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  1. Yeah I love the fact that even though Jeffy is STILL walking away with a hell of a lot of money (there's obviously a win there on some level), nothing else has involving this sale has been on his terms...no continued involvement in personnel decisions, forced to sell the team to the one guy he absolutely not did want to sell to (and was basically told by the other owners to stay out of the negotiations and not to fvck anything up), and will forever be remembered as a complete buffoon and a generally lousy guy.
  2. Nice final start by Peterson...not to mention that this guy pretty much came out of nowhere to begin his major league career on a solid note. Barring injury or a rotten spring, looks like he should be starting next year in the rotation. Looks like three spots are pretty well spoken for (deGrom, Lugo, and Peterson), as far as the 2021 season goes...we’ll see what happens with Syndergaard. Matz has gotta go. Curious to see if Cohen/Alderson/the new GM make a run at Bauer, though it’s not like Bauer has been as good throughout his career as he has in this kooky lil’ 60-game season...he ca
  3. Guess we'll find out once and for all who the "real" Alderson is, and if having a lot more to spend will make him a more imposing presence. We'll know soon enough how much the Wilpons truly kneecapped him and compromised his ability to make moves. Not gonna lie, I would've rather seen someone without previous Met ties get this gig. The Sandy era (though they did reach the World Series in 2015) isn't exactly chock full of wonderful memories. He must truly love the organization to want to come back.
  4. I think this was more about having some kind of diversion for everyday people...I think many people needed this, just something to talk about, something to take their minds off the sh!tshow that has been 2020, even if the season had to be severely truncated to make MLB work for now. And in general, I think MLB did a pretty good job, even with some of the outbreaks. Once basketball, hockey, and baseball are done, it's going be very quiet. Kind of (sadly) funny though that even with the playoff bar being set so low, the Mets STILL couldn't fvcking find a way to get in...nope, probably w
  5. Still feels like his results are too mixed for the rotation...I guess I'd rather see him potentially be an awesome bullpen guy, as opposed to a pretty good #3 or #4 starter. But I guess it's not the end of the world if he at least gets a look as a starter to begin next season, with a full spring training to get stretched out. If it doesn't work out, back to the pen he goes. I'm still not a big believer in Diaz (and I'll probably never fully trust him in big spots), but he's done enough this season that I can understand if the Mets don't want to bail on him just yet. Just don't go into
  6. Bats go silent when they’re needed most...because of course they do. Oh well...only six games left. If deGrom pitches a shutout in his final start, he might take home another Cy Young. Right now based on pure numbers though, it feels like the Cy is Trevor Bauer’s...his numbers are just better enough.
  7. Josh had his fair share of dopey play calls tonight...but that final one took the cake. Game probably shouldn’t have been that close to begin with.
  8. Patriots limitations on full display this week. Kind of amazing that they’re still in the game at the moment...though Wilson’s bad luck with the Pick-6 has definitely helped in that regard.
  9. A lot of things annoyed me about Sandy, but I think he was the epitome of the disgruntled employee when he was working for the Wilpons. Should be much less toxic this time around, especially since he’ll be working with an owner who will actually spend like a big market owner. Will be interesting to see what his actual role will be. I’m not a huge Sandy fan by any stretch, but I can live with him being here (especially if he’s not the GM).
  10. This just in: Matz is still a completely gutless p*ssy.
  11. Anyway, I’m guessing an 8-2 record over their final 10 games will be enough to get the Mets into the playoffs (they’d finish 31-29). They probably go 5-5 though. This team just isn’t capable of getting and staying hot. Alonso with a homer (after he should’ve been struck out) and nothing else. That’s really become the story of his 2020 season.
  12. Yeah making this system a permanent thing is just a horrible idea. Last year’s system was fine...the 162-game season has to have some real significance. Teams struggling to hover around .500 shouldn’t really be making the playoffs every year. Re: Diaz, Maggie Gray said it perfectly...even with the fine ERA and the crazy amount of Ks, the blown saves and the HRs allowed have left deep scars on the fanbase. He may never fully earn the trust of Mets fans...I sure as hell don’t feel comfortable when I see him coming into games.
  13. Yeah he’s not making a case for himself becoming a full-time starter...he’s simply better out of the pen.
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