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  1. I mean some crucial part of players evaluation is during the playoffs and how they close their seasons. Also world championship. You see a lot of players either rise or fall during that time, every year. Now we didn't get that cause the players literally didnt play. So who's the potential risers and who could have dropped? A few seasons ago if the season would have been cut short, we'd have Nolan Patrick right now, think about that lol
  2. that's the problem though. The scouts didn't get to finish their homework, cause hockey stopped suddenly
  3. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/senators-many-options-three-first-round-picks-deep-draft/https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/senators-many-options-three-first-round-picks-deep-draft/ Another article saying Perfetti will likely go to Detroit
  4. I don't encourage mocking people's appearances. BUT. If you'd put a small stick in his mouth it would basically replicate the Shark's logo
  5. ah you mean like PK Subban? lol That's literally it though haha people see his highlights and man is he ever exciting with his spinoramas. But when you actually watch him play full games on a regular basis...
  6. these reports are really good. But they also generally all bummed be out in a way lol
  7. yeah i was going to bring that up haha Even Dano was like "ohh gee are you sure about this?" haha i do think sh!t like this brings out the best out of a team. Brings so much motivation. Like that ONE good decent season we had when we made the playoffs... sure Hall was unreal but i think the whole Boyle thing brought the team together a lot too
  8. of course. But it goes both ways if he's not ready, responsible for a goal and you lose.
  9. It's like all the karma he deserved was unleashed on Kusherov today
  10. so say the finals get to a game 7. And that Stamkos is cleared to play... Would you put him in? It could be a big boost for the team to get their captain back. But he hasn't played a game in months so that's also tricky. I'd likely put him in in a limited role or something. Could be the best story ever if he's back in and they win
  11. would make sense to switch him to the wing. He could probably develop into our own version of Mitch Marner
  12. It would be quite a gift that Detroit would draft him as it would open up possibilities for us and i dont think Cole was the right fit for us anyway. I'd pick Drysdale, Rossi, Raymond or Holtz before him. Then if they go... then we'd have to pick between 2 of those 4 vs picking whichever remains at 7
  13. Perfetti is really close to detroit and they likely saw him play quite a bit. if you google cole perfetti detroit red wings theres quite a few articles about it
  14. yeah i JUST read something similar in the youtube comment of a Perfetti scouting video Not sure what that connection is? But i also remember hearing that Detroit was the team Drysdale talked to the most or something?
  15. i think Detroit will pick Drysdale and that Ottawa will pick Rossy. So let's not hope too much for these 2 lol we've got our expectations crushed enough recently lol
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