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  1. Def. It looked like he was having a panic attack up there and was about to piss his pants 😂
  2. Dickinson or Salayev please. Don't F this up Fitz.
  3. When you're buds with Marty, you can basically suck at your job without consequences. If Markstrom comes here, watch him regress.
  4. Good for Calgary. Can you imagine if they select Iginla and Demidov at 9 and 10? That would be pretty sick on their part. It seems all but certain that Fitz is sending our pick to them for Markstrom. Hopefully it'll be worth it. If Markstrom stinks it'll be back to the drawing board.
  5. I fear Fitz is fixated on Markstrom for whatever reason and is desperate enough to part with the 10th pick straight up. If he does this, I agree it will be a gargantuan failure.
  6. I'm not getting excited for the draft because our first rounder is either getting sent to Calgary for Markstrom or is being packaged along with Mercer/Schmid + Holtz/Casey for Ullmark. The market for a goalie will be super competitive and Fitz might panic and pay through the nose out of fear of failing the position yet again.
  7. Not sure if anyone posted this, but the supposed asking price for Ullmark is our 10th pick plus Mercer. I really hope Fitz isn't that desperate.
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