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  1. I haven’t been this anxious for a Devils season to end since way back in 2017. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!
  2. He does do that every so often. Sound like Minus Man Seves is having a tough night?
  3. Had a school activity tonight and haven’t gotten to see anything yet. I’m assuming it hasn’t been pretty?
  4. NJD67, not sure if you were watching at the beginning of the season, but he was clearly trying to hold most of his players accountable when his team was still relevant (for some reason Greene has earned permanent "untouchable" status). With the team he has now, it doesn't make sense to hold them to the same standard as the true "varsity" squad. This is a team playing out the string of a highly disappointing season...to the kids' credit who are currently being asked to do far more than Plan A ever could have called for, they're trying their best...I've seen my share of well-paid veteran-laden also-rans in all sports just say screw it, and clearly mail it in waiting for it all to be over. As ugly as it is with this group, at least they're not doing that. You can't just make a blanket statement like "Usually coached get fired when they lose as many." It doesn't always work that way. Hynes' first Devils teams clearly weren't designed to win much...last season, he took a team that had talent but had a lot of youth to the playoffs...yes, Hall having his MVP rampage and KK doing a solid imitation of a #1 goalie for a significant stretch at a crucial time definitely helped a lot, but at the very least, Hynes didn't get in the way of his team's success. His players seem to like him an awful lot too, for whatever that's worth. Shero clearly has a high opinion of him as well...enough to extend him just enough to keep him out of lame-duck status, anyway. You'll hear some occasional bitching about Shero not doing enough to improve the team (one such post in this thread already exists), but the fact is there was enough currently in the system that Shero wanted to take this season to see if some of the youth could build off what they did last season (mixed results for sure), and see how the depth/Plan B guys might perform if called upon, should guys on the big club get hurt...there was also reason to hope a guy like Johansson could turn in a full season closer to his 2016-17 campaign. I also think that Shero wasn't exactly enamoured with the majority of the UFA class, outside of the ones that never were never coming here to begin with. Shero's seen enough in this evaulation season to know that improvements will have to come from outside the organization, and he's set himself up very well in that regard...he has accumulated both picks and cap space. Back to Hynes, when Shero has assembled a team that he feels is truly ready to contend (that's still very much in progress), I think that's when Hynes' seat will get warm, if the team is simply not living up to expectations. Shero probably feels like Hynes hasn't had a full team to truly work with yet.
  5. Boucher was a 4th-rounder too...some people just got way too excited when he was putting up some decent numbers in the AHL to start off his pro career (did have a nice year in the OHL too). In his stints with the Devils, he never showed enough to really hope for much. As of now, he's a productive AHLer, but won't ever be more.
  6. The only reason I'm not writing him off entirely for 2020 is that I can see him suddenly feeling better than he has in years...due entirely to trying to get another payday...if he has a solid year and plays in 130+ games, maybe someone else signs him for a year at $15 million or so. I truly think that for him, baseball is a means to an end...he can make a lot of money doing it, and as long as he's under contract, he doesn't even have to kill himself getting onto the field. I don't think he particularly loves the game or has any great desire to play it...but he does love the goodies it allows him to buy. I do think he was having some real fun in 2015, but that was a long time ago. I don't see him being terribly crushed if he never picks up a baseball again...and if he is, it will be almost solely because there will be no other jackpots waiting to be cashed. Of course, what really sucks about this is that the fvcking Wilpons have their convenient go-to excuse whenever fans and media start to get on them yet again for not spending like a big-boy team...we've already seen them do it. Some teams could overcome a Cespedes-type signing and have it not hurt their on-field product too too much. With the Mets, it always had the potential to sting a lot more.
  7. Heh heh, more to root for certain guys, but there's so few guys who are worth a damn, as far as being a legit part of this team's future goes.
  8. Right now Erika and Bryce are probably downing shots somewhere and saying "Thank God we don't have to cover THIS sh!t tonight...another Jager my good man!" And sadly right now I'm thinking it's nice to get a break from Dano...Devils really gotta start to wonder if he should really keep his gig...just not sure how much more time this "experiment" should get, because if anything, I think he's getting worse at this...
  9. Meh, Yakovlev and Santini are far from proven, Carrick's nothing special, Greene's been declining, no Vats...it ain't good...
  10. When my daughter gets to that age when she starts to blame me for whatever horrible things she thinks I've done...first on the list might be me taking her to the game this Saturday. Watching this team at the moment definitely has the potential to leave scars...
  11. Actually, I do think they try quite a bit. But effort can't cover up for lack of experience, and more importantly, lack of talent.
  12. First contract was a risk but overall was one of Sandy's better moves...kept the carrot dangled just close enough where Ces was still motivated enough to try to get a little more. Admittedly I was nervous as hell with the second deal, and sadly Ces has shown all the doubters exactly why they should've been. As far as pure "fat cat" potential goes, he sure lived up to his. The one question that I'm sure will never get answered is why did it take so friggin' long for him to have his surgery done in the first place? I get that the guy is no rush to get back onto the field and it won't surprise me at all if he plays less than a quarter of the season (if that much), but it sure seemed like that surgery could've been taken care a hell of a lot earlier last year than it was.
  13. Yet all of these "by the nonexistent book" morons will all tell you that it makes sense to keep babying these pitchers to the tunes of innings limits and not a lot of minor league innings pitched...and none of that has ACCOMPLISHED A THING. Guys get hurt now more than ever. It wasn't that long ago that some starters were throwing 300+ IP and completing games and left and right. The fact that the Mets are stuck with a guy who clearly put on a front to get paid (by acting like he was genuinely interested in playing baseball) is at least offset by the fact that Fulmer didn't turn into the arm that got away. And to allude to what Has just said, though he's right that since the middle of 2017 it hasn't worked out either way, I think overall the Mets have won the deal to date because they never reach the 2015 WS without Ces' contributions. One thing I'll say in Fulmer's favor is that we've seen some guys come back from TJS even better than before. But no way to know what he might be down the line until 2020 at the earliest.
  14. Amazing when a team that actually realizes that it's a big market team steps up like that...but goddamn that is so much friggin' coin. Imagine if Trout ever starts to decline on the early side...
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