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  1. Hughes can create space in a face off circle kid is freaky
  2. What a freaken loser. Lmao.. 62 unanswered texts. Dumbass
  3. LGD our 2021 MVP is well rested.. Hell be between the pipes in that cesspool with new lipstick.. Stay away from Lemieux's fists
  4. Barry trotz head to too large for any covid mask..
  5. Well, boqvist family night didn't turn out that well... Lol
  6. Two games against the bruins and its nice to see we haven't been pinned in our end for extended periods. Lindy has the units working well. Ty hasn't coughed it up deep , and subban looks way less flashy.. Tennyson wants to stay. Cant wait for Bratt to join zacha and goose Nico to step in at 1C..
  7. We got a top candidate , not left at the alter like so many times before.. And Douglas is calling the shots.. Not the idiot brothers
  8. Need to take the blow dryer away from jack.. and he needs to bury a few of those wrist shots... Great sports day today. Enjoy..
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