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  1. At least the effort was there and they care. Woof.
  2. Blackwood has been absolutely great so far. Shame Wood couldn't finish that breakaway.
  3. This team loves to be an annoyance to people. Saw people complaining that it was only 1 toy and not 2 for the toy drive outside.... I check their social media and their are tweets with 1 and 2 toys so unless you check that every single day and you had already seen that it was 1 you wouldn't know they changed it to 2 for the last game of the drive which is tonight. Ass backwards organization from top to bottom.
  4. Yeah neither are good, I forgot about this one lol
  5. It's really bad, I think a lot of the bobbleheads in the past have been pretty good but this looks nothing like him lol also the star wars shirt is pretty disappointing. I'm not even a huge star wars fan or anything but they couldn't do better than the awful motto in the star wars text opening
  6. At least we get a bobblehead(that looks nothing like Hughes lol) and Star Wars references. Maybe baby Yoda will be there lol
  7. "I'm a mediocre fighter on the ice but am very confident handling myself off the ice." That's pretty funny lol
  8. An NHL Network gig that films in Secaucus is even less stress, a short commute and doesn't have to worried about getting fired.
  9. Good to see somethings never change because I still have no idea what you're saying most of the time lol
  10. Chico was tough on Hall on the post game radio show, basically said that someone who gets paid as much as he does can just have games where he tries hard and that he needs to start scoring goals.
  11. Well they looked better than last night but that's not saying much. Still managed to blow a third period lead.
  12. Tons of hats thrown on the ice for the visiting team. I absolutely fvcking hate this team this year. Absolutely embarrassing season. Fire everyone.
  13. Lots of Vegas fans here, I think they were yelling Suuuu but Hall will think it's about him too lol
  14. Change of plans everyone, remember to chant FIRE NAS! instead tonight.
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