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  1. do you think anton khudobin would be good for a backup role?
  2. based on the "J", it could be jason arnott
  3. i think he may have meant he wasnt expected to be drafted between 1-20... i had to google translate the interview lol
  4. this is what shakir mukhamadullin said when being interviewed by his club in the khl, hc salavat Shakir Mukhamadullin: “I didn’t expect to be chosen under number 20” ⠀ Salavat defender commented on the first round of the NHL 2020 draft that ended tonight. ⠀ “I am very happy with the club that chose me! New Jersey is one of the best organizations and teams in the league. I am happy to be part of their family! " ⠀ - Did you follow the draft progress ? - Woke up early in the morning before the draft. I followed every pick, I am very happy for all Russian players, and es
  5. Also if you can give me the positives and negatives of each player
  6. If Iaroslav Askarov falls to 17, do you see the devils getting him
  7. how old is grabner? also i am surprised how fast are team is getting.... compared to the 10-11 team
  8. didnt johnny mac also do nhl network from time to time? i was wondering if salvador will be there too
  9. already changed my avatar in honor of this trade apparently there was a shirt made of him and karlsson riding bikes
  10. i hope he produces like he did when he was in washington
  11. was he the one who pl3 targeted and got thrown out of the game?
  12. grcenter47

    2017 UFA Thread

    maybe we can sign stephen gionta to calm the anger thornton going back to the sharks
  13. grcenter47

    2017 UFA Thread

    what does everyone think of cody franson?... nhl radio was big on him saying he would be the best option after kevin
  14. have a whole line of enforcers
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