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  1. looks like zacha shot the puck on palms and if deflected in
  2. why is Boston struggling so much against us? lol
  3. Well. Forgot the game was early. Put it on and its already 2-0 in 10 minutes... debating just going on with my day haha
  4. zibanejad strikes me as a kind of guy who's always barefoot
  5. yes, the whole thing is dirty lol i didnt say otherwise
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLwihVrj7PR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Well this is insane
  7. nah its an inside joke from that time i also mixed things up and made up a new devils player lol
  8. Well if we go wayyyyy back there's a ton. But i guess the point was more about our "rebuild" period. I dunno going through the exercise, i feel like we did make a lot of good decisions. Many players we picked were the best players we could have gotten. And the other ones, they are still not really mistakes. Some players picked later just happened to develop a lot more. Keeping that pick though is yet another one of Lou's move that i just cant.... BUT that being said. Even if we kept that pick i really don't think we were picking Pastrnak anyway he was projected way too far from our pick
  9. So guys are losing and keep playing hard until the very end and get rewarded with a goal and an assist to one of our young stud making a great play, great learning experience for him. Basically doing what every coach and fans could ever hope for, to play hard until the end. But you're so biter that you'd rather have that not happening just so the whole team feel miserable with you. Nice.
  10. Well all in all. Losing games to a strong team by a goal is enough for me to be satisfied this season. It's actually ideal IMO
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