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  1. This right here. I really cannot think of any other team that was supposed to be in cap Armageddon actually get into that situation. There are always cap floor teams willing to take on bad contracts for a price (typically a pick like the Marleau trade to Carolian that the Devils should have totally done), dumb GMs willing to seemingly lend a helping hand to these teams with bad trades, and the ever-present LTIR workaround that Tampa and Vegas have recently used.
  2. I may have asked this before (too lazy to look) but is anyone here going to the Meigray expo? It is on July 16th and I will have a table again this year. I have a preliminary list of jerseys I am bringing as I can only physically bring about 40% of my collection to the expo otherwise it gets unwieldy.
  3. lol and I told you before that I am blocked by both. If I wasn't and had some time on the side to search through 3-4 year old tweets of theirs, I might oblige. But I am still 100% convinced if another poster made the same post as me you would be inclined to believe them. I guess breaking the Blackwood news wasn't enough to overcome my reputation lol.
  4. That's the main reason for this. It's also a way for the Devils to control the narrative. Why focus on the fact that the Devils have missed the playoffs in 9 of the past 10 seasons, have holes all over their lineup, and missed the last WC spot by almost 40 points in the season that their GM declared he wants to play meaningful games in March? The Devils don't want us to focus on that but instead focus on which players are nice and which ones have recently gotten a haircut. It also doesn't hurt when their team-employed reporter fills the void with updates about her shoes rather than speaking to management or agents coming up on FA. Exactly. I really don't know why my posts are being interpreted as if I am saying that Abby literally did have her credentials taken away. The threat of it by the Devils seemed to be enough to keep her in line.
  5. I never said she did; repeatedly. I said she responded to someone's tweet why she doesn't ask more meaningful/tougher questions and her response was along the lines of "because there are Devils employees there who would pull us aside and threaten to take our credentials away."
  6. 100% certain if any other poster here said the same thing I was he would believe it.
  7. Yes, I am completely making this up. Brooks writes about 5 stories a year about the Devils. He is not wasting his time writing about something Abby said in response to a fan she is arguing with on Twitter. Yeah, this board doubted me with the Blackwood news that no one else here has heard and I ended up being right about it. Yet here we are again you are upset about me saying something because I am not as positive about this organization as you are. This is the same organization that has jerked its fans around for the better part of 10 years and yet you are giving them the benefit of a doubt here. lol wild.
  8. lol I thought you said I was the one obsessed with you and that you would avoid me? Yet here you are still taking under-handed shots at me. You still are the little angry teenager that you were when I joined up here. Plus this statement coming from a guy who has a well-documented rage issue is hilarious. I hope this is the last time I have to interact with you but I know you will take another shot at me sooner rather than later. It's like clockwork with you just the story you tell at least twice a year about Daneyko or Chico hitting on your wife when they met you.
  9. The fact that third party reporters came out and said that they cannot ask x because the Devils might take their credentials away is not at least troublesome to you? I get you think I am full of sh!t because you just don't like me stating the horrible truth about the state of this franchise. I mean I do have a history of spinning lies like the time I said Blackwood was the unvaccinated player. Wait a minute........
  10. I really don't see that in PDB. Outside of Larsson, I cannot name another player during his tenure that didn't develop. Henrique turned out alright and we got the best playing days out of guys like Fayne, Gionta, etc. I would say coaches like Nas have been worse in terms of developing our talent.
  11. Plus I don't think the Devils would care. Ryan would write a scathing story. Larry Brooks would probably report on that in his weekly Slap Shots column. Devils would take the heat for a week or so and that's about where it would end.
  12. Yeah they can take their credentials away and literally lock Ryan out. This is the same organization who didn't bat an eye when every outside media organization pulled out of reporting on them. Pretty much every team accepts reporters for both the good and bad because any exposure is good exposure. Apparently, this is not the case in Devils-land.
  13. Did they actually get thrown out or did they actually say that? They both blocked me on twitter (it's especially funny from Chris Ryan since I never tweeted at him), so I cannot search their tweets.
  14. Pride Stick auction ended last night. Player Price Hughes, Jack $ 675.00 Hischier, Nico $ 650.00 Mercer, Dawson $ 625.00 Hamilton, Dougie $ 600.00 Vesey, Jimmy $ 550.00 Graves, Ryan $ 525.00 Sharangovich, Yegor $ 450.00 Subban, PK $ 425.00 Tatar, Tomas $ 425.00 Blackwood, Mackenzie $ 401.00 Siegenthaler, Jonas $ 375.00 Kuokkanen, Janne $ 350.00 Severson, Damon $ 350.00 McLeod, Michael $ 325.00 Geertsen, Mason $ 250.00 Smith, Ty $ 250.00 Bastian, Nathan $ 225.00 Zacha, Pavel $ 205.55 Gillies, Jon $ 200.00 White, Colton $ 200.00 Boqvist, Jesper $ 175.00 Greer, AJ $ 150.00 Johnsson, Andreas $ 150.00
  15. From what Abbey and Chris Ryan have said in the past, there are team employees in the locker room who are there watching the reporters. If they do try to silence Ryan N or take away his credentials, what can NJ.com do? They can't force the Devils to allow him in and I doubt many would care outside of Devils fan-land if they write an article about it.
  16. They tweeted it back a few seasons ago. Someone once asked Abbey straight on "why aren't you asking the player after the game about x." Her response was along the lines of "there are team employees there and they have the power to take our credentials away." Chris Ryan said the same thing on another occasion to the same question.
  17. I would absolutely choose Pete. I don't think he is the right fit for the Devils, but he is worlds better than Ruff in any aspect.
  18. He seems to have a knack of getting the best out of teams who want to take that final step towards being a contender. He did it with NJ and SJ and somewhat successful in Vegas.
  19. Oh I agree overall and totally understand she is a glorified PR spokesperson for the team. The issue is that she is part of a machine that is trying to tell Devils fans information/news to distract from the fact that the Devils have been a dumpster fire for the past few years. I am not alone where I just stopped giving two sh!ts about players getting haircuts and what shoes she is deciding what to wear and instead want to know about Bratt's contract status and other team news. It comes across from the entire Devils organization as patronizing and complete tone-deaf. Unfortunately, this has become par-for-the-course from this ownership full of empty suits. Now, it has become even more glaring that Ryan is on the job and running laps around Stein in terms of content people are actually interested in outside of puck bunny nonsense. The sad part is that I don't think it will last. I really hope I am completely wrong, but I have a feeling once the season starts that if Ryan keeps this up then the Devils will do everything in their power to make it as difficult as possible for him to do his job. They did it before with other reporters like Chris Ryan and Abbey who have stated that they were threatened with having their press credentials taken away if they ask difficult questions. This current ownership absolutely does not want Ryan to be the one saying the emperor has no clothes when they are in the gutter yet again by Christmas and they are having Stein push out fluff pieces.
  20. Ryan is actually going out, contacting players and their agents and finding out stories and updates that fans care about. In the mean time, Amanda has tweeted out about her Dad for Father's Day, replied to a tweet from NJ Devils mascot, replied to that old story that was brough up again about the 2011 Bruins bar tab, and has talked about stuff that happens in Canada (non-hockey).
  21. Really sorry to hear that. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.
  22. Guy is trying to be the Thanos of sports owners.
  23. It's the only word I can use to describe it. A GM trading for a player he doesn't know is injured is what you would expect out of a sports comedy movie. He looked like Mr. Magoo when he was informed that the player he just acquired was injured.
  24. For a team that finished 20th in the league for goals for I would say otherwise. However, I would much have DeBrincat or Pasta over Gaudreau.
  25. lol to this day you still nail Lou to the cross over what he should have done and what he shouldn't have done. I wish you would extend the same standards to Fitz. When Fitz doesn't know the health status of the guy he is trading for it doesn't exactly instill confidence in me. Maybe I am just crazy at being flabbergasted that a GM of a professional major league team didn't know that.
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