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In Topic: GDT: PHI @ NJD

08 March 2015 - 08:53 PM

Really wish I could have gone to this game. Was at te last PHL game in Jan and always love seeing them getting spanked. Add the 95 Cup te stuff ugh. Anyone get a Terreri misery pick they'd like to part with :)

In Topic: BEER

28 February 2015 - 11:03 AM

Haven't posted here in some time. Here are a few thoughts on some recent beer purchases:


Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin - Really hesitant to pick this up at $15/6 but glad I did. It's a really good beer. I was already a fan of the regular Sculpin but usually opted for Ballast Point Big Eye over it due to the price difference $10 vs $15. The grapefruit adds a really nice citrus flavor and the smell of this beer is incredible.  If you like a citrusy kind of IPA I think it's worth your $15. May not be a frequent buy due to price and limited availability but it's something to try.


Flying Dog Bloodline Ale - I have been looking for this beer since it was released down in MD. I was even told it would not make it up to NJ by Flying Dog over the summer. I was walking around Canals and behold - there it was. About the closest thing to a 'whale' I've ever encountered. Immediately grabbed a 6 pack. Just like the Grapefruit Sculpin this has that citrusy smell to it that I personally really enjoy. It's not as hoppy as the Sculpin but overall a fine beer that i'll purchase as long as I see it. I really hope this is still around in the summer. Seems like a perfect BBQ/outside beer.


Spellbound IPA - Mount Holly's own. Was surprised how good this beer was. Saw a couple people compare it to Heady Topper over on BA. While I wouldn't say it comes close to the complexity of Heady I would say that this is a really good IPA. I think a closer comparison would be something like Avery's IPA. If you like IPAs I think this is a must try. Found at Canals. 6 pack cans.


Some brews I have in the fridge I have yet to try - Southern Tier 2xpresso, Boulevard Oatmeal Stout, Long Trail Stand Out, Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout