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  1. Well there's just no way to know really. Look at Ottawa... they made trade thinking it would be for the best and they ended last in the league and Colorado got Byram out of that pick (4th overall)... and then they traded with the Sharks and got their first round pick. Not thinking it would be that good but then they got a top 5 pick out of it. You just never know. So we MIGHT get a better player from Arizona or Vancouver in the next draft but who knows. On paper it would be better to have a guy sooner that can potentially join the lineup sooner. And taken from a deep draft but again, who the hell knows
  2. i mean.. it's Saturday... do you have anything better to do than feeling crappy? haha
  3. I truly wish they would have shown such blind desperation to get back to hockey like they are now when we've lost full of half seasons due to lockouts because they were playing tug-war and pinching pennies. It's all about the money at the end of the day.
  4. Still, this is a few weeks. One run. I mean... hell if they'd win a cup it would suck but then they'd always have that * next to it. Them landing a top player that will make their team better for another 10+ years would be a pain in the ass for a long time. Plus they landed Kakko and a good young goalie so they are building a good young core.
  5. it sucks cause there's 3-4 teams i really don't want to win the lottery and they have a really good chance at winning it
  6. i mean the Rangers have absolutely no shot at winning the cup. I know a lot of you guys believe in the whole "once you're in you never know" but come on lol It's way safer to hope for them making the playoff than having a shot at landing a top prospect. they have a WAY better chance at winning first overall or getting a good prospect by picking earlier this year than making it all the way
  7. we got brand new jerseys tho!
  8. No it's not the best case scenario. The best case scenario for us is actually MTL winning the play-in. I posted the extreme best case scenario few days ago. As for Vancouver... well.... it's so hard to say... i'm really not sure where they'll be next year but it's true that this year with vancouver we're guaranteed a... 17 to 30 pick i guess... while if they sh!t the bed next year we could get a better pick... but who knows really. Like you said since it's a deep draft and that we need talent sooner than later i'd rather get a player this year
  9. Yeah for me if it would have been one draft lottery once all the non-playoffs team were set then it would be so much better. Philly won the 2nd lottery in 2017 and it was "fine". But now the way it was done it's just making everything worst. And again, it's even more frustrating cause this is all because they wanted that play-in round to get chicago and MTL in. That's what the most infuriating to me, they rigged that whole thing around that when it made not much sense.
  10. My biggest worry about the whole thing is NOT getting the Arizona pick. And it sucks that we have to wait MONTHS to know if we get it or not
  11. let's agree to disagree. I think we need a franchise dman and a 50 goal scorer. That idealy would both one day be legendary players that people name their kids after
  12. If i'm going to pick in the top 10 for a dman... i'm going to want a dman that is incredible offensively or amazing 2 way. I wouldn't want to use a top 10 pick on a shut down dman who won't produce much, if you look around the league most of those guys were almost always picked wayyy later. You really need to shoot for a very special player when you get a good pick like this.
  13. From what i'm reading Drysdale is really good defensively too
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