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  1. He really likes to have the puck.
  2. Could have been worse, he could have scored on his own net
  3. The most difficult job in the world right now is probably a NJ Devils ticket salesman.
  4. Pittsburgh could probably lob a dump in at mid-ice and score. Oh wait! Lol
  5. Are there anymore sh!tty free agents Fitz can sign in the offseason? There must be some available castoffs for us, lol. Maybe he can sign Sami V for a third time, lol
  6. just move the team to Quebec at this point.
  7. If Nass and Recchi are back here next year.... I won't even know what to say.
  8. I dont know how or where it will come from but this team needs some meanness and a new coaching staff.
  9. If this stupid franchise trades for one more Swiss defender, Fitz should be forced to undergo a psychological competence exam.
  10. Assuming they lose today, I hope they lose every single game the rest of the season. Just to make Fitz uncomfortable enough to jettison these 2 idiot special teams coaches.
  11. Send both to the AHL right after the game. That's what a competent coach would do.
  12. At this point, they might as well get lit up 10-0. I mean, if you have zero pride, at least be the best at having zero pride!
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