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  1. It's helped that Lindy has been putting the best players on the ice and not Tatar, Shar, and Haula(other than the opening FO)
  2. Neither team wants to qualify either player because that walks them to UFA. Everyone is trying to avoid that because that is how you lose them for nothing or next to nothing.
  3. Gotcha. Yea, I only see Bratt getting traded if he loses his game of chicken with Fitz and that prob won't be until after the season is over.
  4. I thought Laf was going to look much improved this year. What is going on? Misuse?
  5. Bratt is 24 and Timo is 26. SJare currently looking to re-build out of the next several drafts with 18yo kids. It isn't like Bratt is miles ahead as far as really fitting in their timeline, not that he doesn't fit but if he did they'd just keep Meier.
  6. The Devils need ANOTHER top 6 winger. Losing one to gain one doesn't help the situation.
  7. Robertson had a goal draught for like 12-15 games or something.
  8. To be fair, Matt's questions are a little better... But Erika is on her way back so pretty soon it'll be back that lol.
  9. Valiquette devastated... In the long run and right now.
  10. Jack walking away before Matt could even finish his last sentence lol
  11. I'm happy with the point, but uhhh.... Get the other one anyway
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