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  1. World Cup 2018

    This final was tough for me, My father's family is Croatian, but I had money on France... So I guess it was a win-win for me!
  2. World Cup 2018

    so I had money on Spain France and Belgium...honestly thought Belgium screwed themselves by beating England ... They were by far my favorite team this tournament. Hoping Croatia can find away against England. But after 2 straight games going to PKs I think there will be a lot of dad legs on the field in the 2nd half for Croatia.
  3. Fantasy Football 2018! (?)

    So can we start the draft soon?
  4. World Cup 2018

    so basically a week in so crazy things.. Argentina looks lost to me, they have played terribly. Brazil although in control has not looked great either. Belgium played great in their 1 game would like to see that continue ( especially since I bet on them :-) & Spain) Croatia has probably been the surprise of the tournament, I think they have looked great.,
  5. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    LOL every time I see this....
  6. World Cup 2018 Challenge

    I did it on my phone, the FIFA predictor app....then you just need the league code I think but I just tried the link & it worked
  7. Here we go, World Cup pick um challenge https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__predictor.fifa.com_match_leaguejoin_a60783c6&d=DwICAg&c=LJrlSQKhN-FJzsx5eRPAT2A6RzMQPhmh9X5LdOik1Og&r=cwBxOf4tujs-kHEeK5hr-Gdo61FsvybUxfoNtBLeAsU&m=I3ogjj9y1cCCLaz_FV8Kvgpe_mbSVRW6HKBoZEawlMg&s=pbY52oWpCMW9iMBLbOm6Id075IfHnALVcjfXCsqFR8U&e league code is a60783c6
  8. World Cup 2018

    2 days to the cup... are we going to do a pick um challenge?/
  9. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    I never believed Shattenkirk was coming here & while I want both I do not believe JT or Carlsson are coming here.....
  10. World Cup 2018

    Spain Brazil & Germany are stacked, but I'd really like to see a Belgium / Argentina final...
  11. World Cup 2018

    So WC is less than 1 month away... I'm finally starting to get psyched up about this... anyone else...
  12. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I love Kane, have wanted him here for 3 years, but $7+mill per is a little steep for me when we know we are going to have to pay Hall soon, I'dreally have to look at the cap & the current salaries before I say yes, but I'm leaning towards no, 5 or 6 mill I'd do...
  13. NJDevs 2018 Bracket Challenge

    guess I never attached mine to the NJDevs league, but I have 50 pts right now, problem is I had to pick NJ to win it all, I could not pick against them,
  14. Devils Report Card

    If I was just reading this article and I was not a Devs fan I would think this team was top 6 in the league and maybe made it to the conf, finals. 8 players w/ A's or better Only players w less than a B are Grabner, Hayes, Stafford, Mueller, Zacha & Corey, 1 was a total bust for the short time he was here, 2 never really played, 2 wee injured & Zacah was better than a c,
  15. 2018 NFL Season

    So happy about the Darnold pick, Seems like its been over a year since Jets fans started the Suck for Sam mantra!