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  1. Fook U Shatty ! You had your shot, but u chose The Rags............. U get the fooking wind up !
  2. Thinking maybe staying with the youth direction
  3. I'd Like to know what Shero is thinking right now !
  4. The Vesey love affair with Rags is over too, lol
  5. Yeah remember the ShattenKirk deal, jeez
  6. unfvcking real, now who are they gonna dump.
  7. TSN: Kakko wants to prove to the Devils that they should have taken him..... Kakko might see a lot of PK Subban, be careful what you wish for, lol
  8. Boys were gonna get a nice player at 34.
  9. Love the North Korean hair cut ............. Awesome
  10. Can Kakko handle the MSG crowd when they turn on him ! lol Let the games begin ! lol
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