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  1. Stuff your sarcasm. I don't like algebraic stats. i.e. - Bahl: 69.32 CF% / 95.42 xGF% - Smith: 43.75 CF% / 42.30 xGF% Showing a list of numbers is not the same. After 20+ plus years I never thought I would say "fvck thus place" but I will..fvck this place!!!
  2. It is not the particular stat or what it is used for. It is stats in general for ME! Performance can be explained without formulae. Again this is my opinion! EOT
  3. Hey no need to be nasty. I said it wasn't about you. Just me venting. I believe stats are over-rated especially so early in season. Geez! fyi I scroll past a lot. Perhaps I should scroll more often.
  4. CD9 love all yor posts keeping us informed. Thank you so very much.
  5. Please this is not toward you. It is me venting. I am sick of STATS!!!!
  6. Is new Smith worse than old Smith? Legit asking since I can't watch games. Cannot tell from radio. Thnx in advance.
  7. Have NHL tonight on and they show snippets from all live games so at least I get to see some of the game looks good so far.
  8. You folk are making me happy that I can't get to watch games. Feels weird tho
  9. True however some seem to feel a player can say anything and that doesn't fly. Also back pedaing isn't being forced to apologize. Think this is more of what I was trying to address and used code as example. Kept in the room applies. btw I have seen folks fired for less than what he said.
  10. I agree with Wood's sentiment however this is a business and all businesses have a "Code of Business Conduct." When representing the company there are ways to present oneself and when not there are still ways to present oneself. Violate it and there are ways it could be dealt with, up to being released. This applies to all errant behavior and not just illegal actions. Having said that, they could make him apologize however I didn't hear an apology. I heard him try to explain his actions/words. I don't feel they forced Miles say anything and feel like some here are making more if it than it is. Gotta stop here. Post turning into something tldr. Yeah, I do the tldr here a lot.
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