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  1. I know of two people who blew their brains out with a shotgun over gambling debts.. terrible addiction.. internet gambling is a scary thing..
  2. Thats a big contract for a back up.. what was he promised?
  3. So whats the deal with signing bernier? How does this impact Blackwood. Why 2 years. I like the move, im hoping Blackwood responds to the competition and we can sell off for a first rounder at the deadline. Essentially buying a 1st rounder. If blackie chokes, were hedged for two year to revisit the position
  4. I can't wait for the season to start.... who care about his defense, guys always entering or already in the offensive zone...
  5. Not loving the draft. But don't know much about any of these guys. Would have rather went offense then defense with a move up.. When will Luke become an asset for this team? Why go for a 3rd line foward? LGD
  6. Wow Subban didn't even get an honorable mention, ... even rico got one
  7. If we lose PK ill be mad, if we lose him and replace him with Clarke, Doogie and Larsson im .
  8. Id do that right now in a heartbeat.. Kid controls the game when on the ice.. Surround him with talent
  9. Is Siegenthaler Nico's butler or something ? Since when is he untouchable? Unless we plan on bringing in some big salaries this year im keeping PK protected. Hes the most difficult devils defenceman to forecheck by a mile. Like this deal solid move
  10. Would have liked to parlay all our picks into a guenther/lambos 1/2 combination.. But the isles screwed that.
  11. EdgeControl


    Nasty dirty hockey.. love it... I wonder if we could play in a game like this
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