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  1. I watched this zero goal game and have nothing to say. Only typing to help get this thread to 2 pages...April 9 please
  2. Yup, it was kind of an important game.. like a good cornerback you need to have a short memory in goal. Bty, Has drew stafford scored a goal in 2019?
  3. Happy with nico... the choice was he or patrick.. we won by a mile..
  4. I know our roster is light, but I'm not liking Hynes getting owned by the new rag coach.. these last two games against have been rough.
  5. do beer leagues have trade deadlines, I'll take a few cans of Guinness
  6. I just spent 10 mins looking for a gif of a tank battle... didn't find one but the devils would have been on fire by now... sens have the best ..
  7. Are we going to draft a low second round pick who is better than mojo. Who is playing at a top 6 Level right now and for the last Month? I doubt it... resign him..Unless we do better than a low 2nd rounder.. no pressure
  8. the number 3 from nicos helmet went flying and is now on the ice somewhere
  9. Suck it zach, good for cory, nico is a winner,
  10. We need to upgrade mojo with a big FA.. get what you can.. then throw big money at a scorer.. it will help resign hall
  11. We absolutely need another big name forward . And we need two top pairing defenseman.. Blackwood looks real, but it's no guarantee... all these needs aren't coming from this draft.. but we desperately need to get lucky and fill one from this draft. I'd throw a ton at either panarin or Duchesne , it also goes a huge way in resigning hall, not the opposite I'd also overpay for an aging past his prime blue liner, as long as the term was short..2-3 years.. we need a quick fix back there..
  12. Cory sucking makes things fairly simple, almost glad the right decision is obvious... still need to give him 10 more starts , then a buy-out. Just come to a concensus, he's done. Defense is poor, need a top pairing vet..or 2. Buy, buy, buy.. if mojo is hurt, trade him for 2 white castles doubles
  13. I think even he gave up on that claim... it's bad... we need to overspend on an aging vet..
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