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  1. Philly fans can lick a taint.
  2. It’s people. People are stupid.
  3. fvcking pu$$y hypocrites who would’ve given vital organs to have Stevens on their teams. Philly fans are my favorite with this sh!t. The height of irony. As if Scott Stevens wouldn’t have a street named after him if he played in that city. There should be a statue of him lifting the Cup outside next to Marty. Someone tweet that @ Hugh Weber lol.
  4. I was gonna post the article, I just was afraid it would end up in a political discussion lol. Good for him for speaking up, but yeah he’s gonna wanna sleep with one eye open going forward.....
  5. N.J.’s birthday party exploits made Funny or Die lmfao: https://www.funnyordie.com/2019/7/17/20698458/new-jersey-devils-mascot-runs-into-window-kids-birthday-party
  6. I work in the same area.... believe me, I know. My office is right next to a Porsche dealership lol.
  7. I think one of the Jonas brothers lives in Denville now.
  8. Oh I agree, if anything they probably waited too long on d’Arnaud.... it’s just typical Mets that he leaves and starts producing. And yeah, obviously it’s not a surprise that the franchise that will be paying Bobby Bonilla until I’m eligible for Social Security managed to fvck up ridding themselves of an unproductive player.
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