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  1. Sucks to hear that, from what I read it's not really Bill or Microsofts fault but it just effected their OS, it was Crowdstrike's software update that bricked the system.
  2. Watched the first episode of "Those About to Die" its meh. The bad cgi and so much green screen work instead of real sets really drags the series down. Anthony Hopkins looks good for 86 years old though. I'll probably still watch the rest though because anything with gladiators and these ancient Roman days is still entertaining to me
  3. Not downloading a file and reading all that, fvck all of em and keep em outta the league. Nobody deserves a second chance to be involved with professional sports which is a privilege not a right. Stan was a nepo baby who was handed a job because of who his dad was. Now he can fvck off and go get a regular job on his own like most people have to.
  4. Game got delayed after the first half and didn't end up starting again till like 10:30 and I got home a little after midnight. Just been a brutal season this year with the weather for them.
  5. For the Red Bulls we've had more thunderstorms delay games in the past 3 seasons than the entire history of the team(starting in 1996) There's another home game tonight and we might have delays too. This summer has also been brutally hot. I really hope this isn't the norm going forward, it's been miserable.
  6. Absolutely on the opening but I didn't find the rest scary at all, felt more like a crime documentary but obviously on the darker side. From the teaser trailers I was just expecting it to be scary. I was still entertained but I would have been fine with just watching this one from home.
  7. I liked it but I think I hyped it up a bit too much for myself and the trailers had me thinking it was going to be scary. It almost came across more like a longer episode of mind hunter but a lot darker with everything. I laughed at Cage way too much, he just looked so goofy, I saw a comment that they could have saved money on makeup if they just hired Mikey Rourke instead haha
  8. It doesn't even matter if it's staged or not because it happened and it's going to be an absolute disaster for our country going forward. Wasn't sure to bring it up or not in here but it's such huge news no matter who you like politically and personally I hate them all. None of them care about us.
  9. Our country is a mess. Staged or real it's an absolute mess. I think it's staged but I'm also a wrestling fan and it looked just like a wrestling event lol
  10. Ticket prices probably have more to do with that too. I only go on Tuesdays because it's discount day so it's $8 a movie which they just raised from $7. If I go at night any other day it's something ridiculous like $16-18. Even at the discount Tuesday price I only go see movies I must see on the big screen. Otherwise I'll just wait the few months and watch from home.
  11. It's 4th of July, give America a present and fire Berhalter!
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