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  1. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    She covered Kings/Ducks prior to baseball.
  2. GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    Lingering you say? How about....fingering!?
  3. February 24th Elias night

    He probably had a green card which has some restrictions on how long you can stay out of the US without forfeiting your permanent residency. With citizenship he can stay out of the country as long as he wants and come and go as he pleases.
  4. GDT: 1/4/18 Devils @ Stars

    I shall be present. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. TRADE: G Scott Wedgewood from NJ to ARI for 2018 5th

    But their minor league team is also in Arizona...............
  6. Only 6 years between posts lol

    I used to think MrSheeps was MrsHeeps
  7. Devils to be Affiliated with the ECHL Adirondack Thunder

    Means exactly what it says.
  8. Devils All Access new host - Amanda Stein

    Damn, just noticed Robenhymer got auto-corrected to Robe Hunter. Maybe handwritten does mean it's more genuine in her case. Right up Lou's alley.
  9. Devils All Access new host - Amanda Stein

    Robe hunter has been gone. There was a tweet alluding to it. It's too bad, I liked her. I hope it was her choice and she pops up elsewhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Devils select Nico Hischier #1 overall in 2017 Draft

    It's not stalking unless you are looking up his sister(s)...
  11. 2017 Expansion Draft Thread - LV Takes Jon Merrill

  12. They never miss a chance do they

    They haven't. However, now that you and others are complaining about it so much, Rangers fans now have another button to push.
  13. Is this thread serious? I understand liking or disliking a jersey design but petitioning to change it? Do you watch the team or just pay attention to what they're wearing? "Sorry, can't watch, there's a stripe missing on the jersey."
  14. The NJ Offseason Thread

    It's public info anyway.
  15. Holiday shopping?-Dont forget link!

    Spent around $1k a week ago, did it go through?