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  1. slasher72

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    I wish they could move Subban but we'd probably have to eat a large portion of his salary for a team to take him on. It's so obvious he's either not interested in playing to his full ability or can't. Either way the guy is a golden albatross around this team's neck and we already have a few of those (i.e. Schneider, Zajac...).
  2. slasher72

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    I want Mueller, Severson, and Wood, off this team. Zajac isn't worth his salary now either but his obscene contract ends next year thankfully.
  3. slasher72

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    I'd like for Severson to be traded, along with Wood, Subban...
  4. Or scoring... Or coaching. I don't want Mueller, Severson or Greene on this team next year. Enough already. I'd say Subban too but no one except Shero is stupid enough to pay him $9M.
  5. This team literally has no defense
  6. I can't. I've trained my trigger finger to press the mute button everytime the caveman opens his stupid mouth
  7. After listening to his maddening commentary, I find it therapeutic to watch old hockey fights wear Dano loses (especially the Manny Malhotra knockout)
  8. I literally have to hit my mute button everytime he starts talking.
  9. Impossible, his head is full of rocks.
  10. I think listening to Dano might actually be detrimental to one's mental health. When a team is losing by 6 goals and this homerized buffoon is showering them with accolades, it's enough to make one lose their sanity.
  11. FIRE HYNES signs are an absolute must.
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