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  1. He seemed to be in San Jose but he definitely didn't get to ask Lindy anything if he was there tonight
  2. They own a bunch of mid teams so it fits their portfolio
  3. I didn't think so either but he does look like he's on the trip browsing his Twitter from the other night...
  4. Coming off one of the worst and arguable biggest loses of the season and Lindy was asked questions by 3 people, two Devils MSG employees and 1 Devils employee who makes YouTube videos and this guy has the balls to bitch and moan about how much pressure the reporters here put the team and him under. fvck outta here. Pack this fvcking goofs bags already and put him out to coaching pasture.
  5. "moral victories" asked from a Devils employee lmfao
  6. Oh look it's poor Lindy getting asked all the hard nosed questions from our mean reporters.
  7. Does anyone really care about this? I really don't enjoy watching him play.
  8. 9% increase on season tickets but we don't have to pay any extra money on playoff tickets.
  9. The one time Lindy doesn't kiss Brendan Smith's ass and put him out there for the penalty shot.
  10. Jack sucks in shootouts too from what I remember so not surprised here. What a joke of a game
  11. Well they made it interesting at least
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