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  1. The goalie's team is actually the highschool i went too lol It's Bathurst vs Tracadie in New-Brunswick
  2. yeah i mean... if they were willing to trade zajac... then i'd assume they were willing to trade Palms and anyone else around that age
  3. that'd make a lot of sense
  4. Zajac... interesting... Now was this Shero or the new regime?
  5. my highschool band played a show at school once but we couldnt swear so i'd say Duck instead of Fvck. lol We were playing a Pennywise cover then so the chorus became... I say Duck Authority. Silent majority Raised by the system Now it's time to rise against them We're sick of your treason Sick of your lies Duck no, we won't listen We're gonna open your eyes
  6. they better cause there's more and more pressure on MTL to fire Julien and with a french speaking Gallant available...
  7. I wish Schneider could give up on hockey and retire on a lonely island like Luke Skywalker did
  8. for me it's the timing. He showed too often that he just cannot come out big when he has to. how many times this year he was scored on the first shot of the game... when there was already a dark cloud floating above the team and we knew we needed him to be solid. Then how many times (just like last night) that our boys are coming close and coming close... just to get scored on the first breakout. You NEED to make those stops adding to this... its like it was always the worst timing... either first shot of the game... crushing the team right out of the gate.... or right at the end of a period... or in OT... or after a PP or something...
  9. Listen Shero WAS fired. That i said "we can safely assume that" vs "know for sure" is very irrelevant and close enough not to be called a bullsh!ter and someone making sh!t up and speculation. This is nothing compared to you saying Friedman (just some reporter)'s quote... or Harris' quotes were third hand speculation. And that i made up anything. This is nothing but you trying to pin something on me. Other posters made wayyy bigger assumptions saying the analytics had more power than shero and sh!t like that and you didnt say a thing about that. But you pick on the way i phrased something and kept calling me a bullsh!ter when all i did was report exactly what was said.
  10. i precisely said Which is the same thing. Based on what was reported... they wanted to impose having more people involved and he didn't want that. Man you're truly backpeddling and reaching like crazy here, just admit you were wrong. Anyone reading this can see that you were wrong, i posted quotes, screenshots, everything and its all proving you wrong. Your "third hand speculation" comment was wrong no matter who you were truly referring to". Just let it go.
  11. Well im of course just speculating but my point is simply that Marty is smart and his #1 goal was winning. Marty's situation in NJ was ideal for his success, so im pretty sure he knew that staying in that situation was worth a lot more than a few extra millions. I don't think money was ever his motivation. He had everything going for him in NJ. He had a system almost built around him, he had an incredible D corp in front of him. He was established and could likely call some shots by then, his family was there, his legacy was there etc etc i'm not sure he would have risk losing that for a bit more money. Look at other players who left NJ for more money... it didn't go too well for most. So bottom line... to say that Marty wasnt self-centered or wtv because he didn't go for the big money is not really proving anything. It only means that he valued success more than money.
  12. Nice try cupcake. Anyone with eyes can see what you're doing here lol 1- i said REPORTS were that owners wanted more people involved and Shero wanted less. (based on Friedman's tweet) 2- Then is said there was the reports about the analytics people going straight to Harris. (Which was reported by various sources. Dreger, friedman, brooks etc etc) 3- I said Harris (eventhough i wrote Harry) said something about the "direction of the team". ("Ray is a talented hockey executive and I am confident he will have great success in the future. However, Ray and I are in agreement that the Devils need to move in a new direction and that this change is in the best interest of the team. - Josh Harris") So you're absolutely full of sh!t saying that I am thirdhand speculation. You're absolutely backpeddling like a mofo right now and everyone can see it. I did not make up a single thing. All i said is we knew for sure they wouldn't let Shero operate the way he wanted. That's just obvious since he was fired and following all those reports pointing in the same direction)
  13. I said "Well we basically know for sure that they were thinking that they should impose on their GM how he should run the team... " which most would agree that owners should stay out of hockey decisions like this. You hire a GM for a reason, he's the hockey mind. "I am not saying that. I am saying that Shero liked a tight group, the Devils wanted more people involved. Philosophical disagreement." - Elliotte Friedman <--- one of the most reputable reporter in hockey. "Ray is a talented hockey executive and I am confident he will have great success in the future. However, Ray and I are in agreement that the Devils need to move in a new direction and that this change is in the best interest of the team. - Josh Harris Everything i said is based on those 2 quotes. You're the one saying Friedman is third hand speculation. Shero was fired! After reading those quotes it's pretty damn easy to add things up. You're really reaching here more than i ever was about this.
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