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  1. Yeah I missed this one too…was out boozin, but did check the score every so often. Saw that they were down 2-0 and thought “Yep, here we go again.” Saw it was 4-3 and 5-4 and was sure they’d lose 6-5…saw that they won 7-4 and couldn’t believe it. Bastian on one of those “good puck luck” 4th-liner runs…love that he’s scoring some (bloated shooting%). He’s quietly managed 14 goals in his first 80 NHL GP…I‘ll take that from a 4th-liner.
  2. Yeah Mitens not being there is obviously a huge help to the Comets…poor guy was in over his head. My main hope is that Holtz plays in every single one of their remaining games…and has a legit shot to make the team next season and can hopefully stick/look more ready to play in the NHL. Zetterlund’s AHL numbers have improved every season, but hard to see him contributing much offensively as an NHLer.
  3. You can see where the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...Shero and now Fitz never seemed to have a Plan B, though like I've said, in Shero's case he had so little to work with that Plan Bs were going to be harder to come by. But I'm sorry, this whole "Oh well maybe next year" vibe...I can't take it anymore. Look at 2010-11 as an example...you got a coaching change, Lou said soyonara to Langs...he at least TRIED, even when it seemed like the team was already toast. If that team was playing now, MacLean probably gets the whole season.
  4. For me, I don't want nASS and the rest working so much as another practice with this team. I think every week they're given to stick around, they're doing more harm than good. These guys are not the answer...Shero and Fitz sure do seem to have a thing for going down with their coaching ships. I'd be fine with Dineen as an interim.
  5. That's it, you sold me. Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane as the new Devils GM.
  6. Tatar put up a rate of 66 pts per 82 GP in 2018-19 and 2019-20...I get the feeling Fitz thought he might be able to regain that form, especially with Nico or Jack centering him. Clearly hasn't happened...he's quickly become one of those guys you just don't expect much from. Reminds me a bit of Michael Ryder, though a little less meh. At any rate, he's a movable stopgap...Fitz can deal him off pretty easily this offseason...only one year left, and his money is not insane by any stretch.
  7. Yeah I'm becoming indifferent in a hurry...I can only be told to "be patient" and "trust the process" so many times. After the latest rock-bottom, my daughter simply asked me "Daddy, when are the Devils going to be good?" I told her that I have no fvcking idea...she saw some classic Daddy meltdowns Wed night. Like I said previously, there's a handful of players that I'm keeping, and it's line with MB3's list: Nico, Jack, Dougie, Dawson (might be someone I'm forgetting). I'll give Smith more time because young D don't always figure things out right away, especially when a useless moron is tasked with working with them. I'm not opposed to some others staying...McLeod and Bastian should be solid young 4th-liners, and the 4th line is hardly the main issue right now. I think Graves could be a nice piece going forward, even though he hasn't always been on. Siegenthaler's been pretty good most nights. But the rest...I won't be heartbroken to see ANY of them go.
  8. The Flyers changing coaches ultimately didn't pay off (after an initial surge), but at least they fvcking TRIED to shake things up. And were able to recognize that Vigneault was no longer the right guy. Yeah, like MD2020 just said, just seems like there's this passive acceptance of losing, and with Shero/Fitz, it's the same chain of events: make some offseason moves and hope they pay off...if they don't, oh well, preach patience and "trusting the process", then do little to nothing until the deadline, sell off what you can, then maybe next year it will be different. I feel like I'm among the most patient of Devils fans, and even I've finally had enough. That absolutely putrid disaster of a game vs the Yotes should have been the final straw for Retread and the Retards. But nope, they apparently get to keep on fvckin' up.
  9. It's just fans spitballing...I don't think any of us really believe that Knight would be available...like I've pointed out, given Bob's age, Knight could very well be in perfect position to split time and possibly be the 1A in a 1A/1B tandem in 3 years, while still in his early 20s...the Panthers have set themselves up tremendously well for the future, and even though Knight's playing with the big club, the Panthers don't have to rush him, as far as asking too much of a 20-year-old. Barring an insane offer, Florida has absolutely no reason to deal him. The only thing I wonder about re: the Panthers' handling of Knight to date is should he getting more playing time in the AHL? He's only started 12 games to date (appeared in relief in 3 other games).
  10. Yeah what the Devils really need but don't have is a healthy and productive 1B early-mid 30s vet to include in a trade...a guy who may never be as good as Knight will be in a few years, but is clearly better than him right now. Yeah, you're giving up a lot, and even though I would give up this year's first (as long as it's not too too high of a pick) and other pieces to bring him in, sure there's cheaper ways to fix this. Admittedly I have no idea who's available (as has been noted, I doubt Knight is). And who knows, maybe Deadwood bounces back next year (if he's still here)...I just don't have any confidence in that happening. SD just raised a fair point...how about a coach that actually has the slightest clue how to coach defense?
  11. Then the pick isn't as valuable, unfortunately. That being said, if Fitz was super-bullish on Knight being a possible long-term solution in net, I could see this year's first, next year's second, and a couple of Utes (maybe one of their goalies) to Florida for Knight. I know this is just for kicks...I still don't see Florida making him available.
  12. If the Devils were ever to do something as bold as trading for Knight, they'd better clean out the Retread and the Loser Twins. They've all outlived whatever miminal usefulness they ever had.
  13. I'd give up Bratt and other pieces for an established star netminder, sure. Knight could become that (he was picked where he was for a reason), but definitely not enough assurances for that yet. But I think the goalie situation within the organization is questionable enough that I'd give up a high first-rounder for him...at least he's already playing in the NHL, and the Devils would be getting him before his Age 21 season. You could do worse with a high first-rounder.
  14. Yeah I don't think I would do it either. Too risky. I'd give up the pick though.
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