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  1. Maybe best we DONT ask him his thoughts on Putin as he's still living in Russia lol
  2. I want to see Hall pull a Patrik Štefan with us down by 1 in the third
  3. I have 2 pictures in particular on my Devils shelf that I'm proud of and they were both taken on the same night. Me and my friend decided to wait out the crowd after a win and just walk around the concourse until we were asked to leave. After a few laps, we turn the corner where the Jack Daniels bar is now and I see Doc walking towards us with his trenchcoat and what looks to be an insanely heavy satchel/briefcase. Not wanting to bother him I simply say, "Hey Doc! Heck of a game!" He drops his bag and proceeds to shoot the sh!t with us for about 10-15 minutes and actually too
  4. And I'm glad he's letting them play through their mistakes, that's part of learning the game
  5. Man Nico's English skills have come a long way since "I love to hockey"
  6. His play has certainly dropped off significantly this season, but who knows
  7. I'd take him back sure, but I'm not breaking the bank to get him.
  8. I was thinking as much, and there would also probably be multiple picks involved too.
  9. What do you think it takes for us to get in the Eichel talk?
  10. My parents were the type to leave halfway through the 3rd period to beat the traffic, can't tell you how many overtime goals I heard on the radio while my parents tried to get onto Route 3 from CAA
  11. Pavel Zacha just beat the best team in the East.
  12. I've said this before, in my eyes, Boston fans are just Ranger fans with worse accents and way more n-word usage. But anyway, Boston is the best team in the East so this will be a major test for the boys.
  13. Thanks man, had to use the old-school scrolling channel guide to find it
  14. This Covid break might be a blessing in disguise for us. Haven't played in weeks and we're still just 3(?) points outside of a playoff spot AND we have all these games at hand. Let's hope everyone comes back in form.
  15. something something mickey mouse organization
  16. Is Tortorella trying to get sh!tcanned? Benched Laine last night
  17. A friend of mine literally had to quit his job because his boss kept coming in while his wife was sick in bed with Covid. Wound up infecting 5 other employees before my friend got out. Luckily he didn't catch it, but people REALLY do not take this as seriously as they should
  18. Damn glad you're doing okay. If you don't mind, what were your symptoms like?
  19. Rangers goalie sh!tstain wears the same hairband as my 10 year old niece
  20. Holy sh!t Ruff might have just cemented himself as my favorite Devils coach behind Lemaire https://twitter.com/NJDevils/status/1356285675658752001?s=19
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