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  1. Promised myself I would never root for the Giants again after mgmt ruined Eli's Ironman streak and it's been paying off for me since then lol
  2. Jokes on you, I force my partner to watch by kicking her off the xbox
  3. I liked Mercers brother going for the goalie goal there during the EN
  4. It was his leg and he looks to be okay
  5. Misyul just got hit up high with a shot
  6. Finally caught a listen to Jack on 32thoughts, this kid is developing such a magnetic personality, he's going to be the face of the league soon, especially if they can continue to turn heads this season.
  7. Excited to watch Nemec and Filmon
  8. Rookie camp practice starts this morning
  9. Seriously why is it a thing for the Flyers to always have gingers on their team?
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