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  1. Satans Hockey

    Alternate Jerseys

    Situations like Kovy, Holik, and Gomez are just a few to start off lol
  2. Satans Hockey

    Alternate Jerseys

    Not sure if you do but don't put them in the dryer. I've been hang drying them and haven't had any issues like that.
  3. Satans Hockey

    Alternate Jerseys

    I buy player t shirts more, i care a lot less when the guys leave but these shirts are too expensive for what they are so I've even cut back on that. Haven't bought a new jersey since geez, maybe 04 lol but I got a few "free" ones over the years from the Devils, 05 lockout, a few tenure jerseys and a Nico signed jersey cause my last tenure jersey got delayed like a year for some stupid reason.
  4. Satans Hockey

    Alternate Jerseys

    I mean sure people complained about the new jerseys, myself included(the new ones still suck) but I only discussed it here. It's not like there was any fuss over it at the games..... The goal song on the other hand is what causes the actual crowds at games to flip out lol
  5. Satans Hockey

    Alternate Jerseys

    As long as they don't put it on the jersey diagonally I wouldn't have a problem with it. If it looks anything remotely like the Rangers jerseys I'll lead the pitchforks in the protest lol
  6. Satans Hockey

    Alternate Jerseys

    I never, ever want to see this team wear Scouts or Rockies jerseys. They weren't our team and besides a handful of people nobody gives a sh!t about either of them. I don't like the throwbacks cause I'm not a fan of the green but at least that's part of our Devils history. The Scouts and Rockies are just failures that opened up the possibility for us to get a team.
  7. Satans Hockey

    2018 Offseason Thread

    That Anaheim jersey is ugly. People love member berries.
  8. Satans Hockey

    NJ Devils 2018-19 Development Camp Starts July 10th

    I skipped it today, if there wasn't a Red Bulls game tonight I would have gone but I just didn't feel like driving back and forth or staying the whole day in the area.
  9. Satans Hockey

    2018 UFA Thread

    There's not a chance in hell I'd trade Hall for Karlsson but if we actually did who the hell is scoring points for us then? The offense would be scary bad.
  10. Satans Hockey

    2018 UFA Thread

    My biggest problem with HF is the moderation. I really only go over there for the season ticket holder discussions, simply because we don't seem to have a ton of them on here and they also talk more about upgrades of the surrounding area of the arena. When I post I want to see Kovy have a season ending injury and see Santini smash him through the glass into the 10th row and that gets edited cause it's "wishing harm on someone" then yeah your moderation is a bit ridiculous. Now I really hope it happens so I can talk about it over there lol
  11. Satans Hockey

    NJ Devils 2018-19 Development Camp Starts July 10th

    I skipped on going to this today, I don't particularly care for this format just because there's 2 games going on at once. The feed is impossible to read the numbers.
  12. Satans Hockey

    NJ Devils 2018-19 Development Camp Starts July 10th

    I really think some of you just like rehashing the same argument about the same stuff over and over again lol I went to both events last year and they were a good time. I'm not going Wednesday but I might go Saturday, I'm going to the Red Bulls game at 7pm so not really keen on spending the whole day in the area or driving back and forth since it's so much time to kill.
  13. Satans Hockey

    2018 UFA Thread

    Honestly I'm more surprised we traded for him to begin with because if I could take 2 mins and do a Google search about him it was clear as day he was going to St. Louis first shot he had and was gonna be nothing more than a rental. He wanted to be closer to his kid and since he's not with the kids mom it's not like he can just move them wherever(financially obviously he can but you know it wasn't gonna happen) and apparently his current gf lives in St Louis too so yeah this was a no brainer. This video is from last year....
  14. Satans Hockey

    2018 UFA Thread

    Not surprised and really don't care.
  15. Satans Hockey

    2018 UFA Thread

    I'm pretty sure he isn't with his kids mother so there wasn't much chance of the kid actually coming here anyway. I remember that being the reason he got all choked up when the Oilers played in St. Louis in that one interview.