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  1. SterioDesign


    Well the leafs just hired him so...
  2. hall might have been a flames fan growing up (not sure?) but he still played for the oilers and was actually bummed to be traded so..
  3. https://theathletic.com/1385118/2019/11/18/is-it-time-for-the-flames-to-consider-trading-johnny-gaudreau/ yes. yes calgary people, it is time. So let's trade Hall for Gaudreau and bring both boys home.
  4. it sucks for Cory and i know everyone here is frustrated with blowing leads... and the blame was often put on everyone involved, players and coaches. Not that they were always amazing but goaltending was often the main problem. We'd have a way way better record with slightly better goaltending. So thats encouraging in a way.
  5. gotta point out that we won back to back games without our best dman in the lineup too We're also only 6 pts back from a playoffs spot with a game in hand, its not impossible that in like 2-3 weeks that we're totally in the mix and a bubble team. Which would make things pretty difficult with Hall though. Parts of me truly believe he's a goner and that it should happen sooner than later, we can't risk it. But I have a hard time believing Shero would have let it go for this long without being really confident he could keep him, he literally never did this... we might all be incredibly surprised and boom he's signing an extension.
  6. Yeahh it was a special screening in a film festival, only one showing so i had to go. I like to watch as many games as possible but too often i didnt do something social just to stay home and watch a game... just to see the team sh!t the bed lol life's too short for that haha
  7. within the last few days here someone mentioned that Palms should be on the left side of the PP for his one timer. Made a lot of sense to me too. And there he is scoring the game winner from there
  8. i was going to the movies so i had to leave before the end of the first. checked the score when the movie ended... 3-3 with few minutes left.. so i figured... sweet, ill be able to catch an OT back home... then checked again at a red light and it said 4-3 habs with 47 seconds left.. so i was pissed.. then got home and it was 3-3... and then we won
  9. like i said he was a late riser cause he produced a lot at the world juniors and to end his season but in january he was projected about where he was picked. Here's an articule revisiting early pre-season projections where he was projected 19. https://thehockeywriters.com/2019-nhl-draft-revisiting-preseason-rankings/ And here's a ranking from january where he's actually ranked 15th https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sportsnets-2019-nhl-draft-prospect-rankings-january/ Well if im Hall yeah i want to go play on a top line with McDavid and Draisitl right now. Would be one of the best line in NHL history
  10. How 'bout all the games they lost playing well enough to win, scoring many goals but the goaltenders couldn't stop a beach ball? I know you're frustrated from the accumulation of losses but if you're gonna take away their credit when they are winning and playing bad. You should at least give them credit when they played well and lost... or else you're just being negative cause you like that lol the whole "they keep blowing leads" is attributed to the whole team while it was often our goalies unable to fvcking stop a beach ball.
  11. I fully agree with this and it's not that hard to imagine, they've been relying on him so much and seeing him as a leader. Even if you're a paid professional it has to be hard to really follow someone you don't know will be your teammate the next day. This whole thing has been incredibly weird cause it's the first time ever that Shero let a situation like this get this far. He always signed his upcoming top UFAs in july or august at the latest. To let it go in the season is unheard of. He didn't really drop he was projected late first round and he actually rise a bit after the world juniors
  12. Ughh... just win For all the times i watched Habs game where Subban dove, got a PP and he scored on that PP moments later, which infuriated me even more. I'd never support diving but can he at least score on the PP with his canon in this game? or any game...
  13. weeks ago there was rumours that Hall would love MTL. I already posted about it somewhere but it was said to be coming from the owner of the sunglasses brand Hall is linked to? and that's in MTL i think? i dunno
  14. You only "think" that? lol it's pretty much a fact haha
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