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  1. I didn't think the DVD itself was poorly done besides her narration. I don't know why they couldn't get Kevin Smith to narrate since he's actually a fan of the team.
  2. Glad everyone's doing better! Some games on today on MSG+ vs Florida from 1/16/12 at 5pm at Edmonton from 1/11/12 at 9pm
  3. 2 old games on today in MSG+... vs Ottawa from 2011 on now vs Dallas from 12/16/11 at 9pm I'm not watching them in full but set the dvr to skim over the goals
  4. He celebrated on our ice in 08, I don't ever want to see him win a cup, he can go fvck himself.
  5. The guy running the ticker probably got bored and wanted to mess with people lol
  6. Ugh I don't wanna see this trash. There especially better not be some bullsh!t KC Scouts or Colorado Rockies jerseys. fvck outta here with that garbage.
  7. Haha I don't eat a sh!t ton of it and definitely not by itself but mixing up some chicken with some rice and beans extends the meals a lot longer leftovers wise.
  8. I haven't even gone out shopping wise since all this started. I normally have a decent stock of pasta and rice & beans from sales during the year anyway so mainly been eating that so I didn't need to buy much food wise like some of these crazy people buying everything in sight right when this was shutting down everything. You can make chicken last longer meal wise by putting it with rice and beans. Probably can go another week and a half to two without needing to go to the store.
  9. Hope all of you guys and your families get healthy and remain that way!
  10. What's the reason they are giving you for refusing you the test? If you're not a perfect candidate(unfortunately) who is? Crazy. I know this is far from ideal but I've seen doctors and nurses setting up beds in garages and spare rooms to stay away from their families during this. Surely not ideal but better safe than sorry if it's possible at all for you. I hope you feel better soon!
  11. This isn't a normal case of shutting down for a few days and not being able to pay your employees, it's looking like possibly a lot more weeks and possibly even months which affects income coming in for any business as a whole. With somethings completely shut down right near it changes everything.
  12. Ohhhh I see it now, Abbey removed it and put this in there... "An earlier version of the story stated that the company intended to repay the difference. However, the a Devils' spokesperson said the company did not make that promise."
  13. Now I'm just confused... Abbey had wrote that they weren't actually losing any money, just was being deferred to cut for a few months until July. Was she just completely wrong here then? I don't understand the need to apologize for getting it wrong as Josh said if this was the plan... https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nhl/devils/2020/03/23/coronavirus-nj-devils-76-ers-temporarily-reducing-staff-salaries/2904749001/ "The difference will be paid beginning in July and moving forward throughout the calendar year."
  14. He writes for the Times so it's not like it's some random person tweeting it. It's just poor journalism.
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