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  1. I thought they did but was looking on their twitter to see if I missed something with the regular season jerseys and those practice ones is all I saw.
  2. I'm with you, this team is running out of excuses.
  3. Hopefully they are only on the practice jerseys since none of the media day stuff game jerseys had it, can see them here...
  4. Bumping this because we really dodged a bullet here...
  5. I would rather have the money vs the watch. I've never owned and would never wear a watch
  6. Feels like there's too much smoke around him with all this so there's probably a fire there. He also sucks on the ice so doesn't seem like he's remotely worth any distraction. Just cut bait and move on.
  7. Hopefully our season isn't what they are saying...
  8. They have never carried the road games for pre-season unless it's at the Rangers or Islanders
  9. 3 million? That's wild, that's a much better deal than meeting a guy and getting a signed ball lol..... Also Googled that and turns out Todd McFarlane, the guy who created Spawn, paid for that ball and it's only worth 250k-400k now. What a loss woof... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2896368-mark-mcgwires-70th-hr-ball-once-sold-for-3m-and-is-now-valued-at-250-400k
  10. Just watched the new Thor. What a disappointment this movie was for me. The Gorr the god butcher story is one of the best Thor comic runs ever and Bale's performance as Gorr was absolutely wasted cause he was barely on and butchered like 1 god on screen. They rushed way too fast into Jane turning into Thor and more so rushed her internal struggle of wanting to do good as Thor vs trying to stay as a human beating cancer when she knew she could leave and help others. For most of that comic run she hid the fact from Thor that she was the female Thor. So many stupid, unfunny jokes and gags. Korg, dumpling god, the damn goats screaming every single damn time they were on the screen, fat Zeus, nonstop goofy lines from everyone that wasn't Gorr. This whole movie seemed like a parody of a superhero movie more than anything else.
  11. Didn't end up going, ticket prices were too rich for my blood, saw the shirts were $40 though which is funny cause I've seen them play for less than $40 in the past lol
  12. I might go last minute tonight but I'd expect those shirts to be sold out before I get there. I'm waiting to see if resale ticket prices drop because face value on so many of these tickers are stupid. I've always liked them but not at these prices especially when I've seen them in the past for like $20-40 at way smaller venues.
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