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  1. Well said. This is one of those seasons where if we want to be on the bubble come playoff time, games like this matter a lot. Every win counts.
  2. I did some googling and a bunch of different articles speculated that it was a way to get players of Jewish background more comfortable being part of the game, but no concrete history behind it. I think when you boil it down, it's just a damn catchy tune.
  3. Watching the leafs/rags game and this thought crossed my mind: Why is Hava Nagila played on the organ of almost every sporting event? Never really had a second thought about it til today, but now it just seems SO ODD to me! Edit: site note, now The Final Countdown is playing and I will FOREVER picture Job from Arrested Development dancing and doing magic every time I hear that damn song
  4. I read your post in the GDT right after I posted this and I said "oh no"
  5. amazing. Preds also changed their bio on Twitter:
  6. At least you didn't leave the game early for a beer league hockey game like SOMEONE here I sold tickets to...
  7. just another reason why we need a real-life ESPN 8 - The Ocho
  8. I was at a game a few seasons ago and a few ceiling tiles fell 50-60 feet and smashed into the "blank" section where they put the giant vinyl devils logo. Sounded so loud I thought a bomb was going off, imagine if they fell on someone in the audience
  9. Lmao Corey: "Have you seen Luke's goal yet?" Jack: "...... Luke Hughes?"
  10. PA announcer did a solid job in my opinion; I'm making a trip to the liquor store he works at tomorrow to pick up some whiskey and congratulate him lol
  11. I feel like if Hughes does have a breakout season and really establishes himself as one of the elite young names of the game, that stick-toss celly is going to be one of the most iconic clips in Devils history
  12. Sames. I feel tingly in places where I haven't felt tingly before. Not quite YOU with Taylor Hall levels.. but.. it's there man.
  13. Severson and Smith both at morning skate today, but not playing tonight per Amanda. She also says Bernier is likely the starter tonight.
  14. If anyone without viewing access doesn't mind a questionable streaming site disguised as a gambling site, DM me. It's all I use now lol
  15. Yeah major superfan, I didn't even realize it was him until he won so that's awesome. I remember one day I was talking to him about something non-Devils related and he was like "oh yeah I remember that, that was the same week Parise scored a hat trick vs the Caps"
  16. This guy works at the liquor store I go to, nicest guy ever honestly, always down to talk Devils hockey when I go in
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