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  1. Both sides definitely don't make it easy to support them. Maybe owners were delusional and thought they could have full stadiums or half filled stadiums by Jan 1st. I know they should have known better but it's pretty clear that's what they were originally banking on. With the way things are trending here right now it's just impossible that most teams will be allowed to have any fans let alone packed crowds. Even if some teams let fans in all the teams are going to have to do what the NFL did and refund the money for this season or give an option to carry it over to the 21-22 season at t
  2. Not talking is always the best way to fix things lol...
  3. I'm a bit over sports with no fans, it was fine to finish out the playoffs but I don't particularly enjoy it. I just watched basically an entire MLS Red Bulls season (they played 2 games before the shutdowns and only 1 home game) with no fans minus a few markets who have been letting in a limited capacity. I missed seeing them live in the playoffs for the first time since 2013 yesterday cause there were no fans allowed, which in the end saved me from watching them lose in the playoffs yet again and I didn't have to stand in the rain and have to drive back from Columbus but I'd easily trade tha
  4. Personally I just don't care what happens either way next season at this point. I don't have the patience to listen to millionaire players and billionaire owners bitch and moan about one another. I don't plan on attending a game until 2022 at this point so if they play I'll be watching on tv and if they don't I'll be watching something else on tv like I've been doing since March anyway.
  5. This is good news since there were rumors they may play at the rock, they can ruin Tampa Bay's ice instead of ours... And lol...
  6. That's awesome that you went to Alaska for those games, I didn't get out there for that but I went to Atlantic City for the game 3 ot win that sweeped them which was a blast and was at game 6 vs Florida to see them clinch the Kelly Cup as well. This makes me want to go back and watch the DVD I have somewhere lol There were so many OT games during that run. The Phantoms run was awesome too, I was at almost all their home games, including them lighting up Marc Andre Fleury when he was on Wilkes-Barre. Those Calder Cup games were awesome too with sold out crowds and everyone wearing purple.
  7. Trenton Titans (ECHL) and Philadelphia Phantoms (AHL) championship wins in 2005. It really sucked to miss out on a whole season of the Devils cause of the NHL lockout but it ended up being an amazing year for both of those teams and there was a lot of fun hockey to watch because of them. I miss having "local" minor league hockey around. Atlantic City included, the Trenton-Atlantic City rivalry was always fun.
  8. Don't remember seeing you post in awhile so glad to see you're back, hope things are well! I think this is the video you're talking about...
  9. Has anyone seen anything about how long these are supposed to stick around? Odds to see them live in person this upcoming season are certainly not high at the moment.
  10. The 80/90s green, as much as I dislike the green is still our team's history. The random minor league team from 91 years ago who went 14-26 in their one and only season and who probably doesn't have a single person alive today who saw a game and nobody cares about doesn't make any sense for the team to do besides that they played 40 games in Newark. Adidas came up with this "reverse retro" idea, the jersey is a color reverse of our retro jersey. That was the whole point of this gimmick besides some teams not really following it like the Rangers and Islanders. It wasn't supposed to be des
  11. Has 2020 not been bad enough? Why would you want to put this horror into the world? Lol
  12. Hard pass from me, I have no desire to honor a minor league team that played only 40 games 91 years ago with horrible looking jerseys. It's bad enough they shoe horned in a nod to them on a current jerseys. Yuck...
  13. Actually think these look good, just shows how boring and meh their current logo and jerseys are... I know Detroit doesn't have a ton to work with in terms of color but this is really a why bother...
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