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  1. I don't remember Maroon being this way when he was here but he's been an absolute crybaby the entire playoffs this year. Every time they show him hes bitching and moaning about something. Can't stand it, reminds me of why I was so happy when Clarkson left.
  2. For what its worth my rep said it's going to be January. I've also made it very clear to my rep and every survey the Devils email me that I want to retain my seats and tenure and just have them carry over to the 21-22 season. I just don't have any interest in attending games under the current circumstances that they would be under. I was also told I'd only have my seats for an x amount of games and that we would be seated elsewhere for other games. Just another reason I have no interest in attending this upcoming season.
  3. I actually like the Cup there this year, in a normal year? Absolutely not but this year is trash and it makes sense for this bubble tournament since theres no fans there anyway. Dobby had hell of a game tonight, some absolutely fantastic saves.
  4. WOOOO fvck OFF ISLANDERS! Hope Pavelski gets that cup next.
  5. I also hate the don't touch the conference trophy nonsense. You don't have to drag it around the ice like the Stanley Cup but touch the damn thing and pick it up and take it to the locker room. Literally the dumbest superstition in sports.
  6. I'm glad Dallas won but I've been saying for years that throwing out the puck in the defensive end shouldn't be a penalty. It should be treated like an icing in that you simply just can't change lines. What a sh!tty way to lose a game and series. Hope Pavelski finally gets his Stanley Cup.
  7. Did the voting include the fake playoff play in games and the actual playoffs? Because he wasn't winning this award if Covid didn't happen because they were most likely missing the playoffs.
  8. Andy Greene caused that game winning goal last night lol
  9. At least we can always count on you being a whole ass!
  10. Meh, if you're going to clean house, clean it properly. This is half assed and I don't care for it.
  11. It's really quite sad and shows how much this organization has fallen from grace to the bottom that the most excitement we have is getting the 20th pick instead of the 28th pick, yippee.
  12. So happy Colorado got knocked out. Will never ever root for them unless it's some nightmare fueled postseason where they end up playing the rangers, flyers or islanders in the finals. Rooting for Dallas the rest of the way, I want to see Pavelski finally get a Cup.
  13. Sooooo stupid. Dallas vs Colorado at 4pm today and back to backs for Vegas-Vancouver at 9pm instead of just having Dallas vs Colorado at 8pm tonight and Vegas vs Vancouver tomorrow night after Flyers vs Islanders. So dumb.
  14. Not trying to pile on but I also post only on my phone in a mobile browser and never have any issues. The site couldn't possibly be more mobile friendly for me on an android bwoser. I have it as one of my top bookmarks and just click right on it. I do think the updated website looks rather sharp as well.
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