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  1. What’s up w Zajacing off we are 1 week into the season all his goalies are injured & he has not picked up a new 1 & Marchand & Barkiv have been on the bench since the draft this needs to be fixed ASAP
  2. Yeah not a great day for me, but I’ve recovered & won twice since then, you?
  3. Nico Suzuki & Pasta & you are complaining!! lol draft better !
  4. Last chance to trade for #1 overall pick send me trade offers ASAP!
  5. Draft order should be complete who wants to trade for the #1 overall pick?
  6. @DevilMinder your turn to choose your draft spot 9 & 10!are left
  7. @eaglejelly your turn to choose your draft spot 1-7, 11-14 are taken
  8. @devlmanyour turn to choose your draft spot 1-7, 12-14 are taken
  9. @Devilsfan118 your turn to choose your draft spot 1-7, 13-14 are taken
  10. @NQDevil your turn to choose your draft spot 1-5, 7, 13-14 are taken
  11. draft is a week away draft order needs to be finalized we need at least 1 new team & keepers need to be input for everyone plus I need time to try to trade the 1st pick lets move people!!
  12. Zamboni will take pick 14( he will confirm this later) now it’s the dropped teams choice so we need to fill this spot ASAP
  13. @MantaRay said he has 2 people interested in joining the league
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