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  1. Palms, Wood Butcher and the Isles 2021 2nd Rounder
  2. not to mention the fact that with Rantanen out for what could be over a month, they are in no position to negotiate. You wanna make the playoffs this year still? Okay, pay up.
  3. Byram or kick rocks, I've said it before
  4. Subban for Marc Andre Fleury, the deal is one-for-one
  5. Or the Centennial Light Bulb. You look at it and you think "how the hell is this thing still around?" it's not as useful as more modern bulbs, but it still serves a purpose at the bare minimum. The filament is still glowing, albeit very dimly.
  6. Is Rob_Ottawa the new BeetleBum? More at 11
  7. Sad to see one of the few bright spots of these past few years hitting the road but you gotta love that return. Shero who?
  8. 'Devils deny this info, my source is solid, obviously there are multiple balls in the air'
  9. Live view of Hynes enjoying the nightlife in Nashville
  10. https://www.nhlpa.com/news/1-20752/parise-approaches-1000-games-of-playing-the-right-way Pretty sober and cadid interview blurb for an NHLPA piece; Zach talks a bit about his time here
  11. And how awesome of a name is Merlin Malinowski?! He sounds like a Lord of the Rings character except they're from Wisconsin instead of the Shire
  12. I don't know why I did this, but I went and found every Devil with an alliterative name: Goalies: Keith Kinkaid, Mike McKenna, Sam St. Laurent Skaters: Arron Asham, Beau Bennett, Brad Bombardir, Brian Boyle, Bob Brooke, Bobby Butler, Chris Cichocki, Connor Carrick, Don Dietrich, Dan Dorion, Jaromir Jagr, Joshua Jacobs, John Johannson, Jacob Josefson, Ken Klee, Merlin Malinowski, Mikey McLeod, Mike Moher, Mike Mottau, Mirco Mueller, P.A. Parenteau, Reijo Ruotsalainen, Steve Santini, Sheldon Souray, Sergei Starikov, Scott Stevens, Steve Sullivan, Vitaly Vishnevski I'll throw in Pierre-Luc L├ętourneau-Leblond for sh!ts and giggles. That is all of them I think. Carry on.
  13. Looks like Eddie B had a fun weekend
  14. homerun derby is literally one of the most boring things in sports history.
  15. I have to say this has been pretty fun to watch. It's clear all the guys are there to put in minimal, non-injury-risking effort, but there have been some fun, gorgeous goals tonight. Now Green Day is on, time to check out some college hockey
  16. Tried getting into Spitting Chicklets but I cannot get past the awful Boston accent
  17. either that or they're all just shocked and confused lol
  18. Seriously. It's like watching a team full of Brian Gionta's in his last seasons here. Add Coleman to that list too
  19. I'd rather know who the GM is before we pick another coach, but Gallant is at the top of my list now
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