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  1. My collecting pace has slowed considerably over the last few years, but I had a few big splurges this year. In August, I completed a matching A-Line trio (all three are 01-02 white set 2s) and last week I added an 01-02 Vanbiesbrouck red set 2, 06-07 Parise white set 2, and 00-01 Mogilny preseason. Definitely need to take a break now!!
  2. Absolutely! I was the same way. When I started collecting, I was only buying jerseys in the $250-$300 range. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine spending four figures on a jersey, and when I splurged for my Gionta Finals jersey in 2009 for $1,315, I didn't see myself ever spending more than that on anything. But, as time goes on, you almost get desensitized to the dollar amounts, and before you know it you're dropping $3k on a Jagr, haha. It's also pretty addicting, dollar amounts aside. It's always such a great and excited feeling finding something new that fits your collection.
  3. Well it's been about 12 years since I started collecting gamers...works out to about 3 jerseys acquired per year. I try to stay disciplined! For someone who just started collecting game-worn jerseys recently, you've already amassed a really impressive collection!! I'm very jealous of those Hall jerseys. Had my eye on one this summer and almost pulled the trigger (the 2016-17 white set 1, the last one MeiGray had in stock) but ultimately put the money towards a Claude Lemieux instead. Thanks Matt! I'm really excited about that one too, first of all because it's Lemieux, and secon
  4. I never officially shared this one, although I had it on display at the Expo earlier this month: the crown jewel of my Devils goalie stick collection, Martin Brodeur's game used stick from March 17, 2009 when he set the NHL's all-time wins record. This stick was used in the third period of that game and is photo matched to dozens of game action photos and pictures from the post-game celebration.
  5. Thank you both! I actually didn't puck up much this year, aside from two small stick purchases from MeiGray, which I'll post later on. Bringing the replica Cup was definitely a blessing and a curse, haha. So many people stopped by my table that I didn't really have a chance to walk around and explore the Expo much myself, since I was always tied up talking to someone, or "guarding" my table because people kept poking and prodding my stuff. If I ever do another display, I think I'll leave the Cup home even though it seemed to be a hit. Rupp also seemed to think it was pretty cool, and he a
  6. I set up a display table for the first time at this year’s MeiGray Expo. It was a lot of fun!
  7. Very quiet on here...anyone add anything new lately? Here's my latest pickup - Mike Rupp's NHL debut jersey. It's an 02-03 white set 1 that Rupp wore in his first NHL game on 1/13/03 against the Florida Panthers. Much like his finish to the 2003 season when he scored the game-winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, it was a storybook NHL debut for Rupp. Called up from Albany to make his debut on his 23rd birthday, Rupp scored two goals in his first game including the game-winner (and had a third goal disallowed - so close to the hat trick). He went on to wear the jersey in 6 gam
  8. And here's another of Henrique from that date. Not full-size but definitely big enough for an 8x10. Not sure if the upload feature on this site compresses or downsizes images so I can email this to you.
  9. It's not high res, but this file is bigger than the one you posted and probably big enough to get an 8x10 printed: http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Anaheim+Ducks+v+New+Jersey+Devils+uQtZxczu1d_x.jpg
  10. Recently picked up this Adam Henrique stick. Used on 3/31/17 vs. the Islanders and 4/1/17 vs. Philadelphia. Photo matched to both games, including to a goal on 3/31.
  11. Picked up a new item for my collection last night - Taylor Hall's Easton Stealth stick, used in the 1/21/17 game against Philly. Cracked, but still in one piece. Photo matched to a photo I took of Hall in warmups.
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