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  1. At least benny gave us a hot brit in stockings to look at..
  2. The devils still believe there's a chance to draft Trevor Lawrence
  3. Losing the first round pick for the kovy contract debacle was a big loss.. Instead of getting into the lottery for players like draisaitl, larkin, pasta, etc.. We got boner boy
  4. Thank goodness kovy bailed. But we did nothing with the money saved...nothing but cap space on a bad roster
  5. 29th in shooting percentage ..27tg in goals. And defensive stats equally bad.
  6. Bye bye second contract, don't look back kid, just run towards the door
  7. LGD, there are still some of us dumb fans watching you
  8. Lafreniere and kakko should be washing panarin,s and Zibanejad's cars.. Without those vets the NY press would be roasting them
  9. Well they showed a pulse after the defibulator, but, A loss is a loss..
  10. Can't score, can't defend... its a bad combo.. keep drafting small and we will continue to play small
  11. This, only reason to tune in... Plus we get a Foote in the door,
  12. PK has played ok this year. He plays dump ins as well as any defenseman in the league. The way he gets to the puck and positions himself to leverage off large forecheckers is top of class. Then he skates it out under heavy pressure with confidence. Does that go totally unnoticed here???
  13. The only entertaining part of this game was the stick getting wedged into the Zamboni door and standing up by itself.
  14. Hey kuli you want to stay in NJ for a few years?? I no stay here. Iz like child nurzery..
  15. Kulikov was a free agent .. a 3rd was the expected return. Doubt we were interested in signing a 3 year deal. Vats looked finished
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