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  1. Petit jury duty in Hunterdon County is cancelled for next week. Received text saying that duty is fulfilled. Thank you for being available. Good for 3 years I think. Kinda glad considering my health situation and age. People in Walmart were nuts and all I went in for was aluminum foil and yeast. Even the yeast was gone.
  2. I had mixed feelings when I first heard about the trade however I understand it. I was really, really upset when we traded Henrique.
  3. I totally agree but it will never happen. Love and miss you much point.
  4. Sorry to hear about your family. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. I only have my brother and sister and the less contact the better. I always wondered about mid-life crises. I was, am still, too busy trying to stay alive to have had one. Seems I didn't miss much. Since I last saw you have had 2 more joint replacement surgeries, dealt with a female only cancer and now I am dealing with kidney (and another freaking stone) and parathyroid issues. It just never ends but hey I have a mantra. Adapt or die. Not so worried about the death part because heaven doesn't want me and hell is afraid of me. Goal has been to get to 17. Not to far to go. Love ya gf. My best to G.
  5. I always look for your posts. Happy when I see them. Death isn't something I care to dream about. It freaks me the hell out. Makes me research the meaning of dreams when it happens.
  6. StarDew

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Hah! I'd settle for winning 3 in a row presently.
  7. Nope. Heaven forbid he doesn't have instant success. If he is smart he will stay where he is. Potential hate from a chunk of this fanbase would be horrible.
  8. You have no idea. Points per season never exceeded 65. They didn't really start gelling until 1988. Early years were tough but they had strong fan support. They have zero confidence, think too much and that takes too much time, try so much they make dumb mistakes and imo most importantly, they forgot how to focus and have fun. They were, and once again, bipolar...one extreme or the other. Lots of patience is needed by fans...again imnsho
  9. Yes, indeed and never complained about anything.
  10. Like I said, to each their own. I don't agree with you. That's all. Edit: In re: previous post - You have been here since 2003 and you have no idea? Tsk tsk.
  11. They were important parts of the 4 Stanley Cup teams. Really good stats during time with Islanders. They are considered Islander legends. A joke? Hmmmm...would you laugh at Timex if his number was retired? To each their own I guess.
  12. Some people were concerned Hall would walk and the Devs would get nothing. Devs get something and some people still complain. Seems now something isn't better than nothing?? Really difficult to please some folks. Go figure.
  13. StarDew


    Then don't read his posts. You're no prize package to read. And yeah, I am down to reading only 2% of your insanity and it is quickly falling to 0%. Sheesh!
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