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  1. That would be fvcking fun, I feel like there was a mini-meetup some years ago when we first moved into the Rock? I thought I remember meeting some of you for some reason
  2. I tried listening for a few weeks in a row and it just seems to me they're your average "Facebook fan". Nothing really against them personally, although the one guy (I think his name is Sam Woo?) is way too much of a homer goofball for me to listen to
  3. So funny I was just gonna post about this. Ranking the ones I listen to Good: AATJ "Garden State of Hockey" (this one i enjoy, the hosts have good chemistry but the one host pronounces it bingMINton which drives me insane, and they have occasional weird takes) Devil's Insiders "Devils Daily" (they're kinda eh, for the most part they know their stuff but the hosts seem to hate each other and also have some weird takes) Eh: Devils in the Details (this one can be a real snoozer but they know their stuff and get really into statistics/analytics) BAD: "Let's Go Devils" podcast. Yech. Unbearable.
  4. Goaltending is my #1 concern. Cory showed some promise towards the end of last season, but we need CONSISTANT play from our tandem. None of this hot/cold bullsh!t. I think we're still missing a piece on D, but I'm expecting to put up enough offense that it (hopefully) won't become a major concern before we make a move there.
  5. It's only preseason, but i want them to fvcking EMBARRASS the rags tonight. But I'm a Devils fan, so I'm fully expecting them to drop a 5-spot on us.
  6. can't go wrong with a premio sausage
  7. I can remember the "you suck" chant scattered about at the last game I went to at CAA, but definitely not nearly as prevalent as it is today
  8. Travis Zajac: 49 Nico Hischier : 47 (+1) Mackenzie Blackwood: 46 Jack Hughes: 45 Taylor Hall : 36 Kyle Palmieri : 6 P. K. Subban : 5 (-1) ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick Wayne Simmonds Andy Greene Sami Vatanen Cory Schneider Will Butcher Pavel Zacha Nikita Gusev Damon Severson Jesper Boqvist Blake Coleman Ty Smith Jesper Bratt
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