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  1. Nido with the GW HR. Would’ve been a killer had they lost...still obviously not in great shape, but they’re hanging on for the moment.
  2. Cespedes officially out for the season...I’m sure he’s really crushed by that. Just be honest and admit you don’t want to play Yoenis. Not saying your injury isn’t legit...but congrats, you conned a cheap organization into playing big money (for them) for a guy who put on a good act. Well done.
  3. Yeah I’m really sick of his act. Just fed up.
  4. Not so easy is it Brodie? Because you clearly thought it was.
  5. And of course the complete turd on the mount can’t cough up the lead fast enough.
  6. Well done Noah...a fvcking AL PITCHER is 2-for-2 against you tonight. Loser.
  7. And so far this game is a blatant reminder about how hard it was to feel much excitement about sweeping the dead-in-the-water Nats. A blip. Nothing more.
  8. Noah is a fvcking joke. Absolutely 100% overrated and simply mediocre. A gutless tease.
  9. Think they hit 14 HR during the series. Yeah was a slaughter. Think Bobby Jones was one of the victims...god that guy was so hittable and ordinary. And yeah, he gave up four dingers in that start...he had somehow gotten off to a 12-3 start that season (with an ERA well under 2.50) before the bottom fell out...that start in Detroit was the second of a string of a bunch of bad starts that derailed his year (though overall 1997 would up being one of his better seasons).
  10. Looks like we get meh Noah tonight. We get that version a lot.
  11. Guess this is how you roll when you don’t have much in the way of ready-to-help prospects. The team of BVW and Jeffy is getting more painful to watch by the move.
  12. In fairness, Gio usually starts very well...that I’m not that surprised by. You saw the stretches I posted...they are scary. Harvey now up to a 7.50 ERA on the season. At this rate he may not make it through the season. I have no idea who the Angels were bidding against...they probably could’ve had him for half his current contract, he’d been so bad (not to mention injury-prone) the last few years.
  13. That’s a classic Met move if I ever saw one. Forever shopping in the clearance racks.
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