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  1. Just spend some fvckin money for gods sake
  2. I painted my face Ya gotta support the team You're dead Messier!
  3. I'm betting now Eichel goes to NYR because fvck my life
  4. I like to subscribe to the reality that once Pavel landed here, he did some light googling and came across this board. He's been reading this board since then and every negative post that was made about him... ...Then he saw you make this bet.
  5. after these last few wins, this is shaping up to be the longest short off-season ever. Already salivating for October.
  6. Weird having a minor league team not named the 'Something' Devils
  7. I'll admit I gave up on him after his 2nd full season with us, and I am more than happy to eat crow now that he's producing. Hopefully he can continue it next season. Also, can we talk about how he looks like a completely different person from his draft picture?
  8. Slow day at work so I ran the draft sim 100 times, we won the 1st pick 8 times, so that pretty much matches up with our 9.5% chance at 1OA
  9. Wilson being his usual scumbag self with this absolutely gutless sequence
  10. Hmm maybe there is something to it then
  11. there's buzz on twitter (take that with a grain of salt) that Jake Virtanen of Vancouver may be facing some potential sexual assault allegations soon, no info on the situation other than screenshots of the alleged victims story through a women's support group on Instagram, which were later requested to be deleted by the alleged victim as the images were shared without their consent. The particular story doesn't name names, but apparently the original page has allegedly referenced him. And on top of all that weirdness, Virtanen deleted his Twitter today. Very weird situation at the moment. It h
  12. Obviously Tennyson reads the boards. Sorry Matt, don't take it personally. Clutch play tonight in the crease.
  13. Apparently the ducks have the exact same record as us. Hope they can string together enough wins to give us a shot at the top 2. Sad that I have to pray for a high draft pick once again
  14. At first I was like "11pm? Wtf?" Then I saw who posted it lol
  15. Today in history: https://youtu.be/zvvl8BxA5FE
  16. Not really sure Corey fvcking Crawford was the make-or-break backup for this season. Our D is dogsh!t and it's not like we're producing a ton of scoring as is. 2000s era Marty could come back tomorrow and I'm not sure it would make a difference.
  17. I have to agree with 1711. Solely from a medical perspective, even though Mac is a healthy young man, he could potentially be what they refer to as a Covid "long hauler". You get the virus, it passes through your system, but your body still maintains the prevalence of some symptoms. Luckily studies have shown that vaccination decreases the magnitude of some symptoms, but we simply just don't know how Mac is feeling physically or mentally. Anecdotely, I had a friend who contracted the virus, had serious symptoms, 'recovered' after two weeks, and then a few weeks later they experienced the same
  18. I'd axe nASS and Recchi tomorrow if I'm Fitz. None of this finish out the season and then fire them bullsh!t. I want them both waiting for Ubers on Lafayette tomorrow at 10am. See if we can get Ruff some competent staff, give that a look.
  19. Fitz needs to get Jack some scoring help ASAP. These situations can turn toxic really fast.
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