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  1. They probably wouldn’t trade him in the East either.
  2. Diabetes is on both sides of my family brother, I know how it is.... my mom is type 2, my grandma on my mom’s side was type 1, and my aunt on my dad’s side is type 1. It scares the sh!t outta me that I’ll wind up with it one day.
  3. I wouldn’t blame him. Max Domi too, those guys are way higher risk.
  4. My first thought when reading this was ‘why the fvck is Nasreddine in the mix?’ And John Stevens? fvck off.
  5. We only get Vancouver’s pick this year if they make the playoffs, so that can’t be an accurate simulation, as much as I’d like it to be lol.
  6. Yeah he’s one of those AAAA guys. Good enough to play hockey for a living, not good enough to do it consistently in the best league in the world.
  7. His quarantine is gonna last til the end of July, because this sh!t ain’t starting up before then.
  8. I’d like to know more details on the lottery, not the least of which being how many teams are in it, and if you can move up more than three spots.
  9. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/can-hughes-kakko-and-barzal-be-hockeys-version-of-mays-mantle-and-snider
  10. Yeah I’ve heard of this dude. He sounds like he’d be a good choice, but we’d have to wait.
  11. Yeah because I actually give a sh!t about it. Exactly.
  12. That’s the way it was. That was the format. It was accepted. This is a band-aid on a bullet wound.
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