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  1. Not sure if I want sam back this year.. not an nfl quality roster on O.. OL and WRs atrocious , gase looking like an amateur..
  2. Imo, both sides are not rushing this. I think Shero is playing cautious as well.. bone chips aren't a pulled groin. Halls game needs to be reexamined.. can we see him play a bit , asee how he does shaking off defenders and carrying in... but most importantly see how it reacts to a few weeks of hard skating ...they will talk soon
  3. Ahhhh, I misinterpreted.. OK won't argue there. He should be worth a nice haul.
  4. So you don't think hall is worth a First? Then why would we pay him 11 Mil?
  5. I will regret saying this, but I walked right into that one.....
  6. People say what if he gets hurt before he signs and we get nothing, but what if he gets hurt after he signs.. it works both ways.. plus Shero knows more than we about his injury.. maybe it's Shero being cautious... I still believe hall will not sign before the season starts and Shero isn't going to move him for most of the season.. if he doesn't sign we get a first rounder at the deadline... if we are in the playoffs he will resign with us.. I'm not sweating this... this team is rising with or without taylor hall.
  7. Does he have a no trade or a limited trade clause? Probably neither since he was traded to us. I don't think it's out of the question that he plays most of the year then gets dealt near the deadline for a first.. that not too painful for us
  8. Imo, Hall is going to wait and see if this is a playoff team.. if we make the playoffs and our goalie situation is nhl caliber, he will probably sign.. the success of the team will decide it. Money is not an issue..location is not an issue..
  9. This just shows how important the PK signing was.. it changed the defense..huge.. we can tell him gfy now...touche' Shero.
  10. Can you blame Them? Larsson for hall...haha.... and if you don't want people taking your number go win a ring multiple times.
  11. 4 mil per hmmm. A bit much for a specialty dman... yet a good hedge and leverage for sami Valley negotiations.. I expect smith to make the team this year.. so I don't see butch being a top 2 pairing player .. it's nice to have cap space..
  12. No doubt with the overrated Richard todd we could easily have lost in miami, but it was still a classless bellicheck move by shula..
  13. Michaels was my favorite jets coach.. hard nosed and eccentric.. foolish move by Leon to bet on walton.. great OC but destroyed what Michaels was building..Walton trended down each year peter principal just typical jets luck, rip screw don shula and his cheating mud bowl to neutralice McNeil
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