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  1. Fitz needs to get Jack some scoring help ASAP. These situations can turn toxic really fast.
  2. Throw these fvckers in the dumpster where they belong Also cool trivia:
  3. I think it would be way more hilarious and satisfying if Buffalo completely kicks the sh!t out of the Bs
  4. But salary retention is A-OK! This league is a joke
  5. God, facebook ads are hilarious today. $20 gets you a fake Mickey Mantle 8x10 autograph that Bobby Hull then allegedly crossed out and signed his own autograph on.
  6. Guys you can book Alexei Kovalev on this Cameo rip-off. I think I'm sold. He really didn't age well though.
  7. gotta be difficult to fully-meld with the team when you barely speak a word of English too
  8. Palms looks really odd with a clean shave
  9. Literally the least physical team in the East for the better part of the last decade
  10. 5-for-28 and he just landed on a skate blade but yeah let's toss Palms out there for the shootout. fvcking WHAT THE FVCK
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