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  1. Yes, putting Hughes with those two snipers Sharangovich and Kuokkanen should help.
  2. He’ll be bought out. That’s a foregone conclusion.
  3. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/blog-no-update-on-nicos-status/c-322049626?fbclid=IwAR1_6l211-DcyDuXmlt84HAaLwegsg9o-3i-vC_qD4dZo8unpphII1iKIA8
  4. That game was awful, but nothing is worse than game 6 of the SCF in 2001 for me. Worst game I’ve ever attended by a large margin. I felt physically ill leaving CAA after that game.
  5. I’m reeeeeasonably sure we will not end up with the first one lol.... but option two? Definite possibility. Getting Luke would be big.
  6. Another all-time gaffe that I want to strangle Conte for: passing on Braden Point for some dude named Brandon Baddock. And that’s one EVERYONE knew was indefensible. We were going nuts here that day over that. I mean, it was the third round. That’s where you go for high ceiling guys. Point was the pick. And we passed on him for a guy who we everyday Joe fans KNEW would never sniff the NHL. That one will haunt me forever.
  7. I don’t know if that’s really a fair statement, seeing as how Zacha seems to have made marked improvement, and Jack is only in year two. Zacha, as you know, has looked legitimately good.
  8. He had what would’ve been an incredible assist tonight. Johnsson proceeded to waste it by hitting the crossbar.
  9. All of these games have been super frustrating. I’m beyond sick of losing to Washington and the Islanders. fvck those two franchises in the fvcking ear.
  10. He also wasn’t here for much success. Outside of 2012, none of the teams he played on did much.
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