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  1. It's literally all game and it's absolutely chewed to sh!t, with the long run they are on and showing him even more it's impossible not to notice it. Hell even the graphics that tnt uses has a picture of him doing it, I hate it, chew a piece of gum instead lol
  2. I can't stand the Stalls and I hate that Tkachuk has a mouth guard to simply have it hang out of his mouth and chew on it the entire fvcking game so I hope Vegas sweeps Florida.
  3. Powerplay sucked and I don't think he was the guy to lead this team overall. Not saying that Ruff is the choice to lead us forward forever but I wasn't convinced that Brunette was either so I'm fine with this.
  4. I missed MB3s original post, really glad to hear his son is out of surgery. If you end up reading this just keep your head up and I really hope your family and you have nothing but better days and happier health ahead.
  5. If they price it right there's no reason we can't get 60k Devils fans in there, 20-30k Flyers fans coming up the Turnpike even if their team stinks isn't unrealistic either. I'm sure some of their fans would rather go to this and skip some games at their arena instead to make up the price difference if that's what their concern is.
  6. Yeah next year will actually be a decade since the last one at Yankee Stadium. You had fans of our team who were young and might not have even gone that are driving themselves now and wanna go, time flies lol
  7. If the weather is anything like this past winter it might not even be that cold at all. This past winter was super mild. The Red Bulls always start in late February / early March and it's usually not bad. I admittedly like the cold but for those games I usually just wear a long sleeve shirt under my jersey.
  8. Yeah I had a mind fart, I'm more surprised they aren't doing Devils hosting the Rangers and Islanders hosting the Rangers like they did at Yankee Stadium is what I meant. I remember the Islanders hosted the Rangers on a weekday and it was less crowded than the Devils hosting the Rangers weekend game at Yankee Stadium so the thinking is probably instead of cannibalizing the 2nd game you have 2 other fan bases to sell to instead.
  9. I'm more surprised they aren't doing Devils hosting the Rangers and Islanders hosting the Rangers like they did at Yankee Stadium. Financially besides some signage even if the the Devils vs Flyers game doesn't sell out they will still be making a ton on it cause they already rented the building out anyway, paid for the rink and the whole setup.
  10. Wonder what "in addition to music concert" is, what poor wording lol...
  11. SNY used the tweet I posted as a source so we are hosting the Flyers there too. Personally I'm fine not playing the rangers so I can enjoy the game since flyers fans have been mellow for ages now. Don't care about both isles and rangers playing there too.
  12. Here's where it came from...
  13. I saw this too, someone said it will be us hosting the flyers for 1 game and Islanders hosting the Rangers for another. We'll have to wait and see
  14. They said it last night on the broadcast that it was the 1st time in history
  15. Personally I don't know why anyone gives a sh!t whether they move or not. It doesn't affect us whatsoever. If anything it sets a good precedent that the NHL doesn't move teams easily. Look at Oakland who went from having an NBA, NFL and MLB team and in just a matter of a few years have/will have lost all 3. Yes the warriors moved to San Francisco and people can still go but it's still a lot.
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