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  1. fvck me for thinking NYR winning the lotto would be the cherry on top of this pile of dog sh!t year, right?
  2. I think he had an assist on Perry's goal the other night, I think all 3 had at least 1 assist that game, but that isn't going to win you anything.
  3. The Dallas top line disappeared in hilarious fashion. It is incredible they are still alive.
  4. NJ isn't going to pay the price it would take to get Laine...Ehlers, however, could be attainable. Also, I would be willing to give a guy like Ryan a 1 or 2 year deal so he is on his way out with PK and Schneider but, if he is healthy, he's pushing a young guy out of the lineup so...depends.
  5. We were discussing where he might fall in the lineup and what you do when you have 3 top centers. It's just more fun in the context of the conversation to do so with the assumption the player reaches their potential. Are we at a point where we have to be as depressing in conversing about hypothetical situations as we are in reality about this team?(lol) It's possible he never plays a single NHL game let alone becomes a 3rd line player. I don't think anyone is doubting that possibility. Just about eveyone who posts here with regularity is aware of how well this team has drafted over the la
  6. I could just assume he'll be a bust but then what's the point of even having the discussion?
  7. I wouldn't put him on a real 3rd line in any traditional sense. I would cycle him at center and wing to get the best match up I can. The traditional idea of line numbers being an indication of overall value and ice time isn't as apt as it was in previous eras. Most teams now roll 4 lines that can be dangerous, or at least 3 with 1 shutdown line. Imagine having 3 elite centers for your powerplay/pk units or being able to cycle into your top 2 wing pairs one of 3 elite centers to shake things up and keep the other team on their toes. It just makes more sense to go with what makes you more
  8. Is it possible to rotate him at C rather than moving him to a wing? I'm not sure if that helps or hurts developing at that level. Skilled centers are so coveted it would be a shame to just throw that away having him at wing full time. It can only benefit NJ to have 3 elite centers that can slot into basically any spot in the lineup.
  9. I was right there with you. Happy to have been wrong, and I'm impressed with the job they did.
  10. After that series I concluded Kucherov is a douche, he had a nasty slash this year too on someone, Headman is an asshat, and Stamkos is a crybaby. I liked Stamkos before that too, but all he did was whine that whole series.
  11. The stream I was watching ended and this was the picture that came up as it froze: Would have been nice for Greene to have gotten another shot in the finals...meh. Happy for Coleman though.
  12. Buffalo is the winner here. Sucks for Mojo and his family to get tossed around and I'm sure his head injuries aren't helping anything. Mojo fell into the boards in 2017, which I believe was the start of his concussions, then the flying Rat elbow...just lame.
  13. Picks 4-10 could really go in a lot of ways and there are couple guys in that range that could jump into the NHL right away. Im not sure I would force it if I was NJ unless they really impressed me though.
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