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  1. If this was a car I would have no problem with firing him. A golf cart though...the old people in Florida all have them in their retirement communities just so they can drink more and then not operate a car. I doubt he gets fired over this.
  2. Forgot I have Monster Jam at the arena tonight so I'll be watching later on the dvr
  3. We owe our old coach an L for earlier in the season. Vitek has been rolling and Nashville is lower in the standings so if this is anything like that Cali trip maybe we get Vitek tomorrow and Blackwood on Friday in Dallas. Get those 2 points and 32nd win! LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  4. That's pretty crazy, I would have expected a later Devils team with Marty to have reached that too
  5. That's pretty crazy that he's the only one since ot went to 3v3
  6. He said he didn't remember who passed him the puck in ot too, seems like he has a memory problem lol
  7. Just looked it up, he had 5 ot goals in his time here but was never back to back games
  8. That's pretty wild, I'd love to know if we ever had a dman score in back to back ots before.
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