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  1. The culture of the Devils right now comes from all the way at the top. Do you think Reynolds puts any sort of pressure on Fitz? Do you think Weber puts any pressure on Reynolds? Do you think Harris/Blitzer put any pressure on Weber? By the way things appear, the answer is no to all three. This sort of apathy eventually trickles down to the players and here we are at. We have a team that seemingly is OK to punt season after season, have a press corps of just team employees, cheaps out on things that requires no cap ceiling or, more importantly, floor (coaching) and seems to care little about maintaining arena outside of window dressing and ways to squeeze every penny out of every fan. It was very quick, but did you notice how empty the room was? Literally the only "media" people in the room are Devils employees. Even the post-game press conferences are a giant show.
  2. It's almost February. At this point, I am expecting him to do nothing about Ruff and to mostly focus on being a seller at the trade deadline. In other words, same sh!t that Fitz/Shero have been doing for the past few years. Any action on Ruff that would have been meaningful would have happened before the new year. Instead, either him, ownership, or both are comfortable with punting yet another season away.
  3. That's because he thinks he knows more than the others because he has done his "research."
  4. Given that his draft year appears to be one of the weaker one, if we don't win the lottery then we absolutely trade that pick for more immediate help. For your specific example, at this point I would say yes 100 times out of 100.
  5. Yes, it's hindsight, but were a lot of the moves "good"? Larsson for Hall was good for sure. The Subban trade looks to have been a wash at best. Gusev was good for about 1/2 a season before falling off the face of the Earth. If it wasn't for Mercer falling to us in the 2020 Draft, the Hall to Arizona trade would have been a bust. As for Fitz, the Coleman trade has yielded us Foote who doesn't appear to be a full-time NHL player and our hopes are pinned on a young Russian D-man working out. The Palmieri/Zajac trade is still up in the air with Chase Stillman (yeah there were other parts but those are inconsequential). It's a lot of alright moves, but nothing great. I won't hold my breath for a Gomez for McDonaugh or a Brassard for Zibanejad kind of trade anytime soon from Fitz. As for Blackwood, I agree. There are games where good goalies have to steal it for them, and Blackwood hasn't done that in over 2 seasons. Both his glamour numbers and his advanced numbers are showing a downward trajectory for him and it doesn't look like he will be crawling out of that anytime soon.
  6. Not much to say about the game last night. We saw how it went and that's the type of game that gets coaches and GM's fired. However, not in the New Jersey Devils Country Club! Anyways, I wanted to listen to the post-game presser to see how the team reacted to it and decided to focus on three of them. Nico - Gave the most honest assessment of the game. Liked that he was angry and what he saw matched what we all saw. Good on him. Ruff - What a complete moron. He has no clue what he is doing. The best example is how he singled out Johnsson (who hasn't played well lately) at the end for his poor play meanwhile saying nothing about the Czech Wonder who has 1 goal in his last 18 games and playing with Hischier and Tatar. At this point this idiot is not being fired during the season. Owners don't want to pay for 2 coaches since they will have to pay Ruff if they "fire" him now and get a replacement. Owners wanted bargain-basement coach and they are getting bargain-basement coaching out of this guy. He even makes Nas look far more competent as a HC which is frankly quite amazing. Blackwood - I've had enough of his imbecile. Get this fvcking loser off the team already. This guy is a never-ending stream of excuses. He blames re-directions as if he is the first goalie to ever face them. His puck/rebound control is dog sh!t where every shot turns into 2-3 chances. He also blames how he didn't get much action in the first period as another reason for his piss-poor performance. This is the same guy where for 2 seasons in a row we have to go out and get a 1B because we are worried about over-working this idiot. If it is his precious heel that is bothering him then I would rather ride Gillies for an extended stretch. At least he looks competent right now compared to our Joe Rogan on Ice. Regarding Fitz, I have little confidence in him anymore. Once again it's looking more and more likely he will awaken from his hibernation at around trade deadline time where we will once again be sellers. In the off-season, I do not see any UFA that have the Hamilton-type personality to sign with us (like it away from the spotlight) so we will likely once again be trading spare parts for other team's most expendable players or UFA who have no place else to go.
  7. In case anyone cares, here is the (likely) revised alternate jersey schedule: Opponent Revised Dates Philadelphia 12/8/2021 Detroit 12/18/2021 Columbus 1/6/2022 Arizona 1/19/2022 Dallas 1/25/2022 Tampa Bay 2/15/2022 Pittsburgh 2/24/2022 Anaheim 3/12/2022 New York Rangers 3/22/2022 New York Islanders 4/3/2022 New York Rangers 4/5/2022 Montreal 4/7/2022 Detroit 4/29/2022
  8. Yeah pretty much. They are wearing their old red howling coyote jerseys for a few games this season, but outside of that it is the Kachina full-time.
  9. Kachina jerseys versus Jersey jerseys. Should be fun. I like that they switched back to the Kachina jerseys. That sandstone-colored howling coyote jersey was always very blah to me. Also, it looks like Devils will be wearing special warmup jerseys for Hispanic Heritage night tonight.
  10. Unfortunate that Bratt wasn't selected but when it comes to fan vote, I can't remember a time a Devil fan was voted it. We just cannot compete with the larger fanbases who will vote their own player in.
  11. They unveiled it at the 2011 ASG and that's about as far as it went. Even all the Stan Lee magic in the world couldn't have made 30 new superheroes who were forced into somehow reflecting their respective franchise interesting. Shows that even the NHL marketing outside the Devils are often run by empty suits. I swear, the marketing powers that be are probably the most out of touch with fans amongst the four major North American leagues by a country mile.
  12. A tale of two league's marketing strategies to grow the game with their younger viewers: NFL: "Let's put a game on Nickelodeon to attract kids! We can put on fun, Nickelodeon-themed graphics, have age-appropriate announcers/sideline reporters and just make it a blast to watch for them!" NHL: "Let's put a game on that requires not one, but TWO subscription services that their parents have to buy and have Leah Hextall announce it!"
  13. He was scoring 60+ goals as a 18/19 year old against a bunch of 15/16 year old players.
  14. I am not sure if he is still their goalie coach, but Allaire for the Rangers used to do well at developing goalies. It seems like we have gone through a bunch in the past 10-15 years and perhaps that plays apart. Maybe the Devils should draft a Russian goalie soon. Seems like all the good ones are coming from there anyways.
  15. I'm old enough to remember when Ray, the leader of the 233 Crazies, used to hype the sh!t out of Boucher because of breaking Stamkos' junior goal scoring record (which many neglect to mention he did it as an overager).
  16. Blackwood is having a rough year by all accounts. The thing that makes me concerned is that this is a downward trajectory that started even before the season started. Therefore I am getting less and less inclined to chalk this up to some sort of hiccup this year.
  17. In a draft where there it ended up being 8 winners and 2 losers in the top 10 and we are one of the two, it hurts quite a bit. Kinda feels like we lost that crap shoot while playing with loaded dice.
  18. It's a crock of sh!t that this game is continuing given the state of both teams, especially the Devils. other teams have had their games postponed for less. Can't fault the Devils if they lose tonight.
  19. It's not necessarily even about Hayes. Blackhawks collectors are nuts. There are a lot of them and many with very deep pockets. Not sure how they are selling their gamers these days, but they would typically only sell them during the offseason during their annual convention where they are auctioned off. Even common players go for crazy money and players like Kane often hit into the 5 figures. Even if it is warm up and with Hayesy on the back, I can imagine a lot of Blackhawks fans would have jumped at a chance to own a warmup worn Toews for $750.
  20. Right now Devils just need a glorified emergency goalie. While not great, Blackwood will be back in a few days so not worth selling the farm for a guy like Price who is on the hook for several more years and is in the twilight of his career.
  21. Also wanted to mention people have been posting their Blackhawk gamers from the Hayes auction on FB this week as they just got them in (to show off). I see a bunch of replies saying they had no clue about the auction and would have bid if they got word of it.
  22. Earlier today someone on FB was trying to sell the Blackhawk's Hagel Hayesy gamer that sold for $450 in the auction last week for $1400. More power to him if he can get that price.
  23. Plus Kane said he wants to go to a contender so he wouldn't even want to come here.
  24. Leah Hextall called the Detroit-San Jose game last night and the feedback was naturally terrible. Again her delivery is terrible and she messed up a few players names as well.
  25. I guess I am alright with that. I just don't think he is worth any kind of "hefty" pay raise at least now.
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