. Really just don't want to pick another player in the top ten that doesn't pan out and I see plenty of people that put Slaf ahead of Cooley because of the late push/size. Is Slaf's size/late push enough to win out over Cooley's evident skill(and Cooley has been ranked high for a while)? Cooley could still be BPA at #2 and he's being left on the board just because the need for size up front ends up being the focus. Again, I don't know the answer. I just hope it works out regardless, obviously.
  9. I don't know what the right answer is. I was all about Slaf when he shot up the rankings, but my PTSD from taking a player like Zacha thinking his play will "grow into" his size just kind of scares me. There are likely safer picks on the board. While I know we don't need another undersized player, Cooley seems like a much safer pick. Again, I don't know. Thankfully it isn't my decision.
  10. Draisaitl had one of these "Almost Moments" last night himself.
  11. Tampa has 8 shots halfway through the second. 8!
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