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  1. Awesome!! Have a great time!! Post some pics if you can.
  2. Carolina going to win again. a$$holes.
  3. Exactly. Sounds much ado about nothing.
  4. Devils PR sent NJ Advance Media the following statement on Wednesday afternoon: “We are aware of the reports today regarding Associate Coach Andrew Brunette and are currently in the process of gathering additional information,” the statement read. https://www.nj.com/devils/2023/02/devils-associate-coach-andrew-brunette-arrested-for-dui-in-florida.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=njcom_sf&utm_content=nj_facebook_njcom&fbclid=IwAR3DZW-zAjTKjpZC9NujMHAp6w8i5lb7OtwvZALo60F8Swf__zxSTS6g5Lc
  5. I think it’s really taking a leap to make that kind of an assumption. Tons of people get DUI’s.
  6. Definitely sounds like he has a lead foot. He needs to be better and set a better example for the young players.
  7. Woah…. That’s a leap. A DUI doesn’t mean you were even drunk, it just means you exceeded the legal limit. I’ve done that numerous times; I just never got caught. I’m sure others here have as well. It doesn’t indicate a drinking problem necessarily.
  8. Just glad he’s okay and didn’t hurt anyone else. Gotta be smarter.
  9. Carolina just erased a three goal third period deficit to tie LA at 4. I fvcking hate them.
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