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  1. I don't understand the hate for Gillis in the front office, can someone explain it to me?
  2. This is LAUGHABLE considering Lou's final seasons here
  3. its a 3 family apartment I couldn't even give you a solid number, I see kids come and go like an anthill, its incessant
  4. my kid neighbors have a trampoline that they leave out year round. Nothing more annoying than screaming kids and constantly squeaking trampoline springs 10 hours a day
  5. NHL will most likely announce suspension of the season sometime later today. The season will be suspended indefinitely, and coronavirus will be fined $9,498, the maximum allowable under the CBA
  6. Or messing around with the logo for that matter
  7. I used to think of a third-jersey as a bad thing, but thinking about it, who gives a sh!t if we have a third jersey? All it means is they have another sweater to sell, why not?
  8. Honestly hoping Cory gets absolutely lit the fvck up tonight. I want 9 goals in the first period and I want them to dump Nas in the pacific. No excuse from this inept coaching staff.
  9. Palms, Wood Butcher and the Isles 2021 2nd Rounder
  10. not to mention the fact that with Rantanen out for what could be over a month, they are in no position to negotiate. You wanna make the playoffs this year still? Okay, pay up.
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