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  1. Man are you late to the party. Someone made a civil-war themed MJ account after he wore that old-timey sport coat and it was a pretty good source of laughs
  2. Just a nut tap from Pickles, he's fine
  3. I hope Carolina loses every single game from here to eternity. Their post-win team cellys are getting to sideshow level lol
  4. Really don't know what else you expected out of a 4th liner.
  5. Anyone catch Carolina playing duck-duck-goose after a win the other night? Yeeechhh
  6. Not really understanding why in the past month it's become the "it" thing to hate on Kinkaid. Why? We always knew he was a just backup who had a solid run when Cory was out and he would go back to mediocrity. That's what happens when you have no fvcking D-men worth anything.
  7. I know this is more site news and not devil's news per see, but we're only a few hundred posts away from hitting 1,000,000!
  8. Holy fvcking sh!t the NJDevs.com email notification I got said "John Hynes Resigns"
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