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  1. The fact that you got a 100 point keeper for what will amount to the difference of 6 to 15 picks is just a joke
  2. Just realized that I have not won this league since 2005 no more planning for the future win now at all costs!
  3. So I think I bailed on the season way too early this year, something I need to be weary of next year. But I had had some really bad goalie performances, was in 2nd to last place with like 77 points. Frustration set in & I started trading assets for the future. Since making these trades I’ve climbed back to 110 pts, wonder if I could have been better if I had kept my best players??
  4. I cannot believe I started 0-8 & missed the playoffs by like 20 points insane & I agree w Hasan the offline draft really left me frustrated this year
  5. Last night might have been the final nail in the coffin, I was trying to find a way back into the race but that sucked anyone looking to bolster their offense McDavid , Scheifele Pacioretty & just about anyone else are all available for the right deal (keepers) make me an offer & we can chat!
  6. Kk s the worst stickhandling goalie ever!! Why csnt MB work w him
  7. I thought we were changing the IR to accept players that are listed as Out as well?
  8. And with their last pick in the draft Dynamo Nation Selects Bears D
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