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  1. I welcome it. Even there are a lot of new fans or bandwagoners who show up, who cares. After the last several years of losing and bleak attendance, I welcome all fans who root and go crazy for our team. The players love it and feed off the energy and it makes it more fun to watch on tv. I can only imagine how nuts it's going to be around the playoffs...
  2. That's easy. Switch the 3's for 1's and replace the nameplate with "Sharangovich". Problem solved, lol.
  3. I know it's a long ways off, but I can't wait for the Devils to play the Leafs again at home on March 7.
  4. Yea, but I hope they clean it up by Monday night. Too much passing and not enough shooting.
  5. Hats off to Schmid as well. I like our goalie tandem A LOT.
  6. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Now beat the Rangers on Monday night.
  7. How did the Avs player try to avoid contact? He skated right into Blackwood. Not to mention Murray accidentally skated into Tatar as much as Tatar ran into him. Should Tatar have tried to avoid him? Sure. Did he have enough time to react? Who knows. One thing is certain though, Murray wasnt stationary as Blackwood was here. He drifted to his right and collided with Tatar.
  8. Ever since the Koharski donut event, the league hasnt necessarily had our best interest. And being the Leafs are the NHL's darlings, they will get the benefit of the doubt over us. The Tatar/Murray collision was complete crap when the same type of goal was ruled in the Avs' favor when we played against them. The Rangers also scored a similar goal against the Senators and it accounted. So if you're going to take that goal away from us, at least be consistent. With that said, in light of what happened in the Predators-Red Wings game where the ref was exposed on a hot mike it's not a far stretch to say the refs aren't squeaky clean.
  9. This latest "rumor out of Canada" that the Devils are hotly pursuing Josh Anderson is entertaining. Fitz would need to be committed to psychiatric care if he traded Luke Hughes, Simon Nemec, or Alex Holtz for a 28 yr-ol Anderson, as this host speculates.
  10. I love this team. One thing we're missing though is an enforcer. Toronto was teeing off on Nico and Jack in the third . That has to stop. Hmmm....Damon Severson for Tom Wilson straight up. C'mon Fitz, make it happen
  11. I feel like I'm going to have a seizure watching this sh!tty video feed on MSG
  12. Wilson would be awesome, agreed. We need some muscle badly on this team.
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