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  1. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I love Kane, have wanted him here for 3 years, but $7+mill per is a little steep for me when we know we are going to have to pay Hall soon, I'dreally have to look at the cap & the current salaries before I say yes, but I'm leaning towards no, 5 or 6 mill I'd do...
  2. NJDevs 2018 Bracket Challenge

    guess I never attached mine to the NJDevs league, but I have 50 pts right now, problem is I had to pick NJ to win it all, I could not pick against them,
  3. Devils Report Card

    If I was just reading this article and I was not a Devs fan I would think this team was top 6 in the league and maybe made it to the conf, finals. 8 players w/ A's or better Only players w less than a B are Grabner, Hayes, Stafford, Mueller, Zacha & Corey, 1 was a total bust for the short time he was here, 2 never really played, 2 wee injured & Zacah was better than a c,
  4. 2018 NFL Season

    So happy about the Darnold pick, Seems like its been over a year since Jets fans started the Suck for Sam mantra!
  5. 2018 NFL Season

    I'm hoping Gints are sold on Barkley & Browns over think this & go Mayfield, I'd love to get Darnold, but my guts ( and a lot of experts ) tells me it will be Darnold , Barkley Mayfield.
  6. Francesa is back

    I'm glad he's back, almost never agree with him, but the show was entertaining! the only bright spot about CMB was Bart talking football, we got insight that we have not gotten before... And other than Legreca the Kay show is just as bad. I like Evan but Joe is hard to take, same bad jokes everyday, and he always gives in to Evan when they disagree about something, never a fight to the death like we used to get with Mike & Dog....
  7. John Hynes in Review

    Nash is on the downside of a steep slope, no interest in him, I think we need to focus on Carlson, We definitely need to upgrade our D
  8. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    anyone know anything about this Russian Defenseman Yegor Yakovlev the Devils signed?
  9. I also thought this was a great move at the time, turned out to be a complete bust, & grabner might have hurt his own value the way he played here.
  10. Tavares or Carlson

    Carlson helps out a D whose #1 is 36 years on and clearly on the down side.. Our defense is much more in need of recruits than our O I'd love to see Carlson in NJ.
  11. You'll never win with Schneider

    I think Cory definitely proved he is the #1, but he needs to stay healthy and on top of his game.
  12. Devils vs. Lightning Series Discussion

    So do we think Hynes shakes things up again... We have some players that look to be playing on tired ( if not dead) legs... Noeson has been great but he looked life less for much of the game, playing Stafford at this point is point less and maybe we need to sit Wood or Boyle... Maybe give Gibson, Bratt & Anderson a chance to play???
  13. You'll never win with Schneider

    IMHO this series is not about KK or CS, its about PK & PP... end of story...
  14. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    In the ROCK tonight, excited as hell about this game !
  15. You'll never win with Schneider

    I go with Cory, although the D has been bad I do think KK is not at his best right now, and COry looked better than we have seen in a long long time.