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  1. Why don't you stop putting words in my mouth? lol I never said Kakko was close to Ovechkin. I said Hughes and Kakko will forever be compared to each others because of the Rangers/Devils rivalry. Just like the Ovechkin vs Crosby thing. But hey if you really think in 10 years Rangers fans won't be arguing and making arguments to suggest Kakko was the better player out of the 2, no matter how it went. Good for you pal, good for you.
  2. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    my god that kid is so damn good
  3. oh my man. This will literally never end. Unless one of those 2 players sh!t the bed it's going to be debated for decades. And everyone will be biased depending on who they decided to pick from the get go. Nobody will change their minds about it lol Whoever was team Crosby or team Ovechkin year and years ago are still having that debate to this day and nothing will change their mind lol
  4. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    That's what can happen though when scouts go by too many "projections". He was often injured so they had to project that over a full season the numbers he'd get and all would be impressive etc etc And he was ranked #1 for years up until Hischier kept rising and rising until he took over because of his recent play, he showed what he could do rather than going on projections with Patrick
  5. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    it also helps Hughes to have a winger able to bury most of his opportunities, he's a real scorer. Most goals i've seen from him he was really sniping the puck, not like he always just standing in the crease for an easy tap in. His shot is deadly. I also think he won't be picked 5th. Im thinking around 10
  6. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    They say one tournament shouldnt make a difference for the draft. But Caufield sky rocketed from like 20-15th to 5th overall since the U18
  7. SterioDesign


    I only heard about this a few years ago and I was truly shocked. I have to admit it's so damn embarrassing for our fanbase and it's a shame
  8. well it's 100% because the coach's job is to win a tournament here, not to develop Jack Hughes
  9. lol. I can be many things... but that i don't think i am haha
  10. Dude i didn't just go and randomly insulted you. You didn't look into something, jumped to conclusions and called someone an IDIOT COACH when you didn't have all the details and he had very good reasons to do it. So you made an uneducated comment and called someone an idiot for it. I simply re-packaged what you said and returned it to you so you realize how silly it was and that there's a better way to approach these kinds of situations / avoid looking like a fool. There's something for you to learn here. And you're already getting quite a bit of heat here already as we talked about and as "fun" as those emotional posts can be for you to make. Some of them are the reason you are already turning some people against you and you'd benefit greatly from being able to recognize when to tone it down. I'm legit trying to help here
  11. They needed to win in regulation. Little friendly advice. When something this weird happens... assume there's some sort of logical reason. Do a bit or research cause if you don't and make some sort of emotional post about it you may end up looking like the uneducated idiot haha even worst... uneducated idiot in caps lock lol
  12. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    well i observed that you're making a lot of emotionally driven "in the moment" posts, so maybe i'd suggest using the good ol' “Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking” a bit more and make sure everything you have to say is there and thought out haha
  13. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    You often tell people that they missed your edits but you have to keep in mind that once you reply or quote someone... you don't really go back to read it again.
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