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  1. 2018 Offseason Thread

    I wouldn't go after Marty but i'd let Elias know that anytime he wants a job within the organization that he can have it.
  2. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    Lol are you saying this assuming that i never played hockey? It would be hilarious cause i was a goalie and i was coached by the guy who is coaching our goalies right now. Rollie the freagin' goalie from Moncton New-Brunswick, where i live right now. And sure, i know damn well that analogies sound ridiculous to people not trying to understand them. But that's typical when someone is listening in order to reply and pick stuff apart to build a counter-argument rather than listening in order to understand. We're just wasting our time here really. i know damn well what you're trying to say but if a goalie gives up 5 goals on 30 shots. And that 3 of them were deflections or mistakes from the dman or that he was screened. That i won't just say that he sucked for letting in 5 goals. I'll say that he sucked on the goals that he sucked for but if he couldnt do anything on some of them i won't be the entitled prick expecting miracles out of a goalie who couldnt even see the puck who deflected on 3 players before it went top corner.
  3. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Most of his posts were game recaps... and there are no games being played. So....
  4. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    lol alright, listen. Let me recap this. Your goal is: Proving that KK was horrible in the playoffs. The angle you took was to say that he let in X amount of goal in X amount of time while saying some of those goals were not his fault. Which is where it's a flawed approach IMO. For multiple reasons. My goal is: Explaining that such a black and white analysis is very flawed. Not to say KK was amazing or defend him. So i used an exaggerated example in which a person had a very bad amount of bad results in X amount of time, in which he had from none to little control over the results. It's extreme but it can happen. I never said that no goalies could ever stop a tap in but it's certainly happening. There are some goals that goalies can't do anything about it. So get this. I'm not saying KK was amazing or anything. All i'm saying is that unless we go through every single goal and gauge each goal on how stoppable they were, how many soft goals went in, etc etc and that we'd see that he was mostly soft, i'd agree with you, i don't care. My point is that you can't just look at a bad result and blindly say "i acknowledge all the complications that went against this results, but im going to ignore this completely and still expect amazing results"
  5. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    First of all im not even defending KK specifically here. All im saying is that strictly looking at stats and ignoring the situations is an idiotic approach, that's all.
  6. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    You're not trying to understand my point here. Are you telling me you've never seen a goal where the goaler had absolutely no control over? like he was screened while being bumped by his own player and pulled aside and the puck landed on buddy by the post who just had to push it in? or a freak goal where the goalie goes around the net to play the puck but the puck hits something on the board and goes in front of the net for an empty netter or something? It's rare but just as rare as a guy getting a telephone pole through the chest im sure. Or simply a goal where a goalie is screened by like 4 guys and it's a perfect shot top corner. Like... every goals we've seen ever was stoppable? is that what you're telling me?
  7. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    well do i really have to explain that my example was an obvious exaggeration to mock the logic some people had here ? Also pole to the chest can be equivalent to a goalie being in the right position but his Dman is not protecting a guy in the slot on the other side who gets an easy tap in goal. Litterally no goalie could do anything about it. It's happening. While my buddy got his hand stuck in a snowblower and didnt lose a single finger lol got like 60 stitches tho haha But anyway to literally say in the same breath that something was out of someone's control and couldn't do anything about it but blame him for the result.
  8. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    it's just as stupid to say "well i know none of the goals he let in was his fault and he couldn't do much about it.............. but he should still have stopped it"
  9. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    That's a bit of an unrealistic expectation though. There are indeed cases where a goalie truly can't do much about a goal. Happens to all of them. and sometimes it just happens that it's happening a few times within 2 periods. It's easy to say that a good goalie would just "make the save regardless". And that's fully "looking at the stats and ignoring circumstances", which is a huge mistake
  10. Devils announce Hall, Schneider, Maroon all underwent surgery

    i mean... if a doctor on his shift lose a dude who was in a car crash and got a phone post through the chest..... then another patient would lose both eyes after pouring Drano in his eyes accidentally, then can't save someone's fingers after buddy got his hand stuck in a snowblower.... and another patient dies from a heart attack... would you call him a bad doctor or? sure it sounds bad that ALL his patients that night died or will not recover but... its not his fault
  11. 2018 World Championship

    yeah personally i enjoy all those tournaments. Of course, there's always a "but" when you compare results of those tournaments as there's key players missing for those teams and it's absolutely fair. But like you mentioned i just always love to point the hypocrisy from the fanbases lol And like you said i LOVE that our guys are playing and getting to know other players. As we know having friends around the league and good connection can actually help to attract players when free agency season comes And also we all want to see "the best playing the best" but then if you just do a world tournament, then you're not getting that. Cause you'll play some countries like Latvia who has no NHL quality players... while other countries could have a B team that could beat most teams in the tournament.
  12. 2018 World Championship

    So I got a good question... is the World Championship a "legit tournament"? I'm just asking BEFORE it ends cause usually, it seems to be depending on how team USA does... it's either a big deal if they win or it's a beer league tournament if they lose... lol so is there any way to know prior to that?
  13. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Not just injury but the guy had a damn stroke few seasons ago. Really like the guy though
  14. 2018 Offseason Thread

    It's like asking the hottest girl in town (who's slightly out of your league) on a date and throwing in "yeah and also since I'll have my mom's car i just need to run a few errands and help my buddy unloading some furniture off his truck but i got good music in the car while you wait. lol i mean... when you're shooting that high you got to make that person feel extra special any way you can. They could play anywhere they want almost. Telling him that he'd play behind a rookie who had less points than him the season before is a slightly risky way to frame it
  15. 2018 Offseason Thread

    a few people in here are certainly not working in sales i can tell you that haha