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  1. Hi - I'm looking for a pair of tickets to the 11/23 game vs. the Red Wings in the 100 level or lower. StubHub has these seats in the $20 range but I'd much rather pay a fellow Devils fan directly and avoid service fees going to StubHub. Anyone have tickets?
  2. They're probably also doing this so that they can sell collectible faux tickets at Patty's retirement night...
  3. Not Josh - but yes, def sucks. BTW, meigray has a few uncrested white maska retro jerseys up on eBay. Before purchasing, does anyone know where I’d be able to get a crest sewn on it?
  4. Very nice - that jersey is sweet! In other news, I was just informed that the Devils are no longer using EPS. Bummer. I'm trying to find out who they're using now - sounds like it's a low-key/unknown shop.
  5. I was never a Gelinas fan, but I needed to finally add a retro jersey to my collection and the price was way too good to pass up. Is that the retro Zajac with the giant stick mark on one of the numbers? That Elias will look sweeeeeeeeet!
  6. Yea, I tried the Amex presale. Unfortunately, the game that I'm looking to go to (Elias retirement) only had insanely expensive tickets available. Hopefully, there will be tickets in the $100 range released during the general presale!
  7. Season ticket holders apparently have access to buy individual tickets prior to the general presale. Any chance a season ticket holder wants to share their code so I can nab some tickets before they go on sale this Friday?
  8. Awesome additions, guys! I just added the Gelinas 2013-2014 retro jersey to my collection. Also, I just noticed that MeiGray is unloading the 2.0 edge retro GI jerseys on eBay. They have them available in “wearable” sizes too. Not too bad for $149.99. http://www.ebay.com/itm/372009862553
  9. Cool that they have the Patty patches on them but somewhat misleading that the jerseys aren't worn during the actual game. In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter because they're being given out for free to STH, rather than being bid on.
  10. Saw that the Devils had a "Shirts Off Our Backs" promotion for the home finale. Anyone have any idea how it worked (randomly selected, bid process, etc.)? I tried contacting the team about it but never heard back...
  11. Yea I have the Getty image with the watermark but want to have it printed . Thanks though.
  12. I'm trying to find a high resolution version of this photo of Adam Henrique from 2/17/2012 vs Anaheim: http://1.cdn.nhle.com/devils/images/upload/gallery/2012/02/139208035_slide.jpg I've searched to no avail and I don't think there's anyway I can change the URL to access a high resolution version either (like in the good ol' days). Any help would be super appreciated!
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