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  1. That was fvcking brutal to watch........... lol
  2. Seriously want to see White or Jacobs play
  3. At this point Id rather see some young players come up, from Bing
  4. My god these players are fooked up !
  5. Hey Fan Duel 100 bucks on the Devils given up at least 300 goals this year.
  6. 5 spotted again...............
  7. Wide open, jeez christ, seriously
  8. Ill take it, were not setting the league on fire offensively either.
  9. Somehow Shero needs to fix this Defense. At this rate were going to give up 300 goals, this season lol
  10. How the fvck are so many guys uncovered, Its Mind Numbing
  11. Devils ! Comedy of errors .............
  12. Mueller is fvcking passenger. How did white not draw in
  13. Vats, bad clearing attempt. Great job D
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