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  1. For a team like this, yeah. For any number of "established" teams, you know they're going to have the occasional "Huh what?" kind of night where they lose to some bad or meh team, and their fanbases will bitch and moan when it happens, but in the end you know they'll fine, as far as making the postseason goes. This team just seems like it's really not going to have a lot of throwaway games...I'm not sure how many "should beat" teams there are for the Devils at the moment, but it sure feels like the Kraken are one of them.
  2. L G M F D! Hate to make a game this early in the season sound like a "must win", but this feels like one...Devils are well-rested and have a gassed expansion team (that got smoked in Philly last night) coming into their house...I don't care if it winds up being a fugly win, if that's what it takes, but just find a way to get it done tonight. For a team that could make the playoffs but has little margin for error, these are the kinds of games ya just gotta win.
  3. Not saying he's a good fighter by any stretch. All that can be said in his favor is that he could've taken a lot more abuse than he did.
  4. One of those fights that looks a lot worse for the "loser" at first glance than it really was, mostly because Bastian was never able to free himself enough to at least try to trade punches...lots of glancing blows/misses and not many real solid connections by Thompson...also lots of fist-to-helmet contact. Thompson's knuckles are probably pretty sore today, heh heh. I remember seeing some former fighters interviewed and a few of them said that was the toughest part of the job...when their knuckles were already a mess, with many fighters looming ahead on the schedule...so many punches thrown wind up hitting helmets.
  5. I could live with the bolded because the Devils haven't ever shamelessly celebrated any of their Cup wins over and over again (or looked for any excuse to do so). There's dopey Ranger fans who STILL insist that 1994 must bother Devils fans to this very day, and that by not winning the Cup in 2012 after knocking off the Rangers in the ECF, that somehow that 1994 "demon" has still not been exorcised. A big chunk of that fanbase thinks that one Cup is somehow so much important than any Cup wins before and after...it will always be the dumbest fanbase in the NHL, AFAIC.
  6. And this is what you get with Sandy...what you've ALWAYS gotten with Sandy. The guy has absolutely zero creativity, and whenever he does go for a "bargain with potential upside" signing or acquisition, it's not like it often pans out for him. And since "next year" forever seems to be the mantra that this franchise lives by, I feel like it's only a matter of time when Sandy's announced as the official team president for the 2022 season (with, like you say, some crony of his to work underneath him), and then there will be a blurb about who might be available come the 2022 offseason. Does anyone really expect anything less?
  7. Heh heh yeah Messier's night was quite expectedly "over the top"...but it was impossible to think that it WOULDN'T be. And 2024 isn't so far away...gotta think the Rangers are already planning a 30th Anniversary celebration of the 1994 team...because why wouldn't they? And I'm sure not only will the Cup be there, but that whoever makes it from the 94 team will skate around with it, like they just won it.
  8. Would've been par for the course, heh heh (I have a Dano bobblehead that was a giveaway; it's pretty big...I gotta think that's the one that they gave away that night). Everything about that night came off as cheap and amateur...if Dano's mic hadn't cut out, that probably would've made a considerable difference, but it still didn't feel right. Stevens' and Dano's jersey retirements felt like they were light-years ahead by comparison. I'd say under Lou, he wanted the first three retirement ceremonies to be as nice as possible, but had budgets in mind and probably wasn't willing to go over...with ownership's blessing. With Marty and Elias, I think it was much closer to "Spare no expense". I don't really have much issue with ANY of the ceremonies, for what each one was...but the ante was upped considerably (and very noticeably) for Marty and Patrik.
  9. Admittedly this is the first time I've seen someone mention porn and yet find a way to be PC at the same time...
  10. The Ken Daneyko Night was the one I remember being a complete disaster...not his actual retirement night...this was well before that. His mic cut out for much of his speech...the Devils gave him a big projection TV (this was before the days of HDTV...that beast was probably obsolete within 3 years, easily), and a framed "half and half jersey" (one half was old red and green, the other was red and black). Devils played Tampa that night and scored the first goal pretty early, but then lost 4-1. It was this game: Tampa Bay Lightning at New Jersey Devils Box Score — January 9, 2004 | Hockey-Reference.com I could be wrong, but I remember hearing that Dano kinda-sorta thought that this was supposed to have been a jersey retirement of sorts...and was a bit surprised when it wasn't.
  11. I was there, honestly don't remember it feeling cheap at the time...I'd have to see it again. The retirement banner with the completely screwed-up font...I have no idea what the hell THAT was about. At least it was corrected later. Lou had apparently always wanted to retire his jersey after Scott's career had ended, so I think it definitely a planned event (even if it was indeed done on the cheap, compared to Marty's and Elias' nights). But yeah, like we've often discussed, VBK was most definitely one of us. He loved the Devils and he couldn't afford to own them.
  12. I missed Elias' ceremony in person...had already booked a Disney cruise. That's the only one I missed. The ceremonies got better and better as they went...Brodeur's and Elias' ceremonies were first-class events, all the way. EDIT: Duh, I missed Stevens' as well. A source fell through, and I simply couldn't afford it at the time. Went to Dano's, Nieds', and Marty's.
  13. I was up in a corner...I don't remember where I bought the ticket, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised that the one I was able to nab wasn't crazy. I would've spent $400 to go (and that would've been tough to do at the time).
  14. And the Mets are 100% out on all of the "Big Three". Can't say it comes as any great shock, even if the Mets aren't necessarily to blame. Have a feeling we're in for at least one more year of Sandyball. Not good. Seriously, it feels like this franchise is screwed. And that no one really wants to come here to work in the front office...oh sure, as long as Cohen is willing to spend, the Mets can always find players looking for a payday. But for someone who really knows what he's doing when it comes to running the baseball side? They're going to have to hope to find some young gem looking for his first real shot, and hope that he takes the ball and runs with it...and that years later, we're saying, "Damn, remember way back, when somehow the Mets unearthed [insert name here]? Man did we get lucky with that one!"
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