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  1. To be honest i also wondered the same thing reading that line (i kind of understood what he meant cause my english is obviously terrible so i can always kind of understand what someone is trying to say in english), went and read through more of his posts and didn't pick up on anything suggesting he wasn't english though
  2. SterioDesign


    the last 15 seconds of this game brought more excitement than the whole game between vegas and mtl yesterday
  3. SterioDesign


    that game was so boring i stopped watching after the 2nd period and just went to hangout with the neighbours outside. MTL played well defensively and kept the shots coming from the outside as usual but they were creating nothing offensively. They obviously got opportunistic as always. Eventhough the first 2 goals for both teams was from broken plays / mistake from the other team. Vegas always had the puck but their passing was so fvcking sloppy they kept killing plays and possession with terrible passes. Seeing the shots total though after 2, i just knew MTL was going to win cause it's pretty typical lol their last run with halak was the same thing
  4. Building a team is a tricky vicious circle. Cause the reality is that our core is averaging like... 21 years old maybe? And they are not yet near their full potential. So you got these few years where they are just learning and getting better. Through those years, it's hard to get UFAs, beyond the fact that NJ is not an attractive destination in general. Now, why would a 27-30 years old in his prime want to join a team of young guys not competing for a cup and only mayyybe pushing for a playoffs spot. For both sides it would be wasting that players prime years for nothing. So in the next few years when Hughes and Nico are flying and the rest of the team following. We should be in way better shape and i suspect able to land ufas. And that's something more people should understand, with all that in mind, it's normal that we're not spending much on our roster, it would literally be throwing money out the window for nothing. So you just gotta suck it up through those years, really see what your young guys have. Get them to play so they gain experience AND value potentially. so it's giving you more flexibility for trades if you need it. Cause really burying those kids behind average NHLers just plugging holes is useless cause those older guys old next to no value, they are truly just plugging holes... and taking away a chance for those younger guys. So its just not helping anything. I do feel that we're a lot closer than it appears to be competitive. Like i said many times, this team had the potential to finish a lot higher in the standings this season. Things didn't go that way but it's good cause we're getting a better pick out of it now. So since we should target guys between like 21-26 years old. the best thing that could happen to the team now is teams who can't protect some of their younger but established RFAs and decide to trade them for cheaper than their actual value vs losing them for nothing to Seattle. And we're in the perfect situation to capitalize on that. And hopefully land guys that you know what they'll bring and not yet another question mark where "this player couldnt reach his potential in this city because wtv but maybe in NJ he will". I feel we're past that
  5. SterioDesign


    That's why i'm glad we got rid of him. He was not buying his role anymore. And i get it, he clearly saw that he was just pluggin a hole and that he was not part of the long term plan of the team. The kids on the other hand (the ones we should care about) showed time and time again that they were battling and doing their very best until the very last second all season long. They were really the bright side of this season, so many young guys took a bit leap forward. So you had a dynamic of young guys wanting to learn and prove themselves every game then some vets with no hope at winning with their limited time in the league and seeing the clock ticking. No wonder Zajac made that comment that he didnt fit in anymore in NJ
  6. SterioDesign


    totally. But i just stay off facebook for a bit when that happens so i dont have to deal with my feed being completely taken over with habs stuff
  7. What is speculation? IF we don't get Schneider. We 200% finish lower in the standings those years. The team simply couldn't score and any games we won was because cory stood on his head. So we would have gotten a better pick. That's just a fact. Then if we didn't trade the 9th overall pick for cory. It's also a fact that we would have had that player as an asset. the only speculation is that it could have been McDavid or Matthews. Which i said "could have been" cause we picked low in those years. So yeah depending on where we ended up we could have got them. I never said "without the schneider trade we'd have McDavid" lol
  8. Well in this case when i say mistake, it's from an angle based on the results. Not the intentions. Which i always judge a GM by the intention and decisions, not the results. And i say mistake in hindsight, cause well we now know that we'd be a way better team now if we never got Schneider. We would have got wtv player at #9 and we would have gotten better picks at the draft those years, which could legit have been mcdavid or matthews lol But i repeat, this is hindsight 20/20 and not saying it was a bad decision, just ultimately a mistake.
  9. Well yeah, anyone looking at this roster now and not seeing that we made a HUGE progress is out of their mind. Just the fact that there's at least "hope" ahead is something we didn't have in 2015
  10. I literally took the lineup from this site. So yeah, try to discard my point with your own bullsh!t narrative. They've put Kuokkanen there, not me. https://www.dailyfaceoff.com/teams/new-jersey-devils/line-combinations/ And it's fine if you dont trust current management. But putting your head in the sand about the previous management and all the sh!t were still in because of it is laughable and insanely biased.
  11. You can try to deflect it saying its just Lou-Bashing cause it doesn't fit your narrative but it's still the truth. You're not taking it in consideration at all. We took major steps forwards, you just don't want to acknowledge it. How in hell do you expect to rebuild from that so fast? The situation we were in is 100% the reason we were FORCED to make those type of deals. We were literally between a rock and a hard place with no other options. All you do is bash moves we've made but you never brought any sort of realistic suggestions. You can't just judge a team by its results in the standings, there's SO many factors at play and anyone who knows hockey can look at the current team and the 2015 roster and see that this team is a LOT better and in better shape going forward. I also don't support getting Risto by the way. But that type of moves was our only chance to get maybe an NHL in the past, i do think we're past that now. Again, you're 100% the type of fan who always supported the all-in approach, all you cared about was winning now and you never cared about the future / how reckless it was. Well the future is now and we pay the price for decades of those decisions and terrible drafting. But now you hate it and want things to be okay. Well it doesnt work like that, you reap what you sow.
  12. yeah Shero was insanely unlucky with decent paper moves that just didn't pan out, it's almost ridiculous. And i did think that we'd have a decent window with Hall, palms etc in their prime and the younger guys as a supporting cast. But it just didn't pan out at all. But the fact that we made the playoffs 8 years after that 2015 is a pure miracle to me. I was happy at the time but man trading for Schneider when the team was in the state it was at the time was such a big mistake. Of course we needed a good goalie but again that was a win now move that was just patching holes
  13. piggybacking on my previous post. You sound like you think we're in a tough spot because we made poor decisions and poorly drafted in recent years. Let's look at our current roster and how our picks have panned out vs the roster we had in 2015 when we were forced to start a rebuild. You'll see where the true problem came from. CURRENT TEAM Kuokkanen (trade) - Hughes (drafted 2020 #1) - Sharangovich (drafted 2018 #148) Zacha (Drafted 2015 #6) - Hischier (drafted 2017 #1) - Bratt (drafted 2016 #162) Wood (Drafted 2013 # 100) - McLeod (drafted 2016 #12) - Bastian (drafted 2016 #41) Nolan Foote (trade*) - Boqvist (drafted 2017 #36) - Johnsson (trade**) Murray (ufa) - Severson (drafted 2012 #60) Will Butcher (Free agent) - Siegenthaler (trade) Bahl (trade***) - Subban (trade) Blackwood (drafted 2015 #42) * we got Foote, Mercer & Mukkamadullin trading a guy we drafted #75 in 2011 ** we got Johnsson trading Anderson that we drafted #73 in 2016 *** basically the falling out of the Larsson trade we drafted #4 in 2011 2014-2015 ROSTER Cammalleri (ufa) - Henrique (drafted 2008 #82) - Jagr (ufa) Elias (drafted 1994 #51) - Zajac (drafted 2004 #20) - Ruutu (ufa) Ryder (ufa) - Josefson (drafted 2009 #30)- Zubrus (ufa) Brunner (ufa) - Gomez 2.0 (drafted 1998 but ufa) - Gionta (undrafted signing) Bernier (ufa) - Tootoo (ufa) - Clowe (ufa) Havlat (ufa) - Boucher (drafted 2011 #99) - Matteau (drafted 2012 #29) Zidlicky (trade) - Greene (undrafted signing) Merrill (drafted 2010 #38) - Larsson (drafted 2011 #4) Gelinas (drafted 2009 #54) - Salvador (trade) Fraser (drafted 2005 #84) - Severson (drafted 2012 #60) Schneider (traded for out #9) Kinkaid (undrafted signing) So not only, where are those guys now. But then where are these other guys we drafted. Where were they in 2015? Parise Tedenby Burlon Cormier Urbom Corrente Bergfors Wedgewood Santini Quenneville Speers So if you're under the impression that our drafting is bad now. Sweet lord. I didn't even point out the age of those players on that 2015 roster, it would only make things even worst. Let it be clear, we've been in the mess were in because of decisions made BEFORE 2015, not after.
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