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  1. Ok were trading for Quinn now. Hahaha
  2. Its all set up, Drafting Luke and trading for Quinn..... Because wtf not.
  3. Looks like there taking the kid from BYU at #2. TL to the Jags no brainer
  4. Same here, I got to wait on the 11th pick.
  5. Love the fact, Carrick is finally peaking, even at 27.
  6. Now if we can learn how to play defense.
  7. Lol, this is crazy. Cant hold a lead, even up 3 goals
  8. Dano, that was a nutt sack injury. Come on say it. lol
  9. Is Reechi not on the bench tonight. lol
  10. D man, once again, getting caught pinching. Odd man rush
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