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  1. Hynes hired by Predators. holy cr*p, i never saw that coming
  2. i'm hoping for a disciplinarian. guys that would be similar to a hitchcock, keenan, etc. Some tough love might work in the short term.
  3. I was too. Then I compared his Points per Game as a Devil and as a Wild, then looked at his salary during his time with each team. Wild have paid like 4X per point than NJ did, so there's that !
  4. Going for .500 !! A Win would give us 20 points in 20 Games Played. Not playoff worthy, but I'll take .500 at this moment !
  5. Well, it would be a good start. At the least Shero would be clear on how the fans felt.
  6. Devils assistant general manager joins coaching staff Fitzgerald on board at Hynes' request for winless New Jersey; Hischier won't play against Rangers from nhl.com
  7. BlueSkirt

    Fire Hynes

    Bring in Bylsma !! actually I think we need an experienced guy....in the vein of Hitchcock, Keenan, Crisp
  8. BlueSkirt

    Fire Hynes

    When the GM believes in the Coach, he trades for/signs players. When the GM believes in his player trades/signing, he fires the Coach. Soon we'll know what our GM believes.
  9. that's why his linemate will be Simmonds !
  10. Maybe they'll do a Czech -year, with Jagr and Elias going together ? Also I'm surprised Richter hasn't gotten in with 300 wins, SC, World Cup, Olympic Silver, etc. He's certainly more accomplished than Ryan Miller, even with Miller now being the holder of Most Wins by US-born goalie
  11. only after we acquire quinn hughes else its the return of Neidmybrother !
  12. it's been a great 18 hours to be a Devils fan !
  13. Ugh, Rask with 4 goals allowed on 20 shots. Yes, the first STL goal was a beauty of a deflection...but to have a save percentage of .800 in Game 7 of Cup Final is brutal.
  14. BlueSkirt

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'm not sure of this link was posted yet but I found this Hughes article to be a good read.
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