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  1. Devils offense... throw pucks on net that have zero chance of going in, shoot them wide, or shoot them directly at the goalie's chest and pray Nico or Coleman can carry the team. Zacha...a starfish wrapped around a hockey stick is more dangerous offensively than this loser Cory... please go back to the AHL.
  2. If Harris & Blitzer think this is a playoff team they need a lobotomy
  3. Zacha can take his hot gf and get the F out of NJ. I cant stand him on this team anymore
  4. I'll say this....dude is living large. Has the coaching staff convinced he's worthy of the top line and then does his usual half-assed shtick and gets away with it, had an idiot like Conte select him 6th overall pretty much ensuring him job security for life, makes millions, and has a total knockout by his side (with a hot face and huge ahem....). Zacha is one lucky SOB.
  5. I'm sure if you're a young NHL player making several million a year it's quite easy to get hot girls without any effort. These girls are like rock star groupies when it comes to seeking out an NHL'er to latch onto. With that said, I'm she she's a wonderful girl.
  6. She worked for the NJ Devils organization for 2 years in their analytics Dept. That's what concerns me and leads me to believe she might be telling the truth
  7. https://staffandgraph.podbean.com I'm worried about this team. This podcast was so depressing to listen to. Basically Harris & Blizter are out if touch billionaires who are convinced we can win it all now with this current roster because our analytics geeks say so, and therefore they do not want trades occurring for the sake of getting younger and better. They want the complete opposite of Colorado's model. Also, even though they are meddling owners they see the Devils as an insignificant piece of their investment empire so could care less what the fans think. This organization might be really screwed.
  8. Zacha is lazy, plays with no fire, is inconsistent, grossly overpaid for what he brings to the table, plays like he doesn't give a sh*t now that he's signed the extension, and is annoying after pulling that KHL crap. I'd trade him for picks if possible. Anything, just get him off the team. Give his 4th line spot to McLeod.
  9. Shero should have said, "F off, go play in the KHL", once he and his agent started playing games in September. In fact, I was hoping that would happen at the time. Instead, we got stuck with Almost for another season.
  10. Zacha must be traded this season. I mean, enough already with this guy.
  11. Almost has the best job out of anyone. Former 6th pick (so no fear of being cut), chill out on the bottom 6 and take it easy...playing hard occasionally (which wows his supporters), fill a need on the team without killing himself and putting him in good standing with the coaches and his supporters (PK), all while having no urgency to score a lot of goals since he's playing on one of the worst teams in the league in terms of scoring. He's got it made.
  12. On a team that's second to last in the league in scoring, ahead of only the Red Wings. And the reason he's in a bottom 6 role is because he's too inconsistent. The guy was a horrible top 10 pick by Conte (and thank God his last as a member of the Devils organization) and needs a change of scenery.
  13. Or Barzal...or Meier...or Rantanan. I say ship him the F out in a package that includes Vats (because no one will take Almost straight up). Zacha literally does nothing but skate around the ice. His passes get broken up half the time, he's weak along the boards, and plays at half speed most of the game. I so hope they get rid of him.
  14. Almost has been a ghost for weeks now. I wish they could package him with Vatanen and ship them both out for a young defenseman looking for a change of scenery.
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