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  1. fvcking Sandy. Cohen’s gotta get rid of him.
  2. I think Fitz is open to whatever improves the team…I think Saad was his initial target, but obviously Saad chose the Blues. I’m thinking Tarasenko might be next on his list…so far no one has stepped to nab him. What I like about Fitz’s MO is that he doesn’t seem prone to making a panic move…he may eventually make a deal for Tarasenko, but at his price. Boqvist wouldn’t be much than a throw-in at this point…just don’t think he’s shown enough in his brief time as an NHLer.
  3. I think Fitz is taking his time in trying to land a Top 6. Just wants the price to be right.
  4. Guess we’ll find out who’s being more truthful after a thorough investigation. More than anyone else, I feel for those kids. What a fvcking mess to be growing up in.
  5. Not to mention Carton was able to serve his time, and then regain his livelihood. His wife stuck by him, in spite of everything. If Kane’s wife’s allegations are proven true, what the hell does he do? How does he make a living? Begin to pare down his debts?
  6. BTW the Pirates have been a tough opponent for the top three teams in the NL East…they’ve gone 3-4 against the Braves, 4-3 against the Mets, and now 2-0 against the Phillies. Go figure.
  7. Huge fvcking win! They absolutely needed this. 4 games up on the Braves, 4.5 up on the Phillies. To get to 88 wins: Mets 55-48 (33-26) To pass the Mets: Braves 52-53 (37-20) Phillies 51-53 (38-20) Goddamn all the Mets have to do is just stop treading friggin’ water…hope it happens soon.
  8. Yeah me neither! Figured down by one, best case.
  9. Gotta admit, didn’t think Dom was getting it done there. Well done Dom!
  10. You knew once it got to 3 and 2, that he was gonna whiff. Because the guy is allergic to walking (and getting on base). We’ll just have to enjoy the occasional dingers.
  11. Starting to wonder if Lugo is a “not so good without Spider Tack” guy. I know he’d been better after getting rocked for 5 runs a while back, but he’s been giving up more hits lately.
  12. And sadly I can’t help but wonder if Kane will wind up feeling like he may have no other way out. He is mired in an insane amount of debt (if you believe what’s being reported) and it sounds like he will soon have nothing left…no job, no family, nothing. It sounds like he brought plenty of this on himself, but this really feels like a tragedy in the making. I just wonder how a guy like this ever recovers from this…regardless of the fact that he’s the one who appears to have taken the wrecking ball to his life.
  13. Well Baez does bring the longball at least. Might not want to take a curtain call with your team still losing though. And Matt Harvey is 3-0 in his last three starts, having scored 18.1 scoreless innings. Go figure.
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