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  1. Perhaps his girl likes it there. Canadian girl tired of the cold.
  2. Is that what first stood out to you?
  3. Thank goodness for VPNs. The blackout rules are ridiculous. Who do they benefit anyway?
  4. This thread was better when the cow was being beaten.
  5. It's on the YouTube NHL channel. I don't think it's on the Devil's channel.
  6. She's waiting for Eddie Lack to show up. In Sweden, are they just fish?
  7. That's just being stubborn towards technology. C'mon dude, it's 2018, everyone offers unlimited plans. Besides, audio streaming isn't usually a data hog, a game isn't going to set you back too much data.
  8. Damn, I thought such things were for adults only. So now that we're adults we can't look at them because we're adults? Make up your mind!
  9. Put him in goal, players will just skate in the opposite direction fearing nightmares.
  10. Dammit, I was going to make a midichlorian comment! And it's Shmi. Watto won't have any of that.
  11. He tweeted that he's sticking with #20.
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