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  1. I'm used to see Holtz on the left side but he's listed as a RW for NJ, interesting. Well our right side is pretty weak so if we can balance that its a good thing
  2. looking forward to all the New Jersey's New Jerseys joke
  3. lol no i was not referring to that or you at all haha I specified doom and gloom posts "after loses" Like some "cannot wait" for the season. But then we lose a few games and then they can't wait for the season to end and hate the team lol
  4. Yeah i'll take some overly optimistic posts before we get the typical doom and gloom negative posts after loses from the usual suspects
  5. should also make room for a Zacha Conn Smyth replica trophie
  6. So, i'm sure Fitz has an open offer for Taransenko that is pretty cheap and not willing to give more. So now that the Islanders are likely out for sure. Who knows, if the situation in St-Louis doesn't get better and that they have to move him. We may get him for dirt cheap and worth the gamble.
  7. Very pleased with this resolution. Hischier, Jack, Mercer and McLeod could all learn a lot from Travis
  8. Well that's fine. But I still think it's a pretty fair expectation and i really think he'll achieve that based on everything i've seen. Which is more than just those 2 games
  9. Well im just speaking for myself. i compared him with a bottom 6 guy lol Stone and Rantanen are truly something else
  10. Sure and i get that. But again, its possible to make projections based on how both guys played at the same level and their development. And Mercer has been vastly superior to what Coleman accomplished at the same age. Again, i'm saying he'll be the perfect bottom 6 guy. It's not like im saying he's our next Elias, Niedermayer or Brodeur. Coleman is a pretty modest ceiling
  11. Not sure what's unrealistic to project him as our next Coleman? Style wise and in term of what they bring to a team is basically identical. If anything Mercer's projection is higher than Coleman was at the same age. He's playing with an edge, never takes a shift off, hard to play against, all over the ice, not a huge producer but can score big goals etc etc Based on everything i've seen of him and ive seen him play in real life too and he's always noticeable.
  12. Guadana are you aware you just replied negatively to your own positive comment you posted moments ago? haha
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