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  1. I don't think the overspray ruined it but it certainly detracted a little from it. Yeah I agree about the HFC jerseys for this season. The previous seasons were much nicer.
  2. Yup definitely better. I am tempted to bid on them when they go up for auction. Even this year's military hats look sharp.
  3. Putting your phone # on a public forum is a power move.
  4. "I am here because John Hynes think I am worse than those guys"
  5. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    It's the other way around.
  6. I never understood why so many people like them either.
  7. Some rumors going around that Philly is soon going to announce that Nolan Patrick will be out the rest of the season.
  8. My issue is the whole statement that Goose is somehow the worst player in the NHL because of a couple of advanced stats. I fully acknowledge that he needs/needed work but to say he is somehow worse than Miles Wood because the latter is leading the team in "expected goals" is silly. Of course the explanation for Wood's actual goal total not being close to his "expected goal" stat is often brushed aside from the advanced stats crowd oft-used panacea; bad luck. The same crowd are the ones who told us that BB8 is an advanced stat beast. Still waiting for that to convert into wins or even a useful player. However, he is still in the AHL where he has been since we decided not to re-sign him after the 16-17 season. This is why we take these things with a grain of salt.
  9. Advanced Stats: Where Goose is the worst player in the NHL, Bennett's release was enough to make Cordell have a twitter meltdown, Simmonds is just the unluckiest player on Earth and "expected goals" is an actual thing.
  10. Also it looks like Don Cherry has been fired for his comments about immigrants and poppy flowers.
  11. Got an email from the Devils about a 4-game winter ticket pack. Buy into it and you get a free autographed puck of a random player plus a "limited edition" Jack Hughes snow globe.
  12. It's one thing to ask tough questions. That is what I wish our beat writers would ask. It's another to warp or misconstrue things into something they are not. They are doing the latter here in this case.
  13. Friedman is saying that from what he knows about how Hall's agent operates that it is unlikely Hall signs during the season. Not sure how that was morphed into "Taylor Hall is definitely not re-signing with the Devils!" Canadian hockey media is awesome.
  14. After missing a majority of the Oilers game (and being happy about that), I got to see the Canucks game yesterday. Nice to finally see them play in Vancouver that is not a 10PM EST start time. Blackwood had a great game. It is safe to say at this point that he is our starter for the foreseeable future. At this point no one is going to take on Cory with his contract as well as how he is playing. Plus I believe he has either a NTC or NMC which also stymies any sort of trade to other teams. I would say a buyout this off-season is on the table. Really impressed more and more by Hughes. Even in games where he doesn't get on the scoresheet he does great things. I really am excited to see how he grows each year for years to come. That no goal on the Hall breakaway is bullsh!t. Yeah I saw the reading of the rulebook, but that is a slippery slope. What prevents the opposition from putting in efforts where they purposefully dislodge the net but make it look accidental? Players often embellish and get away with it, so this is not an outlandish scenario. It should have been at least a penalty shot.
  15. Thankfully the Vancouver game is a Sunday afternoon game instead of the usual 10PM EST slot. I would have not even bothered if that was the case.
  16. lol I wish. Stayed up last night and right now paying for it. Plus for the past 2-3 months our new dog has been waking me and my wife up every morning before dawn so she can have her first walk.
  17. Tuesday night's game gave me enough hope to stay up last night to watch the loss in Calgary. I am not going to be fooled again and while I may catch the first period tonight, I am not going to go out of my way to stay up watch the rest.
  18. At this point I would say Blackwood is only marginally better than Cory. Plus Cory wasn't going to ride the pine forever anyways and even if the season wasn't going sideways that was the plan all along (in terms of there being a split).
  19. Just looked it up and he played in 17 playoff games that year out of 23. Jeez I don't even remember it being that many.
  20. He was? I thought that was Zids in 2012.
  21. I keep forgetting about him. I guess that is on purpose lol.
  22. Lafreniere is a LW and would look awesome on that top line;)
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