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  1. I'd pay him 11.5 for 7 if he decided this month... unfortunately he doesn't want it..
  2. Zacha looked like he had zero legs today.. tennyson needs to sit.. hall is snake bit but is flying on every shift.. guy gives 100% .shooting percentage will improve and goals as well.. greene continues to be remarkably rejuvenated...blackwood is our guy now.. cory was a decent get by lou to bridge marty.. it just turned bad, real bad.. buy out!..We need sami back quickly, zero depth at D.. glad to see Simmonds pot one, his shooting % has to improve . Travis is just not getting shots, next year will be his last
  3. Bratts hit also, thought at least there would be talk about it.. sami is a huge hole to fill
  4. LGDs. score some goals boys.. simmonds and hall both get goals in this one... not looking good with sami. another concussion i guess?? hopefully just protocol .. multiple concussions and in a contract year
  5. Which contenders can realistically afford his 9 to 11 mil cap hit.. BRUINS? HABS? Flames? AVs? Canes?
  6. slash! once hall is gone shero has no need for his pal hynes, hes gone this year.. and, cory, as I repeated over and over will be bought out. the only question is how bad we will be until our youngsters get thrown out of the nest to fly on their own or get eaten by preds
  7. Give me a prospect, a vet and a 1st round pick and let's end the drama now.. his agent has had plenty of time to discuss cap and contracts with all contenders... pull the plug ray. And focus on 2021.. yeah it will get uglier before it gets better.. but I'm done
  8. Unfortunately it doesn't look good for hall resigning here.. and if we lose his play driving skills this team gets even worse than it is now.. its ugly for shero.. and for the fan base
  9. I see no light at the end of this tunnel... we are far away..
  10. You're going to have to be more specific... I can think of 4 or 5
  11. Not only is it over, but the rebuild has been pushed back a few years.. this is dreadful
  12. He cant get off this team fast enough.. yup, that's the take away .. btw read the whole post, game over time to trade him, its over.. maybe we can get a really small skater with the first rounders we'll get... and yes we will be worse without him..
  13. Poof, blink and the game is over.. in Edmonton, so hall is pissed.. crap night
  14. Cory butcher Tennyson Hughes goose combo vs the mcdavid + Draisaitl line 6 times tonight. we need to score more than 3 goals..... LGDs
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