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  1. Tried getting into Spitting Chicklets but I cannot get past the awful Boston accent
  2. either that or they're all just shocked and confused lol
  3. Seriously. It's like watching a team full of Brian Gionta's in his last seasons here. Add Coleman to that list too
  4. I'd rather know who the GM is before we pick another coach, but Gallant is at the top of my list now
  5. I have this same problem. My phone should require I pass a breathalyzer before I do any online shopping.
  6. this would be a good trivia question: when was the last time that 2 opposing players each scored a hat trick in the same game?
  7. RE: bolded, you make a great point And yeah I said before that the timing is absolutely mind-boggling and looks very "Mickey Mouse" from the outside in. I stop short of 'dysfunctional' ONLY because we don't really know what happened in that room.
  8. I think people are looking into the extension the wrong way though. I believe the extension was a good-faith move by the owners to basically say "Look, we trust your 'process' and your future THIS MANY dollars, now it's time to execute.", but the season just didn't pan out as they'd hoped (understatement of the century). I don't think it was a "dysfunctional" move to throw Ray a bone.
  9. Well yeah, he's their only real weapon. Of course its going to pad him.
  10. Lol if my girl reacted like what you say I'd drop her ass like a hot plate. Lol if my girl reacted like what you say I'd drop her ass like a hot plate. Welp, editing is absolutely sh!t on mobile so someone break out the Goodfellas meme
  11. I don't buy it. Ray Shero doesn't stick his neck out for Cory fvcking Schneider
  12. Rinne has just 2 goals less than Zacha
  13. Wasn't Palms a ranger fan in his youth? Hope he gets a hatty tonight
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