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  1. theres only 1 goalie im giving the 2nd pick for and tampa aint doing that
  2. oh 'mon Nessus, ITS FRANCE!!!! ha ha on that same note did anyone else here the NHLN announcers say, no fans travel better than the Latvian hockey fans.. lmao
  3. i tend to bias towards the better skater and stick handler, is the slav is more of a natural born scorer then no doubt thats what we need at wing.
  4. i took cooley... dont care if hes a center,, you take the best player available
  5. we are going to get a good player.. we need a goalie in the worst way...
  6. Erica is headed to the NHL network, they need a girl next door look to balance out the pornstar Redmond. ......call trotz!!!
  7. devils front office better leak that they inquired but were turned down, or the fan base is going to pull an insurrection on the building
  8. but it was 0.73 sav % yesterday and i love that too!!
  9. yup, if the rags keep jerking their shesterkin.. then domingue might be able to keep it under 5 going forward
  10. shoot him full of steroids and wheel him to the crease, Domingo aint gifting the rads to the 2nd round..what BS devil fans goalie injuries continue to haunt bull sh!te
  11. the team exceeded in scoring but below in team defense. goaltending the biggest issue had the largest impact thats why i went blackwood over zacha ty smith is too soft, i already knew this get knocked off the puck jacks injuries are a concern
  12. Nice.. at least somebody ended the season strong
  13. that was a panful year, thank goodness for bratt and jack bringing me back from the ledge
  14. not sure about it dog, stevens might just beat the hell out of his skinny ass and tell him to take his things and leave..
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