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  1. I mean it's not past the realm of possibility. Look at what happened with Carton. Now instead of a sportscaster with that vice, imagine a sports star. Could be magnitudes worse
  2. Yeah aside from the whole breast milk thing...
  3. Yeah now imagine listening to the Roy Dotrice audiobooks like I do at the office. 90 year old man describing Samwell's "fat pink mast" lmaooo
  4. I haven't been able to put down ASOIF in at least 3 years. I just keep re-reading in hopes that GRRM will actually finish the final 2. Not holding my breath. It's so funny reading those books, 90% of it is insanely well-written, descriptive, illustrative, gripping storytelling, and that last 10% is written like dimestore erotica lol
  5. I hope to God the Rangers sell the farm to land Eichel. Dolan couldn't resist putting his greasy mitts on their rebuild, let's hope it's one risky move too many.
  6. The biggest issue I have with the whole Brodeur "anti-GOAT" critique, per se, isn't the fact that 90% of the time, people are comparing him to Roy and his cups and wins per total games; I think the more intriguing comparison is Brodeur vs Hasek
  7. After my grumpy morning the other day I owe you this one at least
  8. Jackets twitter seemingly ecstatic about the overpay. I know the feeling!
  9. So cheers to another day of refreshing my Twitter feed endlessly
  10. Hopefully "sifting through it all" meaning the pile of cash Fitzy put on the table
  11. Sucks to see how far Will fell, I do feel bad because he CHOSE us and that's a total rarity. Hopefully taking his hit off the cap means Fitzy isn't done adding a few parts here and there. Like @MB3 said before, we may need to trade for forward depth. Unfortunately that's going to cost us a young player.
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