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  1. I think we all just need to step back and look at the fact that the team is playing generally well, we're only 3 games in, and we had exactly 0 preseason games to shake off the rust. Guys will find their feet, and some won't. It's still to early to tell.
  2. I could be mis-remembering this as I have memory issues, but didn't all 3 play on a line with Carolina at some point? I feel like thats in my head for some reason EDIT: I could be thinking of Howe & Sons
  3. Was gonna say, if Hynes is still coaching this team, we lose this game 5-4 in the last three minutes of regulation
  4. They did the same thing to Gusev pre-season. It almost makes me sad. These guys try so hard to learn English (literally the hardest language to learn as an adult) and they get hung out to dry by these idiot reporters who can't ask succinct questions. Then it makes me picture them sitting by themselves in the locker room while all the English-speaking players banter with each other. The team needs to hire a dedicated language teacher to these guys. It's not fair to them. We literally did a better job of teaching @Guadana english by merely sh!tposting in this forum.
  5. I really hesitate to get ahead of this, but yeah it's very promising that they were able to play at that level without the boys
  6. You know Hynes would've had Zacha, Palms, and PK out there for most of it
  7. Palms and Jack were absolutely gassed on that shift
  8. Rat fvck, of course. That game was WAY more competitive than I thought it would be. Can't wait for the injured boys to get back.
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