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  1. I hated the Zacha pick then and hate it even more now.
  2. Correction: Then you have guys who hardly ever score like Zajac, Zacha, Hayden, Rooney, Anderson, and so forth. Speaking of Zajac, after next year there is zero reason to resign him. I hope he / Devils move on. He can thank Parise for his golden 7 year $42M contract and call it a day.
  3. I mean, after a while wouldnt you get sick of losing to these a s s s holes? Not the bums on this roster.
  4. 2023... the 20th Anniversary of our last Cup win and most likely the first time we'll beat the Blues
  5. Here's a trade proposal... Zacha to Dallas for defenseman Julius Honka
  6. Zacha sucks. I'm so tired of him
  7. Severson has more assists this year to opposing scorers than any other player in the league. I wish we could ship him and Almost in a crate into the middle of the North Pole.
  8. Is there a GM out there who's dumb enough to trade for him? Please? Lol
  9. Foote was a good return. Can we please trade Almost now?
  10. Every good player who joins this team gets ruined
  11. We dont have the luxury to reward people for longevity. We need talent on the ice. This isn't a nursing home.
  12. In all likelihood Tyler Dellow had more influence with the owners than Ray and he just didn't see it working out in the end. Putting two and two together, our owners know nothing about hockey and are in the investments business and make their decisions soley based on analysis/math. They hired Dellow for his analytics expertise. Dellow appears to have a major influence, if not final say with the owners. The next GM better be ok with that.
  13. Yup. I cannot wait until the Lou contract blunders (Cory, Travis) and Conte F*ck ups (Zacha) are off this team.
  14. Every time they showed Werenski I wanted to throw up. Every damn player in that draft class is doing something except the loser we got stuck with. Prayer to hockey gods...please get Zacha off this team by the trade deadline.
  15. Zacha is a lazy f'ing bum every night.
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