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  1. Well to be fair he did claim that he couldn't really point out a legit target player cause he's not an NHL GM.... Nevermind that he's pitching trade proposals all year long here... But when he doesn't really have an answer to a reactionary claim he's challenged on... then he's throwing his hands up "i can't give you a player i'm not an NHL GM" lol
  2. We all read and saw what happened lol not sure why he's trying to back-pedal. It's still ALL THERE lol This wasn't a conversation like we were talking about potential players to target like... "man i'd kill to have a player like Fiala on this team, he's exactly what we need. He's likely not available and would cost a lot but depending on how the Bratt negotiations goes and if he wants too much we might be forced to make a move and then he'd be expandable for this kind of hockey trade, then it would be a good opportunity to get a different kind of player that fits our need" like he's trying to pretend he was doing lol No it was... * Bratt not doing "enough" to prevent a goal that cost us the game * "i don’t want jesper bratt on this team next year. i just don’t. when he decides to play with literally any effort he’s a top-10 player in the whole game. he takes shifts off, he takes periods off, he takes games off. he’s an unwilling useless winger in the defensive end and his flashes of brilliance are not worth $8m to this team, period. trade him in the off-season for a player who competes. I think paying a guy who takes off several shifts per game $8.5m is a paramountly idiotic thing to do." This was a rage post wanting Bratt out through and through lol then he's claiming he never said things he straight up said. What a special special person
  3. Well... it's still calling him useless. But even if we let that one slide.... You still can't defend that you lied about not saying you wanted to move him and that he was problematic lol You can lie to yourself man all day long man. Just don't lie to us
  4. According to your first quote. That's a lie lol And you did call him useless.
  5. I gave my opinion about people making those claims. I do believe that it's possible that someone who make these type of claims could read this and actually think "well, i guess that's a good point i didn't really think about that". And i'm legit curious to know what people making these claims are expecting. So does mfitz. I truly don't understand what their expectations are. As for what you said. Well every game we lose you go and pick a scapegoat and devote your entire existence to hate him and wanting that player off the team. It's like clockwork. Literally a week or 2 ago you wanted us to get new goalies because Schmid had a rough game that night and VV had one the game before. That was your whole thing for a few days, full doom and gloom. Then few games later our goalie has a good game and you're perfectly fine about our goalies lol You're a knee-jerk reaction factory. And that has to be exhausting.
  6. Yeah lol It's like when people call out 30 goals scorers as being streaky... like it's a problem. Like... what's your expectation exactly? If you score 30 goals... it means that you basically score a goal per 2-3 games over the season. which... in my modest opinion... pretty good. So to those having a problem with those 30 goals scorers... disappearing... what's your expectations? if you score 30 goals... it means that you didn't score in 52 games sure but like? haha So do yo want them to score... more than 30 ? or... you want the scoring to be spread out more evenly? like steady every 2-3 games... meaning that... if you score a hat trick or like 5 goals in 5 games... it means you'll have a longer goalless streak later down the line....... But... what if you really needed those 2 goals that game to win? I truly but truly don't understand what their expectations are lol
  7. Question is... if a point per game player who "disappear at time" is not good enough for us at 8.5m to the point where that would be a giant mistake. The player we'd trade Bratt for... a guy who never takes a shift off, plays hard... but bring in less production than bratt... how low would he be okay with? 0.90/PPG? 0.75/PPG? i mean if the game plays REAAAAAALLY HARD and only cost 6millions? could he be a .50PPG? Is that better?
  8. I'm totally able yes. But to me this whole thing is a giant knee-jerk reaction to Bratt being on the ice and not giving his best effort on the game losing goal. If Blackwood makes that save, we get the puck and score off the rush. You're absolutely not there claiming 20 minutes later that you don't want our 2nd guy in points who's a PPG player not on the team next season. And i mean, sure there's conversations to have here. Like how much are we willing to actually spend on Bratt? And if what he wants is not reasonable. Then what? Sure. But again, i'll bring this up again. When the team is struggling to score in a game. You sure like to bring up that we failed to get Gaudreau and tag Guadana or whoever disagreed. You said many times you would have been fine giving Gaudreau 9.5/10m wtv. Yet....Gaudreau is also known to disappear for stretches, he's pretty soft, has less point than Bratt right now, older AND he's costing more. But you want him... but not Brat who's arguably a better value than Gaudreau. You always do this. We lose, you get upset, pick a scapegoat and then common sense goes out the window.
  9. Yesterday Jack was sort of invisible for a large portion of the game. So if we could trade jack for a guy that brings the same production, control the play just as much (or more) but a lot better on faceoffs, 6'5, 250lbs, never takes a shift off, plays hard all game and doesn't get pushed around for the playoffs. Also if he wouldn't be more expensive than 8.5m that'd be ideal. I'm sure any team having a player like this wouldnt mind trading him in a good hockey trade right? I won't point out who in the NHL fits that description since i'm not an NHL gm. But basically that's what i want, please.
  10. I mean lol we know this was once again just a "in the moment emotional and irrational statement" and nothing more. We know the drill by now.
  11. i always thought Miles Wood was that kind of player who's just a regular player but somehow has one of those crazy playoffs run. There's always those odd players coming out big in one year. Not sure why i always thought he'd be a player to do that. He was never put much in that situation to test that theory but he might not even make it this year haha
  12. you don't owe me anything. but you posted your opinion on a message board and im giving my opinion about it. It's literally how it works lol You always struggle to wrap your head around that insanely basic premise it seems lol So give us examples of realistic players you think would be equivalent to Bratt in term of production but bring enough constant effort to make you happy and that is not going to cost just as much as Bratt. So you're saying paying Bratt 8.5m would be paramountly idiotic because he's taking several shifts off per game. So if you truly believe that... Are you ready to re-evaluate your stance on Gaudreau? Since you still bring up us not getting him (at 9.5-10) everytime we don't score enough goals.... yet the guy cost MORE than Bratt, has less points than him now and he's also very much known for disappearing for long periods. Where's the logic exactly?
  13. There's plenty of guys "putting the effort" but not producing like he does either. And from what im gathering here. Fans also don't appreciate "losing a game eventhough we played well", they want results. And being a PPG, more often than not he's giving us results thank you. i appreciate it
  14. We already need one more top 6 winger right now. But you want us to get rid of our best one who's 2nd in points (and a PPG player), only behind a superstar. Because you didn't like his effort on a few plays lol And all that while we're still sitting 4th in the league lol typical in me moment / emotional overreaction as we can always expect from you
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