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  1. It doesn't help that his stick shatters like Saruman's staff 50000 times a season. In the Ranger game it broke on a freaking pass! How!?
  2. Also interesting in the news, Vince Dunn is on the block in STL. He has 1 year left then is an RFA. Do you make that call? I would.
  3. Subban and not getting his shot through, Name a more iconic duo.
  4. Wheels falling off. Time to change the channel.
  5. Frustrating, but if they keep the pressure on and don't phone it in I'll be happy enough. fvck the Flyers tho. I really want Nico back.
  6. I can't believe we haven't seen Butcher yet. Kind of unexpected.
  7. I thought Sharangovich was sitting beceof all the PK time but they did put Goose on that line with Jack.
  8. McLeod not going to score that goal if he doesn't shoot the freaking puck.
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