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  1. SterioDesign

    John Hynes

    lol yeah its just too bad he turned down Tavares who wanted to sign with us so bad. I wonder what he was thinking Its amazing how many fans seems to think its so damn simple to "improve" a team in the off season. There's 30+ teams free agents can sign with and we have no assets. What is he supposed to do?
  2. while im glad we picked someone that came close to do something with Boucher.... with hindsight 20/20 im still wondering why you pick him over Gaudreau if you're going to swing for the fences like that... They were playing the same league during their draft year... Boucher had 20 pts in 24 gp... 5'10... Gaudreau had 72 pts in 60 gp... 5'9 and his team won the championship with him being the top player i know Gaudreau is really small and skills which is the opposite of what Conte was looking for but damn...
  3. so our remaining schedule.. BOS - ARI - BUF - DET - STL - NYR - CAR - FLA My guess is that we're going to win 2-3 of the remaining 8 games... and of course it will be against Detroit and NYR. Which will fvck us over potentially. Also LA is playing Anaheim twice before the end of the season... a perfect scenario would be that LA win both in OT lol but of course that's not going to happen either...
  4. In case you can one day say "I was watching the game when Ovi scored this highlight reel goal" oh detroit won tnight! that's awesome! closing the gap!
  5. if dagostino can end up being anything good. i still think he may just be another DSP tho... doing well right away then meh
  6. my guess... Ovechkin scores goal 49 and 50 tnight
  7. Same as he did with Letang and Staal. "Take all this money or i will have to move you for assets i can't let you walk for nothing next summer" Pretty basic
  8. so would you say you ignore stats about 98% of the time?
  9. why's that? Berfors, Tedenby, Urbom, Boucher, Josefson and all those guys became exactly the star players we all thought they'd become
  10. Thing is not many "contenders" can just add Hall at his upcoming salary and stay big contenders for long... and if they remain contenders it would be a matter of 1-2 season before they have to self destruct like Chicago right now and trade their depth or let them walk. Say we land a top guy this year in the draft, maybe make a good trade and that a few prospects can make a big step. Then we're in decent shape. Signing good free agents shouldn't be part of the plan cause that's simply not something you can control. It's a luxury more than anything.
  11. That's exactly why you don't wait weeks before UFAs are hitting free agency to make your pitch and offer. That way other teams cannot make another offer. It's pretty basic. You also don't wait at the trade deadline cause you might be in a bad spot and lose leverage cause you want to make the playoffs and you're not willing to part with your top player. I'm pretty confident Shero will deal with this over the summer like he did with Staal and Letang in pittsburgh and give Hall an ultimatum / pitch basically
  12. the main reason i want to be as low as possible is not as much to give ourselve the best chance to land with #1... i just don't want to fall back too much. Last year Ottawa and Arizona we're pushed out of the top 3 cause MTL and Carolina won a top 3 spot. in 2017, we won the draft, Dallas and philly won too.. which pushed back the whole bottom 3 up to 4,5,6. So there's really potential to be pushed 3 spots back if teams ahead of us are really really lucky.
  13. "when time is on your side, you try to use waste it"
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