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  1. My friends asked me who was going to win this one at the beginning of the period and I said Ottawa and they they'd score at least 1 before the 10 min mark. I was pretty right.
  2. Def not, but my point was it wasn't as if this pilot would have to be checking charts like back then. It would be a setting on his PFD (if the aircraft was equipped with it). Anyway, sounds like no one had planned for low visibility.
  3. Also this: Sounds like the flight was supposed to be VFR(visual flight) and they unexpectedly ended up in the fog. Pilot still reported VFR conditions to ATC right before the crash despite it being IMC. Many many aviation accidents result from VFR rated pilots ending up in IMC conditions unexpectedly.
  4. Would be pretty crazy if that is the case. Pilot's have to spend extensive time training to get their IFR rating flying in low visibility conditions so they know how to avoid spacial disorientation-- same thing that killed the Kennedy who was flying to Martha's Vinyard but he lacked the training to fly in those conditions. Plenty of modern aircraft the caliber of what Kobe owned are also usually equipped with terrain radar and most pilot's brief themselves extensively on potential ground obstacles. Just a massive accident.
  5. I am, but I'm only a keyboard pilot unfortunately(so far).
  6. Yea that's what I meant. I would be more inclined to entertain it if it were some weekend pilot taking his family for a spin or something. "Have to get there itus" is definitely a thing.
  7. Not trying to be purposely argumentative but there is really no way of knowing what happened yet. Always important to not jump to conclusions before the info is in. Pilot error gets tossed around a lot and some rain and fog aren't really reasons to ground a flight, that is where there are IFR ratings.
  8. I agree with you, especially on principle, but it's a PR stunt that happens once a year at an event that is barely entertaining anyway. If I have to have it shoved in my face for an hour a year I can deal with it, especially at the Allstar game. I understand why people think the NHL should be promoting women's sports, but I still don't think it is the NHL's job to be trying to promote a brand they don't even carry. It shouldn't be the NHL's job to make people like women's hockey.
  9. The women's game was women, but it wasn't bad for what it was. Definitely slower but I am not going to act like they couldn't smoke my men's league team lol. Admittedly not even close to as exciting as NHL 3 on 3 and I'm in the same boat as the other people who are feeling force fed.
  10. When Hall propelled NJ into the playoffs a few years ago tons of people continued to call him overpaid(as if his cap hit even mattered). It seems like he draws negative attention when the team is doing well because the things he does best fly under the radar. Hey, what do I know? Blake Coleman is just a role player after all and we need to let go of our love affair with role guys and trade them for TJ Brodie
  11. Love having this dude on my team and I appreciate his loyalty to us here in NJ given the lack of success the team has had while he's been here. Fully support him staying.
  12. I agree Cory is done, but I will also say starting him against Columbus was basically setting him up for failure. NJ never beats that team, especially in CLB, and that game was one of the worst games they've played all season after the first period.
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