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  1. Fitz needs to get this team bigger, meaner, and tougher.
  2. https://www.sportskeeda.com/us/nhl/news-what-big-tough-man-are-nhl-fans-react-k-andre-miller-s-dig-devils-john-marino-massive-opening-faceoff-scrap 🙄
  3. Wow, I didn't realize Bill Walsh was on the Cincinnati staff before he went to the 49ers. That's awful.
  4. Only to see Fitz give that pick to Nashville for Saros or to Calgary for Markstrom 🙄
  5. Fitz whiffing on Brunette while sticking with Ruff was such a blunder. Not as monumental as Wellington Mara failing to promote Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry and losing both, but a huge blunder nonetheless. Fitz MUST hire Berube. There's no other coach I want. If he hires another "offensive minded" player's coach, he should lose his job.
  6. Most comedic thing I read all night was on the Rangers board, that Laf is as good or better than Jack. When that team comes back to earth (which always happens after Laviolettte's first season), it'll be enjoyable to watch.
  7. Siegenthaler standing in front of net like a statue on the Kreider goal
  8. Yea, It's likely going to come down to the two names everyone's been mentioning for the past several weeks. Either team, Nashville or Calgary is going to get a haul. Good for them.
  9. I myself wanted to take a flyer on Kakhonen heading into this season (because of his play in Minnesota), so I was pleased to see Fitz grab him. Especially for a 1:1 swap of VV. So I give Fitz a lot credit for that. Fitz has done a lot of good things but the question mark in goal is a glaring issue. I think Kakhonen could be a solid back up. I do think Allen will get shipped out along with Holtz/Mercer/draft pick if we go for Saros. Back to the draft, I remember when Holtz was taken I also did not want him. I wanted us to draft Askarov because he was seen as a highly talented, rising star coming out of Russia and I was envisioning him becoming our own version of Shesterkin. But that's ancient history now. I don't think this team's current scouting group will ever draft Russian prospects in goal. Heading into next season, it looks like it's going to come down to Saros or Markstrom. Or if Fitz goes totally off the radar, maybe he takes a flyer on a player like Anthony Stolarz from Florida? He's from Edison, NJ, so local guy...
  10. Seriously, him saying he didn't want to acquire a goalie mid-season because he didn't want to hurt Schmid/Daws' feelings was just a horsesh!t excuse to cover up for his failures. Going into this past year with VV/Schmid/Daws was inexcusable. And yes, Lindy was terrible at putting players into the best position to succeed, in addition to his other egregious errors. In hindsight, just think if Fitz had drafted Askarov. We wouldn't be worrying about possibly shipping out Mercer, Casey, our first-rounder to anyone. But here we are now, desperate to find a starting goalie for the future. Fitz has completely failed in addressing goaltending up to this point. And allowing Rogalski to hang around hasn't helped matters either. Fitz has a lot of work to do. Chief among them, hiring the right coach. I really hope gets it right this time.
  11. Sure, Jack got into it with Aho a bit after he'd had enough but he's not a physically intimidating player, and nor do I want him to be. I'm speaking about our entire defense and forwards like Bastian, Haula, etc. Against Carolina, we had no answer in terms of their physical game and against larger, more physical teams it was the same way. You mention the Islanders, that's a good example. Outside of MacDermid, who will likely be gone next year, we have no one to counter Matt Martin, Romanov, etc. Sure, a coach like Berube will be awesome if Fitz goes in that direction, but these current players aren't bruisers. Let's please not kid ourselves. Meier has a somewhat psychical edge to his game when he plays his natural position (Lindy could never figure that one out) but even he's not a player you have to look out for on the ice. He's not going to bodycheck anyone into next week, nor intimidate anyone with his fists. And that's what I'd like to see on this team. Especially with the Rangers now gooning it up for the foreseeable future with their Frankenstein monster, it's even more necessary. That was my point.. our players by and large aren't a physical group. And they weren't drafted or acquired to be physical, which is fine. It is what it is. I agree with your last paragraph. But I want more than just size or grit. I want a few mean SOB's that opposing teams absolutely have to account for.
  12. Siegenthaler with a concussion. Hatakka coming in. I really hope he sticks.
  13. On the flip side, maybe a better coach could come in and correct those issues with MacD. I don't know who Fitz could sign that could stand up to the likes of rempe. With all the celebrity this kid is generating I think he's going to be a mainstay on the Rangers for a while. And that will mean he'll be head-hunting our players, with Trouba following suit. Maybe part of me longs for the days when the devils were an intimidating force during the '90s. I'm thrilled that we have highscoring finesse players, but when a team punches us in the mouth we wilt. And now we have to deal with a 6'7" goon who enjoys injuring our players.
  14. The only problem is name one other person who could possibly fight Rempe after he goes headhunting and injures our players? MacD is the most intimidating fighter in the league, even more so than Reaves. Rempe wouldn't fight him. We need an intimidating fighter on this team to keep most goons honest. You're not going to suddenly teach Bahl how to fight and Bastian can't take on someone like Rempe. And I don't think there's anyone on our minor team whom we could call up to fight him either, let alone available free agents. Saying our current guys have to get tougher is a pipe dream. They're a smallish group of players who avoid physicality at all costs. We need an accomplished fighter on this team.
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