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  1. The bolded made me think of this instantly (go to the 10 sec mark): https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jaws+tiger+shark&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3djaws%2btiger%2bshark%26FORM%3dHDRSC4&view=detail&mid=79DF0BD9D3EE3176AB6879DF0BD9D3EE3176AB68&rvsmid=BF7314554C66DC831E0BBF7314554C66DC831E0B&FORM=VDQVAP
  2. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!? https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/tim-tebow-still-in-consideration-for-spot-on-mets-roster/ar-BB167zm9?ocid=spartanntp
  3. The bolded is my one beef here. The Devils falling one spot I can live with...it happens, and I can only imagine how Detroit and Ottawa are feeling (falling from potentially #1 and #2 to #4 and #5, though at least Ottawa had SJ's pick at #3 to soften the blow a little). But yeah, with the "field bet" odds that the other teams had, that pick shouldn't have been any higher than #4 overall...if you want to make an argument for #3, I guess you can make it, but #4 feels more "right". aylbert pointing out how the collective odds gave the field bet crowd too favorable of a chance to get the #1 seed shows that this system was flawed from its inception. But like others have said, though I don't believe that the result was rigged (no way that the Devils get two #1s in three years if the system truly was), it just feels wrong...wrong enough that people are going to say "Of course, there goes the friggin' NHL manufacturing drama and interest!" It's not a good look.
  4. Got two firsts recently...can’t lose my sh!t over this.
  5. The Red Wings were no strangers to bringing in aging bigger-name vets (even if they’re pretty well past their primes).
  6. The funny thing is much as I don't like playing amateur psychologist, I suspect Elias is probably happy with everything he accomplished too, and with having spent his whole career here, on one team (along with winning a pair of Cups and yeah, owning what is looking like the last Devils number to be retired for a long long time). I'm sure he would love to be in the Hall someday, but I don't think it's going to crush him if he ultimately never gets in. A lot of players would kill to have enjoyed a similar career, Hall or no Hall.
  7. The bolded was me (he put up 0.90 PPG for this stretch BTW)...I was looking at what I call Elias' "meat" years...basically lopping off his development and decline seasons, which weren't really reflective of the player he was in his prime. Yeah, once we put aside any bias that we have toward Elias (not to mention that we love the guy), he really is the perfect borderline case...not getting in during his second year of eligibility shouldn't be seen as him being unfairly snubbed. I didn't watch nearly enough of Alfredsson game in and game out during his career, but based purely on his numbers (and a 10-year stretch where he put 782 points in 731 games...expand it out a little (age 24-37), and you get 931 points in 920 GP in a 13-year stretch...that's a long chunk of seasons to manage better than a PPG in the Dead Puck Era, and he was a +173 in those 13 seasons to boot), I can't really argue that Elias should go in ahead of him. And the times that I did see Alfredsson, I knew I was watching a terrific player. I know guys get docked for not winning championships, but at the same time, I'm not sure how fair that is. Alfredsson had 100 points in 118 playoff games with the Sens...was their failure to win a Cup while he was there all on him?
  8. Not this early in his eligibility. I do think he squeaks in eventually though (though Alfredsson not getting in yet makes me wonder how long we'll have to wait. Feels like it's going to be a while).
  9. Always a hoot seeing hockey players just wearing their jerseys, no equipment underneath, no full uniform, no helmet, no skates...really gives them that "Could be one of us" vibe, in an awesome way.
  10. I’m definitely not against the idea of Turgeon getting in at some point. Sure, he played a nice chunk of his career during Live Puck, but it’s not like tons of guys during that era finished with 1327 points. He’s 32nd on the all-time list...the only two guys ahead of him who aren’t already enshrined are Jaromir Jagr and Joe Thornton...and both of those guys are obviously shoo-ins once they become eligible. Like I said previously, you will probably get some “Then why not Nichols and some other guys?” kinds of arguments...but so be it.
  11. That Cup-clinching game was half a lifetime ago for me...quite literally. How did 25 years go by so damned fast?!
  12. The knock against Turgeon has always been the era he played in, and the lack of individual hardware (one Lady Byng) and no Cups. I think some see his one monster year (58 G and 74 A in 1992-93, which saw a lot of monster years...like Mogilny and Selanne's 76-goal seasons...14 players managed 50+ goals that season) and think that's blowing up his sample a bit. Yeah he put up a hell of a lot of points not to get in, but I guess if he ever makes it, then cases start to be made for other Live Puck guys (like Bernie Nicholls), whose numbers look a lot better now than they did back then.
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