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  1. A gun and a getaway plane.
  2. Huge win, way to go boys!!
  3. Friedman said that Hall’s agent usually advises his clients to sign as late as possible to be able to gauge their true market value, and he didn’t see why his advice to Hall would be any different. He then said he doesn’t think Hall will sign during the season, and it’s up to Ray on how to proceed.
  4. Friedman on HNIC just said Hall is unlikely to sign during the season, and the ball is in Ray’s court. Time to start making phone calls....
  5. I mean it’s clear as day at this point some kind of shake-up is needed. Your move Ray.....
  6. I’m really glad I was asleep for this entire sh!tshow.
  7. A cup of coffee may be more appropriate lol.
  8. Marginally better is still better. Give me the marginally better option.
  9. Ridiculous. I knew Hynes would pull this sh!t. Another night where a quarter of the opposition’s shots go in.
  10. What sucks is Schneider is probably playing tomorrow.
  11. Jack and Goose. Should be a drink at the Rock.
  12. What a feed by Hughes!!!!!!
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