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  1. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    What's troubling is Hynes has either protected him or been just as bad as Nasreddine to even take notice. I want them both gone but you know damn well Shero won't fire Hynes
  2. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    This win saves Hynes and Nas' jobs. Awesome. NOT
  3. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    Harris and Blitzer seem to be OK with the status quo in Philly. The head coach there has been on the job for 7 years and has a winning pct under .400. My biggest fear is the owners just look at the team as an investment and nothing more. If they win or lose, it's immaterial to them in such a scenario.
  4. Lose for Lafreniere! If we're perpetually stuck with Hynes we might as well get the best, shiny new toy every year as consolation. Lol.
  5. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    I wish I was as optimistic as you are. But I dont think Shero will ever fire Hynes.
  6. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    I think we're stuck with this loser, I think Harris and Blitzer are totally fine with a losing team (look at the 76ers), and I think Shero and Hynes have a very tight friendship and there's no way Shero will fire him.
  7. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    As much as I hate to say it, an embarrassing 6-2 or 7-1 loss at the hands of the Rags Thursday night is just what this team needs longterm.
  8. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    "Josh Harris and David Blitzer are not impulsive men. Just look at their other sports properties. Brett Brown will enter his seventh season with their 76ers despite a .362 winning percentage and back-to-back losses in the Eastern Conference semifinals." That doesnt bode well for Devils fans. If H&B tolerate losing, wtf.
  9. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    Current Contract Cory Schneider signed a 7 year / $42,000,000 contract with the New Jersey Devils, including $42,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $6,000,000. In 2019-20, Schneider will earn a base salary of $6,000,000, while carrying a cap hit of $6,000,000. And we're stuck with him until 2022. Yea it's pretty bad when it's gotten to the point where Devils fans get excited when Cory just plays a solid game, as any starting goalie should at that level. That's how low the expectations are.
  10. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    I didnt see the game but that sucks. If he gets shellacked Thursdsy night it could be a bad sign of things to come. I just get the sense that's he very fragile mentally and a string of bad games could destroy his confidence. We need to address the goalie situation badly to say the least.
  11. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    Off topic but I wonder if Schneider is going to mentally crack soon like the previous year. This is the second game where they're up by 4 goals and lost while he's been in net. The defense is absolute garbage but at some point it's got to start taking a toll on you.
  12. slasher72

    Fire Hynes

    Thursday night at the rock is gonna get fing ugly if the Rangers dominate and win
  13. Seriously, please fire Hynes!
  14. Dano: "There's still time left Kenny. They just need to focus".
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