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  1. Did Dougie get other offers? And if so, were they more? I have legit not heard either. Its also discouraging when we offer more and are geographically closer to his home and we still lose out. That’s a pretty troubling sign. If we were the only ones or the highest ones on Dougie, is that the only way we can get a free agent?
  2. I am not going to fault Fitz for not signing Gaudreau. What I am faulting him for was putting all his eggs in that basket of signing him. If he’s able to pry away Laine from Columbus now I’ll happily eat sh!t, but I’m not holding my breath.
  3. Maybe my line about him not wanting to play in NJ doesn’t seem to far fetched now?
  4. It sucks but him not signing is not the big issue. It’s Tom putting all his eggs into the basket of signing Gaudreau. Palat is a nice player and all, but no guarantees he signs here either and his overpayment will likely be even worse relative to his value. This is why I was hard on Tom for the DeBrincat trade. Tom seems to place all his chips on one number and hope it hits. When it doesn’t, we are now scrambling.
  5. Lol you are such a fvcking liar. You never muted me. yes I will be at RVCC this Saturday! I will have another table this year so stop by to say hi. All are welcome! can I run now to DM crying that you should be banned? Isn’t that how this works kiddo? Maybe I should post pics of my wife as well and re-tell for the 10th time how a known drunk thought she was hot.
  6. Oh and it’s great the same person calling for my perma-ban was trying to clown me earlier for me going after Gaudreau’s double-talk now has to eat sh!t when he signed in Columbus for less that is further away from his family.
  7. I am not the one who swore to ignore the other and cannot go a few days without mentioning them.
  8. That's lost on a few posters on here today. See pumpkin's post above.
  9. That's fine. However, it does rub me the wrong way when he turns down a similar offer to what Columbus had by Calgary and claims it is not about the money.
  10. It's a hell of a commute from Columbus to south jersey.
  11. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  12. I have to admit, he had us going. Here we are thinking it's a Neids situation who left money on the table to go play somewhere else when it's really a Kovy situation who used the Kings to drive up his price in the 2010 offseason.
  13. So is he full of sh!t about being closer to his family in NJ or about not being about the money?
  14. He got offered a big fat contract in Calgary which he turned down for what he said was family reasons. Three teams are wanting Gaudreau that are close to where he lives with 1 being out due to being up against the cap. So he is down to 2 teams that can offer salary and being close to home so he........ reaches out to Columbus?
  15. Gaudreau is doing everything in his power not to sign in NJ lol.
  16. He's not a goon, but he does play physical IIRC. He's at best a 7th D-man who can step in if Ty Smith sh!ts the bed or if one of the kids isn't ready.
  17. Brendan Smith is a Geertsen replacement. Yawn.
  18. Motherfvcker Fitz is going to clown me today isn't he?
  19. Fitz scrambling in those 3 minutes that the Devils are on the clock to make a trade with Calgary gives me some indication. Fitz probably should have hedged his bets by going with DeBrincat since he was given away for the 7th overall pick. Instead he tried to swing for the fences and got burned twice within a 3 minute timespan. How is that good GMing? Why does all of his plans involve everything falling into his lap perfectly to work? Right now we are literally hoping and praying one of the better UFA signs here otherwise we are icing largely the same team as last season.
  20. He had plan A. Plan B was poorly thought out. He had to do plan C which he didn't want to do. Most good GM's likely never have to go to plan C. Most GM's don't get caught flat-footed like Fitz does when a rival team trades up and takes the player you want to take like in 2020 or trading for a player he didn't know was injured.
  21. It was a hastily put together plan C. It was a plan he didn't want to make and seemingly didn't think he would have to do but he was forced to. Again, I am hating the fact that Fitz's plans all seem to involve a bunch of dominos all falling the right way to work. The fact that Fitz was reportedly scrambling to off-load the pick for Nemec means that Nemec wasn't a pick he wanted to make.
  22. Devils wanted Slaf or Tkachuk. That was their plan A and B. They went with Nemec as their plan C and one they probably didn't want to go with. Hockey media reported that Montreal management and ownership had a long meeting with Slaf the morning of the draft that they didn't have with Wright. I am not saying that Fitz should be a mind reader, but he should at least sit and think for a second what that could mean. I hope Nemec proves me wrong and turns into Makar 2.0. However, it doesn't give me much confidence in Fitz that he had to go to plan C (and in a hurry) yet again.
  23. I would say that given the reaction, Devils probably would have rather had Tkachuk or Slaf with their pick. Nemec was not their plan A or B, but C.
  24. Gaudreau reportedly has had a deal on the table for him for a couple weeks now. He hasn't signed it and Calgary probably can't fit both him and Tkachuk under their cap. It seemed very likely Gaudreau is going to UFA and Tkachuk was staying put. Fitz's plan rested on all the dominos falling the right way. GM's job depends on what the owners think of them. if the owners see Fitz as going along with their plans to keep overhead costs low and being fine with fielding a team that misses the playoffs by 38 points then Fitz probably has a secure job. These are the same owners who didn't hire Laviolette, their #1 choice 2 seasons ago, simply because of cost so they went with their cheaper option. This is for a position that 1) doesn't go towards cap and 2) paid by guys who are worth over $5B.
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