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  1. All things considered, I guess we're lucky he didn't put it in his own net. It isn't like that's exactly off the table with him.
  2. Severson forgot how to hockey in the last 5min. Couldn't even make an outlet pass.
  3. You know I've been here.... Every game lol...
  4. I did not see this happening.
  5. Dano said Bratt was playing lul.
  6. Aside from working a miracle or the young guys taking massive steps forward I am not sure how this team looks much different next year.
  7. Being a Devil. I guess they didn't think he was suffering enough.
  8. I'm still happy to have Fitz, but I think he was talking out his ass when he said after we traded all those guys away that the team would still be competitive.
  9. Pretty much what we just watched.
  10. My comment was really placed in that there is no point in playing injured at this point. If you see value in these 9 games, good for you. I see it as playing out the clock. The guys that were the subject of the post, Zacha and Bratt, have little to gain in these 9 games the team will likely not even be competitive in.
  11. I think it's cool that there are two opportunities to pick guys high in this draft that have direct strong relationships to players already in our system.
  12. Yea, considering the impact of covid and that the season is lost anyway there is no point in them playing if they're injured. If we were pushing to win something, different story. It's 9 games, what do you hope to see by forcing Bratt to play injured for 9 games that we haven't seen the last 3 years?
  13. Definitely agree, but there's no point if he is even remotely injured. There's nothing worth playing hurt for at this point. This is ten games remaining point isn't it?
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