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  1. I absolutely hate back to back home games.
  2. Found out two preseason game dates so far... 9/18 - Wednesday 7pm at Rangers 9/20 - Friday 7pm vs Rangers
  3. Personally I don't feel bad about a single bad thing I've said about the organization or players on here. If they are actively seeking out a place like this where people are going to openly comment about whatever they want that's on them. However I never go on any of their personal social media and make comments at them. To me that's more of an attack at a person compared to here which is a place where we can openly vent, complain and critique anything to do with the team.
  4. Ridiculous, but as long as you're happy whatever floats your boat.
  5. If they went to a concert over actually watching the game they weren't a real fan anyway.
  6. Haven't been watching because I simply checked out this year but I definitely don't hate Boston as much as the rest of you but that's probably because I don't care about the NFL, MLB or NBA at all. The schedule this year was absolutely stupid and the NBA finals almost finished before the NHL did which is even more stupid. I've been ready for next season to start since December and I'm glad it's finally officially over. LETS GO DEVILS & F*CK EVERYONE ELSE!!!
  7. I wish we just got rid of the shootouts. Give me 20 mins of 3 on 3 and if it still ends in a tie then each team gets a point. There won't be many ties to begin with and the loser gets 0 points.
  8. Blandisi was given a diving penalty for that and a warning from the league. Then he dove in another game after that and was given a fine. I'm glad he's off the team.
  9. Satans Hockey

    Draft day

    Nah we already know they are taking Kakko if we take Hughes, would be hilarious if they decided to take someone else but even they won't screw that up lol
  10. Satans Hockey

    Draft day

    Same, not worth the time and money to me to go watch one pick because I'm shutting it off right after our pick anyway.
  11. I would take the risk and sign him but I don't think he's going to sign a long term deal until he sees how the team goes this year so I'm fine with it because it is what it is. Would love to be wrong but we'll see soon enough.
  12. I'm fine with not signing him long term in the off season. Let's see how he plays first after only playing 33 games last year. If he plays like his old self do what you can to sign him and if he doesn't want to resign or and we aren't in the playoff hunt or if he's hurt again for most of the season then trade him and move on. I'm already tired of this nonsense and I won't be reading much of it going forward.
  13. These conference finals games were not very entertaining unless you were a fan of those teams already. The world championship games have been way more entertaining. The Swiss vs the Czechs today was some wild fun.
  14. Can't make people be interested in something they aren't interested in. I was given free tickets if I wanted them through my Devils season tickets and I honestly wouldn't waste my time and money for gas and tolls. If they let them check like the men I would be more interested but when they take something important like that out of the game then I'm not watching. Also seems like the Devils and Buffalo bailed on the league because it's a mess and the majority of players aren't going to even play because they don't make enough to have it be worth it.
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