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  1. 3 keepers won, put your keepers in by Tuesday night or send them to me
  2. Mostly on the yahoo app, but you can vote here as well just let me know
  3. Please go look at the league message board on the yahoo app we are voting on keepers 3 this year or 2 & returning to 3 next year? thx
  4. Need to hear from clown by 6PM OR I will need to replace him, have enough new manager to keep 14 teams
  5. We are waiting to hear from NJDEVS1730 & LOTCB I HAVE 3 new managers readY to go, just hope we donot need anymore than 3 if you know either NJDEVS1730 or LOTCB please reach out to them come Sunday we need to move forward
  6. I have 3 new managers ready to go, Need to hear from the manager who have not responded yet ASAP
  7. If anyone is interested in joining our roto style fantasy league, we have been running it for over 20’yeats, 14 teams full roster . 3 keepers although we might reset that a bit this year w all the new teams we need about 3 new managers please let me know if you are interested in joining
  8. Pls accept the invite into the league, I believe we have 7 teams confirmed we need a lot more
  9. If you have not already done so please accept your invitation to the league in Yahoo, I know we need a few more managers but need to know exactly how many if you cannot find the email let me know & I will resend those who have not responded please let us know ASAP!
  10. We can definitely debate it & vote on it , maybe we do something in the middle, 2 keepers this year & go back to 3 next year? Let’s discuss any ideas everyone has !
  11. @devlman @DevilMinder @NJDEVS1730 @NQDevil @eaglejelly @Henriqued @LOTCB @MantaRay
  12. Really excited to keep this league going, my goal is to try to keep the teams to no less than 14 & more if there is interest. 1 of the biggest hurdles in getting new teams is that the available teams have terrible keepers, so I’m seriously thinking Bais it reshuffling the deck & playing this season with no keepers & the. Next years we go back to keepers. 1st let’s clarify which teams are returning, PLS let me know if you want back & which team is your’s so I can get a handle on how many teams are returning. Let’s try to get this done within a week so then we can recruit new teams. Thanks everyone!
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