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  1. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Santini signs three year deal

    It's actually a nice rule...you can get a look at a "maybe he can handle the NHL" kind of young player (usually 18 or 19 years old) for a nice chunk of games (like the Devils did with Bratt, who obviously did enough to stick around), and decide whether or not to burn up a year of ELC...if you decide the player is question isn't NHL-ready yet, he gets sent back to junior...no harm, no foul...and best of all, no lost ELC year.
  2. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Yep, as many here know, I turned 25 that day...and it's really fvcking hard to believe that another 25 years have almost gone by since that lovely night. I've had MANY great tailgating experiences, but that one was still the best. So much happiness, anticipation, and camaraderie...no one felt like a stranger that night, and people that you know would NEVER get along otherwise acted like best buds. I'll never forget it, any of it.
  3. Colorado Rockies 1976

    The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    I started slow in the past year, and then kinda ramped up, as the costs seemed less and less shocking. I had a red Dean preseason (not sure which year) that I got from DM84 in a trade (I gave him a Mitchell & Ness Colorado Rockies Ramage, which I think he's since unloaded) many years ago...for years, that was my only GW of any kind. I then one day decided that I really wanted a McMullen Night jersey, so I went on Meigray, and decided on a GI Auvitu, as (at the time) it was very reasonably priced for an event night jersey. Then there was an auction for 2017 Developmental Camp jerseys...I was in the bidding on a #33 red Hischier until the end (at well over $2k it simply became too rich for my blood), but I wound up with a red #44 Wood and a red #63 Bratt for less than it would've cost for Edge authentics, and both had some mild wear. Eventually I started spending a bit more...not sure about the exact order here, but then I got a white Palms (my current favorite Devil), then a red Palms, then an Prudential Opening Night Oduya (the only Edge 1.0 that I own), then a Brodeur Night Zajac (Meigray auction, after Palms got a bit too high for my liking), then went a little crazy and made Meigray an offer on my two Halls and a Brodeur Night Zajac for $5k for the lot, which they accepted (saved a nice chunk). I also bought another Elias off DM84. Snagged a white 2.0 Zajac off ebay, as the price was too good to pass up ($305 with shipping)...also nabbed a sweet red and green #26 Albelin off ebay...just made the guy an offer a good bit under asking, and to my surprise, he took it. I was able to get both Eliases for just under $2k combined, which I was VERY happy with. But it's funny...when I bought my Auvitu, if you had told me I would ever be willing to spend $1k or more for any particular jersey, I would've looked at you cross-eyed. I started off by trying to bargain hunt, but I kept budgeting higher and higher as the sticker prices felt less and less daunting. As DM84 knows, I buy my jerseys to wear them...some I consider "basement jerseys" (I watch a number of games in my cave), and others I wear out to games (makes me a little nervous admittedly). The Halls and Palms jerseys have some nice wear...you can really tell Hall gets knee deep in the sh!t...lots of stick marks and repairs...Palms has his share too. I plan on breaking out the red Hall on Opening Night this year, then probably the red Palms for the next game, then I'll just wing it after that. I may snag a size 56 Adidas red jersey off Meigray eventually (the only real way to nab a legit authentic), and have it re-named and numbered to a Hischier. Size 54 (Hischier's size) is too small for me, and $5k or so is just too much for me to spend on a GW.
  4. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Santini signs three year deal

    I get the feeling part of his having a real shot would have to be him either just going crazy in preseason, or someone else getting hurt. Right now I don't think he's really in the Devils' 2018-19 plans.
  5. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Alternate Jerseys

    I would never go that far, but I am surprised at the level that some fans seem to pine for them and want them back as the regular unis. I thought the red and blacks were a massive improvement at the time, and so did damned near everyone else...if there was any mass outcry over the color scheme change, I definitely wasn't aware of it, and since I lived about 20 mins away from the Meadowlands at the time, I was going to a LOT of games. I think what happens in time is that some people like prefer "old" simply by virtue of something simply being old...I'm guilty of it too sometimes (especially with music). The red and greens are probably loved a lot more now than they ever were then. But I keep crossing my fingers that we may see the old home whites as the 3rd. As much as I would never want the old design and colors coming back as the primaries, I would love to see the whites on the ice again as 3rds. Would be even cooler if they went with the original "skinny" number font from the 1982-83 season (and a few seasons beyond...I would also be fine with the "bolder" font that came in the late 80s). That was one of the things I didn't like about the recent red and green retros...you had two different fonts used for the pre-red and blacks (one "skinnier" and one "bolder/thicker", as mentioned), and the retros used the (then) current red and black font. It sounds kooky/nitpicky but that (and the white Edge flap) took something away from that batch of retros for me.
  6. Colorado Rockies 1976

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Kilome has been pretty good over his last 7 AA stats (3 with Bingo): 43.1 IP, 35 H, 12 ER, 18 BB, 36 K, 2.49 ERA. The BBs have been coming down lately too (5 BB in 18.1 IP with Bingo). Good article on him...who knows what his future is, but I kind of like the fact that he actually could be bothered to learn the language of the country that allows him to make millions playing a kid's game (cough Cespedes cough). https://nypost.com/2018/08/05/mets-ready-to-take-chance-on-potential-starter-of-the-future/
  7. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Santini signs three year deal

    I think he's a dark horse to get a nine-game look if he really wows in preseason, but yeah, if he ever stuck with the team beyond that, I'd be pretty stunned.
  8. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Heh heh, to me he was always the guy with minimal talent, but never seemed to realize it, and always came off like he thought he was so much cooler and way more of a badass than he really was (Craig Carton Syndrome)...the more you heard him reveal about himself on air, the more you realized that he was really kind of a crotchety d*ck. I remember one show when Anthony was basically growing tired of Opie's crappy moods and decided to call him out on it on air, Opie muttered something about quitting soon (he didn't, though behind the scenes Opie and Anthony weren't really getting along anymore...that wasn't really known at the time)...Anthony retorted with something along the lines of "What are you going to do? Go back to spinning records?" That really got Opie, but let's face it, Opie - Anthony = Spuds Buckley. Opie was at least smart enough to surround himself with funny and talented people. He was always a bit of a glorified board op to me. Still waiting for those flying cars and programmable weather...and a Pit Bull hoverboard...
  9. Colorado Rockies 1976

    The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    I made a half-hearted offer on McKay. A couple of months ago I might have jumped in on some of the "bargains" (like Langs, Sykora or even White), but I've really bulked up my collection in the past 4 months or so (with several pricier ones...a couple of 2016-17 Halls, Brodeur Night and Elias Night Zajacs, a pair of Eliases, etc), so I'm taking a break for a while. Part of me wishes I'd gotten in on Sykora at what his jersey sold for, but there really wasn't anything there that was screaming "You must buy!" to me.
  10. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Santini signs three year deal

    Obviously a potential bargain if he makes strides. Really hope some of these guys find ways to stick. I have no issues with the tough love that Severson, Santini and other Ds have been given, but it would be nice to see less healthy scratches in 2018-19. Pretty young group: Mueller, Santini, and Butcher are 23, Severson is 24, and Vatanen is 27. The exceptions are obviously Lovejoy (34) and Greene (will be 36 on October 30). Gotta wonder just a little if Greene is on a shorter leash this year. God I hope so.
  11. Colorado Rockies 1976

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Mets have actually been less pathetic lately...now 18-18 over their last 36 GP. I'm kind of hoping that they don't go on some kind of surge that gives them a record of 77-85 or thereabouts for the season...knowing the Wilpons, the mentality will definitely be "See, if this team can just stay healthy..." The Mets can have quite a bit to say about Philly's stretch run...they have a five-game set coming up, and play them a total of 11 more times from now through the end of the season. They're 5-3 against them so far. I'm guessing that if the Mets win 6 out of the next 7, they'll go on a worthless rampage that will lead the organization to think that the team is much better than it really is...though there's a rough Chicago/West Coast trip looming at the end of the month. Also a three-game set up in Boston in mid-September, though the Sox probably won't be playing for much by then. Yanks are a very pedestrian 24-22 in their last 66. CC just went to the DL, and Severino is suddenly getting lit up (7.50 ERA and 11 HRs allowed in his last 7 starts). They have time to get straightened out, but the Yankee collective will lose their sh!t if they're toast after the WC game.
  12. Colorado Rockies 1976

    The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

    Some nice deals there. White's a decent grab for someone just getting into the hobby. As are Zajac and Sykora.
  13. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Alternate Jerseys

    I'm kinda in the same boat...at first I was like "I'm digging 'em, but I'd prefer more rounded shoulder yokes..." And that turned into "Well, might as well just go with the Xmas classic whites". But I do like the design.
  14. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018 Offseason Thread

    As someone who works out pretty religiously, I can tell you that 415 on deadlifts really isn't that much. You'd be surprised how many people can do that, and for more than a couple of reps. Not knocking Zacha in any way (and his form is perfect), just pointing that out. I'll readily point out that deadlifts are not my strength...after I hurt my back for the third time doing them, I had to eliminate them from my routine. Sucks in that they're a terrific "bang for the buck" exercise.
  15. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Alternate Jerseys

    I bought that GW Oduya off you for two reasons: it was an Edge 1.0, and it had the Prudential Center Opening Night patch on it...but yeah, the guy's had a pretty good career. I remember how maddening he could be when he first came here. Oduya is one of my "basement jerseys"...one I wear at home when I'm watching the Devils in my basement. Probably won't wear that one to a game.