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  1. That's the kind of shot that paints this kind of picture: "Uhhh, Eddie...hey Eddie, wake up man, cmon...there ya go..." "Damn, my head, what the hell...where the fvck am I?! Is this a fvcking PRISON?!" "Um, Ed, how much of last night do you remember exactly?" "Well, I, yeah...oh noooo…" And I'm really dating myself here (photo below is from the Incredible Hulk TV show, from the late 70s-early 80s...I actually remember this episode), but that photo kind leads me to believe he was one more Jagr shot from a full "Hulk Out":
  2. As of last night, he now has the equivalent of five full NHL seasons (in terms of games played) under his belt, and he hasn't really shown much in the way of growth. Sure, he'll have his occasional offensive surges and will appear to be making some progress here and there...to be followed by more bone-headedness and just general "What the fvck is he doing? Is this guy ever going to figure it out?" moments. If you're happy with "He is what he is" and you accept that he's never going to be any better than he is right now (which really isn't good), or you assess the majority of the blame to the organization for not developing him properly, then yeah, I guess you can both imply that he's somehow unfairly picked on, and choose to point out when he's had a pretty good game to the "unfair" masses. But I don't think the criticisms and frustrations are undeserved at all, and weren't pulled out of thin air for the sake of needing a whipping boy. Not like this roster has a shortage of targets in that regard. As much as I'm not a Seves guy at this point, I do think the Devils can give him one last year next season, in the hope that he's a late bloomer (or will benefit from the yet-to-be-found new coaching staff)...he's cost-controlled for three more seasons after this one, and as DD56 has pointed out quite correctly, the Devils have to keep SOME of the current D bodies around next season...it's easy to scream "CLEAN HOUSE! DUMP 'EM ALL!", but the next wave of young defensemen aren't likely to be ready yet, and I guess there's this tiny minuscule part of me that still hangs onto the slightest sliver of hope that in a couple of years, a 27-year-old Seves will be one of those homegrown vets who suffered through his share of rough days for a number of years, but eventually put it together enough to become that Mr. Reliable guy that you don't really worry about much at all...and a guy that the Devils will actually want to re-sign in 2023. But man that seems like the pipey-ist of pipe dreams...
  3. Sums up exactly how I feel. Just kinda hard to get excited about this team at the moment. Feel like my remaining excitement was used up during that 8-4-2 run. A win tonight would help a little. LGMFD!
  4. I think Dom is Not-Cory and strictly a temporary measure...a warm body in a season where it no longer matters how good the backup is. He’ll have some good games here and there. The GM that brought him in is gone. Maybe he’s still in the system as depth next season, but I’ll be stunned if it’s as the Devils Plan A (or even Plan B ) backup.
  5. In my post, I had him getting about 51 starts total, and starting 60% of the games the rest of the way. Not exactly chump change for a rookie goalie playing his first full season as an NHLer. Sorry, but in this case it looks like you read what you wanted to, and not what people were actually posting. Like DD56 posted, I don’t think that the Devils are going to expedite his development by jacking up an already relatively heavy workload. Guy will probably wind up starting more games than friggin’ Brodeur did in his rookie year (though Marty obviously played plenty in the playoffs).
  6. Marte to the D'Backs for a pair of prospects. I know the Mets were linked to him via rumors, but I wasn't really expecting BVW to get him. Not like there's a whole lot of prospects left in the Mets' system, due to several prior deals. And I'm sure in Wilpon Land, the only way the Mets can take on new money is to shuffle out old money.
  7. It's his first full season in the NHL, and he's been a bit beat up (and inconsistent, though not like he's been blessed with a great defense in front of him). If the Devils want to give him, say, no more than 60% of the remaining starts for the rest of the season, I'm fine with that. He currently has started 31 games (appeared in 35)...60% of the remaining of starts would give him 51 for the season. Plenty of work for a kid stuck on a bad team. He'll have gotten his feet plenty wet, and can hopefully continue to develop in the seasons to come (and handle more games). I'm very hopeful with him.
  8. At least in baseball, the core part of the game (pitcher vs batter) remains intact, compared to games that count. Pitchers who throw hard and/or have killer stuff don’t dial their stuff down for the ASG. You’ll obviously see less contact and no hard slides on the basepaths, but I can live with that. Baseball remains the one sport whose game structure best lends itself to decent (and less compromised) ASGs. And if anything, baseball also works better because you have your “softening” of the game getting its own dedicated event with the HR derby...no, you’re not going to ever see a series of slow fastballs right down the center of the plate in a real game, but it can definitely be entertaining watching the league’s best HR hitters just cranking moonshot after moonshot. Gives fans that much more appreciation for the brute strength that some of these players possess.
  9. Agree in that I always thought the skills competition was pretty cool...especially when it was first introduced and it felt so fresh. I remember seeing some teams just perform their own skills competition...the Flyers come to mind, back when Falloon was playing for them. Think the money sold for tickets went to charity. I think ASGs in general have kind of run their course though...once upon a time, they were a chance to see those names you knew and heard about constantly, but rarely got to actually see first-hand. Obviously we’ve seen coverage evolve to the point where you can go to nhl.com, click on any box score, and see a replay of every goal scored in that game. Obviously other sources to see highlights of all kinds as well. The mystique and appeal of these games is just so watered down now, with this much access to out-of-town players and teams...and as we’ve seen, it’s getting to the point where ASGs don’t really accurately reflect the regular-season product anymore...basketball, hockey, and football are all played at half-speed with minimal contact...and hockey’s not even 5-on-5 anymore. And you have your fair share of players who’d rather just take that time off to rest and recharge...sure, some players still approach being chosen as an honor, but definitely not all of them. And of course, heaven forbid it’s your team that sees a top player suffer injury in any given ASG... I do give the NHL credit for not being afraid of tinkering around in trying to find a fresh approach...just don’t think this event will ever have the pizzazz that it once did, no matter what they try.
  10. Yeah, nothing against Greene, probably played more games and lasted longer than anyone really could've expected. But I don't need to see the Devils sign up for Greene's age 38 (and possibly age 39) seasons. Also would love to see Nico wearing the C next year.
  11. No issues with Zajac wanting to stay through the end of his contract...just like players have every right to exercise their UFA rights when the time comes, ditto a NTC. Sometimes those NTCs can suck for the GMs who take over for the GMs who doled them out, but that it what it is. It doesn't make a difference if the Devils give him another year or two at $2 million or $4 million. They're not going to have cap issues any time soon. At least he's a good example of how to conduct yourself off and on the ice, and I think he brings brains to the table (even if he doesn't necessarily possess the best pure skills). This being said, this is something you revisit after next year...he'll be completing his age 35 season and will be 36 at the start of the 2021-22 campaign. It's impossible to know for sure how much he'll have left at the point. It may be a case of the Devils simply having to say goodbye. But if he's about what he is right now, as 2020-21 is wrapping up, and he's still here and wants to play another season or two...yeah, I would definitely consider bringing him back on a short-term deal.
  12. Funny, I associate Iafrate with the Leafs more than any other team that he played for. In ways to me he'll always be a "could have been"...he had tremendous skills, but never seemed to put up numbers worthy of those skills. In the year he was dealt from the Leafs to the Caps (the 1990-91 season), he put up an insane amount of penalty minutes...237 of them in just 72 GP. Can't help but wonder how much of that was due to that very sticky off-ice situation (Leafs teammate Gary Leeman dating his estranged wife, which is said to have torn that already far-from-harmonic team completely apart)...almost like he was taking his anger out on just about everyone during games. He never came close to having that many penalty minutes in any of his other seasons.
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