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  1. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    I can't help but feel a little ungrateful about the draft. Obviously a mixed bag knowing NJ is going to get a great player but NYR and PHL also pick high. I hate seeing them get anyone good.
  2. Yea the Devils can go after him. No he won't sign here.
  3. I am trying to believe that last season was an outlier in the opposite direction of the year before for Wood and, to be frank, it wasnt a bad year to have it if he had to. Hopefully he gets his game back and he can feel confident again with the contract stuff over and a fresh year with a somwhat new look team.
  4. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    I did. Didn't click.
  5. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    I cant see bolded text. The website has been messed up so all the text looks bold on my computer all the time. Sorry. (I'm also hungover; not all the gears are turning)
  6. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    Finnish people want the Finnish player to go first overall just because he is Finnish? Absolutely absurd. Definitely not remotely connected. /s
  7. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    That under 2min segment SD posted was probably the entire conversation about the 1OA. They said Jack Hughes and moved on lol.
  8. No, we had one of those. His name was LD and we still hate him, wherever he is.
  9. Nah. Reviewing a call for a kicking motion, interference, highstick, or batting it with your hand is not the same as reviewing an offside call because Taylor Hall's skate was an inch in the air when he crossed the blue line. Stopping the game to get the right call on a goal is not the same as stopping it to laser measure down the the millimeter where a skate/puck was in relation to the blue line. The latter is obviously egregious and if they want that level of accuracy, need to change it so that call is automated. The former has to be the right call. They are fvcking up.
  10. Definitely not a black and white event. Did the Knights sh!t the bed? Absolutely. But it was on a call that never should have happened.
  11. I'd love it if I liked the show. I've been sitting with my D in my hand waiting for the next book, which will probably never come, for years. For the record, I also like plenty of other book to screen adaptations. The first season of GoT was fairly good and close to the book, then it went off the wall and it became work for me to sit down and watch it.
  12. Anyone who says that someone else is just being edgy because they don't agree with the general consensus is a sheep. See? I can sound just as stupid. I just don't like the show-- there isn't some deeper rooted explanation. I read the books and I gave the show a more than fair chance. From what I am hearing a lot of people are pretty disappointed with their "treat" right now.
  13. Show sucks. Books are better. Anyone can fight me over it if they want.
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