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  1. He's been "could be back skating in a few days" for two weeks now. They are not even saying he is close, just essentially a "no news" on him. Even with Blackwood they are releasing news about the heel needing more time to rehab.
  2. I looked and it was an hour and 15 minutes long and they played the Oilers. If I was a player for the Oilers that night I would have been pissed about standing/sitting around for that to end. As for anniversary nights, I 100% expect the Devils to do a 20th anniversary night of the 2003 team next season.
  3. I forgot who said it (I think it may have been either Doc or Chico), but apparently the NHL sent a memo out to teams who were planning retirement nights after the Rangers Mark Messier night to not go overboard and keep time in mind. The visiting team that night was apparently pissed that Messier night kept going on forever and they had to wait around until it was over to play. I think that probably had a little bit to do with how things turned out as well with Stevens and Dano nights.
  4. I am pretty sure I was at that night. That was the one they gave out bobbleheads of him that looked nothing like him? Edit: This one
  5. IIRC, I heard that they did use the same company as the Stevens and Daneyko banner, but they dropped the ball and used the wrong font. It took them a few years to correct it too. That was the only retirement ceremony where I sat in the bottom bowl. I got the cheapest tickets I could find on SH (I think they were about $40ish) and back then they had this thing where you could "rent" an iPad for like $10 to use during the game. Since the iPads ran on wifi only, they replaced your tickets to the one section near the router they used for them which was in sec 21. They got rid of it after 1 or 2 seasons because people were only renting them for the same reasons as me plus they were kinda useless. The only time I actually looked at one pretty closely was the one I rented and one of the employees left notes from their marketing meeting that week on the Notes app. Anyways that ceremony did feel rushed and cheap. It was just sparse on everything and felt barely anything more than one of those Doc or Chico appreciation nights they put on before.
  6. I hate "celly" as well. In fact, I think I hate just about every word of hockey lingo that has come out in the past decade.
  7. All the Devils would have to do is have fans watch video of the original ceremony to feel enough pity to not feel as though it is a cash grab.
  8. I have been to all the retirement ceremonies in-person with the exception of Stevens. The organization's retirement night for Niedermayer was a complete joke. From the sparse/short ceremony to the "in memoriam" black number patches for the night, it was completely done in the cheap. It was an obvious cash-grab by a broke JVB who was looking to fill seats in a mid-week game in December during the holiday season. If the team one day decides to do Nieds right by re-doing that ceremony I would 100% be for it.
  9. It was about $150ish for a bit in the months leading up to the game in the 200 corners and the "real fans can't go!" crap was rampant across all social media. Same thing happened albeit on a smaller scale with Elias night.
  10. I got my tickets for $70 each in the 200's in the small window between when the date was rumored and when it was officially confirmed by the team. I got lucky.
  11. I still remember the big collective crying/complaining on social media from Devils fans who were upset that tickets in the nosebleeds for the Brodeur retirement night were running about $150ish. Apparently "real fans" were being priced out by other greedy fans/team/brokers. Never mind it was the retirement night for arguably the most important player in the team's history. How dare it not be the same $15 stubhub price as any regular mid-week game in February against a non-rival Western Conference team!
  12. Another day, another practice, and another what is essentially a "no comment" from any of the Devils staff/coaches about the status of Miles Wood. I am guessing he broke something.
  13. I found both my Ducks and Panthers pins as well. I think they made one for the CBJ and Nashville as well. I am not sure if they made them for Ottawa, Lightning, Thrashers and Wild though.
  14. Not sure why the Devils aren't doing some sort of giveaway for their first ever game against the Seattle Kraken. I used to like those "First Encounter" pins they gave out back in the 90's whenever we first played one of the new expansion teams. IIRC, they didn't do anything either when they first played the Vegas Golden Knights. A bit of a missed opportunity if you ask me. Especially since they are doing a whole lot of other giveaways already this season.
  15. I think Seattle had a huge miss by not making the patch specifically say inaugural game. The ones that are on there are inaugural season and only the set tag on the inside of the jersey mentions it is from the inaugural game. Vegas had an inaugural game patch for their first ever game vs the Stars and those sold like hot cakes.
  16. DevsMan84

    MSG commercials

    I remember Rasmussen but I forgot how long he was here. It felt like 1-1.5 seasons and not 207 games over 3 seasons.
  17. There is still over 2 weeks left too. They are going to go nuts. The more I see the Seattle jerseys, the more I like them. I think I like the white better than the darks as well.
  18. I have a feeling that is what has lead to this. I wonder if JVB burned so many bridges with vendors, including the concessions one, that very few others would ever want to be in there no matter who is in charge. FWIW, my brother is the general manager of a custom office furniture manufacturer. A year or two ago the Devils hired them to make a custom conference room table. They delivered, but the hoops they put his company through to collect on the invoice was crazy. I can provide more details, but that would have to be via PM. He also learned from others in the same industry who have worked with the Devils in the past that is this a very common thing for the Devils, even with these new owners.
  19. Could have went with the obvious choice and give him a much shorter and cooler first/last name combination
  20. I thought the Mercer line played well tonight; even Johnsson. Even though he missed on some good opportunities he was there helping to create them with Mercer. Sharangovich was largely invisible tonight. Bernier played well. I hope this is the Bernier we get for the rest of the regular season. I am ready to shoot Nas into the Sun with Recchi not too far behind.
  21. Not only that, but the customization/jersey looks to be a knockoff as well. Just a mess all-around.
  22. I think Cangy pooped, pissed and came in his pants at the same time judging by that goal call. Not sure how he did that, but he did.
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