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  1. HUGHES!! Awesome first goal!!!
  2. Flyers fans don't travel like they use to back at the Meadowlands. It's nothing like the Rangers games. Islanders games are actually worse than Flyers games now.
  3. I think both sets are too expensive. I do think it's a part of the problem as to why the 200s are so empty lately. There's no incentive to sit there.
  4. Where are those seats? I said if you go on and add 2 in 208, I never said each. These are priced too high... Yes but that doesn't solve moving the tickets in the 200 level that should be priced better.
  5. You were too quick, I updated my post and I wasn't calling him an a**hole, I was talking about myself lol
  6. People working normal jobs aren't just some losers, some people just don't get any breaks or opportunities in life and bad sh!t does happen to people but I'd still argue that a guy who manged to blow 12 million is a loser but I guess that makes me an a**hole nowadays lol
  7. Hey here I am lol go on ticketmaster and add two tickets in 208 last row.... It's $129.30 to sit in the very last row of the building in the highest section. That's over $250 for a family of 4 before factoring in money to get there, parking, food and any possible merch. The prices are just too high. Those seats should be $25 max even after fees. When I first started going to games at Meadowlands you could get $20/25 seats in the very last row. Sure they weren't the best seats but that's what I got me hooked into the first place and eventually got me season tickets. Those seats right now are not worth the price, especially when you factor in the opponent and how the team started. Can you get cheaper tickets through the secondary market? Sure but that doesn't help the Devils move those over priced sections. They need to be lowered.
  8. That guy never made anywhere near the amount of money that Brashear did. He was known for one side character on that show and did very brief appearances on a few other shows over the years. He probably never even cracked $500,000 for acting. It's not the same situation at all to me.
  9. You guys are nicer than I am, I really don't feel that bad for someone who couldn't manage to keep enough of his 12 million dollars to be set for the rest of his life. Hire a personal accountant instead of buying stupid cars and dumb sh!t. I don't care that he's working at Tim Hortons, there's nothing wrong with that but it doesn't take away from the fact that he's a moron for blowing all that money in the first place.
  10. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-hischier-signs-seven-year-deal/c-310241124 The New Jersey Devils signed center Nico Hischier to a seven-year contract extension with an average annual value of $7,250,000 (total value $50,750,000). Hischier would have been a restricted free agent at the end of the 2019-20 season. The contract will start in 2020-21 and the breakdown is as follows: 2020-21: $7,000,000 2021-22: $7,250,000 2022-23: $4,500,000 2023-24: $7,750,000 2024-25: $7,750,000 2025-26: $8,000,000 2026-27: $8,500,000
  11. Boyle got over 17 million since he entered the league. If he wants to play more he could take less. Boo f*cking hoo.
  12. That's great news that this is going to be locked up for awhile but Hall has to be worth more so going to be interesting to see what he ends up getting. I'm really not worried about cap space, we have plenty of room and a few bigger contracts will be gone soon enough.
  13. I'm not shaming him for working at Tim Hortons but I don't feel bad for a guy who managed to somehow blow over 12 million dollars... https://www.capfriendly.com/players/donald-brashear
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