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  1. Maybe he simply found an old flyer that Lou use to send to players... "Are you an over the hill player with a chip on your shoulder? Do you want top minutes to prove that you still got it and prove everyone wrong? Would you like to get paid way too much for way too long and we're not even asking you to contribute much for it? Do you hate beards, having fun and the internet? Well the New Jersey Devils is where you want to be!"
  2. yeah and he has a Modified NTC so it wont be easy to move him for the bruins
  3. Backes? A 35 years old, 3rd line RW costing 6millions for the next 2 seasons, who got 20 pts last season... plus we'd have to send assets to get him? I can't see it You play a young guy like Anderson instead
  4. lol i'm not really sure if you're serious or not about the blue check mark comment, so i'll just assume it was a joke. Then there was rumours about it way before laraque made that comment... Then, one ex player on a radio show does not represent "Canadian media" lol I mean... that would be like me saying that American media is creating bullsh!t narrative because Larry Brook and Š„klund (2.3% accurate) said something that wasn't true. I'll just ignore the Subban comment
  5. of course i agree with all of that. But you said that Canadian media CREATED some of those narrative. Thats different than reporting
  6. Well honestly the NHL acknowledged that there was a rise in substance abuse back in like 2015 and that it was a problem they had to address. They have the rehab program going and all. Hell I've seen a rise in the last few years with just people that i know that are just regular people, so i can only imagine when you're making millions lol
  7. Well im not debating that he likes it more when there's less media coverage to expose your sh!t. I'm just saying that claiming that canadian medias are just making sh!t up is the same thing as saying someone is a cancer or wtv... can't be proven and its just a slur. But when there's smoke there's often fire so i wouldnt just discard anything when there's signs. There was a lot of rumours about that way before Laraque made that statement that he went to rehab, if anything it was just confirming what many claimed. And the fact he had to retract something that was extremely confidential doesn't necessarily prove anything either, it's very likely that he was threatened to be sued or something. Sometimes the teams doesn't even know if a player is on those rehab programs. There was tons of rumours with Lupul, Richard and Carter being problematic in Philly. Sure enough they were all traded eventually, some multiple times and some completely disappeared. Some we're arrested with drugs too lol they were in philly, nothing to do with canadian media. Same with Duclair. When he was drafted i posted that i kept hearing he had a very bad reputation in the Q. And it was coming from people around the Q who interacted directly with him, some that i knew personally. Yet nobody here wanted to believe it claiming it was all made up by Canadian media and that it's cause he's black"... well what do you know... 7 years later and he's been on like 18 different NHL teams already lol
  8. Just curious. How do you know what's "created" by Canadian press vs what's simply "exposed" cause there's just so much more people looking into it and actually caring. Like, do you know for a fact that Hall didn't have substance abuse issues for example?
  9. my mom passed away 8 months ago. But thanks for the info i was actually wondering what face she was making now
  10. So i see you typed quite a bit there to explain something. So i'll do the same thing you did to me yesterday. I won't read a single word of it, ignore it completely and just post a random meme to be cool. Hopefully nothing you wanted to say was actually important cause it would be quite rude and disrespectful to ignore it
  11. "nobody was even talking to you" lol i know you seem to think you're like king of the place lately. And you legit can't scroll in any discussions without having one of your post every 2-3 posts. But calm down. This is actually a message board, everyone is talking to everyone. This is not just about you pal.
  12. Well you 2 clearly made a conscious decision to act that way just to be cool on a message board so the term is just fine cause it's self afflicted
  13. I'm glad that i know that you're just trying to be an ass and that you know damn well that's not what i said about the whole highschool thing. Or else i'd really think you're straight up retarded.
  14. I wouldnt mind having him for one year i guess... IF if would push out Greene... but it wouldnt... it would push out someone like butcher or smith. Which i'd rather have them play and developing in the NHL
  15. C'est pas du nonsense, tu le comprend simplement pas... comme d'habitude
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