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  1. The practice jerseys have had that RWJ Barnabas ad on them for several years now.
  2. Good call. Hopefully the Flyers suck, but not bad enough to have enough lottery balls to get them in slam dunk top two territory.
  3. Thing is, they could have a GREAT year, and still not make it through no fault of their own. The Metro and the East are that strong.
  4. Would highly recommend you get one man. Absolutely the best watches I’ve ever owned. My newest acquisition:
  5. 100%. Hublot’s are quality timepieces, but many of them are too gaudy for me. I’m a Tag Heuer guy; I have three of them and they are the best watches I’ve ever owned. Rolex is the standard though. It’s Rolex or bust if you want my number.
  6. Just another reason to go for the Rolex
  7. Hublot’s are really nice too. Big bucks.
  8. No autographed anything is acceptable, unless it’s on a large check.
  9. I would never cave. You want the ball? Cool. I don’t wanna work anymore, so pay up. You can certainly afford to. I’d want $4 million.
  10. I don’t think that matters. I have something you want. If you want it, you’re going to have to pay. I’d want the best Rolex I could get no matter what my status on the team lol. On a side note, if someone trades Judge his 61st HR ball for anything less than a large pile of cash, they need to be committed.
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