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  1. not sure where to post this. I didnt look into it but my buddy told me that he heard that Shero put Schneider in contact with Pekka Rinne cause he went through the same surgery and all. So he could probably give him a few pointers of what he went through and what it took to get back his game together. If true thats pretty cool
  2. dearjesus lol schneider has a horseshoe up his ass right now
  3. we can lose 1-0 im okay with it. i just don't want a blowout with Kakko and Panarin destroying Schneider
  4. According to Luke Fox of Sportsnet there's actually rumours of calgary targeting Coleman in return of TJ Brodie. Thoughts?
  5. to me Coleman is 100% a lock as a 3rd line guy on most teams in the league. Being in a position where he could be on the 4th is a really good problem
  6. well it still means he "can". Hall was not winning the MVP by playing 4th line minutes either that year lol or put Woods on the first line. he won't score 30 either
  7. yeah i actually kind of feel bad for Coleman and Zacha being pushed down the lineup so much but at the same time it shows that we have a good problem on our hands. And if they want to play for a successful team they'll understand that and try to move up instead of whining about their position
  8. just look at Tampa's 4th line last year. That's why they were that good (during the season) they were super deep. This is a really good problem and it takes pressure off the top 6 as you can roll the lines a bit more equally
  9. i predict Gusev will have at least one point on the PP this season
  10. godamnit it's my radio show tnight im going to miss most of the games
  11. This is the roster playing against MTL tomorrow i believe. Which means i'll be way more interested in seeing the team playing Boston lol th
  12. i saw them live last weekend haha
  13. They should get a Bigwig song for the goal song. Would be fvcking badass and they are from NJ
  14. wellll Marner finally signed. AAV is $10.893 x 6 years
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