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  1. This is just making me wonder how Dallas managed to piss the WCF away.
  2. Friedman said on 32 thoughts that it might be more common for there to be more layers of leadership at the top of the organization where the GM isn't at the top. More Shanahans running the show with a GM and AGM etc. He mentioned with when talking about Carolina's GM hire that orgs have talented people that want to move up that they don't want to lose but no where for them to go.
  3. I want Zadarov. Wanted him since Flames started selling over a year ago. I don't think it's a great idea to go more than 5mil on him.
  4. If the Canucks can't afford him why would NJD pay it? We've got young guys up the wazoo that'll need a payday here soon and a couple guys in the not terribly distant future that need raises. Douglas is on the books for a while yet. I feel like Zadorov is gonna cash in and get some term and that shouldn't be us... Unless we dump Palat's 6m out to sea somewhere.
  5. I really don't know why they want the teams to track all this stuff on their own like it's secret. You'd think the league would want all teams operating with the same confirmed correct information. One source of truth. A gap in information only ends up with the league or teams looking stupid. It seems terribly inefficient as well.
  6. When it's done, it's done. Until then don't hold your breath. Friedman loves to sit on fences anyway so everything he says has a caveat to it... "anything can change".
  7. Friedman said on 32 thoughts that NJD are one of the teams that already had an internal solution and also confirmed that WAS bought it because they did not have something and it made more sense for WAS to buy it and employee the two guys that started it to run it for them than to build their own.
  8. HBSC owns a lot of teams. They gotta have a way to track all this. I am still surprised the league doesn't track it all for the teams. It's not "privileged" information and it's probably required for day to day operations between teams to know what guys are making. Just doesn't make sense.
  9. Friedman saying some teams are getting screwed by losing Capfriendly. They do not have any infrastructure in place. I would have thought the league itself had some intranet solution running on Windows Explorer or something.
  10. Good thing he has a pretty successful coaching career to back him up....
  11. Just what the Blackhawks need. More uhhhh "press"... https://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/news/black-hawk-descendent-demands-chicago-blackhawks-change-logo-name/
  12. Bro, that is so short sighted...I mean, c'mon the results were there but look at the stats. What? The stats sucked too? WTF are they thinking!?!
  13. I don't think Ullmark or Markstom are worth the asking but the needle has to move and this is the hand Fitz has been dealt.
  14. They're def going to overpay for something. Let's hope at least sh!tstork gets his so it makes it a lot harder.
  15. Puckpedia has a tool but I am not sure it is quite as good as what Capfriendly offered. I haven't checked it out yet.
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