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  1. He absolutely had to go. Although who knows, with Keefe around, maybe he would've played a HELL of a lot less, as was what was originally intended when he . Lindy and Green couldn't seem to put him out there enough.
  2. Meh, not going to assume that he's an analytics-deep dive type just because of that. I think we're to the point where we simply gotta see what roster he's working with and if he's finding ways to win with it.
  3. Watched about half of this. Nothing Earth-shattering (and that's usually going to be case with these press conferences, as it's all good feels), but I'm good with that...I still like the choice and most of all, I liked that Keefe didn't say anything that made me cringe or felt like a red flag. I've definitely seen this at times, especially with Met managers...when Mickey Callaway talked about how much he was going to love the players during his intro, you just KNEW he was going to be a trainwreck. All we can do is see how it all works out now. I've definitely optimistic and hopeful.
  4. I see this as a bit of “give back to the fans”, goofy as that may sound. I think it’s become clear that many fans are beyond fed up with these power-tripping, unnecessarily confrontational umps who quite frankly aren’t good at their jobs to begin with. And we know which ump was every bit the poster boy for sh!tty umps. So even though we got our pound of flesh, sadly there’s probably at least 3-4 more umps that need to be shown the door too. These guys need to be taken down a peg, but I’m guessing Hernandez “retiring” is as far as any real change will go, and the rest will continue to act as untouchable as they always have. Would’ve been nice if there was a real “Do better or you’re next” vibe in the MLB air. Maybe we'll find out exactly what happened behind the scenes, but guessing that MLB put pressure on the umps' union, and the union basically said "OK, we'll stop just blindly protecting him just because he's in the union, but it's going to cost you; you're going to have to make it worth his while to leave." Which of course sucks because Hernandez himself sucked and there were literally HOURS of video that would've provided cause. At least one comically terrible ump is finally gone and that's a win, but so much more needs to be done. Bring on the Robo-Umps please.
  5. Holy sh!t it’s about fvcking time! I wonder if the union actually dared to put some pressure on him.
  6. So I guess the assumption is that Fitz won't address any of the above this offseason?
  7. Marner goes UFA after 2024-25 if he doesn't get an extension...very curious to see what he winds up signing for. Obviously plenty productive during the regular season but is getting the dreaded "loser" label. I've said it a bunch but Fitz can't acquire Question Markstrom and feel like he upgraded the goaltending. Markstrom was well below average two seasons ago, and was wildly inconsistent this past season...he's put up an .898 save% (.491 QS%) and -16.0 GSAA overall the past couple of seasons. Vanecek over his past two seasons put up a .903 save% (.571 QS%) and -2.8 GSAA. VERY hard no to Question Markstrom.
  8. Curious to see who would've gone to Boston in such a deal. Boston doesn't have a pick in the first three rounds in this year's draft...gotta think if the Devils make a move for Ullmark, that this year's #10 OA and at least another pick would go as part of a package for him. Jake DeBrusk is a UFA...wouldn't mind seeing Fitz kick the tires on him.
  9. You should have heard the Ranger fans calling into WFAN. They act like he’s some secret weapon who can turn a series around almost single-handedly. It’s beyond absurd.
  10. That's obviously part of the reason that he became available in the first place, but it's fair to wonder if roster construction was more of a factor; his teams tended to be top-heavy, with too much of the cap being eaten up by a relatively small number of players. At least the cap situation here is currently a bit better (though of course we'll have to see what Luke and Nemec get once their ELCs are up), so Fitz can spend a bit more on solid depth "glue" guys. I like the move considering who else was out there and like I said, I think the guy's track record (especially in the regular season) warranted him getting another chance somewhere. But of course, only time will tell as to whether or not it works out.
  11. Yeah I suspect we'll see some deadwood cleaning this year (and this offseason). Some of these guys just need to go.
  12. For all the barbs that Fitz took for 2023-24 (some of them fully deserved), he really did a fine job with how he handled bringing in a new coach: He didn't initially zero in on any one candidate...he made sure to speak to several of them, to give himself several options. Also knew that once Lindy and Green inexplicably went off the board early, that only so many jobs remained (and of course not all were as desirable), so he could afford to show some patience. Fitz chose not to burn any bridges, but suffice it to say that he only kept the one to Green intact "just in case". There's a reason he let Green walk away with no fight. Fitz obviously talked to Berube, but I think ultimately Fitz wasn't fully feeling Berube, and Berube wasn't fully feeling the Devils. Fitz likely knew that Berube was more interested in seeing if the Leafs job was going to open up, and also probably knew that it was indeed going to, so they moved on from each other, and Berube was crossed off the list earlier than we might have thought. Fitz also could've gone after him during the season last year; we'll probably hear a lot more from Fitz about coach who's HERE as opposed to the one who ISN'T, but something about Berube clearly just never fully clicked with Fitz. Once Keefe became available, it was just like Fitz said...after checking in and speaking to several candidates, he identified Keefe as his man and knew that he had a hell of a product to sell to him to get him to come aboard. I think Fitz knew that no one else was really going to be in the running (no other potential team boasted the same level of young talent), and that the only thing that Fitz could lose Keefe to would be if Keefe simply decided to take a little time away. But it comes back to the product and the young talent, and Keefe simply couldn't turn that away, just like he said.
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