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  1. Good format for nico, he can skate with the best of them..
  2. Yup, just saw a highlight of a breakaway and said wow must be the end of a super long shift..zero ATP left in the muscle.. but she didnt look exhausted for the celebration .. she was just Btw, Zacha was probably disappointed barzel won.. the little guy fit behind the net and was able to get in and out of his cross overs quicker...
  3. We need defensemen who can actually play defense.. as old as green is hes rebounded this year and digs pucks out and handles dump ins as good or better than anyone currently on the roster except subban. Ty was dreadful at that..
  4. Travis knows the isles chance at a cup is a long shot.. just not realistic... if Tampa or Boston were knocking on his door things might have gone differently .. as a defensive specialist, PK and FO man hes worth more than 2mil.. two years at 3.5 is fine by me..
  5. I suffer this same nonsense with the jets, and it doesnt work there. ownership would need to be the smartest hockey guys in the room, thats not likely.. didnt we have a dir of hockey ops?? obviously a no-show job. Roster trumps analytics , and last night was a perfect example. and like the jets the devils are some major pieces away from real contending this thing better start working or the owners very expensive toy is going to start losing its fan base in waves. hockey isnt football as far as sheer fanbase size. hockey works on thin margins.
  6. That was another embarrassment loss in a collection of too many this year. Top to bottom this team has issues. Roster coaching management.... shove our analytics up your asses.
  7. 2nd intermission, quick play highlites from 20 years ago
  8. Poor guy, completely done... a goal machine.. better not see him between pipes again EVER
  9. Shoot the puck like a real nhl sniper..into the top corners.. enough of this
  10. Erika "only a 1 goal deficit" lol unusual to be down only 1
  11. So you guys agree with our analytics group that this roster is playoff quality? I'm not buying. Goaltending defensive depth,scoring depth.. tort lav and bab could stand behind this bench together and we aren't making the PO.. they'll scream a bunch more...
  12. its called thinking too much imo. he goes after the forecheck in spurts.. but yeah he look cautious for this many years in
  13. LGD I want to win this game.. it's been a tough ten game stretch against many of the best teams in the east. Let's end it well.. plus it's fun beating the dick head
  14. I hope we didnt ruin blackwood, cause right now our defense and goaltending looks years away.. not to mention our scoring depth is paper thin.. so these analytics people think were ready for prime time? keep Torturing those numbers fella's.. you can get them to say anything you want.. parcells said, "you are what your record says you are" right on bill. The list of players I dont want to see anymore keeps growing ..
  15. Put the fork in him already...
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