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  1. GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 14 Mar @ 10p Eastern

    Thoughts and prayers are with you 118... so very sorry.... LGD
  2. 2018 JETS

    Im afraid that mikey is setting himself up to not move up for a QB which is the same as not taking one because at 6 the top 4 passers will be long gone.. and that would suck
  3. 2018 JETS

    They have to draft a qb or the fan base will implode.. teams have to alot 20+ mil to qbs these days so the one year deals are nothing..and shouldn't effect or draft intentions..
  4. Keith Kinkaid Appreciation Thread.

    Sheesh, This isn't a roller coaster, it's a frog hopper... I'm taking it one game at a time.. but KK gets the next start..
  5. GDT: Devils @ Preds - 10 Mar - 8p Eastern

    Yup, In our house we just laughed, and then laughed harder when he scored
  6. GDT: Devils @ Preds - 10 Mar - 8p Eastern

    KK gets the next start, he freaken better.. gutsy win
  7. GDT: Devils @ Preds - 10 Mar - 8p Eastern

    Ranger double agent
  8. GDT: Devils @ Preds - 10 Mar - 8p Eastern

    LGD, dont fade away boys
  9. You'll never win with Schneider

    There's a difference between out playing and out scoring.. most of the supposed games people think we were dominating, we scored two freaking goals.. dominating and scoring two goals shouldn't be used in the same sentence. It doesn't mean that cory hasn't been bad, he has , he knows he has, but there are two issues going on here. We dominated Montreal and KK gave up 4 goals..
  10. You'll never win with Schneider

    Didn't see this and posted the exact same thing lol
  11. You'll never win with Schneider

    Andy dalton says hello,
  12. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    Cory didn't have a chance on all 5 goals
  13. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    OK, how about 3 Firsts? 2?
  14. GDT: Jets @ Devils 7PM 3/8/18

    these 3-2 loses are starting to suck
  15. GDT: Jets @ Devils 7PM 3/8/18

    "Let me guess, 5 hole again",... "how'd ya know"