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  1. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    Big question , Is Hynes game plan the wrong game plan for this roster ? There is some good talent on this roster, but the lack of break downs, looks to me its the game plan, and the lack thereof, When opposing teams start to adjust to the flow of the game, Hynes has not. Ugh
  2. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    Shero with the mafia move, Fitz will be analyzing every move Hynes makes. lol
  3. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    If that happens the building will be empty. Fans will not show up. And that will hurt.
  4. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    Jags I agree with you on Nas style. Absolutely pathetic. In a whole, this team is completely undisciplined. During stretches of the games, this team looks completely lost. I drop that on the coaching staff. Both 3 goal lead losses, (Jets and Panthers) The opposing Coaching staffs made the right changes during the game. 60 mins of good hockey from this team is non existent, so far this year.
  5. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    Hell at this point, Who ever said this was right. lol
  6. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    At this point if I'm the Head Coach and I seriously want to keep my job, I'd seriously look at the first 6 games, and implement some kind of Defensive structure. Cause it looks like Hynes doesn't adjust to anything. Our NZ play horrific. Opposing player getting free passes right thru to our offensive zone. Its evident this team does not play defensively well, under Hynes FAS system. Giving up over 4+ goals PG.
  7. Gunslinger27

    Fire Hynes

    Well were already headed to game 7 into a young season and were at the bottom. I originally had said Hynes probably gets 20 games but now the way this team is playing maybe 10. But from a fans eye , I have no idea what Hynes system is, But what I've seen so far every team we face has countered and adjusted, Hynes has not, I just dont get it.Our all around defensive game has really sucked, as a whole we are giving up way to many offensive opportunities. Its showing specially 2 of the games we played so far we had a comfortable lead. Note to Hynes: Does your so called system, include defensive play seriously. Neutral zone play non existent, Opposing player always getting a free pass. Almost every game were playing on our heels, and we wonder why were pinned down. Giving up turn overs in our D zone. Its really tough to watch. Sorry guys for the long winded post.
  8. Lucky you, I missed out playing a nice round of golf !
  9. This team just cannot put together 60 mins of hockey. They look great at times, and then they completely sh!t the bed ! WTF
  10. I don't roll on Shabbos...........Pull the Trigger Shero
  11. Well thats game #6..........Hey we need a countdown clock for the Hynes firing !
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