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  1. Forum Outage

    I did PK - awesome stuff... mine just hit 16 .. ay caramba... Good to see you Dew!
  2. Forum Outage

    This is an outrage -- nothing changes around here...
  3. 18 Year Old Stuck and Killed by Car After Leaving Devils Game

    Sad ..RIP and condolonces to the family - it would be nice if the Devs wore a black band on their unis..
  4. On Ice Projector

    meh... can we concentrate on playing hockey? ... we got plenty of time for gadgets later..
  5. Scott Stevens and Matt Shaw named assistant coaches

    it was never irrevelant Josh .. im shocked...
  6. I knew retiring #27 was a terrible idea... now look what its done

  7. EURO 2012

    No denying dominance - Euros. World Cup . Euros .. the Spaniards can bring it ...
  8. Let's greet the Devils at the Arena Today

    Awesome job by al who where there - this team, gave us a lot of unexpected happiness this year, I know to get so close we all wanted it. Congratulations to the fans and the team.
  9. EURO 2012

    Lets hope they tie this thing
  10. Why I'm not Bothered if We Lose the SCF

    Why the defeatist attitude? dude 1 game.. please post this after the series is over and if and only if we dont win ... If you were in front of me I'd rip the stripes off your uniform.... j/k Lets Go Bitches !
  11. How many times have you watched "IT"S OVER"?

    Does anyone have Matt Loughlins call? I hear it was pretty good...

    For the over 40 club -- to realize you can still bring it .. thank you Marty.. now go get that cup
  13. Bench Kovalchuk

    He does suck .. and he is the reason we lost today -- bench him already .... oh dear ... I forgot to take my zoloft ... did anyone watch the same game I saw? jeebus we had no business getting a look @ OT - we should have stole it somehow.
  14. I promise to kick you out next time youre there ... and dont take it personal, everyone gets kicked eventually .. its part of the initiation and charm. Oh PK Im not ignoring you.. how could I... I finally been able to watch some games from beg to end lately... and lets catch up on the equestrian talk Sammy my brother, missed you are. Star -- chat never changes ...its either feast or famine -- nothing in between. Rowdy -- where ya been? Congrats to the rookie class of 2012 "with great power comes great responsibilty"
  15. Houston barbecue

    so nice to see old banter...