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  1. Yeah it’s just fvcked up that Benigno went and spilled the beans about the text. Why should Saleh trust him with information? And now, why should the Jets trust Saleh knowing he’s blabbing to Benigno? It’s a circus 🤣
  2. Good read. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/hughes-apalooza-canucks-fall-short-but-games-significance-remains/
  3. https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2023/12/06/report-devils-in-market-for-stabilizing-defenseman/?fbclid=IwAR33-KRMsBgXod0yRdRM0_IXC6PvGVG9m0avyM7YoouZEGmJamT1-r6SVxA_aem_AWBEAoiKvBam0dAdmc27syPdk0LwkMGCIHvI2RV0CQ2laT33BRztU7UehjPgfsaJcgA#lpufbmpvx58l21vfzw
  4. Should they start the game at 4 local time to accommodate the east coast? I mean, come on.
  5. https://nypost.com/2023/12/05/sports/boomer-esiason-rips-joe-benigno-over-robert-saleh-zach-wilson-drama/amp/ 🤣
  6. He needs a fvcking wake up call. I’ve had it with his ‘meh’ bullsh!t since he got here. Start playing like the player you were in SJ, or perhaps we can find you a better fit somewhere else where they don’t care if you zombie out every night.
  7. This dude is the highest paid forward on the team, and that is straight up bullsh!t at this point. He’s playing like he got his payday and now he’s good. Completely unacceptable.
  8. I’m seriously losing my patience with Timo. He was a fvcking zombie last night. The only time I noticed him is when he let Quinn walk right around him, leading directly to a goal, when he should’ve been harder on the puck.
  9. He’s been underwhelming. Which is being exceedingly kind.
  10. Sadly, that was the first time I noticed Timo tonight.
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