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  1. What a d I c k thing to say.
  2. When it comes to the topic of free agency it seems there are two camps of Devils fans.. those who are weary of any uncertainty surrounding our own players and those who brush it aside. Brushing things aside was all the rage during the Lou years because you knew where Lou stood and players would usually walk away for nothing in return. With Shero, we're hoping it's different. If a player wants to test the market (like Hall does based on what he's saying) we're hoping management doesn't sit idly by and has a plan ready to go.
  3. Hall wont sign unless he see them ready enough to go deep into the playoffs. He's taking a page right out of of Tavares' book. I think he's going to drag his feet and then opt for a Canadian team like Calgary, Montreal or Vancouver. The Devils better be poised to trade him and get a very good return.
  4. I meant dead weight that hung around our necks. And yes, I'm very happy Zajac has been performing well ever since getting hit in the head with the puck (1 to 2 years ago?), happy for him and the team. But that $42M 7 year contract was acting as dead weight for many years, per Zajac's performance, after Parise had left. Greene was similarly overpaid by Lou. That's kinda what I was implying.
  5. Greene and Zajac should be coming off the books in 2-3 years. And that'll be the last of Lou's dumb NTC albatross deals. Only one that'll be left is Schneider and hopefully he's out of his mental slump by now!
  6. And Lou appears ready to lose his second captain two years in a row. I agree with others, we should definitely make a run at Lee. He'd be a great addition!! Let the Rags and Panthers fight it out over Panarin.
  7. I love this comment from an Isles fan: Is it me? Has Lou lost his F’ing mind! We need centers- he drafts a wing. We need righty shooters- he drafts a lefty. We need RWs - he drafts a LW. Is this guy so addicted to keeping people guessing that he’s outwitted himself? We have an important player basically begging to be signed”short or long term” as he stated- yet he remains unsigned. I guess it goes right along with “let’s make Anders the Captain” only to let him walk the very next season. A year after watching our last Captain walk. I’m losing it man!!!
  8. And Josefson....Bergfors.....
  9. https://nypost.com/2019/06/22/anders-lee-in-unhappy-as-islanders-saga-enters-next-phase/amp/ Looks like the Isles are getting a good dose of Free Agency 101 Lou style.
  10. I do too. I just think Lou made a total mess of this team from 2005 onward and I was happy to see new blood at the GM spot when Shero came. The Lou Conte duo was past its expiration date.
  11. I'm actually psyched to see Subban here. Add him with Nico, Hall, Hughes, Palms...not too shabby. I hope he crushes Kucherov if we ever face Tampa again in the playoffs.
  12. Yea but could you imagine if Lou pulled off that trade? All the Shero haters would come out in droves, mock him, praise Lou's genius, and annoint the Isles the Cup. I guess it depends what camp you side more with. Lol.
  13. Subban did a lot for the community in Nashville and I think Newark will embrace him the same way. His jersey will be a big seller.
  14. True. For some reason I thought he was older since he's been in the league for a while
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