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  1. Just edited original post. See above. Yes I remember those ugly white shorts.
  2. I liked their uniforms. Don't laugh. It's true. Never saw them live. Did see Rockies a number of times. Their uniforms sucked. Btw Isles only win 12 games their first season. All 3 teams sucked freshman year. (Scouts, Caps, Isles)
  3. Born and raised in NJ. My dad was a NYR fan. I used to watch games with my dad always rooting for the other team. When the Scouts came into being I picked them since they were new. Man was I elated when they moved to NJ. Prior I could only see my teams live when they played the NYR. I sure miss my dad and those times.
  4. I am one of them and still alive.
  5. Wood I lie to you? PS: Sorry I don't do pics anymore. Maybe someone else can associate one.
  6. Ok how do these guys have the correct sweaters? This draft done ahead of broadcast? What did I miss?
  7. Thnx for replying DM. Somewhere along the line I got old.
  8. I have a few questions. Is there a way to see if forum has new posts without having to open forum? Will next unread post and return to forum listing be back? I need to scroll to top of page to go back to fourm listing. How do I mark forum as read? Thnx for your patience. Just started using phone and Firefox to access site.
  9. I still have mine. Use it a lot. I don't like the feel of my galaxy for any length of time. I also like knowing I always have phone even when power goes out. The privacy is a plus.
  10. I am tired of not being able to go outside. I am tired of being isolated. I spend too much time inside and now not letting me be able to at lease walk through Vorhees state park or get to Ken Lockwood Gorge is frustrating. I live alone and no pets. Talk about alone.Being at risk seems like I will never be with people again. Gotta think of something to do. Depression is out of control.
  11. Petit jury duty in Hunterdon County is cancelled for next week. Received text saying that duty is fulfilled. Thank you for being available. Good for 3 years I think. Kinda glad considering my health situation and age. People in Walmart were nuts and all I went in for was aluminum foil and yeast. Even the yeast was gone.
  12. I had mixed feelings when I first heard about the trade however I understand it. I was really, really upset when we traded Henrique.
  13. I totally agree but it will never happen. Love and miss you much point.
  14. Sorry to hear about your family. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. I only have my brother and sister and the less contact the better. I always wondered about mid-life crises. I was, am still, too busy trying to stay alive to have had one. Seems I didn't miss much. Since I last saw you have had 2 more joint replacement surgeries, dealt with a female only cancer and now I am dealing with kidney (and another freaking stone) and parathyroid issues. It just never ends but hey I have a mantra. Adapt or die. Not so worried about the death part because heaven doesn't want me and hell is
  15. I always look for your posts. Happy when I see them. Death isn't something I care to dream about. It freaks me the hell out. Makes me research the meaning of dreams when it happens.
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