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  1. Yeah isn't that pretty common for preseason? We had split squad games a few seasons ago
  2. As someone who gets extreme nighttime charlie-horses I can concurr with this statement. Sometimes I can't walk normally for 2 days.
  3. Not training camp related but I'm just browsing on my phone while the game is on and I just found out that U Mich has a player named Rutger McGroarty. That's a fvcking hockey name right there.
  4. I keep waiting for someone to say something bad lol
  5. I see we're already back in mid season form here lol
  6. This has been discussed on the board quite a lot already
  7. Completely agreed, I wanted just a black version of the classic Devils jersey, just like the one @MB3 mocked up, I'm just speaking objectively
  8. Exactly, so from a marketing standpoint, they DID get it right all along. They got people talking about it. They could've made a green and purple NJD jersey; if people buy them, they did their job. The hat hat was just an absolutely perfect way of capitalizing on the meme the sweater became.
  9. The coaching staff would never do that, right? .....right? ....guys?
  10. Found it, it's blacked out for me so, awesome glad I spent the extra 9$ a month to watch East Stroudsburg State VS the Iowa Shoemakers
  11. So I have the ESPN+ add-on through Hulu and the game is no-where to be found...
  12. Say what you want about her, but this is always a refreshing sight
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