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  1. I know I am bitching a lot lately, especially today because I am pissed off, but why the fvck have we had to wait so long to play out biggest rival too? Wtf is going on with people to make these decisions?
  2. As long as Yak doesn't get a shot and Coleman sits off the power play while guys playing their first NHL game are I am going to think this guys that are calling the shots are huffing paint or something.
  3. fvcking close up shot of Hynes adjusting his Junk.
  4. "might need another to tie the game" ....You think, Steve?
  5. Bratt scored today on an amazing wrist shot. Small victories.
  6. Coleman has been the best Devil since Hall went down. WTF does he need to do to get a couple shots at the Power Play? Holy sh!t people. This is frustrating. BASTIAN is out there right now...ITS HIS FIRST GAME IN THE NHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coleman is on the bench. fvck this.
  7. Man, Dano, please just SHUT UP. JUST SHUT...UP...
  8. Playing Yak over Santini would be nice.
  9. We need Kinky/Mfitz to bet some money on a comeback.
  10. As far as Blackwood coming back down to reality, I would say this is what you can expect a goalie to play like with a vastly sub par D core. His first few games he was playing well above average and getting really lucky. It doesn't mean Blackwood isn't any good or isn't playing well.
  11. Palms just sat someone the F down.
  12. Supposed to start around 4 last I heard, but our governor made a disaster out of the last snow storm so I am assuming he is overreacting on this one to save face.
  13. Is that Blackwood's fault? How is he supposed to see with Shore's ass in his face?
  14. Coaches challenges are garbage.

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