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  1. we wouldn't be saying this if the Rangers or Flyers made the finals
  2. sorry I've just been so busy
  3. I'm in, will register when I get home later
  4. Can we just end this failed experiment Mickey Mouse organization that is the Arizona Coyotes? Give Hartford or Quebec a team for Christ's sake.
  5. hahaha I promise, I will answer these myself eventually, this is just really entertaining for me.
  6. I love how some of these questions got some of you literally furious
  7. Hey all, hope we're all hanging in there through this plague. I think the playoffs have definitely helped my sanity. Fortunately, through all this pandemic, I'm lucky enough to be celebrating my 30th birthday this Sunday. Turning 30 is a pretty big mental milestone for most I'm sure, and it's got me thinking about the years I've lived through leading up to today. I got to thinking about just how lucky I was to be conceived in 89, born in 90, and able to have a childhood rooting for a team that became an absolute dynasty before my eyes. I was fvcking SPOILED by this team (which is probably wh
  8. fvcking loved when they had the 69 Eyes song
  9. I had a parlay the other day for Yotes and Blues, Yotes won, Blues lost with .1 seconds left lol
  10. This. I want another look at Subban after this offseason. He is CUT. UP. He looks like PK Subban before the injury.
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