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  1. There is no way in hell we are getting the 1OA again. Not a chance.
  2. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29317816/meet-1-45-2-battle-creek-rumble-bees-worst-team-professional-hockey next time you wanna feel better about how bad we are, give this a read
  3. Buy the rights from Fox and bring back this intro music Edit: sorry to link a blueskirt fans video
  4. Re bolded: I'm confused, how have they de-deviled the arena? Anyone who thinks that is asinine
  5. I'm still convinced Grabner still had loyalty to the Rags and sucked on purpose to sabotage us lol
  6. As hit-or-miss as Shero was, Gusev was a 90s-Era-Lou-Esque steal.
  7. Proud of my team and proud of Newark
  8. bUt iT wAsN't EvEn ReAlLy HiS oWn MoNeY!!!!!11
  9. "political correctness" for people like them is not being able to say the n-word and having to press 1 for English.
  10. I had a female Flyers fan dump an entire beer on my little brothers BRAND NEW Parise jersey after a shellacking back in the day. Never seen a woman tackled by security so fast. Her dumbass boyfriend just stood there with this look on his face like "fvckin becky cut the sh!t"
  11. This Covid Cup Championship seems to be becoming more of a headache than its worth. Just cancel the fvcking season. No wonder everyone thinks the NHL is a joke of a league.
  12. The day Pierre McGuire becomes our GM is the day I stop watching hockey for life. Even if its just a bullsh!t rumor, these owners are worrying me now. Not to mention the fact that my first thought was "sh!t." when my NBA2K character got drafted by the 76ers after picking it up this week.
  13. Thorne is one of the best PBP's of any sport ever. He's so versatile. I was hoping we'd make a move for him after Doc left but I believe Thorne was already under contract with the Orioles? I could be wrong
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