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  1. Hey @DevilMinder whenever ya do an upgrade to the site next can we get an ignore user feature that doesn't let you see the person's posts being quoted? Lol the feature is useless until that happens.
  2. Also Elvis can go fvck himself for celebrating like beating this dog sh!t team is some major accomplishment
  3. All that stuff was pure speculation. Harris and Blitzer are not stupid enough to believe that.
  4. Perhaps but I've never really cared for member berries though so I'd probably still be meh on it.
  5. I really don't care for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 2000 cup. This kind of stuff is just meh and why 20 years? This is the kind of stuff we would make fun of other organizations for doing and here we are doing the same stuff now (as well as the 95 team) Might not bother me as much if actually had a winning team.
  6. They want you think the A is for avalanche but subliminally think A is for Adidas.
  7. Hockey coaching genius John Hynes is 2-3 in his first 5 in Nashville.
  8. I wonder what the record is for most hat tricks against in the season. It feels like it's been a lot this year but some of those 80s teams probably gave up more.
  9. Never heard of her before but browsing through her Twitter has convinced me she's not as knowledgeable as she thinks she is with posts like this... Referencing Hynes...
  10. I had the bar set at not being eliminated from playoff contention before October ends and they still managed to disappoint me lol
  11. No thanks, leave the goal song alone at this point.
  12. Oh no maybe we'll finish dead last in the division yet again without Shero next season. The horror.
  13. Vegas is 3 points out of first place and have a winning record. That division is really tight this year but unless something serious happened behind the scenes I don't know why you would ever fire a head coach who got your team to the finals in year one and lost in game 7 of the first round on a controversial call in year two of your franchise. I wouldn't mind seeing Gallant here.
  14. He's always on the penalty kill and we take quite a few penalties every game so I believe that's why.
  15. We need a whole team of Colemans. At least Cory looked ok too but I'm not going to let him fool me again just yet lol
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