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  1. it took me probably over 100+ hours to compile all that for the megaupload link. Glad you appreciated it
  2. That was one thing I found remarkable is that when I met Chico again he actually remembered my name. fvcking stand up guy that one.
  3. I'm done supporting EA's sad attempt at an NHL game. It's literally been re-skinned every year since NHL07. I miss the old 2K games. I remember I made a custom pack of stadium music that you could store on your xbox storage and customize your in-game PA. I recreated the real-life intro music, even added Kevin Clark to some tracks. I would literally go to games and record audio and upload it into the game. It was fvcking awesome.
  4. my friend bet that if the Giants won yesterday he would streak down Union avenue in Paterson. This is gonna be fun.
  5. The voice of hockey. I remember around 2009 or 2010 me and my friend were wandering the concourse after a game where Patty buried a shootout goal against Toronto and we ran into Doc. He stopped to chat with us for what seemed like 45 minutes, couldn't have been a nicer guy. He signed my jersey right next to my Chico autograph. Little did I know that we would run into Chico not long after that, and he would NOT let us leave lol. Guy talks like an old lady at a hair salon. We were in the goal bar with Chico just sitting at the bar and shooting the sh!t until the ushers literally had to
  6. what is going on up there?!? 6.5 aav seems HIGH am I wrong?
  7. Someone hit up DanoIsGod while we're at it and get him back in here, that guy was gold
  8. MFW i've had SD on mute for at least 5 years now
  9. Saw this in the wild. Is this bullsh!t? It sounds like bullsh!t
  10. Watch, Cory has a career year and leads the Isles to the cup with the most iconic resurgence in NHL history. Lol it would only be fitting for our luck.
  11. Since mgmt called him a veteran presence I move to nickname him Crawdad
  12. I'd like to see Merkley and Zacha paired up but I'd also like to send Zacha down to bingo after the inevitable first 20 games of no production, to the pit of misery dilly dilly
  13. What in the sweet fvck is going on up there? What the hell are they thinking?
  14. Figured I would start a thread to keep all of the free agency tweets/news in one centralized place. Market opens tomorrow at 12PM EST
  15. Finally some good news in 2020
  16. Gotta go D next pick or trade a 3rd rounder to move that 2nd pick up
  17. Probably just to be uniform for the team photo with the cup
  18. we wouldn't be saying this if the Rangers or Flyers made the finals
  19. sorry I've just been so busy
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