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  1. Satans Hockey


    I think this decision was wrong, just award the Wales to the Isles-Tampa and Campbell to Vegas when they probably win anyway. They can do bs play in series in the bubble last year but can't just award the trophies in a one off year format that nobody would care if an "east" team like Montreal won the Campbell or if a "west" team had won the Wales.
  2. Had to look it up cause I couldn't remember but Cormier ended up never playing a game here. At least 1 of those 4 gave us a great memory.
  3. Lol... Satans Hockey Posted March 16, 2003 I don't think you could hear this on t.v. but where I sit a couple of guys were singing Holik takes it up the a**, do da, do da.
  4. "we have to play our game"
  5. It's been done in the past too but was more rare but I believe that was done more this year because of the home team being the only ones to be broadcasting from the arena. Its why we heard other team's announcers even interviewing some of our guys in between periods during road games.
  6. Same, already traded once and then had issues in Columbus too. He reeks of Hall 2.0 with a possible video game addiction added to it as well.
  7. Satans Hockey


    I don't know any Tampa fans nor have to deal with them in our arena several times a year. I'm not rooting for Tampa, I just want the Islanders out.
  8. Satans Hockey


    Kyle can fvck off, I've always been a logo on the front fan over names on the back but didn't realize how dirty Palms can be, dude hurt Blackwood on a meaningless play in a blowout game, fvck him. Hope Tampa sweeps them.
  9. Satans Hockey


    That video of him being sweeped was before the game, this was after the game, I can't imagine he was trying to talk sh!t after they got swept but people are stupid so who knows but the Article says it was a bunch of people who went after him as he was just walking home. This part does make me question if he was fully innocent though since this is questionable character lol... "Wojakowski said he’s lived in Montreal since moving here from Winnipeg in the summer of 2019 and while he has faced taunts and nasty comments from other hockey fans for wearing jerseys from other teams (he’s also a Leafs fan), it’s never been violent."
  10. Satans Hockey


    Hope Tampa Bay sweeps them.
  11. I was there too, was one of the first cars in the parking lot that day too because we weren't risking something stupid happening to cause us to be late. Such an incredible atmosphere. As happy as I am that we are in Newark now over the Meadowlands its unfortunate we have had such little success in the new building. Been there since the 07-08 season and have only ever won a playoff series in 2012. Really looking forward to the day when we are actually competitive again.
  12. I'm with you, I know Power from the recent world tournaments and I'll usually remember a couple of names from the guys who played at the world juniors but other than that I don't follow this stuff. Power won't be available at our spot so I want Hughes if he's available. Simply basing that off cause Jack is here already and Quinn is fantastic so there's clearly some good hockey genes in that family. Don't know sh!t about the rest of these guys lol
  13. Satans Hockey


    Just hope Tampa takes care of the Islanders if Boston can't come back.
  14. Satans Hockey


  15. Satans Hockey


    This is great lol...
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