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  1. Watch us grab Torts after Philly gives him a pink slip lmao
  2. I'm not expecting a new coach until late June at the earliest, but this staff (minus Sarge) needs to go ASAP.
  3. If there is no coaching change announcement by Friday I'm going to start being extremely worried. Fitz has lost ALL benefit of the doubt.
  4. That's literally how every giveaway is, a limited number of items for the first however many fans, not sure why you're blowing a gasket about that
  5. I remember the very night my dad put my first TV in my room, I stayed up til 1AM to record Porky's on VHS, I might have been 10
  6. NCAA Frozen Four starts tonight, Seamus Casey and Michigan vs Boston College at 8:30 on ESPN2
  7. *Ken Daneyko voice* "ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN JERSEY!"
  8. You didn't though Couldn't help myself
  9. How are there multiple Rangers suck whistle chants tonight? Read the room, morons
  10. He's a very young kid and his body is still growing and developing, as long as he keeps himself fit he'll be fine
  11. Was the only player this season who gave it everything he could EVERY game. shame
  12. Sit EVERY player of merit and give some looks to the kids, that's all I ask at this point
  13. Same. Was not as intense but still felt a little wiggle going on
  14. That was nuts, I thought a tractor trailer accidentally backed into the office
  15. I'd love to see the look on Bettman and Daly's face as they flip the card over to see a Devils logo 😂
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