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  1. Doesn't it seem like double talk? Culture demands a toughness that promotes playing injured or not opting out whatever, yet they can't be tough enough to stick to their guns and opt out if they feel it is unsafe or don't want to return to play?
  2. I'm bummed because I really had my sights on Rossi and now that DET can't possibly get St├╝tzle, Rossi may be their next choice. Not really sure how excited I'd feel taking Raymond or Perfetti. They just seem like high ceiling with high risk. I know he's further down the list but I like Lundell. I'm just hoping NJ's scouting team has done their homework. Hischier and Hughes were easy, they need to prove they pick correctly in the top 10. At the end of the day I don't know sh!t, that's why I sit behind my keyboard and type furiously on this board. Anyway, still crazy that a team playing for a playoff spot will get such a consolation prize over DET or OTT who desperately need some help.
  3. Don't care for him cause he'll never live up to his draft position or for some other reason? Lizard man certainly benched him a lot for his work ethic, but I rarely saw him just going through the motions. He's just not going to be the player he was thought to be. Either way, his girlfriend is in NJ so I'm sure he'd rather be stuck near her as opposed to his family based on what I read about his dad.
  4. All true. I looked and some had him as low as 13 so he may have been a steal but depends on who you're asking I guess. That draft class has some elite players in the top 10 and Hughes going at 6 gives me some hope NJ can steal something at 7 (Rossi).
  5. I don't disagree, but wasn't Smith projected top 10 though? I thought that's why he was such a steal at 17.
  6. I feel the opposite, but I like Rossi more than Raymond.
  7. I doubt Rossi. Maybe Holtz, Quinn, or Lundell at this point.
  8. A situation where you get to play for the playoffs and win a 1OA shouldn't exist anyway.
  9. You have to be kidding me. This is a fvcking sh!t show.
  10. TFW your team gets a chance to make the playoffs and also pick top 3.
  11. Well...they have to be used to it by now.
  12. Gotta get in all the feel good BS. Just feels like it will be OTTs year. Their fans deserve some good news anyway.
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