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  1. To be fair, I would take Urbom and Bergfors out of that list. Urbom was not expected to be much and was serviceable as a spare D-man for his limited time here. Bergfors actually did well enough in 09-10 to be considered a good enough "up and coming" player to be a piece in the Kovy trade. We literally got the most amount of value out of him as we possibly could.
  2. I like Cangi (my favorite this year is him pronouncing Yakovlev in a way where it sounds like he is saying Ya-blah-blah) but Dano is pretty rough. His voice is absolutely terrible and his homer-ism is just a little much at times. In rare moments when he is dialing back his homer-ism he is actually pretty decent, but his voice is not made for announcing on any level. In the last Devils-Rangers game I actually tuned into the Rangers broadcast just to take a break for a game. I do like Sal and think he would be a great color commentator. He started off a little up and down last season but I feel like he has really gotten comfortable in what he is doing and coming into his own. I actually like Chico on the radio more than I did on TV. Now that he is no longer found on the radio dial and instead in app-Siberia, he seems to have let loose more and in the rare times I tune in is extremely blunt about the Devils. I still think the biggest issue is Matt on the radio. He is a great host and emcee, but terrible as PBP guy.
  3. Dropped price on Brylin and added a Langenbrunner gamer for a nice price!
  4. This is probably true, but also worrying. I don't think we will be in a win-now type of mindset for at least another 3 seasons.
  5. This. The number of consistent posters really started crashing in the 13-14 and 14-15 seasons. The biggest surge I have seen of MIA posters returning was when we made the playoffs last season. Go figure.
  6. We offered more to Rafalski. We offered more to Niedermayer. Lou claims we made a "competitive" offer to Parise. All the money in the world is not quite enough for plenty of players.
  7. Pride Night stick auction ended last night. Final prices:
  8. If I had a choice between the beer-league NHL-mandated emergency goalie and KK, I would actually stop to think for a minute. But that's probably just me:) So far he has dressed in exactly 1 game to be a backup in his return game back to NJ. It was largely done so that he wouldn't be embarrassed to be in street clothes when the camera pans to him after the Devils "tribute" to him. Delicious. I hope the day after Torts is inevitably fired from Columbus if he would comment on what he thought after that trade.
  9. For one maybe down the road? A lot of these NHL GM's still act and operate as a good ol' boys club. But the fact that there were a decent sized and very vocal group of fans who very recently wanted KK to be our STARTER to now Columbus' last option before pulling in the NHL-mandatory beer-league level emergency backup goalie is amazing.
  10. KK also got a new mask made which will never see any action. The fact that the best return we could get is a 5th rounder that is more than 3 years away shows what the rest of the league thought of him, which is very little. It has a feeling that Columbus did this trade pretty much as a favor to Shero to get KK off the team for at least something.
  11. Got some new additions over the past 7 days: 1) Blake Coleman 2018-19 Heritage jersey. Worn by Blake in all 4 games and have it matched to 18 photos over 3 of the 4 games. 2) Sergei Brylin 1998-99 white set 1. Like most Brylins this is killed with wear. 3) Brian Rafalski 2006-07 white set 2 with 25th anniversary patch. Light wear and shortened sleeves. Been looking for one of his gamers for a while now and happy to have it.
  12. Pretty much everyone watching the NBCSN feed of the game last night:
  13. It's still somewhat amazing that no Devil has yet to put up 50 goals and/or 100 points. Elias, Muller, Verbeek, Hall, Parise, and Gionta came close to either one of those or both but still no dice. MacLean might have had 50 goals in 91-92 if it wasn't for that injury you mentioned as well.
  14. That and those early 90's seasons, especially 91-92 and 92-93, it seemed like getting 50 goals and/or 100 points was not that big of a deal. It seemed like the entire league was a giant shooting gallery and even some of those tertiary players were getting career years in there.
  15. Probably not and Stevens would have certainly been suspended as well.
  16. Wow I remember he was injured in the Ottawa series but totally forgot it was a torn oblique. For some reason I remembered it as a shoulder issue.
  17. Looking at only first rounders in those 18+ years is still silly and that goes for the OP as well. You cannot call an entire draft a failure like in 1994 when you have Sharifijanov as your first round miss, but then have Elias as your second round jackpot along with Souray and Steve Sullivan as nice hits in later rounds that year. I think your point would be better illustrated in looking at entire drafts by decade. Lou/Conte's 90's decade was by and large really good. Even if they whiffed in the first round they still found at the very least full-time NHL'ers in the later rounds. Compare that to the 2000's and you will see in the link below if they are not hitting in the first round or two, the Devils pretty much are walking away with virtually nothing. There are a few hits in there, but they are much fewer and far between. The 2005 through 2009 drafts are particularly rough outside of Henrique. That is the most damning evidence about Lou/Conte's drafting post 90's. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00007066.html Bingo. I was considering a "hit" as being a guy who established himself as a regular NHL player, not necessarily an all-star player.
  18. To be fair, you are only looking at first rounders in those 18 years, so saying 4 picks in 18 draft years is mis-leading. Go the entire draft rounds and you will be adding guys like Pando, Morrison, Oliwa, Elias, Henrique, Souray, Sullivan, McCauley, White, Mitchell, B. Gionta, Commodore, Martin, Rupp, Engelland, Janssen and Fayne in just the years you listed.
  19. Yeah that Lemieux goal was an absolute back-breaker. What's funny is that Hextall was still largely in his prime and goals like that were not too uncommon in those days. These days if a goalie let up a goal like that he would be immediately pulled and sat the next game.
  20. Even before the rash of injuries that started to devastate the team (I consider Hall going down after 12/23 as being the start of this current avalanche), the team was a house of cards. All it took was for both goaltenders to not be good and/or for only 1-2 key people to be out of the lineup. Unfortunately both happened and the Devils were just flat-out not good since the second week of the season. Shero has 10 picks in this year's draft. If he ends up using all of them I will be very disappointed. He has more than enough to swing one or two of those for a roster player at the draft and with any luck we will have a nice top pick as well. While I hate saying it, he should take at least a gamble on one player in free agency as well. We have enough cap space to handle 1-2 stupid contracts and with Zajac's and Greene's contracts winding down.
  21. Watched the entire first period and then off and on the rest of the game. Even in games against the Rangers this team has a hard time keeping my attention for anything more than an hour. I am trying not to waste energy on a depleted team that is icing largely an AHL team.
  22. At least this way our fans can meet the kids who make the knockoff jerseys they love so much.
  23. Rumor going around on FB that the Devils are going to China next season to play a game or games over there.
  24. I watched about half the game. That's about all I care about these days with the Bing Devils. Columbus not curb-stomping us is embarrassing. How they didn't put up at least 5 goals on this sad sack team is beyond incredible. I hope they barely miss the playoffs and lose their upcoming FA so they are fvcked for the next 5 years. Oh and it looks like Columbus threw KK a bone by dressing him as the backup last night even though he had zero business to even do that. Either he begged his management/Torts or they felt bad for him so they decided to dress him so the camera doesn't pan to him after his "tribute" and he is wearing street clothes in a luxury box.
  25. I liked MoJo and felt that it was more bad luck than anything that affected his time here. He was getting it going with Nico being his center instead of offensive black holes like Zacha and Zajac. That said, there was a growing portion of this fanbase that was hoping he would be extended instead of traded at the deadline as his production was increasing. Immediate hindsight is showing we made the right call.
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