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  1. Hard to believe, but if the Yankees go just 46-46 from here on out...they STILL finish the season with 98 wins. There's reasons to be concerned about the Mets, and I'm not saying that because of the Braves so much...it's more that it's becoming obvious that the Mets REALLY need Scherzer and deGrom to come back and be the really good versions of themselves. They can't keep asking Bassitt, Carrasco, Walker and whatever filler's currently in the rotation to hold up much longer. Like I said, hell of a job to get this far and still have a cushion. Gonna up to the bats for a while.
  2. I haven’t watched much Yankee ball, but damn they are winning an insane amount of ballgames.
  3. You must be a fvcking idiot if you think this warrants a discussion
  4. Yankees are obviously having a great year, but on top of everything else...they've allowed all of eight unearned runs all season long. EIGHT! The Mets generally play solid D and don't beat themselves much in the field, and even they've allowed 17 unearned runs (on average teams are allowed 28 unearned runs to this point).
  5. Bartolo was often better as a Met...we know about the implosion outings, but 75% of the time he gave his team a legit shot to win. Carrasco now has a 5.34 ERA in his last 11 starts. Six of them were "good enough to win" type outings, and the Mets indeed did win all of those games. The other five were simply bad (the Mets lost four of them). Bassitt owns a 5.80 ERA over his last 7 starts. Credit to the Mets for winning as much as they have given all of the adversity, but it really feels like they'll have to add a starting pitcher at the deadline...sounds crazy given all of the depth that they had at the start of the season, but I can't trust Carrasco and Bassitt...especially since Bassitt's not exactly known as an innings guy (his career high for a season is 157.1, set last season). And who knows how long Walker's going to keep it up.
  6. Mets threatening in the top of the 6th...gotta give them credit, they do battle. So many times in the past (especially with many of Sandy's teams), being down 4-0 in the first meant that the game was absolutely over. I also should've remembered that games aren't over in this ballpark until they're actually over. Dom can go right back to AAA. And has Escobar done much of anything other than hit for the cycle?! At least the Mets are back in it for now.
  7. Suffice it to say that the Mets have flunked this two-game test. Disappointing, but given how the year's gone to date, and still being down two key cogs in the rotation, can't beat them up THAT much for this. And let's not pretend that Carrasco is all that great. He somehow has a 7-2 record over his last 10 starts, but the league is hitting .300 against him in those games (.793 OPS) and his ERA for those 10 starts is 4.76. His 8-2 record is making him look much better than he's really been (which is erratic at best).
  8. Lundqvist is definitely a Hall of Famer, and from 2011-12 through 2014-15 could've won a Cup with better teams in front of him (look at his playoff numbers for that time period...wasn't really on him that his teams couldn't give him more goal support). He was among the very very good during his prime years, but no way that I'd put him in the "Best of All Time" category (and yeah, there's Rangers fans who probably have him in the Top 5, which I definitely think is too high). Obviously lots of eras to consider, but I'd say that Lundqvist belongs in the lower end of the Top 15.
  9. That's not really fair, re: Shero having done "nothing" after 2017-18. Look at all of the top producers of the 2018-19 team; pretty much all of those guys were expected to be back...fair amount of youth in the mix. Hall only played 33 games...that was obviously a killer. Some guys didn't take steps forward as quickly as we would've liked (or never took any at all). Schneider was still signed to a lot of money long-term and wasn't that far removed from some terrific seasons; of course he was going to get another look, to see how he'd recover from injury (he started horribly but actually finished well). Shero did go out and get PK (obviously didn't work out, but it was considered to be a big move at the time). He locked up Nico. Made one too many other moves that didn't pay off, sure. If you're referring to UFA, not like upper-tier UFAs were racing to come to NJ at the time, and as far as trades went, it's not like Shero had this awesome asset pool to deal from; hence, the picks for NHLers with potential upside in several cases. Wanna say he stuck with Hynes too long, no one's going to argue you on that one. Wanna say he could've had a better Plan B in 2019-20 re: Schneider potentially being finished, yeah, won't fight you on that either...sucks that his contract became so prohibitive so quickly. But not like he did nothing.
  10. Yeah it's obviously early but it really feels like this guy wants to cover the team and put a lot of energy into doing it. I wish him the best.
  11. nASS was in a league by himself. Damned near EVERYTHING he touched turned to complete sh!t (or at the very least performed far below expectations). At least he got endless time to prove that he wasn't any good though. Just glad he's gone.
  12. Yeah I'm with ya MD2020 100%, but unfortunately it is probably the Devils' call...if their MO is to not let reporters ask anything remotely resembling a tough question, then yeah, that's complete horsesh!t. And a horrible look for a team and ownership that hasn't won sh!t since these guys bought the team.
  13. Oh there's going to be irritating losses for sure...and it's not a team that's flawless. I actually like that they don't rely on HRs to produce...it feels like those are the kinds of teams that wind up getting shut down in come playoff time. If they can nab a power bat at the deadline, great, but not screaming for it. They keep winning so that's covering up some ills, but I wonder how much longer the Mets will be able to keep getting by with Tomas Nido as their "by default" everyday catcher. He's had some nice moments, but the guy has a .293 OPS over his last 10 games...I know they have the 20-year-old Francisco Alvarez in AA and he's hitting there (does strike out a lot too), but might be too early to bring up him up. I know McCann is coming back, but seriously, does that prospect excite ANYONE?! He's put up a .631 OPS as a Met. And you are right, some rotten teams indeed...and better teams will be able to feast on them, like the Braves just did. And I get the "tank" mentality of some of those bad teams...it doesn't make that much sense to bring in a couple of mid-tier (but still kinda pricey) mehish free agents who help to make your team a 70-something win team, instead of 60-something wins...so many of those expensive "Hey look we did SOMETHING!" backpage moves wind up not making much difference. You've got a handful of teams that can truly buy whatever they want (the Mets are obviously now one of them), and many other ones that have to build through the draft and enjoy cheap, cost-controlled young talent while they have it, and maybe find ways to keep a couple of those players, but can't keep terrific young cores together for long. It's not great for competitive balance, that's for sure. And man, some of these free agent signings...imagine being stuck with Stroman right now? Or Matz? I gotta admit it, I've said it before, but if deGrom opts out, I don't re-sign him. I love the dude and he's absolutely been the best pitcher in all of MLB at times when he's been healthy, but no way I give him a long-term raise based on the last two seasons. Speaking of feasting...the Braves have gone 16-2 in June. Mets have gone 11-7, and got a tough road trip out of the way. Yeah, the Braves have picked up 5 games on the Mets, but still find themselves trailing by a good chunk, and with tougher opponents on their schedule ahead. Kinda nice when the team behind you wins a sh!tload of games and still isn't nipping at your heels.
  14. Seventh (so far): 6-3 Still have not lost 3 in a row. They've lost two in a row just four times all season. Records by month: April: 15-7 May: 19-10 June (so far): 11-7 (this was supposed to be the month that would "expose" the Mets some, especially without deGrom and Scherzer). They don't overwhelm...they just find ways to win. Good enough for me. To put it another way, if the Mets were 45-24 WITH deGrom and Scherzer healthy and pitching well...I would have been plenty happy with that too. So to be doing that largely without those two...damn.
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