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  1. Lindy has some good talking points after this one. Like how not to get the puck out of our end. Rags forecheck was swarming.
  2. Hammys are tricky. You need to take it slow even with a mild strain. They keep coming back if not completely healed. Sit nico 4 weeks.
  3. mcleod looking very shifty on his board escapes .. fast twitch athlete, dont know why its never come together for him.. Tatar is a skilled top 6 player but he has to bring that every game seigenthaler got roasted numerous times on the speed rush cant wait till we get the whole team together
  4. From a physical standpoint Nemec is NHL ready. Kid is strong on his skates. Some mental lapses aside he looks ready. And doesn't shy away from contact. I would hang on to tatar until Holtz shows hes taken the next step
  5. of that group tatar has the highest possibility for 40 points, and is a good hedge bet if holtz stalls. I dont see him not making the team..
  6. Its always good to have a strong dman who can take a big hit chasing the dump in.
  7. No audio. But clear with no buffering.
  8. the three big factors 1, goaltending 2, goaltending 3, goaltending 4. jack staying upright
  9. So MSG is not carrying the monday game with the habs
  10. maybe i caught him at the end of a shift when the ATPs were done. but his full out stride is hardly a thing of beauty.
  11. Not sure about the skating part, or more specifically the speed. He looks like his legs are cement at full stride. But he really isn't a bad stick handler and his vision is good. He can be successful with that shot. He needs to find his game.
  12. not really ,, it didnt notice him the team as a whole got better .. the habs were playing thier second game while we were in beer league mode to start i watch the french stream which was much better video quality
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