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  1. Yup Bettman can spin this by saying the odds were like every other draft lottery. But the truth is that it's not like the others. The "field bet" odds for teams potentially in the playoffs were too high. Play in chance AND a lottery ball.. bullsh!t...
  2. NJ.com has an article about damon severson taking big steps to becoming a top two way defenseman, only problem is they have a photo of will butcher.. what great team coverage we have.
  3. We need a stud dman who can win dirty battles behind our goal.. not sure if ty smith is ever going to be that guy. He looked anything but strong handling the dump and chase. If that defense man isnt there, I'm hoping for a 30 goal winger.
  4. I waited months for this crap. Bullsh!+
  5. Dont like the 24 team thing, but I'm happy if they do this... I'll watch a tampa vs Washington series
  6. Apparently, the players association is having a 7:00 conference call tonight about this format
  7. There just might be lasting changes of what Americans consider important and what is frivolous novelty. Going to be interesting. NFL draft was huge. But that's the nfl
  8. Really, that's an interesting take. People are trapped in there home with zero real sports.. imo, if they are the only game in town, more fringe fans will watch.. hmmm. Not sure if well get a chance to see..
  9. If the players association approve, and government allows, let's start the playoffs now.. after a two week camp.. dont care if it's in empty arenas. Can in fan noise and music. TV ratings would be the highest in history.. cant watch anymore swedish harness racing reruns....
  10. My stigma rod hockey game came out of the basement a month ago with the kids back in the house.. as great a game as it is I'm ready for real hockey... please end this thing...
  11. This fricken thing is a nasty lung attacker.. I'm not a conspiracy type but man it appears genetically engineered.. just rest, man...
  12. And many people working in Charlotte buy homes in northern south Carolina and it's even less expensive..!!!
  13. Please end this distancing thing after the 15 day period is up.... my 85 year old mom will just have to suck it up down in FLA... sorry mom....
  14. 3rd pairing and 4th liners dont get time with the cup, sorry guys...
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