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  1. Same old sh!t. Does this team play fvcking D
  2. Good things happens when you shoot the damn puck.
  3. No more fvcking excuses. Hopefully their ready to play, 60 minutes of Hockey.
  4. Guess Gertz didnt get the we play soft memo !
  5. Gone are the days, When were good at defense. Loooong Gone my friends.
  6. Just amazing how are guys are constantly covered, going across the blueline.
  7. Ok this hasn't been fun in years, can we just go back to the trap, seriously.
  8. Why the fvck does the team constantly collapse in their own end ! Leave the point wide open, ughhhhhhhhhh
  9. Hey Sal, be honest this team really sucks. Save the sugar coated sh!t cone
  10. 5 man puck chase, lol Complete sh!tshow
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