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  1. If it is for someone like an Eichel or a Laine, it's either Jack or Hischier likely going the other way as I could imagine Buffalo and Columbus are looking for a roster player rather than high first rounder (probably both). Hughes has a higher ceiling than Hischier so Hischier would be the less of two evils.
  2. I think either or it will take at least Hischier, and I can live with that. We desperately need guys who can finish and I don't want to say no to one of a couple of the best finishers out there simply because they lack a Zajac-esque quality to their game.
  3. Parts 1-6 sounds like a nice plan for a 6th place finish in the division finish.
  4. Call me pessimistic, but I don't think help is coming from UFA this season (or at least enough to really matter). I don't think a guy like Hamilton would want to come to NJ no matter how much money we throw at him. I really don't want Zajac and Palmieri anywhere near this team and I am very apathetic at the idea of signing a guy like Larsson or Coleman for their second tour (plus they probably don't move the needle much anyways). That means help will most likely have to come from a trade. I have said it several times before over the past few weeks, but I would like for the Devils to re
  5. Also bingo. Also, for the record, I am not the one who brought up the Laf vs Hughes debate in the first place. However, I do find it funny how much of a vested interest people do in how he compares to Laf or even Kakko. Regardless, Jack had a horrible rookie year. He is much better this year. Hopefully, he will be even better next year. That's all I care about and I am glad I was wrong about predicting he won't improve.
  6. Palmieri lead the team in points last season, but I guess you left that out intentionally as it ruins your argument. I am also sure those months age difference really made a huge impact /s. As for the bolded, that's rich coming from someone who is almost always overly aggressive and/or condescending in almost every post you make. Again, either you are in a decade-plus schtick coma that you cannot seem to get yourself out of or you have some sort of grave anger or emotional imbalance. Please seek help either way.
  7. Laf is likely the target going the other way. Their center depth is pretty bad after Mika and they have enough decent wingers. Now with Dolan confirming he wants to win now, it's a move they got to make to make that a reality.
  8. I remember the cackling going in here with a couple of posters earlier this season over Laf doing worse than Jack Hughes did last year. Yet he finished with a slightly better ppg than him. I guess the "he's only x years old!" excuse didn't apply to Laf in Jan/Feb.
  9. Karmanos was, but this new-ish guy they have seems to be willing to spend more money.
  10. You should have seen Islanders fans last night on twitter about Palmieri and Zajac. Even the most optimistic of them still think it was uneven.
  11. Devils Military night auctions ended last night. This season they had the warm-up jerseys, sticks and nameplates. Jerseys: Player Price Hischier, Nico $ 1,600.00 Sharangovich, Yegor $ 1,517.00 Bratt, Jesper $ 851.00 Hughes, Jack $ 750.00 Wood, Miles $ 710.00 Smith, Ty $ 624.00 Bahl, Kevin $ 600.00 Mascot
  12. The first set was worn on the 3/2, 3/6 and 3/16 games. He started in the 3/6 and 3/16 games..
  13. The bolded point can't be stressed enough. He looks MUCH better as a winger than as a center. I also do think coaching has played a part for him. In 17-18 he started the season as the top line center, by November he was scratched. IIRC he complained at the time to his agent about how he believes Hynes had it out for him. Now, it looks like that is possibly indeed the case and just the fact that Hynes was not a good NHL coach.
  14. He was one of many you have driven away over the 11 years I have been here. I know for a fact I am not the only one who has seen that over those years. lol if you say so that is my schtick. You are pushing 30 (or are you 30 now?) and still have teenage tantrums and petulant outbursts on a near daily basis. If that is not schtick then I am deeply concerned about both your mental and physical well-being.
  15. I will start getting excited when he can continue on with this upward trajectory. I am still not pleased that we picked him over guys like Connor, Rantanen, Provorov, etc.
  16. Oh FFS here you go again with your overly dramatic exaggerations and hyperbole schtick you have been putting on for as long as I have been on here. LOL @ "continuously invented" like I am constantly lying. What's not invented is how many members (especially new ones) you have driven off this website over the years with your behavior towards them. That glenwo guy was not the first one by a good margin.
  17. Or just anyone at all connected to the NHL or NHLPA and its members.
  18. Nice! I was offered to switch to a different player from set 2, but since I am mostly buying for the set and not the player I stuck with Johnsson since he was on the cheaper side. I just can't justify paying $2K for a Palmieri or $2.5K for a Sharangovich.
  19. The answer to this is to gut and rebuild the entire department of player safety. It is mostly run by NHL suits along with former players. The suits have their agenda while the former players have their own. The former players don't want to piss off their former NHLPA colleagues and guys like Parros are probably feeling the need to cling onto keeping hockey more physical than it should be. Best thing to do is to just hire someone who has little to no hockey experience or allegiance/history to either side, show them the rule book and go from there. At least that way they are likely goin
  20. Current head is George Parros. Previous it was Stephane Quintal and before him it was Brendan Shanahan. That department was a joke even with those guys in charge (a little less so with the Shanahan era but still not good).
  21. So you think that the Devils didn't even kick the tires on Gallant even though they interviewed both Ruff and Laviollette? Interesting take.
  22. Picked up my RR gamer today. I got the Johnsson set 1 (there were 2 sets of RR; each worn in 3 games). While the player is not the greatest to say the least (dangers of locking in my pre-order before the season starts), I am still quite happy with it as it has some decent wear for 3 games. I was able to photomatch it to a tear in the front stripe below the crest to a picture of him wearing it in the second game. There are also a couple of small marks and burns as well, so I am happy.
  23. Oh yeah, there's a game today.
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