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  1. Definitely before, so Gorton can show video of Hall doing a moonwalk across the ashes.
  2. I'll say this much, if Hall doesnt sign before the season starts I could see a nightmare scenario where he refuses to negotiate during the year and the Rags or Isles give him a mammoth offer next year once he becomes an UFA and he accepts. Seeing Gorton in action, I think he'd beat Lou to the punch and sign Hall.
  3. Panarin is signing with the Rangers. Mark my words.
  4. For his next trick, Jeff Gorton will trade Krieder and a number one pick to the Avs for Nathan MacKinnon and Marc Staal and two second rounders for Johnny Gaudreau.
  5. Trying to get excited about Zacha is like trying to convince yourself that a 300lb chick is a good catch as long as she has a hot face.
  6. slasher72

    Draft day

    Gotta go with Hughes...and this is from someone who wanted Kakko from the get go.
  7. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    Whoever will turn out to be the better nhl player, that's who I want the devils to draft. It's that simple. Lol
  8. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    Ray is gonna pick Kakko.
  9. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'm going out on a limb and saying Shero takes Kakko with the first overall.
  10. Lou did it because of his goddamn ego, let's be honest. It was HIS way or hit the highway. Many chose to hit the highway as a result.
  11. So there's a chance we could sign Lee or Eberle without a hitch is what you're saying. Lol. Lou reminds me of the stubborn boss who demands your absolute best but then screws you at your review by lowballing you and gives you no other option but to leave the company.
  12. What about throwing money at Wild Bill instead of Marner? Worth it?
  13. I'm not rooting for the Islanders and I'm not rooting for Lou and Conte (especially after the mess they left us with). Ray is my GM and the Devils are my team. I could care less what other teams do really..
  14. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    Must pick Hughes in this spot. I cant remember the last time the Devils had a center of this caliber. Probably never. Now's your chance. You need to take him.
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