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  1. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    In fairness to Lou, if his plan is to have a hard worker like Gionta be a good influence and help to show some kids what it takes to make it to the NHL someday, I can't kill him for that. At least it doesn't sound like the plan for him is to get much time with the big club (unless a lot of guys go down with injuries, anyway).
  2. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Sharks @ Devils 1:00 PM MSG+

    Went with my wife, daughter, mother and father...four rows behind the benches, right at center ice. That was my mother's first hockey game in an actual arena since 1983...she absolutely loved it, every minute of it. Just like my dad, she was blown away by how far the bells and whistles have come...she went on and on about how it's truly an "experience" now. She definitely wants to go to another one eventually, when she's back in this area. About the game itself, everyone's pretty much touched on everything. They were a bit lucky to be down by only one goal heading into the third, but fortunately the game was still within reach in spite of everything, and the Devils were able to pull it out. One thing that's fun about being so close to the ice is that you really see how big some of these guys are. Boyle and Burns are absolute beasts...even Boyle's head seems huge. So much fun watching Palms enjoying one of those fun runs that goal scorers can go on. Feels like this is going to be his career year...most seasons, he'll have a shot at 30 goals as long as he stays healthy, but it just feels like this is going to be one of those years where he gets a little extra puck luck, and might have a shot at 35 - 40 goals. Dating back to last season, he's now scored 22 goals in his last 36 regular season games...that's a 50-goal pace. No, he won't ever score that many in a season, but he's really done a nice job exceeding expectations since coming here...he's averaged 31 goals per 82 GP as a Devil. Hopefully whatever skeptics still remain (there were definitely some last season) now realize that this guy is a solid and proven NHL goal-scorer.
  3. Colorado Rockies 1976

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Ty Smith now has 2 goals and 9 assists through 6 games with Spokane. Dating back to last season, that's 16 goals and 68 assists in 75 GP. Hard to say if he would've been ready for the NHL this season (and I have no issues with the Devils being conservative on this one), but it looks like he's definitely outgrown the WHL. This year is probably going to feel very "easy" for him. FWIW, Mike McLeod has one assist through 9 career AHL games. Obviously still quite young (he'll turn 21 in February)...still has plenty of time.
  4. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    It's kind of funny that they mention Marleau as having scored nine goals in his first five games one year...he did that during the 2013 season. He scored just 8 goals the rest of the way, in 43 GP. One pretty amazing stat about Marleau, regardless of what some might think about him (he's a bit of a compiler, but that's due to freakish durability, as you'll soon see); if he doesn't miss a game this season, he'll have gone his entire 30s WITHOUT HAVING MISSED A SINGLE REGULAR SEASON GAME. To date, he's played in 709 out of a possible 709 regular season games since turning 30. And though his offensive numbers have declined a bit since the end of the 2013-14 season, they're still not bad...about 25 G and 25 A per 82 GP over the last four seasons, entering this one. Assuming he manages to play in every game yet again in 2018-19, he'll be fifth on the NHL all-time games-played by season's end (he's currently 11th, but will move past Ray Bourque, Larry Murphy, Scott Stevens, Dave Andreychuk, Chris Chelios, and Mark Recchi). And he'll be just 110 GP behind all-time leader Gordie Howe.
  5. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    I think this has been an unfair criticism at times...prior to last season, the Devils were not terribly good for a number of years, so it wasn't like they were really playing down to anyone, as much as they were a not-good team playing, well, not good. Last season, I posted about how they did a lot better against non-playoff teams than many Devils fans would've guessed...I know you personally aren't as guilty of this as others, but too often there's a lot of "We should beat...", as though teams with middling to poor records should never ever beat a team above them in the standings...but that happens a fair amount over the course of a regular season. To borrow and morph a common statement about baseball, but make it about hockey: Just about every team is guaranteed to win 20 and lose 20, and then you've got the other 42 games. So those bottom feeders are going to win 10 games or so that will have some saying "Huh...what the?" when they glance at any given day's scores. I think what we might be seeing is a Devils team starting to come into its own more, and gaining confidence, and chomping at the bit to build off last season, both as a team and individually. Maybe a guy like Palms is suddenly thinking about 35-40 goals as a real possibility. Maybe KK is thinking "Dammit, I really CAN be a starter in this league!" And so on down the line. I loved that Hynes got such a nice hand last night...I think he's done a pretty damned good job, all things considered. Hall seems to genuinely like him a lot.
  6. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    You'll always get goofy short-sample stuff like this in any given season. John MacLean once scored 18 goals in 12 games. As quickly as writers and some others will make a big deal of the Leafs' offensive outburst now, they'll quickly forget it when everything levels out. If the Leafs average much more than 3.5 GPG or so for the season, I'll be stunned.
  7. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Sterio mentioned this in the GDT and I expanded on it, but man is this cheesy as hell: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/hockey/ct-spt-blackhawks-predators-banners-20181010-story.html The Central Division Banner I get. Nothing wrong there. President's Trophy? Very meh, and I would NEVER want the Devils to put up a PT Banner...but that doesn't make me quite as ill as: REGULAR SEASON Western Conference Champs Yes, the Preds actually made the "regular season" lettering noticeably smaller...almost like the designers are hoping those who dare to glance rafter-ward will somehow overlook them. I would've DESTROYED the Devils if they had done this in 1997-98 and 1998-99. Regular Season Western Conference Champs?! When was THAT ever a thing?! Wow that's pathetic and lame. Yikes.
  8. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    The Division Banner is pretty standard...that one's OK. The other two are highly questionable. No one really cares about the President's Trophy (except about how little it means every time a PT winner falls well short of winning a Cup), and the Conference Banners usually commemorate the PLAYOFF Conference Champs. The Preds might as well call that their "2017-18 Western Conference #1 Playoff Seed" banner. Bleech.
  9. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    Pretty sure the Rangers would consider that, but they're still working on the design for their "1994 25th Anniversary SC Banner"...Messier is already tearing up at the thought.
  10. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    The bottom post was one of the reasons that I wasn't ticked about this offseason at all. I get Shero both wanting to see how some of his younger guys developed (both up here and in Bingo), and seeing how a guy like Johansson would bounce back this season...he missed a total of 10 games in the four seasons prior to this one. I could understand Shero thinking that 2017-18 was a big-time aberration for MoJo. And Zajac missed a batch of games too to start last year...hopefully he's able to stay healthy and put up 45 points or so this season.
  11. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    I didn't imply that he wasn't excellent...even though he didn't score, that was almost definitely his best game as an NHLer yet...he was terrific in all phases. I've also never had a seat on the "Pavel's a bust" train (he's too young for that), and I've said elsewhere that I don't need him to be a finished product by the end of this season. Yes, last night was VERY encouraging for sure, but at the same time, as much as I don't want to take a single thing away from the Devils, this did look like one of those "We're spent, not tonight" kind of games for the Caps (every team has a handful of those in any given season...in the NBA, they even sit down stars in such games). Not that the Caps wouldn't have minded a win if the Devils were kind enough to have a bad game themselves, but when the Devils got up 2-0 in the first and then 3-0 early in the second (and the Caps probably took stock of the fact that they were facing a VERY well-rested Devils team prior to the opening face-off), I think they pretty much decided that they weren't going to kill themselves trying to stage a big comeback. Zacha had a Herculean kind of game and I'm sure as hell not expecting THAT kind of effort every time out (especially against teams with more in the tank), but let me see him continue to show hints of being that kind of player. I'm rooting hard for him.
  12. Colorado Rockies 1976

    GDT: Home Opener- Caps @ Devils 10/11 7:00 PM MSG+

    "Almost" continues to fit. Was an encouraging game, but not the first time we've seen an encouraging game from him. Great game to go to, Caps did look tired, but the Devils did exactly what you'd want to in this situation and then some. Fun watching so many guys get on the board. Just a fun night, period.
  13. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    I think a big chunk of it is pure luck...some guys work so hard to stay in shape and are just flat-out brittle or simply that cursed. Yeah his battle with Hep C was a real shame...when you read the horror stories you realize how much worse it could have been.
  14. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    I never really thought of Elias being a guy who missed a lot of games due to injury...he did play 1240 regular season games in his career (95th all-time). But yeah, the Sedins didn't miss many games for sure...Daniel missed just 54 regular season games in 17 seasons, and Henrik missed just 30 in his 17 seasons. (From 1998-99 through his final season, Elias missed 212 games, though 96 of those came in his final three seasons).
  15. Colorado Rockies 1976

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Hard to say if it's that big of a deal yet...doesn't sound like anything uber-serious, based on the only info I could find on it (doesn't say that he'll out for an extended period of time): https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/flyers-nolan-patrick-wont-return-wednesday/ FWIW (not much), he was off to a slow start through four games. But hard to make anything out of just four games.

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