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  1. I also went to school with Stephen Baldwin's daughter who was friends with Miley Cyrus at the time, she let me text her from her phone and ask her to prom lol. Needless to say I was rejected. Edit: also, every time Stephen came to school to pick up his daughter, me and my friend Jordan would yell "DOYLE!" at him and he would just smirk and do the shaka sign
  2. Well aside from the general entitlement of being pseudo-famous fvckboys back then, one of my fondest memories was Nick (who was a year below us at the time) making fun of my friend Jeremy in the halls before 3rd period. My friend Jeremy SNAPS and wraps his hand around Nicks trachea and pins him up against a locker. We had to pull him off but he was about to start WAILING on that kids face. When jeremy let go, Nick was coughing, choking, and crying all at the same time. We didn't really see much of them after 7th grade. The youngest brother (who is actually in the band now after the oldest left) came into school one time wearing his full costume from Les Miserables on broadway and he got torn to shreds by everyone lol.
  3. I went to school with the Jonas brothers. I can tell you for a fact that Connor is not nearly as douchey as they were.
  4. like because of the visual or because of load times?
  5. yeah that's what I was doin, I guess I'll take another stab at it, thanks man! EDIT: got it, but yeesh the quality i got was traysh
  6. Off-topic but how do you guys use GIFs as your avatar? Every time I try to reduce the size and upload it or link it the site tells me it's still too big.
  7. just bought a "shirsey" (i know some of you despise that word) "LETS GO BAYBEEEE!" -JH
  8. Either an English muffin or a toasted bagel with SPK you heathen!
  9. Imagine being the douchebag who orders a "Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese"
  10. now we're ragging on a younger generation for NOT shopping at WholeFoods? We've come full circle
  11. Have they set up a GoFundMe or is insurance covering everything?
  12. Yeesh a week? Did mothers get involved in this argument?
  13. yeah but at least you had Ochocinco in his prime..... right?
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