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  1. No doubt with the overrated Richard todd we could easily have lost in miami, but it was still a classless bellicheck move by shula..
  2. Michaels was my favorite jets coach.. hard nosed and eccentric.. foolish move by Leon to bet on walton.. great OC but destroyed what Michaels was building..Walton trended down each year peter principal just typical jets luck, rip screw don shula and his cheating mud bowl to neutralice McNeil
  3. Can he beat up lemieux's kid at this point in his Career? Always liked his game... we need to counter Hughes and nico with some brawn.. he had 17 goals last year, only 3 devils had more, 11 were even.. so it helps
  4. PK checks all the boxes we wanted.. fabulous defensive skater, physical presence, big shot at the blue line. Offensive playmakers. Nhl top pairing vet. These guys just don't become available... it's huge... he,s younger and more talented than I was even hoping for.. oh by the way we have a kid named ty coming along too..Hall, subban, Hughes, Ty, ....we are so much better than we were a week ago....
  5. Taylor hall was our MVP Again! in absentia..... this is so sweet .
  6. I think ultra conservative is his UFA style. and can you blame him.. historically value is not what you find there..
  7. at least there are a few FA forwards that we will have a shot at. unfortunately, not seeing a top pairing defenseman in FA. cant say I know much about tyler meyers game today.. has he grown into his body finally, does he have a defensive presence that we need? strahlman?? looks like green and butcher again getting too many minutes. even if the kid makes the club
  8. No highlights of devils defensemen in these games, surprise surprise.. we need to get us one , but from where???? fyi, we cant trade palms.. he scores goals; something this team lacks also
  9. He's 28 hardly old.. is he a 60 pt player or now a 45 pt vet.. as a 50 pt forward what is his salary range?
  10. Love to shut that smarmy coachs mouth..
  11. Kid has some sick moves would love to have him... Shero will make the right choice. Either way
  12. Unbelievable just fantastic screw the rags tank worked to absolute perfection Nico and him look like grade school kids
  13. This is a good thing..other than the rags and hawks.. f them
  14. I'm still feeling the 2nd pick, will be disappointed in anything after... not knowing much on any of this kids makes it silly though.. our offseason comes down to a fricken ping pong balls again..
  15. not sure if the metrics back it up, but I thought the zacha-mojo-bratt line was sharp for the times they were out there..it seemed like a decent 2nd line was forming for us.. obviously unsustainable with 3 extremely up and down players. this pick needs to be a better mojo goalie tending is still a big question but mckenzie is at least a strong possibility outside of damon the D was uninspiring zajak is where he needs to be 3rd line Binghamton was a disappointment need ty and this pick and a hall contract plus some vet defenseman to get to that next step
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