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  1. Not trying to make a "Case for Gase" in any way (it's impossible), but it's not like that list is full of prime talent that would've had insane success elsewhere: Matt Moore is your backup/sometime starter type for a reason. His numbers weren't really all that bad under Gase...he only made 8 appearances and 5 starts under Gase (team went 2-3 in those starts)...he wasn't bad in his three 2016 starts, but didn't fare nearly as well in his two 2017 starts. Hard to expect a whole lot out of Moore though. Jay Cutler's numbers weren't much worse as a Dolphin than they were anywhere els
  2. The Matt Patricia Era (which I knew would be every bit the disaster it turned to be) is finally over in Detroit. Just remember about him: Brady and the Pats consistently scoring 500+ points covered up for a lot during Patricia’s time as the Patriot DC. Right time right place...and now he’s been permanently exposed for what he is. I won’t be shocked if he gets a DC gig somewhere else and isn’t terribly good at that either.
  3. Thanks man. Yeah I’m not perfect, but I try very hard, and love spending time with her. Really miss watching hockey with her...that was very much “our” thing.
  4. Thanks man. We plan to remind her how loved she is a LOT. And we have no interest in using her as a weapon against each other...ever.
  5. We want it to be amicable for sure. Long and short is that we hadn't been truly happy in many years, and a lot was missing. We want to remain friends and be good parents to our daughter. We both love her more than anything.
  6. Sadly if you want to get a "proper" reverse retro, you'll probably have to go game-issued or game-worn (this has sadly been the case with Adidas jerseys since Day 1). DM84 mentioned that the ones that will be made available to fans (even the "authentics") won't be close to what the on-ice jersey will be. A proper GI or GW RR would be the only version of this design that I'd be willing to buy (not that it's a high priority for me at the moment).
  7. Pretty much where I am. This has been a sh!t-storm of a year...and to finish it off, I'm getting divorced (still navigating our way through that one...and it was obvious that things hadn't been right in a long time, so don't want to imply there was any blindsiding from either party...was only a matter of time). But with an awesome 12-year-old involved who did nothing wrong and has tremendous spirit, I just hope this won't break her. Fortunately she's loved equally by Mom and Dad.
  8. Really sucks that the Mets have to pay him their share of the rest of his money for 2022 and 2023 if they take the big step of releasing him. Thanks again Brodie, great trade you made there.
  9. Agree on your "yuck" take, re: Sandy keeping Tebow...it's crap like that that makes me wonder just a little about Sandy being back. Seriously, this "cute" story lost its luster a long time ago...especially when Tebow slashed .163/.240/.255 in AAA. It's not like this guy was only given some low-ball short season to enjoy his own personal fantasy camp...he's been rushed through three levels of the minors to AAA, where he obviously was severely overmatched. Do the "new" Mets really need a glorified mascot taking up space at Syracuse? Especially if, like you suggest, fans won't even be allowe
  10. It’s amazing that you can’t get out from under a contract like that for legit cause. The guy’s a two-time cheat! But yeah, I can definitely see the New Mets deciding to buy him out. Who is going to want him back in two years?
  11. The big difference is that Josefson is a 29-year-old vet who's likely topped out there...a AAAA player. Holtz is just getting started.
  12. Holtz with 4 G and 5 A through 12 GP...same as teammate Jacob Josefson (they’re tied for second on their team in points). Not a knock on Holtz in the slightest or even remotely trying to suggest that he won’t work out...just checked out his numbers on hockeydb.com and was like “Oh, there’s Josefson.”
  13. My brother (outside of a 7-year-stint living in London) has always identified with NY. He’s spent several years living there. He was always a Ranger fan (since childhood...also roots for the Yankees, Knicks, and Jets) and has gone to his fair share of games with work buddies. I would’ve been very happy to convert him if it was a possibility. I did buy my nephew a couple of Devils jerseys, who was more of a blank slate as a young kid. He wound up becoming a Penguins fan, of all things.
  14. Many MANY years ago, I went to a Devils - Rangers game at MSG with my younger brother (a Rags fan, though not super-hardcore). After the game we went into Cosby’s (we both had very heavy buzzes), and on display among other jerseys was an authentic ultrafil white #93 Gilmour...even though I didn’t have a whole lot of disposable income, I had to have that jersey (and I still do). Being a good older bro, I decided to buy my bro (who had snagged the tix to the game) a Rags jersey (non-personalized replica...I’m not THAT good of an older bro). Pretty sure that I broke out in hives and boils
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