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  1. This fricken thing is a nasty lung attacker.. I'm not a conspiracy type but man it appears genetically engineered.. just rest, man...
  2. And many people working in Charlotte buy homes in northern south Carolina and it's even less expensive..!!!
  3. Please end this distancing thing after the 15 day period is up.... my 85 year old mom will just have to suck it up down in FLA... sorry mom....
  4. 3rd pairing and 4th liners dont get time with the cup, sorry guys...
  5. So tempted to go all in now... just a straight index of the dow...
  6. I haven't deleted the schedule from my phone so I keep getting alerts that the games are starting.. sad....
  7. Italy has a very large population of still active 70, 80 and 90 year olds.. must be due to that great food.. they got hit first.. like a tidal wave.. I understand the impact.. but if we keep the supermarkets open and stores ,exchanging money by the millions per day.. I really dont see these school and sports closings doing much of anything.. everything needs to be shut down for 14 days.. to find out where we are at..
  8. How about my dayton flyers? Number two in the country as a small A10 team.. the kids were a 1 seed first time since 1950s... and obi topin will be drafted so that's it..
  9. I think we'd be locked in at 6, ppg is listed on tankathon...were identical to buffalo and they have 1 more win... we wouldn't have the chance to up-close to the kings and pass them for 5th. It's up to the lottery balls now..
  10. This post should end this nonsense!,.. kid is an elite stick handler and incredible in small area play... he does stuff every game that makes you say htfdhjdt...
  11. Ty needs to keep adding plates to his deadlifts... and do massive amount of protein.. we absolutely need him to be nhl ready next year.. he should work with some vets like andy greene over the break on his behind the net game..
  12. Hughes will be a work in progress..imo, theres a certain immaturity about him .. not sure how coach-able he is at this point.. he's a bit too flashy right now and needs to adjust his game these dudes are fast and big every night, Im still very happy with the pick and wouldnt change it .. kid has turn on a dime suddenness and a much better wrist shot than I expected. skill set is elite!!! . he needs to value the possession more and find some decent line mates.. he'll be fine.. Im also fine with PK.. the two years left are not franchise killing.. defensively he has all the skill you need to go against the best, I will put his and muellers skating skills up against ANY NHL top pair. its their brain I fear LOL talk about having lapses in judgment.. Zacha is also an elite skater with a magnet on his tape.. hopefully that line continues to grow and score.. theres hope
  13. And mirco getting re-signed...
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