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  1. Looking for a goalie anyone interested in trading 1?
  2. Anyone have a D man they are willing to trade? I can part with Keller or another wing
  3. What about players that are signed to play in professional leagues outside of the NHL? they should not be keeper eligible either .
  4. If you think I’m tanking you donot get it i made 4 picks before anyone else made 3 & sworn only had 1 pick IMHO this was a move to be more competitive
  5. Dynamo Nation Keepers Thachuk Marner Pietrangelo Graves (RFA)
  6. Zamboni took pick 14 zajak your turn should we push draft off till 10th or 11th?
  7. As long as it’s not too early I’m good
  8. So looks like Jan 13th should be start of the season
  9. After this week I think I’m officially out of the playoffs
  10. I will take #1 pick gladly accepting offers for that pick
  11. Dynamo Nation is definitely interested in trading for a keeper, I’ll put out some offers once I get on a PC and look at everyone’s roster! feel free to make me offers!
  12. Just got an email, yahoo has opened up fantasy hockey!! can we start trading???
  13. Do you want to join the fantasy football league?
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