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  1. fvcking Wilpons lmao...they're the majority owners of SNY, so of course those two complete POS are creating drama when it comes to keeping Keith in the broadcast booth. Because they just can't do ANYTHING right. EVER.
  2. Agree, I don't think he gets fired. Devils will release some statement over how they don't condone drinking and operating a vehicle of ANY kind, will make it clear that repeat behavior will not be tolerated, and then the know-it-all media will debate what the right thing to do should have been, because they all always seem to have the answers. Then this will hopefully die down quickly. Good news is that no one was hurt and hopefully Brunette won't put himself in that position again.
  3. Yeah Sharks will have to retain some money to make it work. Who knows, maybe they make a deal elsewhere to dump a couple of players for draft picks, and get under the limit that way. Or the Devils deal off Severson to clear some room (I don't think that Fitz wants to do this...I think he'd much rather keep Seves and just let him walk at season's end, as he does provide some offensive insurance in case Hamilton gets hurt, even though yes, he comes with a LOT of warts). And yeah I've said it a bunch but what I'm trying my best to do in any deal for Meier is avoid involving Mercer or Nemec. And if it got to a point where Mercer would almost have to be involved, I'm not giving the Sharks nearly as much in "extras". No first rounders or Holtz. The fact that we're all readily willing to do the deal makes me wonder if it's going to be enough. If the Devils flat-out refuse to give up Mercer or Nemec, I'd be surprised if the Sharks didn't say "Well, at least give us Casey instead of Walsh or Foote!" And that will be another "OK Fitz show us what ya got!" moment, when the Devils have that first "Oh sh!t can't keep everyone!" realization. Painful decisions gotta be made along the way.
  4. He has 6 goals and 4 assists in his last 10 GP. Regardless of whatever he does now, I don’t know what the Devils were supposed to have done with him. They gave him six seasons and 386 games to show something here, to establish some kind of consistent prosecution, and last season after a promising start and coming off a career year, he basically disappeared. Fitz of course made a deal that didn’t bring back a killer return but based on Zacha's track record to that point, I definitely wasn’t expecting one. That being said, if Haula was just shooting at his career 11.7% rate instead of this infuriating “How the fvck is he only shooting 4.3%?!” crap, this trade would look a LOT better…Haula would have 10 or 11 goals at this point. But that hasn’t happened…sucks that 2022-23 wound up being the year that Haula just had to be snakebit to an insane degree. Also sucks in that he’s been largely meh enough (in other aspects) that it feels like the Devils should probably just move on and not even explore keeping him around for next year. You win some and you lose some. Friggin’ Bruins won this one.
  5. Well yeah no one is advocating making this kind of deal without Meier being locked up. A rental at this point makes no sense.
  6. If it means not giving up Mercer or Nemec I’ll happily give them Holtz as part of the deal.
  7. Ryan Novozinsky suggests a package of Sharangovich, Holtz, a 2023 protected first-rounder and one of Walsh or Foote for Meier. I’m making that deal, as long as he’s sticking around.
  8. Yeah Devils got lucky that both Jack and Nico took “instant” money…both could have easily gambled on themselves with three or four-year bridge deals, and Fitz offered each enough in AAV to make going seven years for Nico and eight years for Jack seem tempting enough for them to sign on the dotted line. Fitz clearly won that one…both would likely have gotten more once their bridge deals would’ve expired. Bratt is definitely in a different position…he’s been a PPG player for about 120 GP and counting since the start of last season. Neither Jack nor Nico had been as productive at the time they signed their extensions. And I get the feeling Bratt’s agent will look to pricier “comps” once talks heat up.
  9. They must have known that they would have to dump some money to keep him. Devils should be OK for a few years…it’s when L Hughes and Nemec’s ELCs expire that things will start to truly get dicey. Not that we don’t already know this but will be very interesting to see if Bratt has any interest in taking a little less or is insisting on getting every last penny.
  10. Wasn’t saying he was driving wasted. We have no idea what kind of shape he was in. But if you know you’re likely over the legal limit, don’t chance it…chill for a while or just get a ride to wherever you need to go and then get your car later. Especially when you know that it’s gonna be all over the media if you get caught…not saying that it’s fair that the media can’t report this stuff fast enough if you’re even remotely in the public eye, but why take the risk?
  11. The bolded: absolutely But goddamn in a day and age where you can easily get an Uber or Lyft (or heaven forbid you simply CALL A FRIEND and explain that you've been drinking and need to be given a ride)...there's just no fvcking excuses anymore for this crap. And clearly this is a guy with a lot to lose.
  12. It was like watching a former .340 hitter hit .275 or so...yeah, the numbers definitely weren't bad (and in today's NFL almost every QB puts up at least decent numbers...you don't see too many "AAAAAAA that is SO bad!" numbers anymore, really), but you just knew that his best days were now definitively behind him. And what's sad is that it wasn't until last year that you could really say that, because outside of not winning a championship, his second-to-last season was very much a terrific one...and a great note to have gone out on. Yeah this last year doesn't tarnish anything and I'm not trying to imply that it possibly could...just sucks that a guy who could've gone out at the top of his game just to hang on that one last year. So many of them do.
  13. I'd consider him the darkest of dark horses for the Devils but it could wind up becoming a situation where he tells Ottawa that he's not interested in sticking around, and the Sens decide to see what they can get for him. If the Devils can't make Meier happen, maybe they at least kick the tires on DeBrincat.
  14. Obviously still one of the all-time greats but a shame that he went out on a whimper. Even during the 2021-22 season he was damned good...he could've just stuck to his original retirement plan and it would've been "OK, he wanted to defend Tampa's Super Bowl win, didn't get it done, but that's OK, we get it." Everything about this past season just felt wrong...hey, Tampa was willing to bring him back, and it's his right to keep playing if someone's willing to employ him...hopefully whatever he needed, he got out of this lackluster final season, and can now move on.
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