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  1. Isles offense peaking at the right time.. I picked them to win both these series.. then lose to bolts. But Dallas is ruining everything... i had Avs in cup finals
  2. I think the crowd sound guy just put it on loud and fell asleep... crazy
  3. You cant even call it a mustache, its horrible.. porn stars all over the world are embarrassed for him..
  4. Sorry hank those 2ft high shoulder pads were outlawed, now you're just an average joe at your best. Trending down fast..
  5. I saw him drinking a piƱa colada at Trader Vic's, And his hair was perfect....
  6. This is my take , everything by committee... screw that
  7. I cant get the game show sound out of my head, the one where you bankrupt or choose the zonked prize.. arggggh...
  8. Yup Bettman can spin this by saying the odds were like every other draft lottery. But the truth is that it's not like the others. The "field bet" odds for teams potentially in the playoffs were too high. Play in chance AND a lottery ball.. bullsh!t...
  9. NJ.com has an article about damon severson taking big steps to becoming a top two way defenseman, only problem is they have a photo of will butcher.. what great team coverage we have.
  10. We need a stud dman who can win dirty battles behind our goal.. not sure if ty smith is ever going to be that guy. He looked anything but strong handling the dump and chase. If that defense man isnt there, I'm hoping for a 30 goal winger.
  11. I waited months for this crap. Bullsh!+
  12. Dont like the 24 team thing, but I'm happy if they do this... I'll watch a tampa vs Washington series
  13. Apparently, the players association is having a 7:00 conference call tonight about this format
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