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  1. I'm not confident in VV and even less confident in Blackwood. If we had a Sorokin or Shesterkin, then I'd feel confident. But heading into the postseason with these two, I expect very little. Especially with the braindead defense in front of them. With that said, playing the Islanders is maddening. They completely take the Devils out of their game every single time we play them and the Devils have no answer. Palms turns into Ovechkin whenever he faces us now and they knock down our players like bowling pins. It's getting old. If we play them in the playoffs we'll maybe win one game. But I think we'd get swept. Especially under Lindy "no adjustments" Ruff.
  2. Blackwood in net on Thursday means we should only lose by about four goals
  3. So tired of losing to this fvcking team. Palms will be 40 and still scoring at will against this team.
  4. Another asleep at the wheel coaching performance by Ruff
  5. What was it about Schmid that dumbass Ruff didnt like again?
  6. Wow. Did I just witness what I thought I did!
  7. I really miss seeing Devils defensemen knocking the sh!t out of opposing players. Yes, I know the game has changed blah, blah, blah... but the Islanders always seem to knock our guys down or plow through them every time we play them. And it's even more maddening when they beat us up physically and on the scoreboard. Getting tired of it.
  8. Smith, Severson, and even Graves can all go 'bon voyage' this summer
  9. Tell Bahl to lay the wood on somebody already!
  10. Would really like to see them win tonight. Losing to the Islanders is getting old.
  11. Follow-up article said Ruff is indeed going with Vanecek / Blackwood in the Playoffs. "As Ruff mentioned, the Devils will roll with Vitek Vanecek and Mackenzie Blackwood as the 1A/1B goalie tandem in the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs." https://www.nj.com/devils/2023/03/devils-lindy-ruff-explains-team-sending-down-goalie-akira-schmid.html Unless Ruff changes his mind it looks like we're stuck with this tandem the rest of the year. Not good.
  12. Ruff going with Vanecek and Blackwood for the rest of the year? Wtf. https://www.nj.com/devils/2023/03/devils-send-down-goalie-akira-schmid-what-it-means.html%3foutputType=amp
  13. Bahl could turn into a solid crushing d-man. Wouldn't that be nice.
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