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  1. I mean its obviously not a "MUST WIN!!!" game, but if we have an ugly loss to gassed expansion team that got DESTROYED last night, that can absolutely be a confidence killer for this young team. We all saw what happened opening night VS Winnipeg a few years ago.
  2. Well said. This is one of those seasons where if we want to be on the bubble come playoff time, games like this matter a lot. Every win counts.
  3. I did some googling and a bunch of different articles speculated that it was a way to get players of Jewish background more comfortable being part of the game, but no concrete history behind it. I think when you boil it down, it's just a damn catchy tune.
  4. Watching the leafs/rags game and this thought crossed my mind: Why is Hava Nagila played on the organ of almost every sporting event? Never really had a second thought about it til today, but now it just seems SO ODD to me! Edit: site note, now The Final Countdown is playing and I will FOREVER picture Job from Arrested Development dancing and doing magic every time I hear that damn song
  5. I read your post in the GDT right after I posted this and I said "oh no"
  6. amazing. Preds also changed their bio on Twitter:
  7. At least you didn't leave the game early for a beer league hockey game like SOMEONE here I sold tickets to...
  8. just another reason why we need a real-life ESPN 8 - The Ocho
  9. I was at a game a few seasons ago and a few ceiling tiles fell 50-60 feet and smashed into the "blank" section where they put the giant vinyl devils logo. Sounded so loud I thought a bomb was going off, imagine if they fell on someone in the audience
  10. Lmao Corey: "Have you seen Luke's goal yet?" Jack: "...... Luke Hughes?"
  11. PA announcer did a solid job in my opinion; I'm making a trip to the liquor store he works at tomorrow to pick up some whiskey and congratulate him lol
  12. I feel like if Hughes does have a breakout season and really establishes himself as one of the elite young names of the game, that stick-toss celly is going to be one of the most iconic clips in Devils history
  13. Sames. I feel tingly in places where I haven't felt tingly before. Not quite YOU with Taylor Hall levels.. but.. it's there man.
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