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  1. Yeah serious bummer for Keith. Hope he recovers quickly. Yeah just getting ANY kind of separation is huge at this point. Especially if they can win just one of the games in Atlanta. 2.5 games up is a lot with only 10 games left (Braves have 11), but obviously things can still change very quickly. Let me see the Mets be 3 or more up on the Braves by the time that series rolls around.
  2. This is pretty fair, really. As much as it's hard to stay patient, not everyone who's supposed to be a part of this thing are here just yet. BUT, they should be pretty consistently competitive this year, and relatively entertaining. As long as the team stays reasonably healthy, I don't think 90 points is out of the realm of possibility...not saying that they're some lock for that, but I could see it happening.
  3. re: Makar, my feelings on that will always be the same...if there was tons of chatter about him being the #1OA going in, and the Flyers pounced on him immediately after the Devils made their "mistake", I could understand when some bitch about how the Devils screwed up the pick. But three other teams passed on him too, and one of them (the Flyers) REALLY saw their selection not work out at all. And it's been mentioned but all anyone really has to do is look at the Devils' center situation at the time to realize how badly they needed to bring a young and potentially very good one in. They needed to find someone to skate on a line with Hall. re: Patrick, yeah, really sucks for him, absolutely feel for him...hope if he still wants to have a future in hockey as a coach or whatever role, that he is able to find that opportunity. Can't imagine how the past few years have been for him.
  4. If they're accumulating SO and OT loss points along the way, winning half your games isn't so terrible, really. Say the Devils go 13-8-5 through their first 26 games, and looking like they're headed in the right direction. I can live with that.
  5. Yeah, SD definitely will attempt to make a point with waaaaaay over-the-top hypothetical scenarios that right from the get-go largely invalidate what he's going for. That being said, in SD's defense, he's more talking about, say, if Hughes were to miss a few months, Hischier was banged up, injuries to other key players, etc, and then people expect Fitz to perform miracles in finding fill-ins to approximate what's been lost...yeah, only so much you can do when you get slammed with injuries. Devils have accumulated some nice young players with considerable upside, but aren't yet so deep that they could ever afford to lose certain guys and expect to win consistently. That being said, if the team is healthy and simply not performing, Fitz has gotta show Ruff the door...and being that Fitz brought in Burnette, I think he knows that too.
  6. Yeah this is a “find a way” series…gotta sweep here, whatever it takes.
  7. Dude has a lot of friggin' talent. And gets to do what he loves.
  8. Not mad about not sweeping the Brewers…not like they’re some slouch team. Feels like the Mets gotta find a way against Oakland though.
  9. Braves up 2-1 against the Nats. I know the Nats lost the first two games, but they've been in these games much more than I was expecting them to be...only lost 3-2 last night (and were rallying in the top of the ninth), and still in this one.
  10. Judge won't get the "official" season record, but he doesn't have to...his achievement will be celebrated like it's the real deal because the other guys who "broke" Maris' mark are so tainted that they can't even get into the Hall of Fame. When Judge does break it, I'll consider it as official as it can be myself.
  11. It varies. There's aging players who recognize that their skills are declining, and are able to accept different roles that often come with less playing time and glamour numbers. But yeah, there's definitely guys who won't or can't realize that their prime years are gone and never coming back. Marty was one of them. It was painful at the end, both in that he was getting the white knight treatment that he was no longer worthy of, and that he would make it sound like whatever problems he was having were due to anyone but him. But as we know, the end is often less than pretty. I've always believed that some kids simply need to see how good the NHL really is, before they can understand how to flourish in it. Jack probably had it easy from the time he could skate circles around most of his competition...his rookie year was likely his first "Oh man a lot of other guys are really damned good too!" moment. To his credit, he's worked very hard to become better-equipped to handle the NHL...just hope we're saying "Wow, 100 points for Jack!" and not "If only he played more than 50 games, he would've had 100 points!" Yeah seems like maybe half of their preseason games are carried most seasons, if that many. argh.
  12. Yeah suffice it to say Lindor and Alonso are heating up at the right time, as Has already pointed out. And what a kooky game…how often is it that a team scores seven runs on four hits?! Mets have gone 7-3 over their past 10 games, and 13-7 over their past 20…one thing about Buck’s Mets: they’ll occasionally have a few baffling and frustrating games (see being swept by the Cubs), but not ONCE in 2022 has such an occurrence ever turned into anything resembling an extended funk. Just about all season, they win their 6 or 7 out of 10 in almost stubborn style, again and again and again. Just hope that will be enough to hold off the damned Braves.
  13. No Mets fans can tell me that they feel warm and fuzzy when Carrasco takes the mound. I know his ERA is respectable and I know he’s won 15 games. But he gives up a lot of hits and he gets hit hard by better lineups. I have no interest in seeing him start any playoff games.
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