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  1. Sevs, wtf was that pass. Ugh
  2. Hopefully it wont be a long wait.
  3. Weaponizing the cap space, lol
  4. Everybody knows, we aren't tanking. We are just a fvcking bad hockey team. Yikes
  5. Pens, going to throw a 10 spot down tonight. Ouch
  6. Not sure how Sal and Dano, aren't freaking out right now
  7. In other News, Rags getting blanked 3 zip.
  8. Carrick and Butcher , lol Minions
  9. Fitz, enjoying the sh!t show
  10. Do we even cover anybody, lol
  11. Cue up the Benny Hill Theme song. This is sad and comical
  12. And thats our 2021 Devils folks
  13. Sevs, caught flat footed, lol
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