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  1. It's atrocious on a mobile browser
  2. "And your wife is getting Jack's 'C'"
  3. Don't really watch TV much anymore, didn't know Hahn did MSG shows. I like that guy.
  4. Two great goals there by Canada though
  5. RunninWithTheDevil


    I was also 10, and me and my then 6-year-old brother stayed up the entire game making a cardboard and tin foil Stanley Cup (me now being superstitious would have slapped me from then). Needless to say we lost our absolute sh!t with my late father. The cardboard Stanley Cup became a tradition in 01 and 03. The 2001 one didn't survive my 11 year old tearful rage shred after I got to see Ray Borque steal a cup
  6. There's a joke to be made here about MoJo but I'll leave that to our resident comedians.
  7. According to their insta, these are stats for someone's fictional NHL 19 GM mode
  8. if he likes pizza hes going to fvcking love living here
  9. wow thats honestly a shame
  10. Let him and Kakko both go to NYR. Just two more elite players who will have their careers wasted because "BRIHHT LITES BRO"
  11. How many "prove it" years are we going to see from Zacha?
  12. I enjoy your enthusiasm and I GENUINELY don't want you to think I'm asking this sarcastically, I just want to know: How old are you? Again, not trying to make fun, just trying to get an idea
  13. Yes. Thus why I said the NFL is a laughingstock
  14. This league is a fvcking JOKE. sh!t like this is exactly why the NFL can be a laughing stock and still do millions better. The MLB is a joke of a league but they still have hundreds of thousands of viewers. The NHL will NEVER be a true "big 4" league because of this bullsh!t.
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