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  1. Posted this in the GDT but just in case it gets buried, Blackwood is "day to day" again
  2. Not so fast. Blackwood now listed as "day to day" JFC.....
  3. This isn't something that happened behind closed doors leading to a he-said-he-said situation. It happened during a live game and whatever racist gesture was made doesn't warrant acknowledgement or clarification. The player affected stated their feelings on the matter and frankly that's all we need to know about it. It's odd to obsess over wanting to know the exact gesture. It's irrelevant. I've said my piece, I leave it in peace
  4. *Woman gets sexually harassed* "Hmmm I really wonder what the guy said to her" Weird fvckin look guys
  5. While you're busy taking yourself down from the cross in your weird anti-media rant, you can read and take his word for yourself
  6. Icing 6 skaters while McD plays keep-away would honestly probably be more successful than what we're doing now lol
  7. Blackwood for McDavid The trade is 1-for-1 Goddamn I wish Chiarelli was still there
  9. Thus why I said "Orr-esque" and not "Hughes literally pulled an Orr". I'm not going to win an argument with a lawyer I'll quit now lol.
  10. he was completely leaned forward and off-balance making that shot
  11. Luke with an Orr-esque diving goal, unreal https://www.instagram.com/tv/CY10pUEBYNw/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. IIRC didn't Shero try to make some moves at the draft, speculating that he was trying to get Barzal also? That's in my brain for some reason. I remember being disappointed
  13. Fun game to watch no matter the outcome. Slow start but Gillies was solid. Rango on a 4-game goal streak.
  14. Amazing. Kodak Black living his best life in true Florida fashion.
  15. what team is dumb enough? Gonna wager Arizona
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