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  1. Yeah that should do the trick! It obviously worked the first time
  2. Can’t wait for nothing to happen after this sh!tshow, as usual.
  3. Great job Zacha, that’s hard to do. Hit a post with a yawning net, great job fvckbag
  4. It’s clear they aren’t responding to whatever the fvck they’re being told. Ruff worked them at practice the other day, and they’ve played like hammered sh!t, save for 10 minutes in the second period tonight. So yeah. fvcking do something Fitz. Now.
  5. Start fvcking running people. I’ve had it. Cheap shot someone. Anyone. The guy who got a hat trick after not doing dick for two weeks would be a fine target. Get Geersten down there and have him eat someone.
  6. What a joke. This fvcking guy hadn’t scored in two weeks. Go fvck yourselves you fvcking losers.
  7. It was not a good bounce, but he reacted late to it and didn’t see the puck.
  8. It’s infuriating that they pissed away that period. Absolutely infuriating. I wanna punch Bernier in the fvcking teeth.
  9. If it’s not one thing it’s another with this fvcking stupid team
  10. Two straight trash goals allowed by Bernier. Get fvcked
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