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  1. I'm not rooting for the Islanders and I'm not rooting for Lou and Conte (especially after the mess they left us with). Ray is my GM and the Devils are my team. I could care less what other teams do really..
  2. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    Must pick Hughes in this spot. I cant remember the last time the Devils had a center of this caliber. Probably never. Now's your chance. You need to take him.
  3. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    Teams like the Flames, Capitals and Lightning have been sh!tting on us for a while. It'll be nice once things start evening out.
  4. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes will be our Johnny Gudreau/Patrick Kane.
  5. Lol. I think you mean the Isles and I could totally see Lou inviting Hall's good friend Eberle to join them for dinner. Well, I hope that doesn't happen obviously. I would love to see Ebs, Anders Lee, or Duschene on this team though. Throw in Hughes and we got a team to get excited about.
  6. At first, and for months, I was gunning for Kakko. But Hughes may be just too good to pass up. I don't regret the Nico pick at all so i trust Ray & Co.
  7. Canmot let Hall hit the open market. If he did, I could totally see Lou trying to sign him to a mega contract just to screw this franchise.
  8. slasher72

    Hughes or Kakko

    I guess we take a wait and see approach like we did with Hischier / Patrick. As long as we get the better player, I don't care who it is. Lol.
  9. Jesus H. Christmas, did any of you guys read my follow up post? I said I was just being overly pessimistic (as a result of being shell shocked by this season) and even joked about my post afterward. I'll be happy as hell with either pick quite honestly. I dont remember McDavids reaction. All I initially saw was Hughes acting a bit unimpressed when they mentioned the Devils as potential suitors so my initial thought was I hope the guy wont be like that if we draft him. I corrected my post about 5 minutes later. Let's bury this dead horse please .
  10. Yea...l guess I was just being pessimistic (which seems like a knee jerk reaction after this season lol). If he and Hall are tight that's huge! Now sign Eberle and Duschene in the offseason and give Hall even more friends!!
  11. I'm not saying he was bitter. I just said he looked expressionless. It's ok. I'm fine with him or Kakko!! Colorado got the shaft. Too bad.
  12. Did his lack of expression worry you? I dunno...he reminded me of Eli Manning the day the Chargers were about to draft him #1 overall.
  13. Hmmm...Hughes didnt look to happy. I hope this kid isnt going to be bitter about the prospect of being a NJ Devil. If that happens, I'd rather have Kakko.
  14. The worst of it all is that Colorado has the #1 pick. God I hate that franchise. As for us, assuming we ain't picking #2 as long as the Rangers aren't picking ahead of us, I'll live with Byram or Cozens. No to the Russian and no to Turcotte (I dont want any progeny of ex-Rangers anymore thank you).
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